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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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(NOTE: Some of these issues may not be exactly as originally published due to technical problems in the scanning into OCR. The content should be accurate, however.)

Vol. 79 —No. 35, December 16, 2002

Monday, January 6 — Matt Jamison is with the Bay Lakes Council of the Boy Scouts. We are donating to them since United Way dropped the Boy Scouts.

Monday, January 13 — Carol Bloemer from Harbor House will be our speaker. This is another place YOUR hard earned project money goes to make the commu­nity better.

Remember, no meetings December 23 and 30, but our Board will meet Wednesday, December 18, 11:15am at the Columbus Club. All members welcome.

Birthday celebrants for January: Howie Pleuss, Ed Schmidt, Rick Langan. We wish you many more Happy Birthdays.

Sick call — Dave Searl had a comeal transplant and is doing well.

See Charlie Garnier if you want to bowl on our team. State at Sparta and Tomah, Feb. 8- Apr. 13. District at Valders.

We continue to work with Lenscrafters to provide an eye exam and glasses for $50 to needy people. They apply in writing and our committee checks them out.

SNORT PRINTED PORTION WILL BE REPRINTED SOON. If any of your information has changed, please let Tom O'Hearn know about it right away.

Did you know that during 2002 our members made more than 30 trips with corneas from local hospitals to Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Beaver Dam to get them to the Lions Eyebank of Wisconsin for use. Those who have participated are: Dunlap, Ebert, J. Ferris, Goodman, Hahn, Martin, Muck, Neton, O'Hearn, Pleuss, Sawyers, Schuh, Spitz, Tilque and Torkelson.

If any of the above want to be relieved or others added to the list, contact Tom.

47,982 Pairs of eyeglasses have been delivered to Lions Camp for recycling by Del Newton and Don Goodman — an outstanding effort!

We wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Vol. 79 —No. 34 December 2, 2002

Monday, December 2 — Rick Klein will tell us about tax law changes including traditional and Roth IRA changes.

Monday, December 9 — Barb Daike and Amy Perry will be here to tell us about the universal playground for handicapped persons to be built in Memorial Park.

Carl Lindwall, retired, sponsored by Howie Pleuss and Sharron Huss, Century 21, sonsored by Rik Madisen are our latest new members.

Our Egg Nog Party will be Monday, December 16. Come around 11:30am, have lunch, sing carols, see recent members inducted and the reward for all the hard work on projects YOU have worked on will be as follows:
$ 1,000 to Harbor House Domestic Shelter
$1,000 to Emergency shelter
$1,000 to Boys and Girls Club
$500 to COTS
$500 to Thompson Community Center
$1,000 to the Universal Playground
$500 to Bay Lakes Council of the Boy Scouts
$500 to Leaven

HELP VETERANS AT KING by bringing clothing, sundries, cards, hard cover books, etc. for Acker, Ebert and Piper to take to King. Last collection day Dec. 16.

Bring books or money for books for kids who may not get a new book to James Cronmiller for the Library/Salvation Army books for kids drive as we did last year.

Tom O'Hearn passed out sign up sheets for Salvation Army Bell Ringers. You can sign up on with location, date, time or call 734-3324 ext. 25 and ask for Carla.

Our club has a 100% President, Piper; Treasurer, Priebusch and Secretary, O'Hearn. Dude Hahn has 7 Entertainment Books available. Wrap up sales NOW. No meetings December 23 or 30.

Vol. 79 ---No.33,November18,2002

Monday, November 25 -— We are fortunate to have our own Elmer Tilque n the program to tell us about his recent trip to China.

Looking ahead, the Egg Nog Party will be December 16. Spouses and guests re welcome, but let us know how many are coming by the week before.

This Is at the Columbus Club at 11:15am and all members are welcome. utch treat lunch. See how the club conducts business, give your ideas.

Last word was that we have 20 books to sell at $27 each. Get books from Dick Swanson at meetings and turn in money to him. Let's sell hard and not turn any books back.

Every year we donate things to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King. The last date to bring items is Monday, December 16. Clean used clothing n good shape, cards, toothpaste, tooth brushes, hard cover books, •tc. are welcome. Check with Acker, Ebert or Piper if you need to.

Celebrating in December are Ron Dunlap, Rich Martin, Dan Rorabeck and >ave Bayer. Many happy returns!

Taking over in December: Program, Dave Cooper; Greeter Bob Sawyers. cooking ahead to January: Program, Harold Schiferi and Rich Martin;

Greeters Dave Searl and Dick Clark.

Thanks to all members who have brought prospects to meetings. We are in the midst of a membership drive, so now is the time to ask a person who could become a good member to join us as WE SERVE. First lunch is on the club, just tell the ticket person you have a guest. Introduce the guest to members, talk about our club and what we do to help the less fortunate. Membership Chairman Bob Sawyers has some materials you can give to prospects and he can help with paperwork.


Remember, we are collecting new children's books for the Appleton Library ind Salvation Army to provide to children who may not have books available stherwise. James Cronmiller is in charge of this. Bring books to the meeting and do it now.

Vol. 79 —No. 32, November 4,2002

Monday, November 11 — Our speaker will be John Solberg from Rawhide Boys Ranch. He will bring one of the Rawhide residents with him.

Monday, November 18 — Mike Brandel is General Manager of the Bubolz Nature Preserve. Find out about their many features and programs.

Bring a prospective member to these meetings. Remember club pays for prospects first lunch, just tell ticket person you have a guest. We are in a new member drive and if you need ammunition, see Bob Sawyers for a letter and enclosures.

Jamie Walley of Warehousing of Wisconsin sponsored by Harold Schiferi and Sandy Phillips of Edward Jones sponsored by Rik Madisen. Welcome them, move around at meetings so you can sit with them and get to know them.

President Woody Weber and Rik Madisen will represent our club at the B 1 District Convention November 9. We make half our state and Wisconsin Lions Foundation donations at this convention: Foundation $1,000; Leader Dog $300:, Hearing Dog $250; WI Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $125 and Mission to Mexico $100. Much of your work to raise funds from our projects made these donations possible.

Need more books? Get them from Dick Swanson, and turn in money to him at meetings. They cost $27 and are ideal Christmas and other gifts.

Did you fill in a survey on where we should donate Senior EXPO profits? Get one Monday and fill it in. We donated to Boys and Girls Club, Harbor House. COTS, Emergency Shelter and Thompson Center last year.

Last year the Salvation Army with the Friends of Appleton Library was able to donate over 800 new books to children 12 and under from low income families. Jim Cronmiller is again chairing this effort. Buy a book or donate money. Books are needed by December 12. Make checks out to FOAL-Give a Child a Book and give to Jim.

Sick call. Ebie Ebert, mend your broken arm quickly. We mess you. Secretary O'Heam has club shirts, blue or gold for $10.

Vol. 79 —No. 31, October 21, 2002

Monday, October 28 — WE SERVE and one of the ways we do it is by supporting the Lions Eyebank of Wisconsin with money raised by you from our projects. Mark Larson, Executive Director of the Eyebank will tell us about it. Bring a guest and a prospective member to hear him.

Monday, November 4 — Our speaker will be David Muench, UW Extension on Community Resource Education.

Yes, there will be a November Birthday Raffle in honor of Woody Weber, Del Schuh, Jim Jacobs, Mary Jo Ripp and Tom Loveall. Many happy returns!

We are in the midst of selling Entertainment Books ($27.00 each). Let's wind this up as soon as we can. Get books from and turn money in to Dick Swanson. There is competition out there so sell your books soon.

Thanks to Bob Sawyers for making it easy to get members with the materials he has put together. His presentation October 14 answered a lot of questions on how to go about it. He has materials for you if you were not present at that meeting. Let's each ask three prospects to come to a meeting NOW.

From Karl Blahnik on the Bay Lakes Boy Scout Encampment Lions food booth: A big Lions roar for the 19 club members, 6 Leo's, 12 National Guard Cadets, 2 Lioness and 9 friends of Lions who invested their weekend in this project. Our combined efforts generated a cash profit of $1,953 and perishable food donations to various charities for $881 for a total profit of $2,834.

Del Schuh reports that Octoberfest wristband and beer ticket sales totalled $1,490 plus $43 in donations for a total project in come of $1,490.

With all bills in on the 5th Senior Living EXPO, Club profit is about $4,850 and this has traditionally gone to local organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, COTS, Emergency Shelter, Harbor House, etc. Approximately 33 members worked during the event and many more on posters and prizes before it. Around 800 seniors attended.

As of this writing, four members still owe for 2002-2003 dues of $70. Please pay now.

Vol. 79 —No. 30, October 7, 2002

Monday, October 14 — Membership Committee Chairman Bob Sawyers will make a special presentation giving you information on how to bring in a new member and all the help and backup you need to do it. Part of being a good member is helping our club grow so we can provide more service.

Monday, October 21 — Take a iook at the District Attorney candidates Mitch Metropulos and Carrie Schneider. Bring a prospective member to hear the candi­dates and ask questions if they wish.

We Serve: coming up the next week, a presentation on the Lions State Eyebank.

You are welcome at our Board meeting which will be held Wednesday, October 14 at 11:30am at the Columbus Club. All members can sit in, have a dutch treat lunch, and see how the club is run.

PROJECT ON NOW! Entertainment Books are available for $27 each. Dick Swanson has them at meetings, or call him. Best to sell now before other organiza­tions swamp the market.

Thanks to Del Schuh for organizing the Octoberfest fund raiser and to all who helped with it. Lawrlence University music stage provided a little better listening music.

Karl Blahnik undertook a difficult one time project with the area Boy Scouts meet­ing at the EAA Grounds. Karl's organizing skills made it go. Thanks to all who worked on this project which either raised a great deal of money or provided a five year supply of hot dogs to members.

District B 1 Convention is coming up November 8 and 9 at the Holiday Inn, Fond du Lac. Normally our club provides registration and meals to delegates. We can have 7. Others are welcome to attend. See Secretary Tom for details.

The Senior Living EXPO was a big success, for the fifth time. Around 800 attended at Liberty Hall. We had a few problems in our new location, but they can be worked out. As soon as all bills are in, you will get a financial report. Thanks to Don Goodman for providing 10 dozen Krispy Creme donuts. Liberty Hall baked fresh cinnamon rolls after that for attendees.

Vol. 79 —No. 29, September 23, 2002

Monday, September 30 — As part of our youth work we sponsor students to the World Affairs Seminar at UW-Whitewater. Reporting on the event will be :Danielle Laux, Appleton West; Jessica Kanugh, Appleton East; Dick McCarthy, Appleton North and Sarah Machurick, Xavier. We expect their counselors to come also.

Monday, October 7 — Dr. Nancy Homburg, a Family Practice MD with Affinity Health System will speak on, "Palliative Care - End of Life Choices".

Thank you to all who put up posters, picked up prizes, worked in any way to make the Senior Living EXPO a success. Report on income will be made as soon as all bills are in.

OctoberFest is coming fast. Get your instructions from Del Schuh (who had surgery recently and is recovering). Our location is near Lawrence Chapel. One more helper was needed at last report.

The huge Boy Scout gathering is the 27,28, 29 of the month. Karl Blahnik has details, maps of where to go to get to our concession stand, hours, etc. Be sure to be there if you can to help.

October Birthdays: Elmer Tilque, Fred Biesecker, Chez Hoeft, Jim Smith, Charlie Gamier. Many happy returns to our members.


Our club responded to a request from Foster School for materials for the Lions Quest Program. We spent over $400 on this anti-drug and alcohol project.

Dick Swanson has a supply of Entertainment Books which cost $27 this year. They are available at meetings. You can start using them right now. They are great gifts for Christmas or other occasions.

Wasn't that a great Studebaker Hawk that Charlie Garnier displayed after his talk?

District B 1 will hold its convention November 8 and 9 at Fond du Lac. If you want to spend an interesting day, let Secretary Tom know and he will get you registered. Usually the club pays registration and meals.

Vol. 79 —No. 28, September 9,2002

Monday, September 16 — Honorable Joseph Laux, Mayor of Menasha will be our speaker.

Monday, September 23 — Long time Appleton Alderman Walter Kalata will talk about Appleton, past and future.

A big thank you to Otto Cox, not only for handling all the details on the Brewer trip, but for avoiding the baseball strike while doing it.

Attached to this SNORT is a page detailing assignments and briefly describing what each group will do at the 5th Senior Living EXPO which will be held Wednesday, September 18 at Liberty Hall in Kimberly. For those on the first shift, please be there by 8:30 am for the 8:30 am opening to the public. Tailtwister and the rest of you —be nice, smile and have fun. Each Lion working will get a lunch ticket when you pick up your name badge. Chez is assigning crews, if you find you can help and are not on the list, talk with him.

Saturday, September 28 is Octoberfest and Del Schuh needs 24 to man our wrist­band and beer ticket booth. Sign up if you can help or talk with Del. Training for this event is September 17 to check for underage drinkers.

September 27 we serve a dinner, breakfast and dinner on the 28th, breakfast on the 29th at the EAA Grounds at Oshkosh for the Bay Lakes Council of Boy Scouts. Possibly 10,000 may attend and this can be a great one time fundraiser. Check with Karl Blahnik on how you can help.

Do plan on paying your dues if you haven't. Our Board meets at 11:30 am Wednesday, September 11 at the Columbus Club. Maybe the Board will drop you if you are still delinquent in payment.

Vol.79-No.27, August 19,2002,

Monday, August 26 — Speakers will be Quinn Phillips whom we sent to Badger Boys State and Kelly Wolf on her year studying abroad.

Monday, September 9 — Our own Charlie Gamier will talk about Collector Cars and show some of his.

Dave Cooper noted a net on the Family Picnic of $250 and on the raffle, $428. Rod Wolf hopes for break even on Art in the Park. More later.

Celebrating birthdays in September: Dan Cloud, Dude Hahn. Congrats to both!

Wednesday, September 18 is our 5th Senior Living EXPO at Liberty Hall. You will be asked to help Ed Schmidt on door prize solicitation.Jim Jacobs on posters, Chez Hoeft on registration. Details announced at meetings.

Saturday, September 28 is Octoberfest, train September 17, 24 needed to help Del Schuh in our wristband and beer ticket booth.

We are also participating in a one time fundraiser with the Bay Lakes Council of Boy Scouts. This will be serving food to 10,000 scouts at the EAA grounds (Highway 41 to 44 at Oshkosh). September 27, dinner, 28, breakfast and dinner, 29, breakfast. Two food booths, one mostly for snacks. Plan to car pool. Karl Blahnik will keep you up to date at meetings.

Still room on the Brewer-Cubs bus, August 29, $50.00 per person including ticket and tailgating. Contact Otto Cox.

Sick Call: Bob Dawson, in the hospital at last report.

Milt Kaufinan's address: 1700 W. Bender Rd., Apt. 148, Glendale, WI 53209- 3837.

Deb Matz and Bob Muck were appointed to the Becker Fund Account to help manage it.

As of this writing 15 of you have not paid your $70.00 annual dues. Now is the time to do it. Dues are 60 days late as of September 1.

Thanks Dobbie Robertson for running the Great Lions Golf Tournament. Winning team: Robertson, J. Ferns, Pawlik, Matz, Sinkula. 2nd: Schmidt. Tilque, Cloud, O'Heam, MJ Ripp. 3rd: Sauter, Cox, Acker, Jooss, Loveall. LAST: Torkelson, Schuh, Garnier, Blahnik.

Vol. 79 —No. 26, August 4, 2002

Monday, August 5 — Outagamie County District Attorney Vince Biskubic will be our speaker. Find out what's happening in the county justice system.

Monday, August 12 — Blood is always needed. From the Community Blood Center comes our speaker Nikki Becker.

Monday, August 19 — Our Assemblyman Steve Wieckert will talk about our state and its financial woes.

MAKE IT A POINT to attend the Board meeting, Wednesday, August 14 at 1l:30am at the Columbus Club. You get attendance credit and you can participate in how the club conducts its business.

WELCOME to our newest member Rick Langan who is sponsored by Dan Piper. Rick was formerly in the Air Force. We've had a great group of new members join the last Lions year. We need to duplicate that. It takes each of you individually asking a good person to join us. We certainly can use the additional hands to help make our projects successful.

Bring a prospect to a meeting after telling him/her about Lions and our club. Club pays for first lunch for a prospect. Get Board approval, ask the President or Secretary to bring the name up. Get an application blank from the Secretary and sign the person up. YOU can do it!

CONGRATULATIONS to Del Newton on the celebration of his 93rd birthday.

Big thank yous to Paul Shoberg and Rod Wolf and the many members who helped at Art in the Park. We also want to recognize Dave Cooper, Mike Tassoul, Tom Loveall and the rest of the crew who made our Family Picnic a success this year.

This issue of the SNORT has been revised. Please check front and back to see that your information is listed correctly. If not, please pass on the correct information to Secretary Tom.

COMING UP: The 5th Senior Living EXPO at Liberty Hall, Wednesday, September 18. The Door Prize commitee is at work. If you can provide one, let Ed Schmidt know. When Jim Jacobs asks for help putting up our posters, please say YES. The more members who help, the easier the job is.

Program Chairmen coming up for September: Ed Schmidt and Charles Garnier. OurGreeters are Dobbie Robertson and Mike Tassoul. Dobbie says the Golf Tourna­ment will be August 12. Get details at the meeting.

Vol. 79 —No. 25, July 22, 2002

Sunday, July 28—Art In the Park, City Park. Paul Shoberg and Rod Wolf are co-chairpersons. Set up tent at 6 P.M. Saturday evening. Sunday shifts are 9:30 -11:30, 11:00 - 1:30, 1:30 to close. This is to cook, and sell food. Last shift espe­cially needs more workers.

Monday July 29 — Family and Friends Picnic at Plamann Park, rain or shine in the pavilion. All food included in the $3.00 per person, $5.00 per family cost. No meeting Monday noon. Dave Cooper and Tom Loveall are co-chairpersons. Note: If you have any door prizes to donate to the picnic, let Dave Cooper know or just bring them to the picnic.

August 29 — Otto Cox has a few places on the bus for the Cubs-Brewers game. Game tickets and tailgate party included in the $50 cost. Check with Otto to see if there are any seats left.

Senior Living EXPO is September 18. Ed Schmidt is Door Prize Chairman and his committee is hard at work on that. Jim Jacobs is Poster Chairman and will get our 300+ posters up in late August. Chez Hoeft is in charge of registration. Please say "Yes" when you are asked to help with our biggest fund raiser.

Octoberfest is coming September 28th and Del Schuh needs 24 Lions to help with this.

Celebrating are Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, Bud Stach, Herman Ripp, Brenda Heinz and Chad Colieu. Many happy returns!

Dobbie plans a golf outing August 12 or 19, depending on how many sign up for one of the dates. Let him know if you can play.

Fred Biesecker is at home after heart surgery. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Thank you's from Danielle Laux, World Affairs Seminar, Wisconsin Braillers, and our Badger Boys State candidate.

The Dans, Cloud and Ferris take over as August Program Chairmen. Ebert and Blahnik take over as Greeters,

Your $70.00 annual dues are past due if you have not paid them.

VOL. 79 — No.24, July 8, 2002

Monday, July 8 — Our speaker will be Deacon Reinhart Wessing, St. Thomas Moore Parish, Appleton with topic to be announced.

Monday, July 15 — State Treasurer Jack Voight will be our speaker to being us up to date on his office. Jack is from Appleton. Bring a prospective member to hear him.

Monday, July 22 — B 1 District Governor Edward Filemyr will visit and induct new members. We urge all new members and their sponsors to be present.

Might as well keep going and tell you Art in the Park is Sunday, July 28 at City Park. We will have a concession stand and a sign up sheet for much needed workers will be passed around at the meeting. Chairmen, are we serving steak and lobster this year?

The Family Picnic is scheduled the next Monday, July 29 at Plamann Park. More helpers are needed to grill brats, burgers, corn, etc. Sign ups for this will also be passed around. Normally we skip the noon meeting when we have this event. Re­member kids, friends are welcome.

All members are welcome at a dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club at 1 l:30am, after which club business will be taken care of by the new officers and board.

Two things:
1. Everyone is on a committee and some of them have started working. Make sure you pick up a committee list booklet at the meeting and then read through it and mark your name when it appears.
2. $70.00 annual dues are due now.. Check payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club. Please give this check to the Secretary. Usually no bills are sent out to save the club bills and postage.

Otto Cox is still planning a Brewers win over the Cubs for the August 29 bus trip. Some space is available. If you want to go, contact Otto,

CONGRATULATIONS TO OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS WHO SERVED 2001-2002. The club ran well and was able to serve many of the community needs.

Wisconsin Lions Foundation thanked us for our contribution in Paul Gelbke's honor. Herman Ripp is at home. If you want to call him, early evening is a good time.

VOL. 79 — No. 23, June 24, 2002

Monday, June 24 — Rick Stark, an associate of the AAL Jim Krueger Agency, will update us on long term care needs. Bring your questions!

Sorry, no July programs have reached your editor for this SNORT. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!

Rick Langan is sponsored by Dan Piper. Chad Collett is sponsored by Rik Madisen and Jamie Wally is sponsored by Harold Schifferl. Meet them and make them wel­come, include them in your conversation, find out what interests they have.

We are saddened by the recent death of our long time member Paul Gelbke who was 97. Our sympathy goes out to his family. The club has sent $50.00 to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation in his memory.

WLF also thanked our club for the $ 1,000.00 (half of our annual donation) sent to the Foundation at the state convention.

Saluting members with July BIRTHDAYS: John Jooss, Bob Dawson, Cal Sauter, Mike Tassoul, Del Newton, Dick Swanson and Roger Sinkula. Many Happy Returns!

July 1 is the deadline to contact Otto Cox if you want to be aboard the bus to the Brewer-Cubs game August 29. Contact him for details.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS for the last year. Everyone listed has a one year award. If they have an anniversary this year, the number indicates the number of years perfect attendance (you get this by attending, being excused when you are not here, working on club projects, visiting a sick member, etc. Acker, Blahnik 25, dark, Cloud, Cooper, Cox, Cronmiller 5, B. Dawson, T. Dawson, Fr. Doerffler, Dunlap, Ebert 30, J. Ferris 15, Goodman, Hahn 20, Hoeft, Jacobs, Jooss, Kaufman, Lang 5, Logan, Loveall, Madisen, Martin, Matz, Mauk 15, Muck, Newton, Neton, O'Hearn, Pawlak, Piper, Priebusch, H. Ripp 35, M. Ripp, Robertson 5, Rorabeck, Sauter, Saw­yer, Schmidt, Schuh 25, Searl, Shoberg, Sinkula, Smith 5, Spitz, Stach 5, Sund, Swanson 5, Tassoul, Tilque, Torkelson, Wales-Magners, Weber 5, Wolf.

We're sad to learn that Bob Randa is moving away. We'll miss him.

THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL DUES BILL: JULY 1 TO JULY 1,2003. $70.00 payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club. Please give your check to Secretary Tom O'Hearn. Normally Tom does not send out dues bills to save postage.

VOL. 79 — No. 22, June 3, 2002

Monday, June 10 — our guest speaker will be Outagamie County Executive Toby Paltzer. Find out how the budget pinch is affecting the county.

Monday, June 17 — Some of our most interesting programs come from our members and Senior Vice President of Everen Securities and member Mike Ferris will answer our investment questions and talk about related costs.

Our Board will meet Wednesday June 12 at ll:30am for a dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome to sit in on how the club runs.

WELCOME NEW MEMBER Harold Schiferl. President of WOW (Warehousing of Wisconsin) sponsored by Rik Madisen.

Final Rose Sale net income is $4192.00, a new record!

At our 80th Anniversary celebration Dude Hahn, Paul Gelbke, Bud Stach and Del Newton received plaques for being long time members.

Speaking of Del, he has delivered another 1,598 pairs of used eyeglasses to the Lions Camp Recycling Center. Del's total collection is now 47,982 — an d that's how many third world individuals will be helped to see better.

The good news is that the back of the SNORT will be reprinted very soon. If you have any corrections, get them to Secretary Tom NOW.

The bad news is that the present Board has raised next year's dues to $70.00, payable as of July 1. (Let's throw this Board out July 1).

Representing us at the La Crosse State Convention were Weber, Ebert and Pleuss.

Thanks again to Ron Dunlap and his committee for setting up and running a roller skating party at Skaters Edge for all the school Safety Patrol members.

Don Goodman was presented with a certificate for sponsoring recent member Jim Heitpas.

Plan now to visit Lions Camp Sunday, July 21 for Lions Day. There will be a deli­cious barbeque chicken dinner available for $7.00. You can reserve dinner direct with a coupon in the June WISCONSIN LION. There is lots to see there, including the new Wisconsin Lions Foundation offices and expanded eyeglass recycling center.

VOL. 79 — No. 21, May 13, 2002

Monday, May 20 — Our speaker will be Tom Zimmer of Gemini Financial Services. He will discuss investment strategies.

Take May 27 off and celebrate Memorial Day.

Monday, June 3 —Outagamie County Sheriff Brad Gehring will speak and we hope bring along one of those location bracelets to put on the Tailtwister. Bring a prospec­tive member to hear these speakers.

Bob Muck and Chez Hoeft are June Program Chairmen, Lee Logan is our Greeter.


We have some Lions BIRTHDAYS to celebrate in June. Bill Sund, Terry Dawson, Wayne Tauber, Don Goodman, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz and Jim Hietpas are to be wished Many Happy Returns.

Our sympathy to the family of long time member Art Borchardt, former Outagamie County Airport Manager, who died recently.

Otto Cox says either the Cubs or the Brewers will be a winner if we can put together a bus trip to Miller Park. To keep up on the planning, check at meetings and find out whether we have enough to fill a bus.

Eyes of preschoolers at the YMCA were screened by O'Heam and Schuh recently,

Writing names down as fast as possible, your Editor has these 4th place bowlers at the District Tournament: Smith, Schuh, Sinkula, Blahnik and O'Hearn.

Lunch drawing winners: Mauk, Pawlak, Acker, Schmidt, Stach. Names drawn, but not present to win (over last 3 weeks): Kreuger, Priebusch, Bayer, B. Dawson, Blahnik, Biesecker, Cloud, T. Dawson, Fr. Doerffler, Gelbke, Jacobs, M. Ferns.

For Summer Apparel like caps, vests, golf shirts, etc. your club sells them at half price. If you need Lions clothes, see Secretary Tom. There is even some selection in colors.

ASK — That is the way to get a new member. If you don't ask a good prospect to join our club, it's a good bet that they won't ask you about joining. Take a few minutes and ask a prospect TODAY. Ask Rik Madisen, Dude Hahn, Bob Sawyers for help if you need it. They are on the Membership Committee.

VOL. 79 — No. 20, April 29, 2002

Monday, May 6 — Our speaker will be Bob Niebauer who is involved with the devel­opment of the former Zwicker property on Richmond Street.

This will be at our regular meeting Monday, May 13 at the Columbus Club. Cost is $10 per person. Spouses and guests are encouraged. We do need an accurate count and so be sure you sign up on the sheet passed around at meetings. Appleton North will furnish entertainment starting at noon. We will eat about 12:25pm. Menu is seafood medley and promises to be very good.

Speaking of lunch, raffle winners April 15 were Del Schuh and Howie Pleuss.

Speaking of a raffle, the May Birthday Raffle has these members celebrating: Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Dave Searl and Ken Pawlak. Many happy returns!

Charlie Garnier was sponsored by Woody Weber and Mike Gordee was sponsored by Don Goodman. Make it a point to move around to the tables where these new Lions are sitting and get to know them. We are making progress in adding some great people to our club. However, most of you still have not sponsored a new member. Remember, you were asked to join. Now it's your turn to ask a good man/woman to help us SERVE the less fortunate. Your prospect gets the first lunch free, just say, I have a guest. Talk about what we do, that we are not a knife and fork club, but do a lot of good through our projects.

All members welcome to sit in and offer your suggestions and ideas for a better club. Dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club at 11:30am. See how your club works.

We Serve — in helping youth, we participated in purchasing 50 Pledge of Allegiance Books for use at Lincoln Elementary School. Our cost was $175 raised in part from the projects you work on for the club.

State Lions Convention is at LaCrosse May 17 and 18. As of this writing Ebie Ebert and Woody Weber will be representing us. There is still time for others to go. You may need to make your own arrangements. Check with Secretary Tom.

And don't forget Tom has exquisite selections of shirts, caps, etc. and your club is paying half the cost. If you don't have something to wear that says Lions on it, now is the time to buy.

VOL. 79 — No. 19, April 15, 2002

Monday, April 22 — Officer John DeLong of the Appleton Police Department will speak to us on home safety suggestions. Now if he can also tell us how to get rid of those intrusive telemarketers...

Monday, April 29 — Lots of services are available for seniors. Our speaker will be Tom Stratton, Director of Aging Services for Outagamie County.

Taking over for May Programs are Elmer Tilque, Brenda Heinz and Sharon MacArthur.

Greeters are Bud Stach and Joe Ferris.

This will be Monday, May 13 at the Columbus Club at our regular meeting. We will start at noon with entertainment from Appleton North High School then have a special Seafood Medley lunch for $10.00 and a short program. Spouses and guests are welcome. Make this a "Don't Miss" date.

The Rose Sale was a huge success. Final figures are not in at this writing, but we sold about 690 dozen with a net income of over $4,000.00. You members who sold are to be congratulated on your hard work. It took a lot of help to deliver roses and these are the members who helped (if your name was missed, let Rik Madisen know): Torkelson, Tilque, Acker, Martin, Weber, Loveall, Jacobs, Schuh, O'Hearn, Muck, Pleuss, Biesecker, Hahn, Shoberg, Cooper, Madisen, M.J. Ripp, Ebert, Sauter, Sinkula, Matz, Lang, Clark. Smith, Cronmiller. Fearless leaders Blahnik, Sinkula and Cronmiller thank all who helped.

Mi1t Kaufman announced that he is moving to Milwaukee where his son lives. Good bye and good luck from your club!

State Convention is May 17 and 18 at La Crosse. Let Secretary Tom know if you want to go. Club pays registration and convention meals.

Tom reminds you that the club pays 50% for official Lions clothing. He has vests— $10, Shirts-$10, baseball caps-$5 and roll up caps"$10.

Lunch raffle results: Winners are dark, Torkelson, Cooper, Spitz. Not present to win were Kaufman, Wolf, Heinz.

VOL. 79 — No. 18, April 1, 2002

Monday, April 1 — You probably all know a victim of alzheimer's disease. Becky Reichelt of the Alzheimer's Association will speak about the Association's work.

Monday, April 8 — Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna will take a look at shared revenue and how it affects the city.

Monday, April 15 — Susie Chicione of the Valley VNA will tell us about the home services VNA provides to those in need in our area.

BOARD meets Wednesday, April 10, ll:30am, Columbus Club. All members wel­come to see how the club does business and to help with ideas.

Dick dark is working on an 80th Anniversary celebration. A survey of members at a meeting indicated a noon celebration at the Columbus Club with some entertainment and special menu. Be ready to help Dick if he asks you on this project.

Wow! Our total sales are 626 dozen. We will deliver in the southeast part of the city Friday and Saturday April 5 and 6. Pick up roses at the Budweiser Distribution Center at around 441 and 00 from the north entrance around 9am. We suggest you bring kids and grandkids along to make the morning more enjoyable. A cell phone will help you if you need it since cards have a phone number for the person receiving the roses. Questions, Karl Blahnik or James Cronmiller.

State Lions Convention will be May 17 and 18 at LaCrosse. If you want to be a delegate, let Tom O'Hearn know. Club pays registration and meals. Room reserva­tion and other info available in WISCONSIN LION.

Lunch raffle winners: Dave Searl, Don Goodman, Del Newton, Jim Clarke. Not present to win: Chris Wales-Magners. Bob Sawyers, Deb Matz, Tom O'Hearn, Roger Sinkula and Dick Swanson.

Please bring a member prospect to a meeting and the club buys lunch the first time. Talk about Lionism, our club, then to our Board for approval. Then get the $25 initiation fee and prorated $65 annual dues to Tom. If you need help, Membership Committee of Rik Madisen, Dude Hahn and Bob Sawyers will be there for you.

A high school disc golf tournament will be held September 21 and 22. Our club and the Kaukauna Club are being asked to help in the next few months.

Thanks to all our substitute song leaders for doing a fine job the last few weeks.

VOL. 79 — No. 17. March 18,2002

Monday, March 25 — Our speaker will be Mel Hechel. He is the representative for Habitat for Humanity Overseas. He will soon be going to South Africa.

Program Chairpersons for April: Chris Wales-Magners, Mike Tassoul. Greeter is Del Schuh.

Get your roses sold now and turn in money and order forms Monday, March 18 if possible. Delivery will be Saturday, April 6. Great time to bring kids or grandkids along for help and fun on the deliveries. We are over 200 dozen at this writing, but far from our last year's total.

Celebrating birthdays in April are Mauk, Wolf, Cooper, Cronmiller, D. Ferris, J. Ferris, Gelbke, Sawyers, Piper, Krueger, Priebusch, Torkelson, Madisen. What a great raffle we will have! Many happy returns to all Lions.

WELCOME NEW MEMBER JAMES CLARK. He is retired from Kimberly dark and is sponsored by Dick dark. How about the rest of you bringing in a new member. Remember, your prospects first lunch is on the club — just say you have a guest. If you sign up a new member the club provides $40 for sponsor and member and their spouses to get acquainted over dinner.

Milt Kaufman is recovering at home. Drop him a card.

President, Woody Weber.
1 st VP Howie Pleuss
2nd VP, Bob Muck
3rd VP, Otto Cox
Secretary, Tom O'Hearn
Asst. secretary, Dave Searl
Treasurer, Blaine Priebusch
Lion Tamer, Jim Smith
Tailtwister, Bob Muck
Past President, Dan Piper
1 year Directors, Karl Blahnik   Chez Hoeft
2 year Directors, Ralph Acker   Joe Spitz
3 year Directors, Del Schuh   Tom Torkelson
Membership Committee:   1 year, Bob Sawyers,   2year, dude Hahn,   3 year, Joe Neton

The club donated $175 for Pledge of Allegiance Books for families at Lincoln School Lunch drawing winners: Neton, Lang, Heft, Hahn. Not present: Cox, Tauber.

State Convention in La Crosse coming up May 17, 18. Our club can send six del­egates and will pay registration and meals for them.

VOL. 79 — No. 16, March 4,2002

Monday, March 11 —Recent member Dave Bayer will speak on Common Horticul­tural Concerns —Out on the lawn, back in the garden, up in the trees. He is the May-Sept. Horticultural agent for Outagamie County.

Monday, March 18 — Chad Leverson, Police liaison officer for Wilson and its el­ementary schools which feed into Wilson will tell us of working with students to avoid problems.

Please get your orders and money in ASAP. If you have questions, call Karl Blahnik or James Cronmiller. At $13 a dozen, these almost sell themselves. Plan to take Saturday morning April 6 to help deliver on the south side of Appleton. We have a LONG way to go to match 2001 sales as of this writing. This is a big source of funding for projects. (Incidently, we had a nice thank you from Big Brother, Big Sisters for our $300 contribution recently.)

As part of our youth work, we offer a $300 scholarship to each high school for a student to attend the World Affairs Seminar at Whitewater next summer. Appleton East, West, North and Xavier plan to send students.

Congrats to Dan Rorabeck for the nice article in the Post Crescent about his work with Leaven.

BIG BOARD EATS AT 11:29 AT THE COLUMBUS CLUB, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13. All members welcome for the dutch treat lunch and to see how the club runs. Your ideas and suggestions welcome.

Don't be bashful! You might make a great officer or director, even a Tailtwister, but you have to let Nominating Commitee chairman Paul Shoberg know to get on the slate.

Coming up in September:
Fifth Senior Living EXPO, September 18, presently our biggest moneymaker.
Baylakes Scout Encampment, EAA Grounds, September 20-22, a one time event which could make a five figure amount.
Octoberfest, September 28, fine income/worker ratio.

We appreciate all the help put into the Rose Sale and how it helps us meet some of the need for money for Wisconsin Lions Foundation, etc. Take some time off after April 6 until we start the Senior Living EXPO work in June.

Lunch raffle winners: Weber, Martin, MJ Ripp, Dunlap. Not present to win: Balliet, Heitpas, Sauter, Jooss.

Lions Camp needs counselors, lifeguards, nurses, kitchen, maintenance assistants. Contact WLF, toll free phone number in WISCONSIN LION each month.

VOL. 79 — No. 15, February 18, 2002

Monday, February 25 — Executive Director of the Appleton Housing Authority Debra Dillenberg will be our speaker.

Monday, March 4 — There's magic in the air. Kimberly Louagie, Curator of the Outagamie County Museum and Houdini Center will talk about, "Houdini".

MARCH 22 IS OUR DEADLINE FOR ROSE SALES - it's close! Put out your best effort to sell Roses for Spring, just $13 per dozen, to be delivered April 6. We are in the home stretch on this project so let's finish it.

Celebrating in March, Deb Matz, Mike Fen-is, Ebie Ebert, Ken Lang, Tom O'Heam, Paul Shoberg, Lee Logan, Milt Kaufman. Should be a great raffle.

Dave Bayer with Outagamie County Horticulture, sponsored by Ed Schmidt. Brenda Heinz and Sharon MacArthur with Fox Valley Open MRI, sponsored by Rik Madisen. It is the obligation of present members to introduce yourselves, make these new members welcome, sit with them, get to know them. It is also your turn to bring in a new member. Remember the prospect's first lunch is on the club. Get applications from Secretary Tom.

You may want to send a card to our favorite waitress Shelley Niebauer, 3518 N. Spruce St., Appleton, 54914 as she recovers.

If you want to be an officer or on our board let Paul Shoberg or Chez Hoeft know soon as they are on the Nominating Committee.

Our club and the Grand Chute Club received the 2002 Convention Award from the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau for the fine 2001 State Convention.

Lunch raffle results: not present Randa, Sawyers, Logan, Cloud, B. Dawson, Dan Ferris, Shoberg. Winners Schmidt, Lang, H. Ripp, Piper.

The Veterans Home at King sent a thank you for cash and items donated.

The club sent a letter to the Appleton Park and Recreation Department noting that we are pleased with the was Lions Park has been upgraded and maintained.

NOTE: Thanks deserved by our substitute song leaders, that Tailtwister, our Mint project guy Karl.

VOL. 79 — No. 14, February 4, 2002

Monday, February 11 — Our state Senator Mike Ellis will be our speaker. He is an expert on state finances and will shed some light on handling the deficit.

Monday, February 18 — Ed Lynch of the DNR, RIFS Project Manager who wrote the plan for the Fox River will be our speaker.

Bring a prospective member to hear these fine programs. Thanks to General Program Chairman Howie Pleuss who provided on short notice an excellent program from Mrs. Redman on SibShop on January 28.

BOARD TO MEET AT 11:30 AM WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, DUTCH TREAT LUNCH, COLUMBUS CLUB. All members welcome. ROSES FOR SPRING SALE IN FULL SWING Orders are coming in as you members sell roses for $13 a dozen for delivery April 6. Plenty of extra posters and order blanks available at the meetings. Carl Blahnik, James Cronmiller or Roger Sinkula can take money, answer questions.

PDG Groene visited us to present the District Governor's Award of Appreciation to Del Schuh for our club's work on the state convention.

Receiving awards for membership anniversaries were Sinkula, 10 years; Priebusch, 15; O'Hearn and Blahnik, 25, Pleuss, 30; Gelbke, 50 (which Secretary Tom delivered to Paul who has been homebound), and Newton, 60 years. Congrats to all!

On the lunch raffle, winners were Stach, Newton, Doerfler, Goodman. Not present were Kreuger and Wales-Magners

NOMINATIONS — It takes a lot of dedicated members to make the club run well. It is time you considered holding office since this is an election year. Let Past President Paul Shoberg know if you will help as an officer, even the detested Tailtwister, or Director.

Membership Perks — When you bring a prospect for lunch the first time, the club pays for his/her lunch. Just say you have a guest. When you have your new member signed up, you receive $40 which is for member and spouse and new member and spouse to go out to eat. You also get a certificate from Lions and a lot of satisfaction in knowing our club will be stronger and able to do more of WE SERVE as our motto says.

Our club joined with Grand Chute and some other area clubs in donating money for eyecare for a family from Allenton who moved to Appleton. Allenton President Dan Richter will be at the Columbus Club at 6pm, February 11 to recognize this help. Come if you can.

VOL. 79 — No. 13, January 21

Monday, January 28 —Program Chairman Rod Wolf has lined up Father Camilius Doerfler to talk about his work in Nicaragua as a missionary.

Monday, February 4 — Program Chairman Fred Biesecker, our seafaring member, brings First Mate Raymond "Rocky" Groh of the Challenger and his son Deckman Brendan of the Conquest to talk about Great Lakes shipping.

SICK CALL — Our thoughts are with Bob Dawson and we sent a card signed by members to him. Send him a card on your own.

Our Board voted to donate $300.00 from our project profits to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Fox Cities. YOUR work on projects made this possible.

You will get all information, cards, etc. at a meeting. Delivery will be Saturday, April 6. Plan to sell and to help deliver this year.

Happy Birthday to February Lions: Father Doerfler, Dick dark, Dooley Balliet.

NOMINATIONS for officers and board will be made soon. Contact Chairman Paul Shoberg and let him know if you are interested.

Winners who had to be present for the lunch ticket raffle were, Dick dark, Jim Smith, Elmer Tilke, Dan Piper, Blaine Priebusch, Dave Searl. Not present: Herman Ripp and Joe Ferris when their names were drawn.

46 trips were made by our members delivering eyes anywhere from Marinette to Madison. Thanks to T. Dawson, Dunlap, Ebert, J. Ferris, Goodman, Hahn, Martin, Neton, O'Heam, Pleuss, Sawyers Schuh, Spitz, Tilque, Torkelson and Wolf. Any member wishing to get involved should let Tom O'Hearn know and he will pass this on to the Eye Center which does the calling.

Newton and Goodman continue to bring used eyeglasses to the Recycling Center at Rosholt with a total of 46,384 delivered at last count.

Let Karl Blahnik know if you can place Lions Mints for sale in a good traffic area.

VOL. 79 — No. 12, January 7, 2002

Monday, January 14 — Local Red Cross Director Karen DeYoung will be our speaker telling how our area volunteers helped with the 9-11 disaster.

Monday, January 21 —Outagamie County Airport Director Jeff Mulder will talk about the improvements to the airport and the stricter security situation, according to Program Co-chair Paul Shoberg.

A lot of us helped the Salvation Army by ringing bells. Here is the list given to your editor: Schmidt, Cox, Cloud, dark, Rorabeck, Martin, Cooper, Newton, Hahn, Wales-Magner, O'Heam, Goodman, M.J. Ripp, J. Ferris, Spitz, Weber, Smith, Madisen, Ebert, Acker, T. Dawson, Dunlap, Wolf, Shoberg. If your name was missed, tell Rik to add it later.

Generous contributions were taken to King Veterans Home including $374 in cash, including a generous donation from Mike Tassoul.

Congratulations to newly inducted Lion Jim Hietpas. Make it a point to sit with him and get to know him. This happened at the Egg Nog Party which was a great success thanks to the hard working committee. Thanks for the music by Bob and Marge Sawyers.

Highlight of the party was the naming of Bud Stach, Dobbie Robertson and Lee Logan as Melvin Jones Fellows. The club contributed $1,000 each on their behalf to Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Funds raised by the Senior Living EXPO were presented at the party to: Boys and Girls Club, $1,000, Harbor House, $1,000, Thompson Center, $500, COTS, $500, Emergency Shelter, $500, Another Chance, $500.

The Board also bought a special exercise swing for Huntley School which will help the two Manos sisters with therapy. You will remember they were in a van hit by a drunk driver last year. We also are providing up to $325 for three children with severe eye problems working with other area clubs. This is certainly the season for giving and without you members and your hard work on projects, we could not help those less fortunate,

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