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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - Columbus Club

Vol. 83, No.23,   December 4, 2006,   next deadline Dec. 11

Monday, December 4--- Our speaker will be John Weyenberg, CEO of Habitant for Humanity. Hear what is happening on the housing front in the area.

Monday, December 11 --- I-Car makes up repair manuals for the auto industry. To tell us about this are Jason Bartanes, Technical Development Manager and Danielle Babino, instructional designer.

Celebrating another birthday in December are members Ron Dunlap, Dave Bayer and Sharron Huss. Many happy returns!

Treasurer Dan has upped the Senior Living EXPO net income to $10,671.87. Again, this is due to YOUR efforts and will go to local charities, much of it given out to those groups at the Egg Nog Party.

That party will be at the Columbus Club on Monday, December 18. It will start around 11:30am, with a turkey dinner at 12:00 noon. There will be egg nog with and without to please any taste. You are welcome to bring guests to this event.

It was a real treat to have Terry Dawson, a former member on the program and we hope he picks up his membership again.

The monthly Board meeting will be Wednesday, December 13 at ll:00am at the Columbus Club. All members are invited to a dutch treat lunch. This is where you can voice your ideas on how the club runs and find out in detail about our finances...

The Board voted $127.00 from the Restricted Sight Account for a single mother in need. Normally after investigating, we provide a $50.00 Lenscrafters coupon good for an eye exam and pair of glasses (we thank Lenscrafters for this special deal).

KING --- The veterans at King need a lot of the little things like toiletries, tooth paste, deoderant, nail clippers, etc., hard cover books and clothes in good condition. Our club collects these in December and delivers them. Get details of what to donate and when the trip will be made at meetings.

Program Chairmen for January are Woody Weber and Bob Simon, Greeter is Dude Hahn.

Vol. 83, No.22,   November 20, 2006,   next deadline Nov. 20

Monday, November 27 --- Our speaker will be Lee Allinger, Assistant Superintendent of Appleton Public Schools. He will discuss things of interest happening now and in the future in our schools.

Taking over as Program Chairmen in December are Mike Tassoul and Jim Jacobs. Greeters are Bob Sawyers and Dan Piper.


Ed is retired and is sponsored by Otto Cox.

Plan ahead, the Egg Nog Party is scheduled for Monday, December 18 at the Columbus Club. Guests are welcome.

Let Secretary Tom know if any information about you on theback of the SNORT is not correct. New printing right after the new year.

You can be a part of raising $918,605 for the Salvation Army this Christmas Season. Our club has always been a big source of bell ringers. Do tell them you are ringing for the Appleton Noon Lions Club. Call 955-1225 to set up a time and place for a two hour stint..

Representing our club at the District 27-B1 convention at Manitowoc were our fearless leader Mary Jo Mohr, Charlie Garnier, Ebie Ebert and Rik Madisen.

Awards for 100% President to Otto Cox, Treasurer to Dan Piper and Secretary to Tom OšHearn.

1454 campers were served at Lions Camp last summer. 37 were from the Appleton area: 14 mildly cognitively disabled youth, 7 youth with type 1 or 2 diabetes, 9 youth or adults deaf or hard of hearing, 1 youth with epilepsy, 6 youth or adults who are blind or visually impaired.

In other breaking news: International dues are going up 50 cents, the International convention in 2007 will be in Chicago, September 15, 2007 will be Lions Day at Lions Camp. Hope you wrote down those dates.

Remember what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Vol. 83, No.21,   November 6, 2006,   next deadline Nov. 13


All Otto Cox needs now is the money from the books checked out, but not paid for. Please get your money in now.

Sick Call: Dave Searl and his wife were both in the hospital and are now at Rennes Nursing Home.

Secretary Tom O'Hearn was honored for his long time service as Principal at Highlands School with the media center named for him.

M&I Bank where Tom Torkelson worked before he retired sent $50.00 in his memory to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.

We're sorry to report that former member Bob Dawson has died. We send our sympathy to his family.


Our Board will meet Wednesday, November 15 at 11:00am. Business will be first and than a dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome to see how your club works and details of our budget.

We have financed new disc golf signs for each hole at Plamann Park's 27 holes of disc golf. Cost from our charity account was $3,200.00. These will be put up when the course opens next Spring.

If you kill a deer, you can donate the hide to the Lions collection which last year brought in $40,000.00 for Wisconsin Lions Foundation. First kill a deer, then use no less than four pounds of salt on the hide (do take it off the deer first) and call PDG Bernie Stuttgen at 715-669-5588 to find out what to do next.

You all received a revised Members Guide to the Appleton Noon Lions Club. This gives you a roundup of how we operate and what committees do. It is handy. If you didnšt pick one up, check with President Mary Jo for your copy.

Let Karl Blahnik know if you can place a box of Lions Mints in a good traffic area where supply can be replenished and money collected.

Vol. 83, No.20,   October 23, 2006,   next deadline Oct. 30

Monday, October 30 --- As you know a state Lions project is the Eyebank. Many of you have transported eyes from Appleton to other locations for the eyebank. We will have a film showing how the eyebank restores sight to many in need..

Taking over for November programs are James Cronmiller and Mike Weyenberg. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Dave Cooper.


The last bills are in and according to Treasurer Dan, our net income is $10,322.00. Thanks again to all who worked so hard to help others less fortunate --WE SERVE.

The committee set up to recommend how we should spend this money decided to select the same non-profits as we helped last year. Each of these 10 will receive $800.00. They are:
Boys and Girls Club Red Cross
Salvation Army Bay Lakes Boy Scouts
COTS Emergency Shelter
Harbor House St. Joešs Food Pantry
Thompson Community Center Leaven


Ken is our newest member, owner of Watchdog Home Watch Specialists, and sponsored by Rik Madisen.

Celebrating birthdays in November are Woody Weber, Del Schuh, Jim Jacobs, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall, Jack Burr. Many happy returns!

16 Entertainment Books are left, $30.00 each. See Otto Cox at meetings.

Our club sent $50 each, Super Bowl donated $50 for Tom Torkelson and Herman Ripp memorials to Lions Camp.

The lady in Menasha who is using a reading machine donated $25 to the club because she was so delighted to be able to read again.

See Del Schuh if you want to bowl in the State Tournament.

Vol. 83, No.19,   October 9, 2006,   next deadline Oct. 16

Monday, October 16 --- Our speaker will be Kevin Blahnik (Karl's son) on the Adopt a Pilot Program of Southwest Airlines.

Our sympathy to the Herman Ripp family on his death. He was a past president of our club and former County Board Chairman.


The new Entertainment Books are available from our club. They are $30.00 each and you can use them as of November 1. Get books at the meetings and check out with Otto Cox. Now is the time to sell them before competition makes it difficult. Every member should buy one for themselves and one to sell or give as gift.(For more information, click on the link on our website.)

Ralph Acker reports that he delivered 4,000 pairs of used eyeglasses to Lions Camp at Rosholt. His total so far is over 40,000. Glasses are recycled and sent to third world countries and given to those who need them. Often a group of Lions and eye doctors travel with the glasses to provide eye care and fit the glasses.

We recently placed a third reading machine with a woman in Menasha. These machines enlarge printed material so that visually handicapped persons can see to read it.


We rate six delegates to the convention and any member is welcome to attend. The club usually pays registration and for a luncheon. Dates are Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. The convention will be at the Holiday Inn at Manitowoc.

There will be a number of presentations on subjects related to Lions and our service to others. Wisconsin Lions Foundation and others will have displays where you may ask questions about what we do and how we do it.

With the death of two of our members, we do need to have you recruit new members. The process is easy, starting with inviting the prospect to a meeting to learn about Lionism and our club. Club pays for the first lunch for your prospect -- just ask for a guest ticket.

Vol. 83, No.18,,   September 25, 2006,   next deadline Oct.2

Monday, October 2 --- Our speaker will be Jim Vosper on, "Life in the North Woods". He was raised on an island in Lake Michigan and has many interesting memories to share.

Monday, October 9 -- Our speaker will be Brian Feest with the Outagamie County Parks Department on Plamann Park.

A MAJOR THANK YOU to all who worked before, during and after the 9th Senior Living EXPO. There are at least three major bills out at this writing so we canšt tell you yet what our net income will be yet.


To the Torkelson family on the death of long time member Tom.

On a much lighter note, congratulations to Bill Sund on his marriage.


They are $30 each and available at meetings frrom Otto Cox. Sign them out from him. Every member should take two, one for personal use and one to sell or give away.

October Birthdays: Celebrating are Lions Elmer Tilque, Fred Biesecker, Chez Hoeft and Charlie Garnier. Many Happy Returns!

Our club has three "reading" machines which enlarge text to help visually handicapped persons read. All are placed and we are happy to say that Chez Hoeft is making good use of one.


See Secretary Tom for details on Baseball Caps, $5; Rollup Hats, $10; Vests, $10; Navy or gold shirts, $10; windshirts, $20; and Sweatshirts, $20. These are all designer clothes, tailored to your taste.

Look ahead to the 27-B1 district convention which will be November 11 and 12 at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc. Our club pays for registration and some meals for the six delegates we rate. Only two are signed up. See Tom O'Hearn for details.

Vol. 83, No.17,   September 11, 2006,   next deadline Sept. 18

Monday , September 18 --- Rescheduled: Ron Dunlap has a new job with the Appleton Area School District. He will coordinate efforts to deal with the diversity of the District. Bring a guest to hear Ron.

Monday, September 25 --- We are pleased to welcome speaker Debbie Schroeder, Director of Voluunteer Services for the Appleton Area School District. She will discuss tutorial services.

DID ANYONE FORGET TO PAY THEIR 2006-7 DUES? A few are still due.

Board will meet Wednesday, September 20 at the Golden Corral on Westhill Blvd at 11:30am. Meeting room will be on the far right as you come in. Listen for more details at the meeting today.


The event was held at 2pm August 28 at Winnegamie Golf Course.

1st Place: Dobbie Robertson, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom OšHearn.

2nd Place: Mike Weyenberg, Otto Cox, Dan Cloud, Ken Pawlak.

3rd Place: Charlie Garnier, Ralph Acker, Joe Ferris, Tom Piskor.

4th Place: Karl Blahnik, Del Schuh, Ron Mohr, John Jooss.

Long putt was by Dobbie Robertson and a good time was had by all.


The new edition has arrived and you can contact Chairman Otto Cox to sign out copies. Listen for more information at our meetings. You willl want one yourself and they do make great gifts. (Click Here for more information.)

The club is financing 27 new signs for the holes at the Plamann Park Disc Golf Course. We established the course.

October Greeters are Bob Muck and Woody Weber, Program Chairmen are Karl Blahnik and Joe Spitz.

Vol. 83, No.16,    August 21, 2006,    next deadline August 28

Monday, August 28 -- A very special program. You probably remember Joanne Stark who is blind and spoke to our club a few years ago. She will be back. She has graduated from High school. We understand she will bring her violin and play for us as part of her presentation.

No meeting on Monday, September 4 which is Labor Day.

Monday, September 11 ---- Two days before our Senior Living EXPO on Wednesday, September 13, 9:00-1:00 at Liberty Hall, Kimberly. You know how important it is that everything go well. It is a great public relations opportunity for the Appleton Noon Lions to get hundreds of seniors to know about the club and Lionism. The program time will be briefings by various chairmen so you know what to do and how to do it.

Your chairman will tell you what time to report to Liberty Hall. The EXPO will buy all workers lunch a Liberty Hall. Note the two coupons for the EXPO in this Snort, one free for your family and a 2 for 1 for a friend or neighbor.

September greeters are Dobbie Robertson and Mike Tassoul. Program Chairmen are Dan Cloud and Dave Bayer (they lucked out, one program each).


To the Ron Dunlaps on the recent death of his mother in law and to the Jim Jacobs's on the recent death of his mother in law.

Members celebrating birthdays in September are: Dan Cloud, Dude Hahn, Tom Piskor and Diane Resch. Many happy returns!

Remember the Noon Lions Golf Outing, 2:15pm, August 28 at Winnegamie Golf Course. See Dobbie for details.

Vol.83, No.15,    August 7, 2006,    next deadline August 14

Monday, August 14 --- Member Ron Dunlap has a new job with the Appleton Area School District. He will coordinate efforts to deal with the diversity of the District. This would be a great time to bring a spouse or guest to the meeting -- or a prospective member.

Monday, August 21 --- John Meissner from the Thompson Community Center will speak about, "Options for Independent Living".

Noon Lions Golf Outing will be Monday, August 28 starting at 2:15pm at Winnegamie Golf Course. This will be a 9 hole 4men/women scramble. See Dobbie Robertson to sign up. Refreshments and prize awards follow at Pierce Park and all non-golfers are invited to participate around 5:30pm.

A BIG thank you to the committee and all who helped at the Annual Family Picnic. Co-Chairmen were Jim Jacobs and Mike Tassoul with committee members: Dobbie Robertson, Diane Resch, Tom Piskor, Otto Cox, Don Goodman and Ken Lang.


Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, Herman Ripp, George Schmit and Bob Randa

PERFFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS You earn attendance a number of ways in addition to attending meetings: visit a member who is ill, attend a Lions function such as a board meeting, etc. Our members who rated perfect attendance this last Lions year are: Ralph Acker, Bave Bayer, Karl Blahnik, Sara Brickner, Jack Burr, Dan Cloud, Dave Cooper, Otto Cox, James Cronmiller, Ebie Ebert, Joe Ferris, Charlie Garnier, Don Goodman, Dude Hahn, Chez Hoeft, Sharron Huss, John Jooss, Ken Lang, Rick Langan, Tom Loveall, Rik Madisen, Jim Jacobs, Archie Mauk, Mary Jo Mohr, Ron Mohr, Bob Muck, Joe Neton, Dick Novitske, Tom OšHearn, Ken Pawlak, Dan Piper, Tom Piskor, Howie Pleuss, Blaine Priebusch, Dobbie Robertson, Bob Sawyers, Ed Schmidt, Del Schuh, Dave Searl, Joe Spitz, Bill Sund, Mike Tassoul, Elmer Tilque, Tom Torkelson, Woody Weber, Mike Weyenberg. 5 year awards to Pawlak and Garnier, 10 to Spitz and Schmidt, 30 to Schuh, 50 to Madisen.

Board meets Wednesday, August 16 at 11:30am at the Columbus Club.

Vol. 83, No.14,    July 24, 2006,    next deadline July31

Monday, July 31 --- Our speaker will be Scott Scheer, CLU with New York Life. He will discuss Long Term Care planning and policies.


This will be at Plamann Park in the pavilion and starts around 5pm. All food is furnished, and it runs rain or shine. Cost is $5.00 per family, $3.00 per non-family person. Please bring a prize to be raffled off.

Program Chairmen for August are Bob Randa and Dobbie Robertson. Greeters are Ebie Ebert and Karl Blahnik.

Conservatives and Liberals will join together Wednesday, July 20 at ll:30am as the 2006-2007 Board meets for the first time. All members welcome and you can get a look at our finances in addition to the normal business. Dutch treat lunch.


To Ken and Lucy Lang on their 60th Anniversary.

Thanks to those who worked at the concession stand at Erb Park for the YMCA Bird Bath Swim Meet.

Helping were Mary Jo and Ron Mohr, Karl Blahnik, Fred Biesecker, Bob Sawyers, Rick Langan, Joe Spitz and Dude Hahn.

Monday, September 11 will be a roundup of information for the 9th Senior Living EXPO to be held Wednesday, September 13 at Liberty Hall in Kimberly. Right now Prize Committee Co-Chairmen John Jooss and Dick Novitske and their committee are contacting prize donors. If you know of a prize donor, please let John or Dick know.

Exhibits are almost sold out, Bob Randa has entertainment set. Sandy Creech is assisting with the seminars and Affinity with health screening. George Schmit is signing up registration, greeters, etc at our meetings. Sandy Phillips and Sharron Huss are helping with seminars. Please Save September 13 to help with our biggest fundraiser.

Vol. 83, No.13,    July 10,2006,    next deadline July 17

Monday, July 17 --- 27-B1 District Governor Ken Wallander will make his official visit to the club. He will initiate recent members who should be on hand with sponsors and install our new officers. He will tell us about the Lions International convention.

Monday, July 24 --- Our speaker will be Bruce Hanna from Humana who will talk about Medicare Part D now that it is underway.


Make your check for $80.00 out to the Appleton Noon Lions Club. This breaks down as: $39 to Internnational, 10.50 to State, 5 to District, 25.50 to our administrative account. From a few years ago: Appleton Evening, $90, Neenah, 60; Menasha, 70. Give checks to Secretary Tom.

Happy Birthday to July Lions: John Jooss, Mike Tassoul and Del Newton who will be 97. He would welcome visitors: Room 110 at Rennes.

This is a new Snort so please check both sides for errors and let Secretary Tom know if any corrections are needed.

Appleton Noon Lions Family Picnic coming up August 7 at Plamann Park. You can bring guests to this social event and it runs rain of shine. All food is included in the price.

Check your WISCONSIN LION magazine for information on Lions Day at Lions Camp at Rosholt. You need to send in money with a reservation ahead of time. Check with Secretary Tom.

We received thank youšs for our donations to Wisconsin Lions Foundation and Leader Dogs.

Please consider bringing a prospective member to a coming meeting. We need to recruit new members. Remember your prospect gets a free lunch for the first visit -- just ask for a guest ticket. The Board voted to provide each new member with two free lunches after they join.

Thanks to the outgoing officers and Board members for their year of service to the club.

Vol. 83, No.12,    June 19, 2006,    next deadline June 5

Monday, June 26 --- Appleton's own State Treasurer Jack Voight will be our speaker. He will talk about the budget balance and whether you may have some unclaimed money coming.

No meeting Monday July 3, but there will be a program July 10.

Our sympathy to Lee Logan on the death of his wife Millie. A memorial service will be scheduled later.


Your annual dues of $80.00 are due now. Give the check to Secretary Tom so he can credit you. Dues are this high due to Lions International raise of $15.00 oover the last three years.

Congratulations to Carole and Howie Pleuss on their 60th anniversary!

Senior Living EXPO update: Co-chairs Tom Piskor and Rik Madisen have now sold half the potential exhibit booths to past exhibitors. Prospective new exhibitors are now being contacteed. George Schmit chairs the registration committee, Bob Randa, entertainment, Sara Brickner, public relations. Save Wednesday, September 13 to help out at the EXPO if you can.

Charlie Garnier has information on the Grand Chute Club Golf Outing if you are interested. It is July 20 and includes dinner, total $57.00.

Taking over as July Program Chairmen are Ebie Ebert (he has new District Governor signed up for July 17) and Jack Burr. Do check the committee list booklet when you get it to make sure you are on the ball when your committee needs to function.

Alert from Jim Jacobs: The Lions Family Picnic will be Monday, Ausut 7 at Plamann Park.

Karl Blahnik is looking for "safe" locations where Lions Mints can be placed for sale. They need to restock mints and keep money from walking off. If you know such a location, let Karl know.

Vol. 83, No.11,    June 5, 2006,    next deadline June 12


Tim Mutterer is our newest member. He does work at Cub Foods and is sponsored by Tom O'Hearn.

Monday, June 12 --- Director of the Appleton Social Security Office Tim Gierke will be our speaker. Itšs been a year of change for the program so catch up at the meeting. Bring a guest who might want to catch up on new programs.

Monday, June 19 --- During the season of construction it is fitting that Mike Berg of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation speak to us. He will cover future roadway projects in the Appleton area.


All members welcome to see how your club is run and check our financial statements if you wish. 11:30am, Columbus Club, dutch treat lunch.

George Schmit was honored as Volunteer of the Year by Habitat for Humanity for his work at the resale store on East College Ave.

Tell Tom O'Hearn about any changes to the reverse of the SNORT. It will be reprinted shortly.

Also coming up July 1, 2006: Your 2006-7 annual dues are due then. Dues are $80.00, payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club. Give the check to Secretary Tom.

The new booklet of committee assignments is in the works. When you get it go through it carefully. Things like programs, family picnic, etc. come up fast and you need to be on top of the assignment.

All of us need to work on membership. Do bring a prospect to the next meeting. Ask for a guest meal ticket when you buy your own. Club pays for lunch the first time a prospect visits. Get a membership application from Tom O'Hearn.

Saturday, July 8, 5 or more volunteers are needed to staff a concession stand at a swim meet at the pavilion near the Erb Park poos during a swim meet. See Karl Blahnik.

Vol. 83, No.10,    May 15, 2006,    next deadline May 22

Monday, May 22 --- Most of you participated in the survey of what our club does, how we operate, etc. We had a meeting to get further input from members and the four areas of the survey were then explored in detail by committees led by our officers. That said, we want to now give direction to the club through this meeting.

Please donšt come Monday, May 29 as it is Memorial Day off. Do go to the parade, cook out, enjoy yourself.

Monday, June 5 --- Play Ball! That well informed Timberrattler Public Relations lady, Nicki Clipperton will tell all about the 2006 Timberrattlers. She will bring along radio announcer Chris Mehring.

June Program Chairmen are Archie Mauk and Tom Piskor. Greeter is Howie Pleuss.


All members are welcome to attend and voice their suggestions for a better club. Meeting will be at 11:30am at the Coumbus Club, Dutch treat lunch.

The American Legion Auxiliary sent a thank you for our annuual sponsoring of a high school junior to Badger Girls State. This is part of our youth program.

All of us will be doing something to support our club and its programs from July 1 to 2007's June 30. Now is your chance to be on the committee you want by letting Mary Jo Mohr know your preference.

State Lions Convention will be at Middleton May 19 and 20. Details were in your last WISCONSIN LION magazine. You can go on your own and check in for a day to see how the state operates.

Now is a good time to bring a prospective member to a meeting. Club will pay for their lunch (just ask for a guest ticket) the first visit. Explain about the service we do locally, at the state level, such as Lions Camp, and the help and disaster relief of Lions Clubs International.

Vol. 83, No.9,   May 1, 2006,   next deadline May 15

Monday, May 1 --- Our speaker will be Kathleen Lhost. She is Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center and will talk about its work.

Monday, May 15 --- For sale by Habitate for Humanity. A new resale store is open on east College Avenue. To learn about its treasurers, come hear Manager George Elias.

Preview: Discussion on our survey and its recommendations on the 22nd and no meeting May 29.

Final report on the Rose Sale: YOUR net after your sale and delivery work is $3890.95.Congrats on a great job to all who helped.

Good to see Jim Jacobs and Dave Searl back at the meeting.

Thank you's were received from Emergency Shelter for some surplus roses which greatly boosted morale of residents. From the American Legion for sponsoring Daniel Anderson to Badger Boys State.

Ron Dunlap received another $500.00 for a Lenscrafters coupon book of ten eye exam and eyeglasses coupons for those in need. Each case is investigated and we have spent $1,000,00 helping people over the last year. Let's hear it for Ron and Lenscrafters.

Deceased member Milt Kaufman's wife donated his Lions pin collection to our club. We sold the pins for $50.00 for a donation to Lions Camp and our club added $50.00 to the total.

Howard and Carole Pleuss celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.


Give incoming President Mary Jo Mohr any preferences you have for being on club committees. Otherwise smile and do your job when the assignments come out.

Lest we forget to thank our "unsung" heros, thanks to Song Leader Bob Sawyers, Tailtwister Rick Langan, Lion Tamer Bill Sund, Mintmaster Karl Blahnik.

Vol. 83, No.8,   April 17, 2006,   next deadline April 24

Monday, April 17 --- Our speaker will be Harriet Redman. She represents the Sibling Support Network.

Monday, April 24 --- Representative Tom Nelson of the Fifth Assembly District will be our speaker. His topic is, "Looking at the State of the State as a Democrat".

Many of you picked up eyeglasses when you delivered roses. They go to the eyeglass recycling facility at Lions Camp. They are sorted, boxed and sent to third world countries where they make a big difference in vision to many people who can then be productive and earn a living. The LION magazine noted that we sent over 50,000 eyeglasses to the Katrina areas where many lost glasses and prescriptions. Ralph Acker just delivered over 4,000 glasses to Lions Camp.


Helping sort rose orders by areas were: James Cronmiller, Elmer Tilque, Sharron Huss, Otto Cox, Woody Weber.

Delivering roses Friday and Saturday were: Otto Cox, Joe Neton, Woody Weber, Jim Smith, Karl Blahnik, Elmer Tilque, Tom Loveall, Tom Torkelson, Del Schuh, Mike Weyenberg, Dude Hahn, Dave Bayer, Bob Sawyers, Rick Langan, Howie Pleuss, Rik Madisen, Bob Muck, Tom O'Hearn, George Schmit, Ralph Acker, Sharron Huss, Ebie Ebert.

We could have used more help on deliveries. Sorry if anyone delivered and did not get listed. Many thanks to all who helped make this a success.

May Program Chairmen are Elmer Tilque and Joe Spitz. Greeters are Joe Ferris and Bob Muck.

State Lions Convention will be at Middleton May 19-20. All details on housing, meetings, etc. were in your April WISCONSIN LION magazine. Our club can send six delegates for whom we will pay registration. You are on your own for housing, etc. If you register, you are expected to vote for bowling city, curling city, convention city, etc. on behalf of our club.

Bring a prospective member to the next meeting.

Vol 83, no. 7,   April 3, 2006

Monday, April 3 --- We heard from two women from Nicaragua last fall. Since then Linda Weber and Judy Miller and our own Mary Beth have gone there to help out. They are involved in Partners from America. Now hear "the rest of the story".

Monday, April 10 --- Our speakers will be Jean George and Mary Garvy from the Veterans Service Office. They will discuss veteran's benefits.


We have a pretty open club, more so than some of the state Lions operations. All members are welcome at our monthly Board meeting, Wednesday, April 19, 11:30am at the Columbus Club. Buy your own lunch. You hear the club business discussed and your opinion is valued, though you canšt vote. You know in detail how our finances work in the Administrative, Charity and Special Funds from a copy of our treasurer's report. Want to change something? Here is the place to bring it up.


You members made this sale a grand success. Roses were delivered March 31 and, no foolin, April 1. Much of this charity money goes to WLF, Leader Dogs, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, etc. and funds are given to these entities at our District 27-B1 and State Lions conventions. The Senior Living EXPO has traditionally donated its money to local charities such as Boys and Girls Club, Emergency Shelter, Harbor House, Red Cross, Thompson Center, etc.

Latest thank yous came from Leader Dogs and local special needs students.

We have two members at Rennes Nursing Care Center, Dave Searl and Del Newton. Both would appreciate a visit or card.

Newer faces wanted. April and the other 11 months are Membership Months for our club. We need you members to ask a prospect to visit our club and hopefully join us in our volunteer work for the less fortunate. Club pays for lunch for prospectšs first visit -- just ask for a guest ticket. Talk about our club, Lions Camp, etc. and pass along a Lion and Wisconsin Lion magazine. Get an application from Secretary Tom, have the Board approve the person

Vol. 83, No 6,   March 20, 2006,   next deadline March 27

Monday, March 27 --- Our speaker will be Linda Dawson, Assistant Superintendnet, Appleton Area Public Schools. Her topic will be on the alternative schools available in the District.

April Program Chairmen are Sara Brickner and Woody Weber. Greeter is Del Schuh.


You will have to wait for the final tabulation, but Treasurer Dan thinks the money turned in indicates over 500 dozen roses sold. Great work by all of you dedicated Lions.

Help is needed from everyoneto deliver in our territory south of the river on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1. Please sign up at tthe meeting and get all instructions there also.

Ralph Acker says he is now up to 34,000 pairs of eyeglasses delivered to the recycling center at Lions Camp. Ralph spends a lot of time collecting glasses from many locations in the area.


Celebrating are: Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, Dave Cooper, James Cronmiller, Dan Ferris, Bob Sawyers, Dan Piper, Herb Kreuger, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Tom Torkelson, Rik Madisen. Many Happy Returns!

State Convention details are in Wisconsin Lion magazine. Dates are May 19 and 20. State golf tournament is May 18. If you go, use information in the magazine to get your housing. Club wll pay registration for the six delegates we can send.

Wisconsin Lions Foundation raffle tickets for $5.00 each are available at meetings. Club keeps half the money.

Vol. 83, No.5,   March 6, 2006,   next deadline March 13

Monday, March 13 --- Dori Hitchman has a great project to tell us about: the revamping of the Childrenšs Museum. She is the Executive Director of the Museum.

Monday, March 20 --- Our speaker will be Debbie Schroeder, Director of Volunteer Services for the Appleton Area School District. Many of you are part of this program already.


Diane Resch from Anchor Bank is sponsored by Dan Piper. Be sure to make her welcome.

Our sympathy to Woody Weber on the recent death of his grandfather who visited our club a number of times.

Sick Call: Dave Searl had a hospital stay.


At this writing over 100 dozen were sold -- a few miles short of what we did last year. This is a major fundraiser, so get busy. Order forms are at the meeting (or on the Web Page!) and you can turn in orders and money there also. Last year's price of $13.00 a dozen is a bargain. Sale ends March 19 with delivery April 1.

Lions International honors members on the five year anniversary of their joining Lions. Certificates went to Ken Lang, 10 years, Don Goodman, 25 years, Herman Ripp 40 years and Rik Madisen, 50 years (with a plaque(which his dentist had to remove)).

As the club carries on for 2006-7, these nominees have been picked to lead us: President, Mary Jo Mohr, 1st VP, Charlie Garnier, 2nd VP Rick Langan, 3rd VP, Dick Novitske. Otto Cox will be Past President. Secretary, Tom OšHearn, Assistant Secretary, Del Schuh. Treasurer, Dan Piper. Lion Tamer, Bill Sund. TAILTWISTER, MIKE WEYENBERG. Directors, 1 year: Jack Burr and Bob Sawyers; 2 years: Howie Pleuss and George Schmidt; 3 years: Tom Piskor and Bob Simon. Membership Committee: 1 year, Blaine Priebusch; 2 years, Tom Piskor; 3 years, Woody Weber.

Vol. 83, No.4,    February 20, 2006,   next deadline Feb. 27

Monday, February 27 --- As you know, part of our youth program is to send five students from Appleton high schools (if we get applications from each) to the World Affairs Seminar at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Money for this comes from your work on our projects. We are happy that Allison Metcalf from Appleton High School East will be here to talk about her experiences at the Seminar.

Monday, March 6 --- No, our club hasnšt gone to the dogs, but our speaker has a lot to do with them. Deb Lewis is the Executive Director of the Humane Society. She will give us the latest news and information on the new shelter.

Taking over as March Program Chairmen are Mary Beth Nienhaus and Joe Neton. Greeter is Tom Torkelson.


Members celebrating in March are: Mike Ferris, Ebie Ebert, Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn and Lee Logan. We wish them many happy returns.

Board meeting coming up at ll:30am, Wednesday, March 15 at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome. Bring your common sense and good order to the deliberations.

Del Newton would like visitors. His room is 110 at Rennes.


Woody has handed out a list of your 2005 sales contacts ( Click Here for information ). James has gone to great lengths to keep the cost per dozen at $13.00. Both have provided order blanks and posters at meetings. All has been done to make the sale a success, except for YOU selling. You can sell until March 19 --- turning in orders and money to James or Woody. Delivery will be April 1. Some can be delivered Friday, March 31. Woody has offered a trip that day to deliver in Oshkosh.

This is a major fund raiser for the club and now is the time to make contacts as you go about your daily rounds at stores, church, jails, boathouses, distant car repair locations, hockey games, smoke free bars, and the county landfill.

Vol. 83, No. 3,   February 6, 2006,   next deadline Feb. 13

Monday, February 13 --- Our speaker will be Don De Groot, President of Peter Arts, Little Chute. He will bring us up to date on the Little Chute Windmill project.

Monday, Februuary 20 --- From the Theda Clark Community Hospice Foundation,, Coordinator Sylvia Adessa will present the program.


If you have always wanted to be a leader, your time has come. Chairman Bob Muck will be heading up the committee to pick offficers and directors. Let Bob know if you can serve the club.

The Tom and Charlie show done good January 30. O'Hearn and Garnier led us through an excellent discussion of our club survey. A lot of ground was covered and many good suggestions made. Happily, most members feel we are on the right track.

A basic problem which affects a lot of what we do is lack of new members. If you sign a new member up, remember both you and the member get a free lunch. The club also buys a membership prospect lunch on the first visit to the club. Bring the prospect to a meeting, introduce him/her to members, talk about what service our club provides to the community, Lions Camp, the State Eyebank, etc. For instance, the LION magazine noted that after Katrina, Lions distributed 50,000 used eyeglasses to those who had lost them in the disaster. Normally we just send used eyeglasses to third world countries.

We know you are too old, donšt know anyone, arenšt interested, and donšt mind not having an Appleton Noon LIons Club because no one recruited new members. Think about it, church, stores, banks, etc. all are recruiting places. Just do it!

ROSE SALE HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR WEEKS. Last sale date is March 16. Same $13.00 per dozen as last year. Delivery April 1. Woody passed out a list of your last year sales. Posters and order blanks at the meeting. Turn in money to James Cronmiller or committee.

Carry along order blanks wherever you go. Everyone knows someone who would like to receive ROSES!!

Vol. 83, No.2,   January 23, 2006,   next deadline Jan. 30

Monday, January 30 --- A must hear and participate presentation on our recent club survey. Tom O'Hearn will lead the discussion. You will have a copy of the results to discuss. Your chance to say what you like and what can be improved in our club.

Monday, February 6 --- Our speaker will be Curt Detjen, Director of the Community Foundation. Find out about lots of money going to good causes.

Sharron Huss and Rick Langan are February Program chairs, Ebie Ebert and Lee Logan are greeters

Blaine Priebusch, Membership Chairman has set a goal of 12 new members by the end of the Lions year, June 30. Each new member will receive a free lunch ticket, as will the sponsor. Someone invited YOU to be a member, now it is your turn. Get info and applications from Blaine or Secretary Tom. Start by bringing a prospect to a meeting, talk about our club and its service to others and about Lionism. The first lunch for the prospect is also on the club.


Thanks to all who participated especially Dude and Howie. Incidently, about $250.00 was collected and donated to veterans at King from the Egg Nog Party.


Get order blanks, posters, etc. at the meeting. A dozen roses costs $13.00. We will deliver roses April 1.

Rick and Mary Langan celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary recently.

Ebie Ebert announ ced that our members have made four deliveries for the eyebank as of our last meeting. If you want to sign up, to deliver, see him.

The reverse side of the Snort has been reprinted. If you find any changes are needed in your information, please let Tom O'Hearn know.

BIRTHDAYS IN FEBRUARY include Bob Simon and Dick Clark. Many happy returns!!!

Vol. 83, No. 1,   January 9, 2006,   next deadline Jan. 16

Monday, January 9 --- Dean Haas, a fellow Lion from the Grand Chute/ Neenah Clubs will do a presentation on the Lions Pride Campaign.

Monday, January 16 --- Tony Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Outagamie Chapter of the Red Cross will bring a volunteer who was deployed to support hurricane relief last fall. Get the story first hand.

Monday, January 23 --- Bob Beeman, Athletic Director at Lawrence University will talk about athletic programs at LU and the type of student athlete that Lawrence recruits.

Dude Hahn and Dick Clark are January Greeters, Mike Weyenberg has programs.

January birthdays: Rick Langan, Ed Schmidt, Howie Pleuss. Many happy returns to these members.

Board meets Wednesday, January 11, 11:30am, Columbus Club. All members are welcome to see the club conduct business and make suggestions.


To Dude and Howie for selling Entertainment Books and all who bought them. Last few went via raffle at the party.

To all who worked on the Egg Nog Party.

To the team which took gifts to veterans at King and to all who contributed gifts for the event.

We have thank you's from Emergency Shelter, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Wisconsin Lions Foundation (incidently, Bob Muck will be WLF liaison for our club.)

At the Egg Nog Party a Lion of the Year award was given to John Jooss for his great work with the Senior Living EXPO. Tom Torkelson was awarded the Birch-Sturm Fellowship from the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for his service to the club.

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