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(NOTE: Some of these issues may not be exactly as originally published due to technical problems in the scanning into OCR. The content should be accurate, however.)

Vol. 81, No. 24,       December 13, 2004,       next deadline Dec. 20

Monday, December 20 --- Our Annual Egg Nog Party. You can be at the Columbus Club at 11:00am for snacks and egg nog with or without alcohol. Cost is $8.00 per person for lunch plus a contribution for egg nog.

We will present $800 checks from the Senior Living EXPO to: Boys and Girls Club, St. Joseph¹s Food Pantry, Leaven, Harbor House, Emergency Shelter, COTS, Salvation Army, Thompson Center, Red Cross and Bay Area Boy Scouts.

We will honor three members who have provided service to our club with a Birch-Sturm Award and Melvin Jones Fellowships.

We will present a plaque to Lens Crafters for their help in providing eye exams and glasses for those our club selects as deserving and for sending a crew to Lions Camp to sort eyeglasses for recycling.

Our sympathy to Woody Weber on the recent death of his father.

Our club donated $1038 toward a series of treatments for a 6 year old girl who has amblyopia (lazy eye) which can be corrected.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers from our club to date are: Tom O'Hearn, Dave Cooper, Dude Hahn, Sharron Huss and Rik Madisen. Please call to get a spot as ringers are desperately needed. Let Rik know if you rang and are not on this list.


You who have books out need to turn in the money. You who did not take one book to sell or for your own use need to step up and take a book now. Dude Hahn has done a fine job of handling the sale. He has the $27 books and you need to turn in money to him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIONS CELEBRATING IN JANUARY: Howie Pleuss, Ed Schmidt, Rick Langan and Claudia Ong.

If you can deliver eyes to Green Bay or Fond du Lac, get on the list that Tom O¹Hearn has. Ralph Acker asks if you can place an eyeglass collection box at your church.

Vol. 81, No. 23,       November 29, 2004,       next deadline Dec. 6

Monday, December 6 --- Our speaker will be Mark Ziemer, Director of the Thompson Center. Lots of new things going on there. We donate to the Center from Senior EXPO income.

Monday, December 13 --- Our Assemblyman Steve Wieckert will being us up to date on operations in the new Assembly.

Pres Bob Muck has sponsored our newest member George Schmit. Glad to have you aboard, George. Move around Mondays so you get to know our newer members. Don't sit at the same table each week with the same Lions.

Ralph Acker delivered 3,500 pairs of used eyeglasses to Lions Camp to be recycled to third world countries. Ralph asks if you can place a collection box at your church, to let him know.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS: We have sold $2,700 worth of books. 8 were available to check out as of this writing. You who have books out, get the money in NOW to Dude Hahn. Books are $27.00 and make great gifts. Let¹s wind this project up.

The three wise guys, Acker, Ebert and Tassoul, will journey to the Veterans Home at King December 15 bringing clothes, hard cover books, playing cards, tooth brushes and paste, sundries which you can donate.

If you want to get on the list to transport eyes to the State Eyebank, check with Secretary Tom to sign up.

Happy Birthday to December Lions!

Celebrating are Ron Dunlap, Dan Rorabeck, Dave Bayer, Sharron Huss and Harry Knox.

Greeters for December are Bob Sawyers and Dan Piper. Program Chairmen are Don Goodman and Ed Schmidt.

Oh, yes. Eggnog Party Monday, December 20 starts at 12:01am for sampling.

Vol. 81, No. 22,       November 15, 2004,       next deadline Nov. 29

Monday, November 22 --- Appleton Area School District Superintendent Thomas Scullen will be our speaker. His topic is the coming referendum for school needs.

Monday, November 29 --- Karen De Young will be our speaker. She is Director of the League of Women Voters. (Hope all were OK with the election results.)

At the lions District 27-B1 convention our hard working officers won awards: 100% President Howie Pleuss, 100% Secretary Tom O¹Hearn and 100% Treasurer Dan Piper. Congrats!

Members can be proud of our recent donation of $2,500.00 to the University of Wisconsin Lions Pediatric Eye Clinic. This will greatly improve eye care for children throughout the state. In addition, at the convention we donated to Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Leader Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Diabetes Foundation.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS: Please sell them as soon as possible. $27.00 again this year. Get them from Dude Hahn and turn in money to him.

We can do better than the 20+ ringers last year. To get on the schedule, take these steps:
1. Bring up their website --
2. Click on Search by Zip Code (Enter your zip).
3. Click on Appleton Volunteer First.
4. Click on red kettle.
5. All of the local sites will come up. Simply click on the preferred site, date and time.
6. Click on Register to Volunteer.
7. Click on Submit to Volunteer.
8. Ring for two hours at the date, time place you picked.
If you don't have access to a computer call the Salvation Army (Andrea Clark) 734-3324 and arrange a time, date, location.

Our Board meets at 11:30am Wednesday, November 17 for dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome.

Start saving clothes, books, sundries to go the Veterans Home at King.

Vol. 81, No. 21,       November 1, 2004,      next deadline November 8

Monday, November 1 --- Past International Director Peter Cerniglia will be here to receive a check from our club for $2,500. This is our donation to the new juvenile eye care facility which is being built at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals.

Monday, November 8 ---Linda Stalle of the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance will explain the Storm Water Fee to be charged to all Appleton home owners.

Monday, November 15 --- A representative of Conkey's Book Store will discuss the role of independent book stores in the current market.


Our newest member is Claudia Ong from Angelus Retirement Community. She is sponsored by President Bob Muck. Most of you will remember our visit to Angelus for a meeting and how gracious Claudia was to our members.


As of November 1, the old Entertainment Books are obsolete. You must use the new ones for the usual buy one get one free values. We have a lot of books to sell, same $27 as last year. Check them out at meetings from Dude Hahn and turn in money to him so that you get credit for what you sell.

Thanks to Woody Weber for arranging for Senator Russ Feingold to speak to our club last week. It is not often that we have a senator visit us. With the election tomorrow, be sure you get out and vote for the candidates of your choice.

Beeones representing our club at the District 27-B1 convention in Manitowoc were Bob Muck, Dan Piper, Tom O'Hearn, Ebie Ebert, Rik Madisen and Mary Jo and Ron Mohr. You will hear a report at a coming meeting.

With our ranks depleted by members moving or in ill health, we do need new members. We were happy to see a number of prospects at our last meeting. Do plan to bring a friend of yours who might be interested in WE SERVE as our club helps the less fortunate.

Vol. 81, No. 20,       October 18, 2004,       next deadline October 25


Treasurer and EXPO Co-Chair Dan Piper has all the figures now and reports that our net income to be used for local charities is $10,500 plus a transfer to the Appleton Noon Lioness for workers of $150. YOU all worked hard for this and again thank you. This is the largest net we have ever had from the EXPO.

Monday, October 25 --- Linda Stalle of the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance will explain the Storm Water Fee to be charged to all Appleton home owners.

November Program Chairmen are James Cronmiller and Dan Kocher. Greeters are Dave Cooper and Rik Madisen.


Dude Hahn notes that only 1/3 of our Entertainment Books are sold. They are $27, same as last year and you can get that back by going out a couple times on a buy one-get one free meal basis. Get books at the meeting, turn in money to Dude. Each member should try to sell two books, certainly more if you can.

Ralph Acker reports another 1,700 pairs of eyeglasses taken to Rosholt and he has almost enough for another trip.

District Bowling is coming up and Charlie Garnier is fielding a team or six. If you are interested, contact Charlie.

Fred Biesecker is having some medical tests as of this writing. Del Newton at Rennes and Herman Ripp at Brewster Place would like visits.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIONS CELEBRATING IN NOVEMBER: Woody Weber, Del Schuh, Jim Jacobs, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall and Jack Burr.

District 27-B1 Convention is at the Holiday Inn at Manitowoc. Register at the door if you drive over Saturday, October 30. Lots of interesting things on the program and exhibits on Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Lions pins, etc.

Rick Langan will chair the World Affairs Seminar next year.

Vol. 81, No. 19,       October 4, 2004,       next deadline October 11


Chairman Dude Hahn expects every member to take a book, hopefully more to wind up this sale fast. Books are the same as last year: $27.00 each. Get books at the meeting, just sign them out. Turn in money to Dude so he can check you off the list.

Monday, October 11 --- Our speaker is Kathy Kamp who is Director of the Housing Partnership. This has been in the news as the need for housing help grows. Find out the situation and who is eligible for a home.

Monday, October 18 --- Renee Waterman will speak on, "Rebuilding Together". This is about rehabing owner occupied homes for lower income persons.

Our Program Chairmen are Karl Blahnik and Cal Sauter for October with Greeters Blaine Priebusch and Woody Weber.

Unfortunately we have a continuing list of members on the sick list. Joe Spitz is at home as is Harry Knox and Jim Jacobs. Drop them a card.

Some of you have asked about guest meal tickets. If you are Program Chairman, ask for a guest lunch for your speaker. If you bring a guest as a member prospect, you can ask for a guest lunch for the first time the prospect visits. Otherwise, pay up!

As you heard when the minutes were read, we lost two members. This means that we not only are down two, but that we need new members to get back to full strength.

Invite a prospective man or woman to join the largest service organization in the world. Bring them to a meeting as our guest. Introduce them to others, tell them about Lions. Tell them our club is a painless way to volunteer to help the less fortunate --- and we have a lot of good fellowhip along the way.

Get a membership application from the Secretary. Bring the name to any Board member to present to the Board for approval. Then invite the person to join and bring in his/her prorated dues (1/12 less for each month after July 1).

But you have to ask people to join!

Vol. 81, No. 18,       September 20, 2004,       next deadline Sept. 27

Monday, September 27 --- Greg Pawlak (son of member Ken) will talk about biotech stocks. He is Senior Vice President of RBC Dain Rauscher.

Monday, October 4 --- Our speaker is Mark McGinnis of the Herrling Clark Law Firm. He is a candidate for a judicial vacancy.

Keep these members in your thoughts: Ken Lang is at home. Harry Knox is at Theda Clark. Cal Sauter is at home. All as of this writing. Joe Spitz is in a hospital in Texas where he was visiting when he had a heart attack.

Hermann Ripp at Brewster Village and Del Newton at Rennes would welcome visitors.

Congratulations to members getting the 100% attendance awards: Acker, Bayer, Blahnik, Burr, Clark, Cloud, Cooper, Cox, Cronmiller, Dunlap, Ebert, J. Ferris, Goodman, Garnier, Hahn, Hoeft, Huss, Jacobs, Jooss, Kocher, Lang Langan, Lindwall, Loveall, Logan, Madisen, Mauk, Muck, M. J. Mohr, Newton, Neton, Novitske, O¹Hearn, Pawlak, Phillips, Piper, Piskor, Pleuss, Priebusch, Robertson, Sauter, Sawyers, Schmidt, Schuh, Searl, Smith, Spitz, Sund, Swanson, Tassoul, Tilque, Torkelson, Weyenberg, Weber. 5 year awards: Logan, M. J. Mohr, Neton, Piper. 10 years: Muck, Wolf. 15 years: Hoeft, Priebusch. 30 years: Torkelson. 35 years: Searl.


To Otto Cox for organizing the Timberrattlers outing. To everyone who worked on the 7th Senior Living EXPO. It was a great success and a full accounting will be given as soon as all bills are in.

Rick Langdan asks that any changes or additions to EXPO poster locations get to him as soon as possible.

Congrats to Elaine and Joe Ferris on their 50th anniversary!

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are available at meetings. They are $27.00. Dude Hahn is in charge or sales this year.

October birthdays: Tilque, Biesecker, Hoeft, Smith and Garnier are celebrating.

Vol. 81, No. 17,       August 30, 2004,       next deadline September 13

Monday, September 6 --- Have a nice Labor Day and gather your energies for the Senior EXPO.

Monday, September 13 --- Our speaker will be Kathy Van Ravenstein, Nurse Practitioner with Valley Urologic Associates. Her topic is, "Prostate Problems". There will also be a briefing for workers at the Senior EXPO.

Tuesday, September 14 -- We present the 7th Senior Living EXPO at Liberty Hall, Eisenhower and College Ave., Kimberly. The EXPO runs from 9am to 2pm. If you are on the first shift of workers, you will need to be on hand by 8:30am. Please check your work schedule on the club website. Workers will receive a lunch ticket from Tom Piskor, Registration Chairman.

Note that you received a free admission for your family and a two for one - buy one $4.00 admission, get a second free - coupon in your last SNORT. Please use these as we want as many people to come as possible. Last year we had well over 100 door prizes. Sorry, club members and spouses are not eligible for these. However, many exhibitors (we have 50 booths) do offer prizes and you are eligible for those.

This is our major fundraiser and all profit goes to local charities. Poster and prize committees have been at work and we thank them for their efforts.

Monday, September 20 --- We are fortunate to have one of the delegates we sponsored to the World Affairs Seminar at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as our speaker. She is Rebecca Huebner. As part of our club's youth program we provided scholarships to Appleton West, Appleton North, Appleton East, Xavier and Fox Valley Lutheran high schools.

We do have to mention again that some of you have not paid your $75.00 annual dues. Please get this in as soon as possible because we have to pay state and international dues on your behalf.

Celebrate these Lions' birthdays in September: Dan Cloud, Dude Hahn and Tom Piskor. Many Happy Returns!

Keep in mind someone who would make a good member. This could be a friend, business acquaintance, church member, fellow volunteer, etc. We need members so we can serve the less fortunate. Contact Blaine Priebusch, Membership Chairman for details on bringing in a new member.

Vol. 81, No. 16,       August 16, 2004 ,       next deadline August 27

Monday, August 23 --- Our speaker is Tony Rosecky. His topic is on how to select a retirement facility, pros and cons of different types of housing.

Monday, August 30 --- From the headlines, "How to Prevent Identity Theft". A timely topic presented by Mark Futter of First Federal Bank.

Monday, September 6 is your chance to relax on the Labor Day Weekend.

We will have a chance to touch base on the 7th Senior Living EXPO at our September 13 meeting. The EXPO will be held Tuesday, September 14 at Liberty Hall, Kimberly, as it has in the past two years. It opens for business at 9am and runs to 2pm. Those of you who are working there should be there between 8 and 8:30am.

Two committees have been at work. The poster committee has responsibility for putting up hundreds of posters where seniors will see them. The door prize committee has been working to get donated prizes. If you have or know of a prize we can get, contact Charlie Garnier.

At the bottom of this page is a coupon for free admission for two for use by members. The other coupon is a coupon offering a free admission when one $4.00 admission is purchased --- a two for one offer for a friend.

We are saddened by the death of former member Father Camillus Doerfler at age 85.

With weather cooperating, we had a great Lions Family Picnic. Thanks to Jim Jacobs and Tom Loveall, co-chairmen and all who helped with this fine event.

September Program Chairmen are Joe Ferris and Ken Pawlak. Greeters are Dobbie Robertson and Mike Tassoul.

Vol. 81, No. 15,       August 2, 2004,        next deadline August 9

Monday, August 9 -- Annual Family Picnic at Plamann Park. Get there between 4:30-5:30pm. If you have any prizes for the raffle, bring them. Rain or shine. All food and drinks provided. $3.00 per person, $5.00 per family.

Monday, August 16 -- Our meeting will be at Angelus Retirement Community, 200 W. Packard St. Parking from the Superior St. Side and go in the door there. At the front desk you should buy your $7.00 lunch ticket. After lunch we will have a talk about Angelus and you can tour the facilities. Spouses invited.

Monday, August 23 -- Back at the Columbus Club to hear Tony Rosecky talk about how to select a retirement facility.

Charlie Garnier and his cohorts organized a fine golf outing (some even knew how to play golf) and the club thanks all who helped and all who played at Winnegamie, owned by member Mary Beth.

Did we mention that Del Newton celebrated his 95th birthday July 19? Drop in to see him at Rennes.

Discouraging news: as of this writing 21 members have not paid the $75.00 2004-2005 dues. Please do so right away as the club has to pay state and international dues for you and this comes out of the $75.00. Make check to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Tom O'Hearn.

August 19 is the Grand Chute Lions Timberrattlers-Lugnuts game at Fox Cities Stadium. See Woody Weber for details and join in the fun.

Sandy Creech and Ron Mohr, sponsored by Mary Jo Mohr, were initiated by our new District Governor.

WE SERVE -- our club is contributing part of the cost of a hearing aid for a 4 year old in need.

Columbus Club lunch goes to $8.00 as of August 1

Now that we are in a new Lions year it behooves each member to remember that someone brought you into the club. You should invite someone to join the club. Everyone knows someone who would make a good member. Take the time to bring that person into the club now.

Vol. 81, No.14,       July 19, 2004,       next deadline July 26

Monday, July 26 --- Town of Grand Chute Chairman Mike Marsden will be our speaker. He will talk about relationships between Grand Chute and Appleton.

Monday, August 2 --- Benefit Specialist Lori Metoxen from the Outagamie County Aging Services will discuss the drug prescription cards and services now available.

Heads up: Monday, August 9, family picnic at Plamann Park. Rain or shine, you can bring guests. Costs, times, etc. announced at the meetings.

Heads and shoulders up: Monday August 16, $7 lunch and program and tours at Angelus Retirement Community, Parking from the Superior St. side.

August Greeters, Ebert and Blahnik, Program Chairmen: Pleuss and Madisen. (Howie mentions that if you are delivering eyes to the eyebank and have questions, the number is 608-233-2590). Now he won¹t have to announce this information.


Lions celebrating are Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, Herman Ripp and Sandy Creech. Many happy returns!

Wednesday, July 21 really is the monthly Board meeting, all members welcome. Dutch treat lunch at 11:30am at the Columbus Club.

Song leader and outspoken supporter of the new Muck regime Bob Sawyers was honored with a key and certificate for the two new members he brought in.

Charlie Garnier is lining up the golf outing right after the August 2 meeting. It will be at Winnegamie Golf Course on BB west of Appleton with refreshments after. See him to sign up and/or learn to play golf.

Notes: A thank you from World Affairs attendee Rebecca Hubner. Bob Muck is absent because his mother-in-law passed away. Please bring any prizes to be raffled off at the picnic to the picnic, but please let Tom Loveall know what they are.


Vol. 81, No. 13,      June 28, 2004,       next deadline July 12

Monday, July 12 --- After a restful 4th last week, get back in the den to hear U.S. Senate candidate Russ Darrow. Hopefully, Senator Russ Feingold will be on the agenda soon so we can get a rounded picture of the candidates.

Monday, July 19 --- We greet our new 27-B1 District Governor Richard Christiansen who will install our officers and induct new members.

Wednesday, July 14 is the first Board Meeting for the new regime, 11:30am at the Columbus Club, dutch treat lunch, all members welcome.


Celebrating are John Jooss, Cal Sauter, Mike Tassoul, Del Newton, Dick Swanson and Roger Sinkula. Many happy returns to all of you.

You Are Now a Delinquent Dues Payer if you haven't paid $75.00 to Secretary Tom for your 2004-5 club dues. They are up because International raised their cut $15 over three years. Our club subsidized the raise last year. Tom also advises that the printed part of the Snort will be revised and you need to get any changes to him NOW.

On the sick list are Herman Ripp at Brewster Village, Del Newton at Rennes, Harry Knox , Herb Krueger and Dobbie Robertson at home.

Planning ahead: Lions Day at Lions Camp, chicken dinner for $9.00 which the club will pay, but get your reservation to Secretary Tom NOW.

Our Family Picnic will be Monday, August 9 at Plamann Park. More details coming. You are welcome to bring guests.

The Grand Chute plans a picnic outing at the Timberrattlers vs. Lugnuts game August 19. Get more details at the meetings.

Let's have a left handed salute for Howie Pleuss and his henchmen who have given us a fine year. Will we miss Charlie and his weakly jokes? Will we sing as loudly for Bob as the new "Muckrakers" take over? Many thanks for a great year to everyone who worked to make it possible.

Vol. 81, No. 12, June 28, 2004

Monday, June 21 — Woody Weber is taking over for the last two weeks. His first program will be David Muench. His topic is NEW Economics Opportunities Project.

Monday, June 28 — Holocast survivor Henry Golde will be our speaker. He has written a new book on the Holocast.

Do bring a guest for these programs, preferably a prospect for membership. Our club has a lot to offer anyone who is interested in volunteering to serve the less fortunate.

Taking the process from the top: Invite the prospect to a meeting. The Board pays for the first lunch for a prospect, Just ask for a guest lunch ticket when you buy your own. Introduce your guest at the table, talk about what our club does and what Lions International does to serve others. Get a membership application from our secretary and have it filled out, Turn it in for action by the Board for approval. Bring your prospect in and check on the prorated dues cost — we knock off one twelfth of the dues for each month after July 1.


As of July 1, you owe dues for 2004-2005. Dues are now $75. Please give your check to our secretary as soon as possible. We do try to save a few bucks by not mailing out bills so try to remember to bring your dues in in a timely manner.

BBOOAARRDD to meet at 11:30am, Wednesday, June 16 at the Columbus Club for a dutch treat lunch. All members welcome, come help run the club.

Sharron Huss received a patch from the eyebank for helping deliver eyes. Congrats!

The Club received a thank you from the Volunteer Braillists of Wisconsin for our donation of $100 to the organization.

Imperative you check the new committee booklet to see where you are assigned. Some of you need to be working already to prepare for events coming up.

Do move around to different tabTcs-so you get to know all the members.

Vol.81.No. 11, June 7, 2004

Monday, June 7 — Dave Lehman, Executive Director and Dan Lacy, Branding and Marketing will discuss Youth Futures Valley Fair Mall, the world's first youth mall.

Monday, June 14 — Our speaker will be Al Schroeder, volunteer recruiter for United for Reading Success.

WELCOME NEW MEMBER SANDRA CREECH! She is Mary Jo's replacement at St. E's of Affinity Health Care. Mary Jo sponsored her.

Sick Call: Tom O'Hearn is recovering from back surgery. He is at home.

Sorry about that — lead lobbyist Charlie Gamier reports that despite a fine effort between our club and Grand Chute, we lost the State Bowling Tournament for 2006 to Sheboygan. Charlie thanks all who worked on the project.

The Universal Playground at Memorial Park was dedicated. We donated $1,000 to this project.

We will donate $2,500 from the Becker Fund to the Pediatric Eye Care facility at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Lions clubs International will match our donation.

Del Schuh reports that 231 school patrollers attended our roller skating party. IMPORTANT!

Incoming President Bob Muck has the new committee list booklets at meetings. There is one with YOUR name on it. Make arrangements to get your booklet and check it over immediately. You may be program chairman, picnic committee worker, or whatever and need to function right now.

General Program Chairman is Otto Cox. July Program Co-chairs are Joe Neton and Elmer Tilque, (General note: let Rik Madisen know about your programs at least three weeks ahead so they can be announced in the SNORT.)

Now is a great time to bring in a new member. Membership Chairman Joe Neton can help you with procedure.

Vol. 81, No. 10, May 17, 2004

Monday May 24 — We are fortunate to have Rick Luedtke from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as our speaker. He will talk about the World Affairs Semi­nar. As part of our youth program, we are sending six representatives from our five Appleton high schools this year at $300 each.

THANKS To Ron Dunlap and Del Schuh and all who helped at the School Patrol Roller Skating Party. (A day in advance, but with Memorial Day in there, thanks would be belated.)

So, go to the parade, cook out, and enjoy Memorial Day. We will meet again Monday, June 7.

HUMONGOUS BIRTHDAY RAFFLE IN JUNE Lions celebrating are Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Don Goodman, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Jim Hietpas, Sandy Fillips, Mike Weyenberg and Dick Novitske. Many happy returns!

PLan AHead on DUes Secretary Tom reminds all that dues are $75 starting July 1 thanks to a hefty in­crease by Lions International. Please pay Tom by check, Peso, Euro, Yuan, cash money or whatever. We don't send out invoices because we are CHEAP and want to save the cost of stamps.

Please note Tom has gold or blue golf shirts for $10, wind breaker $20, caps $5, roliup hats $10, vests $10. These are half the retail price thanks to our generous board.

Mike Tassoul received a 30 year membership pin and certificate and Woody Webe was cited for bringing in two new members.

By now we hope Dobbie Robertson is home and raring to go after surgery. Watch for our 2003-4 committee-tist sometime in June.

Vol. 81, No. 9, May 3, 2004

Monday, May 10 — Our speaker will be Tim Michels. He is a Democratic candi­date for the U. S. Senate.

Monday, May 17 —Hear about plans for the new building of the Fox Valley Hu­mane Society. Our speaker is Karen Schussler.

AS PART OF OUR YOUTH ACTIVITIES we annually hold a roller skating party for school patrollers. It will be Tuesday, May 18 at the Skaters Edge. This is located on Mayflower Drive near Wisconsin Ave. Contact Ron Dunlap or Del Schuh if you can help take tickets, etc.

Congratulations to Lee Logan on achieving 45 years of membership. He received a pin and certificate from President Howie.

At the Lions State Convention at Wisconsin Dells our club will present checks as follows: Wisconsin Lions Foundation $1,000, Leader Dogs $300, Hearing Dogs 250,Wisconsin Diabetes Association $125. This is half of what we annually donate the rest given at our District Convention. This money comes from projects like the Rose Sale which netted around $4,000.

HAPPY MAY BIRTHDAYS! Members wildly celebrating are Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Dave Searl, Ken Pawlak, Dan Kocher, Mary Nienhaus and Ron Mohr. Many happy returns!

As mentioned by Lions Camp Director Larry Rudesill when he spoke last month, there are still positions open for young men and women for 12 week employment a the camp. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. Categories of employment available are nurses and nurses assistants, cabin counsellors, program counsellors, swimming and assistant swimming directors, crafts director, etc. Pay is approxi­mately $ 150 per week. If you know of anyone who might be interested or wants more information, contact President Howie.

June Program Directors are Archie Mauk and Wayne Tauber. Greeter is Lee Logan

Remember, you can drop in at the-State Convention May 15 or 16. Details in Wisconsin Lion Magazine. You are on your own for registration and lodging.

Vol. 81, No 8, April 19, 2004

Monday, April 26 — "Is Wireless for You?", is the topic of Nathan Kennedy. He is with Sprint and will help you decide on what phone service you need.

Monday, May 3 — Our speaker will be Past District Governor Jerry Rabbach. He will bring us up to date on the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank located in Madison.,

Congratulations to Joe Spitz on his 25th year as a member. He received a 25 year pin and certificate.

The Sherwood Lioness club, newly formed, sent a thank you for our donation to help them get started.

BOARD TO MEET WEDNESDAY APRIL 21 11:30am at the Columbus club for dutch treat lunch — all members welcome to sit in and see how your club is run. Your ideas are welcome.

ROSE SALE REPORT We ordered 586 dozen, sold 569 dozen with a $6.70 profit for each dozen. Extra dozens were distributed to Harbor House, Casa Clare, Emergency Shelter, Appleton Ace Hardware (Lions Mints sales outlet), Budweiser (which provides our distribu­tion location), Herman Ripp (Fox Tire is a Mint sales outlet also).

Thanks again to all who sold roses. These helped organize on Trade Night: Karl Blahnik, James Cronmiller, Elmer Tilque, Tom O'Hearn, Tom Torkelson. Drivers: Tom Torkelson, Jim Smith, Woody Weber, Bob Sawyers, Roger Sinkula, Dan Cloud, Del Schuh, Tom O'Hearn, Charlie Gamier, Mary Jo and Ron Mohr, John Jooss, Dude Hahn, Elmer Tilque, Otto Cox, Loren Ebert, Bob Muck, Ken Lang, Jim Jacobs, Howard Pleuss, Ralph Acker, Rik Madisen, Joe Spitz, Dick Cark.

Project money from roses goes to such things as Wisconsin Lions Foundation (Lions Camp), Leader Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and other related projects. Generally we give this money half at our District Convention and half at our State Convention Parades of Checks. You can be proud of your accomplishments as Lions.

Vol. 81, No 7, April 5, 2004

Monday, April 12 — Our club was able to help Paul Kowald who is blind by pro­viding a braille printer for him. He will tell us about it. Barry Rudesill, Operations Manager at Lions Camp will bring us up to date on the camp.

Monday, April 19 — Tim Gierke, Director of the local Social Security office will b( our speaker. His topic is, "The Future of Social Security".

Greeter for May will be Joe Ferris. Program Chairmen for May will be Rick Langan and Lee Logan. Thanks to Karl Blahnik and James Cronmiller for heading up the Rose Sale and for all the salesmen and those who delivered to make this a success. Final report to come, but 585 dozen were sold at last report.

Sick call as of this writing: Lee Logan and Harry Knox at home. Herman Ripp is now at Brewster Place.

We have two thank you's to pass on to you. One is for our annual donation to send a student to Badger Boys State from the American Legion. The other is from the Universal Playground Committee. The playground is operating at Memorial Park.

Reminder that the State Lions Convention will be held at Wisconsin Dells May 14 and 15. Details are in your WISCONSIN LION MAGAZINE. If you want to drop in for either day, you are on your own since Tom O'hearn has sent in all reserva­tions by the deadline, now past..

Our Board has asked monthly program chairmen to find out if speakers from Appleton who are eligible, are in a position to join our club. If so, extend an invita­tion to them. If they do not want to join outright, the club has set up an Honorary Club Membership. This entitles them to attend any meeting for a year by just paying the $7 lunch fee and to receive the SNORT for a year. We are hoping that we may find some good potential members. The General Program Chairman is in charge of this and of making sure monthly program chairmen follow through on this and reporting to the Board. Each member is asked to bring a potential member to a meeting (club pays for the "irst lunch, just ask for a guest ticket). Get procedure for approval from Member-ihip Chairman Joe Neton, Membership Application from Tom O'Hearn.

Vol. 81, No 6, March 22, 2004

Monday, March 29 — State Senator Mike Ellis will be with us to talk about the recent actions of the State Senate. Bring a guest for this informative program.

Monday April 5 — Mark Priddis from SBC will clear up some of the questions witi his talk, "Your Telephone System".

AS OF MARCH 15 James Cronmiller reported rose sales of 330 dozen with one week to go. Be sure you get orders and money in to him or Karl Blahnik right away. There is a signup sheet for deliveries and we need all the help we can get April 2 or 3. This is a fun morning as you delight many women with a dozen roses. Details of delivery will be presented at the meetings before the delivery dates.

Of course you read the March WISCONSIN LION and saw Ralph Acker's picture in it twice. You also saw all details of the State Lions Convention May 14 and 15. If you want to go to Wisconsin Dells for the day, check with Tom O'Hearn. You may not make the deadline for being a club delegate, but if you are, the club pays registration and meals. You are on your own for any room reservations and there is a form in the March WI LION.

Happy Birthday Lions! We are pleased to present a gigantic raffle for the April celebrants: Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, Dave Cooper, James Cronmiller, Dan Ferris, Bob Sawyers, Dan Piper, Herb Krueger, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Tom Torkelson and Rik Madisen.

At home, Herman Ripp. Joe Ferris had rotator cuff surgery. Please let your editor or any officer know of anyone we should remember with a card or visit.

Tom Piskor takes over as April Program Chairman. Del Schuh is the Greeter.

We'd like to thank our unsung (pun) heroes, Song Leader Bob Sawyers and Tailtwister Charlie Garnier plus Lion Tamer Jim Smith. What would we do without them? (Make long list on reverse.)

Bring a membership prospect to-ft-meeting. Club pays for first lunch, just ask for a guest ticket. See Joe Neton, Membership Chairman for the next steo. next step.

Vol. 81, No.5, March 8, 2004

Monday, March 15 — Mayor Tim Hanna will give us our own State of the City report.

Monday, March 22 — The new Boy Scout leader for Appleton and the area, Mike Surback, will be our speaker.

ROSE SALE NEEDS YOUR HELP! As of March 1 our total sales were 170 dozen toward a goal of 600 dozen. Roses can be sold to March 22. Same price as last year, $13 per dozen. This is a major fund raiser and supports the money we give to Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Leader Dogs, Wisconsin Lions Eyebank, etc. Spread order blanks among your friends (and invite them to join the club) and as that they give a dozen roses to whomever. A sign up sheet was passed around for drivers to deliver roses April 2 or 3. Can you help?

Thinking of you: Welcome back from surgery Tom O'Hearn; Herb Krueger in treatment; drop in or send a card to Del Newton at Rennes.

On a lighter note, your annual dues will go up to $75, thanks to an increase of $15 by Lions International. You can pay semiannually at $40 per time if you wish.

We sent a gift of $25 to the newly chartered Lioness Club of Sherwood

We sponsor students to the World Affairs Seminar for $355 each as part of our youth program. Those going this summer are: Appleton East, Rachel Schwab; Appleton North, Sarah Coban; Appleton West, Trevor Baxter, Kathie Stratton; Fox Valley Lutheran, Rebecca Huebner; Xavier, Gretchen Geerts. Guidance depart­ments select the students. Del Schuh runs this project for the club.

WISCONSIN DELLS is the site of the State Lions Convention this year. It will be the middle of May and you can go for just Saturday. Get housing information and registration details from the WISCONSIN LION magazine. See Tom O'Hearn now to get registered. Club usually pays registration and for some meals. Ralph Acker is in charge or our award winning golfing teams. Those attending will be asked to man a booth for our bid for 2006 state bowling — for a few hours.

Bring a prospective member to a meeting. Ask Membership Chairman Joe Neton for details on procedures.

Vol. 81, No. 4, February 23, 2004

Monday, March 1 — Our guest speaker will be Oscar Boldt. He will talk about the construction of the Performing Arts Center, which Boldt built.

Monday, March 8 — Paul Hoffman will talk about the Appleton Downtowm and specifically some comments on the new Copper Leaf Hotel.

Ken Lang is March Program Chairman and Tom O'Hearn and Tom Torkelson are March Greeters.

Kudos to Dude Hahn for the mayoral debate and the great publicity our club re­ceived. (Dude plans a followup with Bush, Kerry and the Libertarian candidate.)

ON A HAPPY NOTE March members celebrating birthdays are: Mike Ferns, Loren Ebert, Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn, Lee Logan, Jim dark and Carl Lindwall. Many happy returns!

John Jooss was honored by Lions International with a key and certificate for bring­ing in two new members. Congrats!

NOW is the time for each of you to bring a prospective member as your guest. Just ask for a lunch ticket for a guest because the club pays for the first lunch for a prospective man/woman. Tell them about Lions and our club, get an application from Secretary Tom. Turn it in to be approved by the board and sign the new member up. Initiation fee is waived. Dues are prorated from July 1, so it is inex­pensive to join right now, less each month until July 1.

AS OF FEBRUARY 16 WE HAVE SOLD 78 DOZEN ROSES That's an OK start, but you only have until March 20 to sell @ $13 per dozen. Get order blanks and posters at the club. Karl Blahnik has a list of your 2003 custom­ers. Delivery is April 2 and 3, This project needs some muscle put into it now.

We buy coupon books from Lenscrafters for $500. A coupon gives a needy person an eye exam and pair of glasses. Ron Dunlap has gone through two books and is on his third this year due to demand. This is one place project money goes.

So far we have three high school students to send to the World Affairs Seminar. Two more (we asked each of the five high schools) are to be heard from.

Vol. 81, No 3, February 9.2004

Monday, February 16 — The Paper Industry Hall of Fame. What is it? Where is it? What will it have of interest to us? Speaker Val Wylie will answer these questions.

Monday, February 23 — Our speaker will be Carol Mischler, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Fox Valley Technical College. Her subject is," Where the Technical College Is Headed".

President Howie has designated February as "Love Your Lions club Month". EV­ERY member is asked to bring at least one guest who may be a prospective member to a February meeting. Let's be realistic. YOU were asked by a member to join and be his/her guest at a meeting. Now it is your turn to do this. We are down on membership and need your help. If you want details on how to bring in a new member, ask Membership Chairman Joe Neton. Remember the first visit includes a free luncheon on the club. Congratulations to Dave and Gertrude Searl on their 60th anniversary!

ROSE SALE At every meeting there are posters and rose sale cards available for you. The sale ends March 20 with delivery April 2 and 3. A dozen roses are the same price as last year, $13. This is a major fund raiser, providing money for Wisconsin Lions Foun­dation, Leader Dogs, etc.

Applications are available for campers at Lions Camp at Rosholt. You can get details of the various weeks for visual, hearing, etc. handicapped campers from President Howie. Counselors are also being recruited and they must be over 18 years old.

The club received a WLF Award for eyeglasses donated. Thanks to Ralph Acker for picking up the eyeglasses and getting them to Lions Camp for recycling.

The Aladdan Reader owned by the club which enlarges type for those with visual problems has gone to Chez for now. He reports it helps him greatly to read various things.

Vol. 81, No 2, January 26, 2004

Congratulations Dan Cloud! He received chevrons for 50 year membership and a plaque. Others receiving chevrons were: Logan, 45; Schuh, 35; Jacobs, 30; Spitz, 25; Mauk, 20; M. Ferris, 15 and Tilque and Swanson, 10 years.

Monday, February 2 — Doug Dugal, long time observer of the paper industry, will speak on, "What's on the Horizon in the Paper Industry?". Bring a prospective new member to this or the next program.

Monday, February 9 — A debate among the three mayoral candidates: Incumbent Tim Hanna, former Mayor's Assistant William Siebers and former Alderman Charlie Goff. You are encouraged to bring guests, spouses, friends to this meeting to help you decide on your vote in the primary.

President Pleuss received recognition from Lions International for bringing in two new members. HOW MANY MEMBERS HAVE YOU BROUGHT IN THIS YEAR?

Members celebrating birthdays in February; Why, it's only one and it's Dick dark. Many happy returns!

ROSE SALE IN SECOND WEEK While there are no quotas, how about every member trying to sell 10 dozen. $13 per dozen. Sell until March 20. Delivery April 2 and 3. Get forms and posters at the club meetings. This is a major fund raiser and with each member participating, we can make it a success.

Please check the reverse on this Snort and report any changes to Secretary Tom. Hey, look them over, the proposed slate of officers and directors for 2004-2005 President, Bob Muck 1 st VP, Otto Cox 2nd VP, Mary Jo Mohr 3rd VP, Charlie Gamier Secretary, Tom O'Heam Asst. Secretary, Chez Hoeft Treasurer, Dan Piper Lion Tamer, Dick Novitske Tailtwister, Tom Piskor Directors: 1 year, Del Schuh, Tom Torkelson; 2 years, Rik Madisen, Joe Ferris; 3 years. Jack Burr, Bob Sawyers. Past President, Howie Pleuss Membership Committee: 1 year<-fohn Jooss; 2 years. Blaine Priebusch; 3 years, Ralph Acker.

Vol. 81, No 1, January 12,2004

Monday, January 19 — Our speaker is Dr. Kara Harbick, an opthamologist. She is a specialist in treating glaucoma. This is right along the lines of our Lions sight program. Bring a guest (who might want to know about glaucoma) to hear her.

Monday, January 26 — Susan Stockton, President of the Performing Arts Center will give us a general update on the PAC.

Our club is in need of members, having lost a few in 2003. Bring a prospective member to hear one of these excellent programs. Club pays for lunch the first time — just ask for a guest ticket. Get an application from Secretary Tom. When it is filled out submit the name to the Board for approval, then invite him or her to join and pay the prorated (from July 1) dues. Ask Membership Chairman Joe Neton for help or materials on membership.

Sick call: Herb Krueger, send him a card and our best wishes go to him. Congratulations to Roger and Amanda Sinkula on the birth of their daughter!

Board meets Wednesday, January 21 at 1 l;30am at the Columbus Club. All mem­bers welcome for discussion and a dutch treat lunch.

Thanks to Marge and Bob Sawyers for the very special musical program in Decem­ber. We received thank you's from the non-profits we donated to at the Egg Nog Party and the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King for the various donations and the $218 in cash.

Our club owns a special reader which enlarges type in books, etc. and which has been used by a visually handicapped person since 1998. This person no longer needs the machine (like a computer) and so we are looking for someone else who can use the machine. Ask around so we can place it.

Del Schuh has sent letters to our five high schools offering a scholarship to the World Affairs Seminar to a qualified student which the high school will pick.

ROSE SALES START JANUARY 15 Cost per dozen is $13. March 2(Hs the last date to sell roses and delivery will be April 2 and 3. Check your sales list from last year. This is an excellent fund raise for the club.

February Program Chairman are Sharron Huss and Dude Hahn. Greeters to be announced.

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