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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - Columbus Club

Vol. 82, No. 23,   December 5, 2005,   next deadline Dec. 26

Monday, December 12 --- State Represnetative Steve Wieckert will be with us to speak about what is happening in Madison lately.

Monday, December 19 --- Annual Egg Nog Party. Party starts around 11:30am and you can bring guests. Food is $9.00 per person and a donation for egg nog, "with or without".

We will donate $500.00 each, from Senior Living EXPO income, to: Bay Lakes Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, COTS,, Emergency Shelter, Harbor House, St. Joe's Food Pantry, Leaven, Thompson Community Center. Your help with the EXPO made this possible.

BOARD MEETS Wednesday, December 14, 11:30am at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome to hear how the club does business and give the board your ideas.

Sign up now to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Phone 955-1225, website . Especially this year, your help is needed.


Ron Dunlap, Dave Bayer and Sharron Huss are the celebrants.

At the District 27-B1 Convention 100% Awards were given to our President, Secretary and Treasurer. Congratulations!


Please get money in for books signed out to you. They are $30.00 each. At this writing, about 20 books had not been checked out. Please wind this up now. Turn in money to Howie Pleuss or Dude Hahn so you get credit for it.

Thanks to all who completed the club survey from Mary Jo Mohr. Results will be given to members in January.

From your officers and directors, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. No meeting December 26.

Vol. 82, No. 22,   November 21, 2005,   next deadline Nov. 28

Monday, November 28 ---Kathy Kamp, Executive Director of the Housing Partnership, will speak about plans to redevelop the former Appleton Wireworks building on Lawe St. into low rent apartments.

Monday, December 5 --- Tim DuVall and our own Tom Loveall will speak on, "Essential Tremor".


Now is the time to step up and be a Lion Ding-a-Ling. Call the Salvation Army at 955-1225 or use the website at to sign up. You can pick your location and time.

Entertainment Books are being sold by OUR club. So far 83 out of 160 have been sold. Turn in money or get books from Howie Pleuss or Dude Hahn at the meetings. Cost of each book is $30.00 (checks payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club).

Ralph Acker has delivered over 35,000 used eyeglasses to Lions Camp to be recycled. Joe Ferris has a list of locations where glasses can be dropped off on our club website.

Thanks to Joe Spitz for a fascinating program on his world war II service and some insight into his life on Monday, November 14 when our scheduled program didn't happen.

December Program Chairmen are Don Goodman and Ed Schmidt. Greeters are Bob Sawyers and Dan Piper. (Bob, will you greet us with a song?)

Deer hunters: Larson-Winchester Club will collect deer hides. They will be sold and money given to Lions Camp.

Just when you thought it was safe to relax James Cronmiller announced January 19 is the kickoff for the Roses for Spring Sale. Cost per dozen is $13 and to hold the price at $13, we get 18 cents less. More information will of necessity be promulgated by James in the future.

Old business, we received the WLF audit report and donated $1,000 to WLF at the District 27-B1 convention.

Vol. 82, No. 21,   November 7, 2005,   next deadline Nov. 14

Monday, November 14 --- Chris Hanson, a Nurse Practioner, from Manor Care will present, "Watch Out for the Flu". She will tell you how to prevent it.

Monday, November 21 --- Debra Cronmiller, Executive Director of the Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley, will speak to us about trends in homelessness and local response.

We have six delegates who will attend the District 27-B1 convention at the Paper Valley November 11 and 12. They are: Otto Cox, Mary Jo Mohr, Joe Ferris, Ken Pawlak, Ebie Ebert and Charlie Garnier. If you want to drop in on the event, see the Secretary for the schedule. Plan to pay your own registration and buy a lunch ticket there if any are available (we pay expenses for the delegates).

You helped raise project money. We are spending $100.00 to have a braille writer reconditioned for a 52 year old blind woman in Appleton.


We have 49 of 62 surveys back. Please turn in your survey if you have not done so yet. These will be tabulated and the results given to members. This will help guide our club in future years. Turn in to VP Mary Jo Mohr. Thanks to all who participated.

At this writing the club is still waiting for a financial or audit report from the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and we are withholding $2,000 until we get it. We will donate to the District Parade of Checks: Leader Dog, $300; Hearing Dog, $250; Wisconsin Diabetes Association, $125, Mission to Mexico, $100

Entertainment Books for sale @ $30 each. 66 of 160 are sold. Get books from Howie Pleuss and turn in money to him in November.

Larson-Winchester Club will collect deer hides. Sale last year brought in about $30,000 for Lions Camp. Drop off point is at the corner of Winchester Rd and HWY 76.

Egg Nog Party will be Monday, December 19. No meeting December 26.

Vol. 82, No. 20,   October 24, 2005,   next deadline Oct 31

Monday, October 31 --- Brad Kruger will speak to us about heart care and this is not about Valentine's day, but about YOUR heart. He is in charge of heart and lung care at Affinity.

Monday, November 7 --- You watched the Mideast tour of Karen Hughes and others building good will in those countries. Senator Feingold worked to get Bill O'Brien from Appleton on that team. He has some very interesting experiences to tell us. Bring a prospective member to hear him.

November Program Chairmen are Dan Kocher and James Cronmiller. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Dave Cooper.


Members celebrating are: Woody Weber, Del Schuh, Jim Jacobs, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall, Jack Burr and Sara Brickner. Many happy returns as you turn a year older.

Never been to a Lions convention? District 27-B1 is having one November 11 and 12 at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. You can get details from Secretary Tom. We can have six delegates and any member can go. Club will pay registration and lunch for delegates (maybe others also).

Most of you have lain awake nights wondering how the 8th Senior Living EXPO™ did financially. Now the final bills are in and our net is just over $12,000.00. This is due entirely to efforts of club members, some of whom started work in late Spring. Thank you! The net traditionally goes to local charities and we have already given the Red Cross and Salvation Army $1000,00 each to use as they see fit, on disasters or locally.


Books are $30.00 this year. Get books at the meeting and turn in money to Dude Hahn so you will be sure to get credit for books you sold. Books make great gifts. Click here to view our "on line" Entertainment Books 2006 webpage.

Bring a prospective member to a meeting. Ask for a guest ticket for lunch on the club for this first visit. Application forms are available from the Secretary. Tell your prospect about Lions and our club. We have a convincing story.

Vol. 82, No. 19,   October 10, 2005,   next deadline Oct. 17

Monday, October 17 ---Kathy Kamp from the Housing Partnership will be here to tell us about the renovation of the old wireworks building into 24 apartments for low income families.

Monday, October 24 --- Our speaker is Sue Kentop, RN from Affinity who will talk about Advance Directus-- power of attorney for health care.

If you have a lead on a good program, let General Program Chairman Mary Jo Mohr know about it.

We extend our sympathy to the Torkelsons on the recent death of their son.


From left: Tony Gonzales, Otto Cox, Robb Waugus

Our Board used Senior Living EXPO anticipated net profits to donate $1,000 to the Red Cross (Tony Gonzales received the check) and $1,000 to the Salvation Army (Robb Waugus received the check) at our September 26 meeting. No strings, the money could be used for local or hurricane relief as needed. Normally, we might give donations out at the Egg Nog Party.


We want to make our club the best in the valley. To accomplish that a survey was distributed to members. Put your name on or leave it off, but do get the survey filled out and turned in. Add any comments on the reverse.

We have Entertainment Books for $30 each. Get more books or turn in money to Dude Hahn or Howie Pleuss. These are great gifts and have a lot of good values in for you and your friends.

Karl Blahnik maintains a steady income from mint sales. If you can place mints and pick up the money from that location, let Karl know.

Clothes for special occasions are available from Secretary Tom who has vests, caps, golf shirts to fit all sizes and shapes. See Tom if you need some new Fall duds.

Please sit in a different place each meeting to get to know other members.

Vol. 82, No. 18,   September 26, 2005,   next deadline Oct. 3

Monday, October 3 ---Our speaker will be Ray Greco from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Find out what the FBI is doing to make things more secure.

Monday, October 10 --- Brian Blahnik will be our speaker. His topic is, "Americops". What is it, who is eligible, what do they do and what is its benefit?


Members celebrating are Elmer Tilque, Fred Biesecker, Chez Hoeft, Jim Smith and Charlie Garnier. Many happy returns to all.


It took all of us to make this a success. We think attendance was over 400 and we still have some BIG bills to come in so we don¹t want to guess at our net income, but it will be over $10,000.00. We are making lots of PR points since over 80% of attendees know it is sponsored by the Appleton Noon Lions Club.

Be sure you look at Joe Ferris¹ Senior EXPO photos which is a part of the brand new vastly improved, ready for anything web site. The changed address is: Thanks Joe.

Thanks to Sara Brickner for her interesting biography.

Entertainment books are availlable now and you can get books or turn in money to Dude Hahn or Howie Pleuss. Books are $30.00 this year.

November 11 and 12 are the dates for the 27-B1 district convention. It will be held at the Paper Valley. If you have never been to any Lions convention, now is your best opportunity. Our club will pay for delegates registration and a lunch. Let Secretary Tom know if you are interested in attending.

It is a great time of the year to bring a prospective member to the club, and the club will pay for lunch for the first visit. Just ask for a guest ticket. Talk about Lions, our club, what we do to serve the less fortunate. Get a membership application from Secretary Tom and sign the prospect up.

Vol. 82, No. 17,   September 12, 2005,   next deadline Sept. 19

Monday, September 19 — Adrian Martin will be our speaker. He is from New London and is an educator, author of several books, coach and referee. He will talk about college football.

Monday, September 26 —Our speaker will be Kathie Seifert, former Executive Vice President of Kimberly Clark and board member of the PAC. She will speak about, "Economic Development of Northeast Wisconsin".

Our sympathy to Joe Ferris on the recent death of his brother.

Co-Chairmen of the club golf outing report that it took place at Winnegamie Golf Course. Member Mary Beth Nienhaus generously provided discount golf, a golf ball and coupon for 2 for 1 golf fees in the future. Refreshments, food and prizes followed the golfing. 1st Place Team with a score of 35: O'Hearn, Pawlak, M. Mohr, R. Mohr and Biesecker. 2ndPlace Team with a score of 37: Garnier, Robertson, Cloud, Randa. 3rd Place Team with a score of 39: Schmidt, Cox, Tilque, J. Ferris. 4th Place Team with a score of 44:Torkelson, Schuh, Piskor, Jooss.

Thank you to the organizers of the Timberrattler Outing. ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS

All present at the August 29 meeting were given an Entertainment Book to sell. Cost this year is $30.00. When you sell the book or need more, check with Dude Hahn or Howie Pleuss.


We need the help of every member for this, our largest fund raiser of the year. Let Tom Piskor know if you can help and he will assign you a job. It will be held Wednesday, Sepptember 14 at Liberty Hall, comer of College and Elsenhower in Kimberly. Tom asks that workers be there at 8:00am to get set up. Come in the north door where exhibitors enter. Please park away from the building to allow seniors attending to park closer in. Wear your Lions vests preferably or other Lions clothes.

In a previous Snort, you had a coupon admitting two of your family free. Another two for the price of one coupon also was included for friends or neighbors. Other two for one coupons are given by exhibitors, ValPak and the Post Crescent. As a result, many will pay $2.00 instead of $4.00 if two persons attend.

Tom will have a lunch ticket for all members who work.

Vol. 82, No. 16,   August 22, 2005,   next deadline August 29

Monday, August 29 --- Tom Wendell, Director of Ephriam Resources will be our speaker.

Please don¹t come Monday, September 5, but do come Monday, September 12. Our speaker will be one of the students we gave a scholarship to. In addition, there will be a briefing on who does what at the 8th Senior Living EXPO.

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to work at the EXPO, our largest fundraiser. It will be held Wednesday, September 14, at Liberty Hall,, corner of Eisenhower and College Ave. Tom Piskor asks that workers be there at 8:00am and please ask questions at the briefing so you know what to do. Charlie Garnier and his prize committee have been at work as has Jim Jacobs and his poster committee. Now the rest of us need to help.

September Program Chairmen are Joe Ferris and Howie Pleuss. Greeters are Dobbie Robertson and Mike Tassoul.

BIG THANK YOU TO THE FAMILY PICNIC COMMITTEE! Even the weather was fine for the food and fellowship.


Sorry the raffle won¹t be bigger as Dan Cloud, Dude Hahn and Tom Piskor turn a year older.

To the few holdouts who have not given Secretary Tom $80.00 for 2005-6 dues, now is the time to get current.


Vol. 82, No. 15,   August 8, 2005,   next deadline August 8

Monday, August 15 --- Our speaker will be Lawrence University President Jill Beck. She comes with new perspectives to a job which is of great interest and impact to Appleton.

Monday, August 22 --- Greg Pawlak (yes, they are related) Senior Vice President of Dain Rauscher brokers will be our speaker. Be sure you take notes so you can take advantage of all those buy low and sell high tips.


This will be held at Winnegamie Golf Course (Highway BB, west of 76 about 2 miles). There will be a scramble format, prizes and refreshments after golf on the course. Ask Dobbie any questions you may have on this tournament. Singh and Woods will definitely not play so you have a chance.

August 25 is the Grand Chute Timberrattlers baseball game and picnic. See Woody Weber for signup or more information.

At Lions Day at Lions Camp we were represented by Otto and his wife, Ebie and his wife and Sharron Huss. All suggested you visit the camp to see what WE SERVE means to handicapped kids who camp free for a week.


According to Secretary Tom the following have perfect attendance over the last year. Those with numbers after show five year anniversaries from when they joined and maintained perfect attendance.

Acker, Bayer, Blahnik, Burr, Clark 35, Cloud, Cooper 20, Cox 5, Cronmiller, Dunlop, Ebert, J. Ferris, Garnier, Goodman, Hahn, Hoeft, Huss, Jacobs, Jooss 5, Langan, Logan, Loveall 5, Madisen, Mauk, M. J. Mohr, R. Mohr, Muck, Neton, Novitske, O¹Hearn, Pawlak, Piper, Piskor, Pleuss, Priebusch, Roberson, Sawyers 15, Schmit, Schuh, Searl, Smith, Spitz, Sund, Tassoul 25, Tilque 10, Torkelson, Weber, Weyenberg.

YOU know if you did not pay your dues by July 1. You are now a month in default. Please get your check for $80.00 to Secretary Tom immediately.

Vol. 82, No. 14,   July 25, 2005,   next deadline August 1

Monday, August 1 --- Appleton Chief of Police Richard Myers will be our speaker. He will take a look at the next 10 years and what the department will need.

Monday, August 8 --- Annual Lions Family Picnic. This will be at Plamann Park in the large pavilion, rain or shine. Everything will be furnished. You know the food is great and we have a great barbeque with brats, burgers, roast corn, etc. Cost for immediate family is $5.00. Get there around 5pm for fun and fellowship. Single tickets will be $498.00 per piece (oops!, maybe not, come to the meetings for the true cost of this all you can eat event). Guests are welcome, let Mike Tassoul know if you have any questions. Really, it's $3.00 for singles. No meeting that day.

Grand Chute Lions are hosting a golfing event July 21 and we have five teams duffing, I mean golfing, as of this writing. If you want to go, see Charlie Garnier.

(CORRECTION)Coming event, August 27 August 25, we can enjoy a Timberrattlers game and picnic with the Grand Chute Lions. See Woody Weber for details. Per person cost is $15.75.

PAY YOUR DUES NOW, THEY ARE PAST DUE! $80.00, check to Secretary Tom.

There is a Van Dyne Lions Club bus to Lions Day at Lions Camp, July 24. If you want to go on the bus see Ebie Ebert. You can also drive up, but you need a reservation for the barbeque chicken lunch.

The new annual budget was approved by the Board. You can see it or the monthly financial report at the Board meetings or from Treasurer Dan. Our finances are open to all members.

A thank you came from Allison Metcalf , one of the students we sent to the World Affairs Seminar. We hope to have her on a program soon.

The 8th Senior Living EXPO will be held from 9am to 2pm September 14 at Liberty Hall, Kimberly. Registration Chairman Tom Piskor has a sign up sheet. We need all the help we can get for our biggest fund raising project.

Heads up, if you have never attended a District 27-B1 convention, this is your year. It will be held November 11 and 12 at the Paper Valley Hotel in, you guessed it, Appleton.

Snort was reprinted, check your listing and give any chan ges to Secretary Tom.

Vol. 82, No. 13,   July 11, 2005   next deadline July 18

Monday, July 18 --- Janet Meyer will be our speaker on changes in the law for Medicare Part D. Bring your questions.

Monday, July 25 --- Speaker of the Assembly John Gard is running for 8th District Congressman to replace Mark Green. Gard is a native of Lena and a UW-La Crosse graduate.

Coming up Monday, August 8, Lions Family Picnic. Plamann Park pavilion, rain or shine. You can bring guests.

Members celebrating are Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, Hermann Ripp, Sandy Creech, George Schmit and Bob Randa. Many happy returns!

Bored Meets Wednesday, July 13 for a dutch treat lunch at 11:30am at the Columbus Club. All members welcome. Full financial reports, open discussion, see how your club conducts its business.

Tom O¹Hearn is a 100% Secretary and Dan Piper is a 100% Treasurer. Congratulations to both. This honors lots of hard work during the year. We also want to thank our officers and board for guiding us to a fine year of SERVICE -- which is why we are Lions. All those who voted against Bob Muck for Past President -- you lost!

$80.00 annual dues are past due as of July 1. Get your check to Secretary Tom now. (Note Tom has assorted shirts, vests, caps with the club subsidizing half the price.)

We had a thank you from our Badger Boys State student Justin Erickson.

If you can help transport eyes to Green Bay, Fond du Lac or Beaver Dam, for the Wisconsin Lions State Eyebank, sign up with Ebie Ebert.

We sent $25.00 to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation in memory of Harry Knox.

At our last Board meeting a blind man David Pitts, staying at the Snug Inn, asked for what help we could give. He was referred to local agencies. The Board voted to donate one month¹s rent for the Snug Inn.

August greeters: Ebert and Blahnik; program chairmen Pawlak and Madisen.

Vol. 82, No. 12,       June 20, 2005,       next deadline June 27

Monday, June 27: Plans are to have a representative of the Timberrattlers speak.

Monday, July 11 — Our new 27-B 1 District Governor Gary Colton will be with us to install 2005-2006 Officers and Directors. He will also induct new Lions who have joined recently. They are: Sandy Creech, George Schmidt, Sara Brickner, Bob Randa, Bob Simon. Sponsors are asked to be present also.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Harry Knox who died recently.


Please pay $80.00 to the Appleton Noon Lions Club, give check to Tom O'Hearn.

Sick call: Ralph Acker is recovering at home after surgery. Ralph is our eyeglass man and he has 350 more to get to Lions Camp from a collection at Richmond School.

Thanks to the organizers of the Timberrattler outing. Nice time except for the weather.

Speaking of outings, the club family picnic will be August 8 at Plamann Park. You can bring guests.


Lions International recognized our members who have been around long enough to personally know Melvin Jones. Certificates went to: Del Newton, 61 years; Dude Hahn, 55; Dan Cloud, 50, Rik Madisen, 48, Dobbie Robertson, 46, Ebie Ebert, 46; Dave Searl, 42; Dave Cooper, 41 and Lee Logan,, 46.


July 23 is the Birch-Sturm Golf Outing at lola for $75 including golf, cart, dinner, etc with proceeds going to Wisconsin Lions Foundation. See Charlie Garnier if you are interested. Lions Day a Lions Camp, Rosholt is July 24.

Vol. 82, No. 11,       June 6, 2005,       next deadline June 13

Monday, June 6 --- Appleton Fire Chief Neil Cameron will be our speaker on what is going on in the department and its cooperation with other departments.

Monday, June 13 --- What's it like today in the armed forces? PFC Ben Miller, Woody's nephew grandson stationed in Korea will tell us his experiences.

Monday, June 20 --- The Experimental Aircraft Association has a huge show coming up and Media and Public Relations Specialist Dick Knapinski will tell us about it.


John Jooss sponsored former member returned from out of state, Bob Randa and newly retired principal Bob Simon. We are sad to see Claudia Ong promoted to Illinois so we lose her, but she sponsored Sara Brickner of Angelus Retirement Community.

Sincere sympathy to Herb and Lily Kreuger on the death of their son Jim and to Mike and Margie Weyenberg on the death of his father.

Thanks to Skater's Edge Roller Rink for donating the rink and workers for the Safety Patrol skating party. We provide refreshments and supervision. Previously the Police Department paid for the rink. 173 patrollers attended.

Happy Birthday June Lions: Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Don Goodman, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Jim Hietpas, Sandy Phillips, Mike Weyenberg, Dick Novitske.

DUES ARE $80 PER YEAR, DUE JULY 1 payable to Appleton Noon Lions. This is a $5 raise because of International going up $15 over three years. The club absorbed $5 last year to hold the line. Of the $80, $39 goes to International, $10.50 goes to the state (which cut our magazine down 4 issues with no dues reduction) and $5 to district. Our club runs on $25.50, same as it has for many years by carefully managing this money.

Chez and Doris Hoeft celebrated their 60th anniversary.

We contributed $350 toward a wheel chair ramp built by Larson-Winchester Lions.

Vol. 82, No. 10,       May 16, 2005,       next deadline May 23

Monday, May 23 --- Bring a guest to hear Ken Hechler, Harry Truman's Special Assistant. He is the author of numerous books: "Working with Truman", "Bridge at Remagen", etc. He will talk about the Truman years.

Join the Tailtwister for the May 30 meeting. Most of us will be otherwise occupied.

June Program Chairmen are Archie Mauk and Woody Weber. Greeter is Howie Pleuss.

Board meets at 11:30am, Wednesday, May 18 at the Columbus Club. Dutch treat lunch. All members welcome to see what goes on, how our finances are, and make lucid suggestions for the good of the club.

Latest to present a biog was Elmer Tilque (ask him how to hold a job?).

There will be a Skating Party for School Patrollers May 17 from 7-9 at Skaters Edge, 1150 N. Mayflower Road. Skaters Edge is donating the rink and we are paying for snacks and sodas. Details from Ron Dunlap. Can you help supervise, skating not required. This is part of our service to youth.


Our net income from rose sales is $4355.00. This took a lot of work on your part. This money will go to such things as Leader Dogs, Diabetes Foundation, Lions Camp, etc.

Mary Jo Mohr is signing up anyone interested in an outing to go to the Big Picture. Check with her for details.

Otto Cox is proposing a Timberrattlers game June 9, 5:30pm picnic, 7:05pm game. Game only is $6.00 and with picnic, total cost is $15.75. See him for more details.

Lions Camp Open House is July 24 with chicken dinner served from 11am to 2pm. Registration must be received by July 15. Dinner is $9.00 for adults, $4.50 for kids. Call the WLF office toll free to register at 877-463-6953, or send check and reservation to: WLF, 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, WI 54473.

Vol. 82. No.9,       May 2, 2005,       next deadline May 9

Monday, May 2 — Bob Brunken, former YMCA Director and traveler to 80 coun­tries will speak to us on , "UFO's".
Our speaker will be James Campbell, author of "Final Frontiers­man: Heimo Korth and His Family" who lived alone in Alaska's arctic wilderness.

Monday, May 9 — Our speaker will be James Campbell, author of "Final Frontiers­man: Heimo Korth and His Family" who lived alone in Alaska's arctic wilderness.
Bob Brunken, former YMCA Director and traveler to 80 coun­tries will speak to us on , "UFO's".

Monday, May 16 — Howard Mattes of Network Health Plan will talk about Medicare Options.

CELEBRATING MAY BIRTHDAYS are Lions Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Dave Searl, Ken Pawlak, Dan Kocher, Ron Mohr and Mary Nienhous. Congrats!

Recognition: Joe Ferris received a 30 year member certificate. Dan Piper, Mary Jo Mohr and Rik Madisen received a letter from International President Kusiak for getting a new member in the last year.

YOUR MONEY: We paid $80 for half the materials for a wheel chair ramp in Appleton built by the Larsen-Winchester Club. We are funding sodas for the School Patrol Skating Party this year.

We received a thank you from the American Legion for sponsoring a high school junior girl to Badger Girls State.

Our club is holding in escrow money we would normally send to Wisconsin Lions Foundation. We will send money to Leader Dog, Diabetes Foundation, etc. The financial status of the Foundation is evidently a mess and it can't give us an ac­counting of what comes in and what it spends, where our money goes.

We also can't get information from the State as to why 4 issues of Wisconsin Lion are cut and whether this will cut this line item in dues by 40%.

Tom Loveall presented an interesting biography at a recent meeting.

Del Schuh, Joe Neton and Sharron Huss will act as dispatchers for cornea delivery for the State Eyebank.

Vol. 82, No. 8,       April 25, 2005,       next deadline April 25

Monday, April 25 --- Mark Bunker, Preferred Financial Solutions, LLC is one of Northeast Wisconsin"s well known Certified Senior Advisors. Are you concerned with market volatility adversely affecting your retirement nest egg? He will explain how it is possible to participate in market gains, have no risk to your principal and also be able to lock in each year¹s gains. Look forward to magic!!

Monday, May 2 --- Our speaker will be James Campbell author of "Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and his Family" who lived alone in Alaska's arctic wilderness.


Dan Piper received a pin from Lions International for bringing in two new members.

We received a big thank you for our part in joining with area clubs to buy a hearing aid for a girl in need. The thank you said her whole world has opened up now that she can hear.

We still don¹t have the final accounting from your hard work on rose sales, but James Cronmiller says we sold over 700 dozen. At a wild guess, this should bring in around $4200.00 for our charitable projects.

Rick Langan was the latest member to present a biography.


The state convention will be held at Fontana, near Lake Geneva. We have room for two more delegates. Club pays registration and lunch. All other members can attend. Check your WISCONSIN LION MAGAZINE for details or go to the State Convention Website. See Secretary Tom if you want to be a delegate.

Get serious about bringing in a new member. Bring the member to a meeting, club pays for first lunch, just ask for a guest ticket. Tell the prospect about our club and Lions state and national service. Get an application from our Secretary. Put the name before the Board by asking any officer or director to present it. After approval, sign the prospect up and bring in a dues payment.

Vol. 82, No.7,       April 4, 2005,       next deadline April 11

Monday, April 18 --- Dr. Linda Dejmek, Developmental Optometrist at the ABC Vision Therapy Center is our speaker. Her topic is, "Vision Screening for Kids with Amblyopia". (Note that we had a thank you from a six year old who had 12 sessions of therapy for that and now can see much better thanks to our donation.)

Monday, April 11 --- Our speaker is Denis L. Ashauer, CSA, who was on the Senior Living EXPO seminar series. He will tell us about non-medical care at home.


Thanks to the chairmen an d all of you who sold roses and delivered them. Our total sales were 680 dozen. Money from this goes to such things as Leader Dog, Wisconsin Lions Foundation (Lions Camp, Eyebank, etc.).

Note that your Board has asked for audit reports from the WLF since it noted in the last Wisconsin Lion that it had a major loss in endowment income. The Board also requested an audit statement for the last three years from the State since its financial situation is evidently not good and 40% of our state magazine has been cut, down to only six issues a year.

Thanks Mary Beth Nienhaus for your generous coupons for discounts at Winegamie Golf Course (which she owns). Ask for a coupon if you did not get one.

Dave Bayer was one of our latest members to give a biographical sketch of himself.


Fontana is the location for the Wisconsin Lions State Convention. It will be held May 13 and 14. Details on the convention and housing are in the Wisconsin Lion magazine (and on the Internet at We rate six delegates and if you want to go, see Secretary Tom. Club pays your registration.

We are again offering to send one student from each of our five high schools to the World Affairs Seminar which will be held June 11-17 at UW-Whitewater. This is part of our youth work.

Taking over as Program Chairmen for May are Joe Spitz and Dan Cloud. Greeter is Joe Ferris.

Vol. 82, No.6,       March 21, 2005,       next deadline March 28

Monday, March 28 --- Our speaker, John Meyer, teaches at the Lawrence University Academy of Music. He will speak about the New Horizons Band which gives former players or new players our age a chance to perform.

Monday, April 4 --- Our program will be put on by Dr. Jason Lang of Gateway Chiropractic and is entitled, "Backup Care".


Celebrating are Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, Dave Cooper, James Cronmiller, Dan Ferris, Bob Sawyers, Dan Piper, Herb Kreuger, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Tom Torkelson (who presented a biog March 14) and Rik Madisen. Many Happy returns. (Other biogs were by O'Hearn and Garnier).


Last report, 348 dozen sold. Absolutely last sale day is March 24. Sign up to deliver Friday April 1 with pickup at American Legion Club or Saturday, April 2 with pickup again at Tri-County Distributors in NE industrial park. Get details from either Cronmiller or Weber at the meeting.

You can nominate from the floor if you don¹t agree with the following 2005-2006 nominations from the committee: President, Otto Cox; 1st VP, Mary Jo Mohr; 2nd VP, Charlie Garnier; 3rd VP, Ralph Acker. Secretary, Tom O'Hearn, Assistant Secretary, Del Schuh. Treasurer, Dan Piper. Directors: 1 year, Rik Madisen, Joe Ferris; 2years, Jack Barr, Bob Sawyers; 3 years, Howie Pleuss, George Schmidt. Lion Tamer, Bill Sund. Tail Twister, Rick Langan. Membership Committee: 1 year Blaine Priebusch; 2 years, Ralph Acker; 3 years Woody Weber. Past President, Bob Muck.

Our golf team at the STATE CONVENTION May 13-14 at Fontana are: Acker, Garnier, Tilque and O'Hearn. If you want to be a delegate, let Tom O'Hearn know.

April Greeter is Del Schuh, Program Chairmen are Mary Jo Mohr and Tom Piscor.

Vol. 82, No.5,       March 7, 2005,       next deadline March 14

Monday, March 14 --- Our speaker is Fred Ebbesen, who is with the Appleton Medical Center Foundation.... He will speak about , "Hospital Volunteer Opportunities" both at AMC and Affinity.

Monday, March 21 --- Back by request, Lisa Brennan, Floral Consultant/Manager at Riverside Florist and Grreenhouses. Ever wonder where all those fine flowers come from? While many are greenhouse grown, hundreds of thousands come from Equador. Lisa has visited the miles of blooms and will show us photos.


If you still have some order blanks you have not distributed, get them in the hands of potential buyers. Karl Blahnik likes to put out as many order blanks as he can and has a big percentage come back as sales. At $13.00 per dozen, our roses are a real buy PLUS we deliver. Deadline is March 24, or better still, March 19.

Plan to help deliver roses April 1 or 2. We need lots of help to do this.

Sick Call

We want to report the Dick Novitske is recovering from a knee operation. Ron Dunlap fell on the ice and injured his back. Please let your editor know of any others who should be mentioned.

Getting to know US, our brief biogs continue. Good member Weyenberg was up recently. We try to mention everyone, but your editor has been away some weeks so if we miss a name or two, sorry.

Our club joined Grand Chute and Neenah in helping a 10 year old girl with a severe hearing problem. Our contribution was $250.00. The family will pick up the other half of the cost

Contact Howie Pleuss if you are interesting in holding a club office. He is Nominating Committee Chairman.

Please work with the Membership Committee if you have prospective new members. They are: John Jooss, Blaine Priebusch and Ralph Acker.

Vol. 82, No.4,       February 21, 2005,       next deadline Feb. 28

Monday, February 28 --- Get the Big Picture from Ed Bisaillon, Executive Director of the Big Picture theater being built in downtown Appleton.

Monday, March 7 --- Our speaker will be Jeff Igel, Fox Valley Technical College Department Chairman of the Hospital and Culinary Programs. He is known as "Chef Jeff".

We were treated to interesting thumbnail sketches from recent members Claudia and Mary Beth. Now that you know more about them, move around to different tables so you can get to know them and other newer members better.

March Program Co-chairs are Jim Jacobs and Ken Lang. Greeters are Toms O'Hearn and Torkelson.


Celebrate with Mike Ferris, Ebie Ebert, Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn and Lee Logan. Many happy returns to these members.


Can we say it another way? The Roses for Spring Sale has been on for a while. Even if you are not able to be physically active, there is the phone and mail. Chez, for instance, mails out an order blank to his list and encloses a return envelope with a stamp on it for the order and check. Works for him. Howie works with AMC Orthopedics, twisting arms to make his sales, painful, but effective. James puts his name on ALL the order blanks and hopes the rest of us won¹t notice he swiped our credit.

So sell a bargain dozen at $13.00, and that means delivered (either Friday April 1 or Saturday April 2). Deadline for orders to be in is March 24 this year.

Ask with the order for any used eyeglasses. Ask with the delivery for any used eyeglasses and this way you kill two stones with one bird (as the Tailtwister would say in his unique way).

Vol. 82, No.3,       February 7, 2005,       next deadline Feb. 14

Monday, February 14 --- Our speaker will be Robb Waugan from the Salvation Army. He will talk about their new headquarters and their budget. We donate to the Salvation Army with profits from the Senior Living EXPO and many of us ring bells for them.

Monday, February 21 --- Lisa Brennan of Riverside Florists and Greenhouses will tell us about preparing a float for the Rose Bowl Parade and her trip to Ecuador.


Each of you received an envelope with 10 order blanks. Posters and more order blanks are available at meetings. Roses are still only $13.00 per dozen. Deadline for ordering is March 24. Roses will be delivered Friday April 1 or Saturday April 2. If you have any questions ask James Cronmiller.

Since the start of the sale Lions have made a $1,823,000 profit. Individual clubs have used their profit for hundreds of projects to benefit the less fortunate.

Recent member George Schmit presented a brief biography with some interesting history of himself. Claudia Ong will do the same February 7. All recent members are being asked to do this so we can get to know them better.

Zone Meeting February 16 at Larsen. If you want to attend, let President Bob know.


Time is 11:30am at the Columbus Club for a dutch treat lunch. All members are welcome to see how the club works and add their ideas.

Total of cash collected for the veterans at King (along with the goods donated) was $236.00.

Keep bringing used eyeglasses in. Ralph Acker collects them and takes them to Lions Camp at Rosholt where they are sorted and sent to third world countries. Let Ralph know if you can place a collection box for used eyeglasses.

Vol. 82, No. 2,       January 24, 2005,       next deadline Jan. 31

Monday, January 31 --- Have you visited Hearthstone Historic House, the first home with electric lights? Executive Director Christine Cross will talk about it.

Monday, February 7 --- Our speaker will be Ron Sager from the Veterans Museum, another place you will want to visit.

Please note that the Snort type has been updated. Please check that the information on you is correct and if not, let Secretary Tom know.


Believe it or not Dick Clark is the only member celebrating a birthday in February. We wish him many happy returns, but look for a disappointing raffle.


Dude Hahn notes that we sold 146 books. This netted the club $825.06. Dude listed the top salesmen as Woody Weber 16, Karl Blahnik 10, Bob Muck 10. He notes that we will have the same number of books to sell next Fall.

If you want to learn more about the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank, Jerry from the Eyebank will be in the upper room at the Columbus Club at 7:00pm Thursday, January 27.

If you can transport eyes, please check with Tom O¹Hearn to get on the list to drive eyes to Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam or Green Bay.

Members receiving chevrons and certificates on the anniversaries of the year they joined Lions are;

Dude Hahn, 55 years
Joe Ferris, 30 years
Bill Sund, 20 years
Ron Dunlap and Dan Ferris, 15 years
Cal Sauter and Ed Schmidt, 10 years.

Shut ins Herman Ripp and Del Newton would like company. Harry Knox is recovering. Ken Lang is recovering from a fall.

Vol. 82, No. 1,       January 10, 2005,        next deadline Jan. 17


Lions Clubs International's highest award, the Melvin Jones Fellowship was presented to Chez Hoeft and Howie Pleuss. Wisconsin Lions Foundation's highest award, the Birch-Sturm Award was presented to Del Schuh. On behalf of each of these members the club donated $1000 to LCIF and WLF. Each recipient received a plaque and pin.

More Salvation Army Bell Ringers: Rick Langan and his wife.

Thanks to the Egg Nog Committee for a fine party and to Marge and Bob Sawyers for the music.

Thanks to all who contributed and those who delivered clothes, books, money to the veterans home at King.

Thanks to Dude Hahn who successfully got all Entertainment Books sold.

Monday, January 10 --- Our speaker will be Dale Parker on, "Socialized Medicine in Britain". He speaks from a personal viewpoint.

Monday, January 17 --- We will hear from Executive Director Karen Aspenson of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Monday, January 24 --- Terry Bergen of the Outagamie County Museum will talk about the controversial Harry Houdini exhibit. We would request that she bring the equipment needed to make our Tailtwister disappear.

February Greeters are Ebie Ebert and Lee Logan following Dude Hahn and Dick Clark this month. February Program Chairmen are Dude Hahn and Sharron Huss.

Each one of you was asked to join our club. Now is the time to return the favor and bring in a new member. Invite them to a free lunch the first visit to the club. Tell them about our club and Lionism. Get an application from Secretary Tom and after it is filled out, turn it in for Board approval, then ask your prospect to join.


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