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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - Columbus Club

Vol. 84, No. 24,     December 10, 2007,     next deadline Dec.17

Monday, December 17 --- Annual Egg Nog Party. At this writing, no facts, but judging from last year, you and any guests can show up at 11:30am at the Columbus Club. Pay for your meals and donate for the Egg Nog. At the party we shall be donating $700 to: Boys and Girls Club, Bay Lakes Boy Scouts, Emergency Shelter, Harbor House, Leaven, Salvation Army, St. Joseph's Food Pantry and Thompson Community Center. This money comes from the 10th Senior Living EXPO which traditionally raises money for local charities.

Otto Cox notes that all Entertainment Books have been sold. He estimates a net profit of around $650. Thanks to all members who helped sell books.

Let Tom O'Hearn know right away if you have any change to your listing on the back of the SNORT. New ones will be printed right after the new year.

Bring gifts for veterans (men and women) at King. These will be taken there after the party. Hard cover books, clothing, toiletries, games, new magazines, etc. are welcome.

At the 27-B1 District Convention 100% awards were given to our president, secretary and treasurer. Congratulations.

Board meets Wednesday, December 19 at 11:00am at the Columbus Club. Dutch treat lunch. All members welcome to see how your club does business.

Ring bells for the Salvation Army if you can. Assignments, phone 955-1225 or e-mail

Judy Jacobs has donated $1,500 to our charity account in memory of Jim. We sincerely thank her and Jimıs family.

January birthdays coming up: Howie Pleuss, Ed Schmidt, Rick Langan and Mike Thornton. Many happy returns!

We were notified that the World Affairs Seminar at UW-Whitewater has been permanently cancelled. We provided scholarships to up to 5 students from the Appleton High Schools. Under discussion is a project to give all third graders in the Appleton public schools a dictionary. We had a program on this as a possible project.

No meetings December 24 and 31. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vol. 84, No. 23,     November 26, 2007,     next deadline Dec. 3

Monday, November 26 --Shirley Bittorf will tell us about The Dictionary Project, a great opportunity for us to help promote reading to 3rd grade students in the Appleton Area.

Monday, December 3 —Steffens Kiger, a Chiropractor, will provide a demor stration on new methods. Shall we vote on who the patient will be?

Monday, December 10 — Our own Bob Simon has been covering parts of the globe. He will give us a presentation on his trip to Vietnam.

For your information, the Egg Nog Party is scheduled for December 17 with no meetings December 24 or 31.

We were pleased that Don Goodman was back with us after his illness.


Three distinguished Lions are celebrating: Ron Dunlap, David Bayer and Sharron Huss. Many happy returns!


You need to pay NOW for any books you have taken out. Some are still available for sale. See Otto Cox.

December Board meeting on Wednesday, December 19 at the Columbus Club, 1 l:00am, dutch treat lunch, all members welcome.

Former member Dr. Paul Shoberg has made a generous donation to our charity fund. We thank him.

Bob Randa is the collector for used cell phones, used ink cartridges, and usec DVD's. These can be recycled and the club gets a payment for them.

January greeters are Dobbie Robertson and Bob Sawyers. Program chairmen are Tim Mutterer and Mary Beth Neinhaus.

Don't forget that our club traditionally has supplied bell ringers for the Salvation Army. The number to call for assignments is 955-1225 or on line

Vol. 84, No. 22,     November 12, 2007,     next deadline Nov. 12

Monday, November 12 — Our speaker will be Julie Krause. She is with the Appleton Area School District.

Monday, November 19 — You noticed that we have attracted a number of conventions to Appleton. Pam Seidl of the Convention Bureau will tell us more about this important incoming producing function of the Bureau.

Our sympathy goes out to Judy Jacobs and family on the recent death of long time member Jim. He was a past president of our club and received the Melvin Jones Fellowship, Lions International's highest award. Jim worked hard on many projects, among them our annual Family Picnic and heading up the Senior Living EXPO poster distribution.


Many thanks to Tom Piskor and his Constitution Revision Committee. After many hours of work we have a revised and up to date Constitution duly presented and approved by the membership.

In Tom's absence you can turn in used cell phones, ink cartridges and CD's to Bob Randa. These are shipped to a recycler and the club get the money.


Dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club, all members welcome. Starting 11:OOam.

Bob Randa and Bob Simon, Senior Living Co-chairs announced 2008 date as September 10 at the Player's Choice, east of North High on JJ.

The Egg Nog Party will be held Monday, December 17. December Program Chairmen are John Jooss and Ken Langenhahn, Greeter is Dan Piper


Sign up now by calling 955-1225 or visit on line. You get a lot more in contributions with a ringer than without.

Entertainment Books still available from Otto Cox at the meeting.

Vol. 84, No. 21,     October 29, 2007,     next deadline Nov. 5

Yes there will be programs November 5 and 12.


You all worked hard on this and Treasurer Dan said that with all bills paid our net income is right about $11,500.00. This is our best year yet. Traditionally money has gone to local charities.


Pay up now if you have books checked out. Otto Cox says we have about 20 to sell at this writing. They are $30.00 each and make good presents. They are good starting November 1. Otto announced that the committee will recommend we not sell them next year. Everybody and his brother and his brother are all selling the books so the market is just not there.


Tom Gasman is an estate planner. He is a former member and is sponsored by Rik Madisen.


Celebrating are Del Schuh, Jim Jacobs, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall and Jack Burr. Many happy returns.


This is at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. Delegates are Garnier, Ebert, Langenhahn, Madisen, Schuh and O'Hearn. We will donate$ 1.000 to WLF, $300 to Leader Dog, $250 to Hearing Dog, $125 to WI Diabetes Assn, $50 to Mission to Mexico, $250 Wisconsin Eye Bank,$1,000 to Lions Pride. Delegate or not, drop in for this local convention.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing is starting and our club has always supported this. To get a time and location call 955-1225 or visit

Vol. 84, No.20,     October 15, 2007,     next deadline Oct. 15

Yes there will be programs October 15 and 22.

Monday, October 29 --- Our speaker will be Amanda Priewe. She will tell us about her experience when her boyfriend had an aneurism, passed away, and became a full organ donor.

YOU MUST let Secretary Tom know by October 26 if you want to attend the District 27-B1 Lions convention November 9 and 10. It is at the Paper Valley Hotel. Our club will pay for registration and a meal. Recent members will find out a lot about Lions activities and service. It ain't gonna get closer than Appleton.


11:00am at the Columbus Club, dutch treat lunch. All members welcome to attend and participate.


Reduced from $200 to just $30.00 per book. Buy now while the supply lasts. Get them at the meeting, make check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club. These are good starting November 1.

Sorry it took so long, but here are the club golfing results:
1st Place: Bob Simon, Tom O'Hearn, Ralph Acker, Ken Langenhahn, 36

2nd Place: Dobbie Robertson, Charlie Garnier, Del Schuh, 38

3rd and 4th Place Tied: Team 3, Mike Weyenberg, Joe Ferris, Tom Piskor, Ed Ogurek, 40 and Team 4: Ed Schmidt, Ken Pawlak, Elmer Tilque, 40.

Tom O'Hearn had the long putt.

Tom Piskor is collecting used cell phones, ink cartridges, DVDs. which earn the club money. Ask your friends to contribute

A big bill is yet to come in for the Senior Living EXPO, so we canıt give you our net profit. We'll keep you informed on this.

November Program Chairmen are Dan Kocher and Tom Loveall. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Otto Cox.

Vol. 84, No.19,     September 24, 2007,     next deadline Oct. 1

Monday, October 1 --- Our speaker will be Todd Mueller, a Consultant for BidRx. He will tell you how to choose your price, product and pharmacy by using

Monday, October 8 in the works, not up by the time this had to be printed.


It was a great success with a total of around $18,400 gross income, including $600 in program advertising and $685 in admissions with the rest from exhibit rental. BIG bills still to come, at a guess around $6,000. You will get the facts on our net as soon as they are available. Fighting Bob Randa and Fighting Bob Simon take over as co-chairmen of the 11th EXPO. Any comments you have for improving the EXPO should go to the Fighting Bobs.


Celebrating are Elmer Tilque, Fred Biesecker, Chez Hoeft and Charlie Garnier. Don't miss the fabulous birthday raffle October 1.

Thanks to Dobbie Robertson for setting up the club golf outing in spite of bad weather the first (& second) time around.


See Mary Jo Mohr, Rick Langan or Otto Cox to buy a book. They are $30, (U. S. funds). You may have as many as you wish -- a perfect gift for a friend or relative.

This space rented to the Appleton Noon Lioness who extend a very warm welcome to all Lion wives to join them. They meet the second Wednesday of each month for lunch and a program, September through May. For more information call Louise at 733-9290 or Nancy at 734-0011.

Now is a great time to invite a prospective member to attend a meeting at club expense (the first time). Tell them about the club, Lionism, our free camp, our state eyebank, etc. Get an application from Secretary Tom and after it is filled out, get Board approval and invite the prospect to become a proud member of our club.

Vol. 84, No.18,     September 10, 2007,     next deadline Sept. 17

Monday, September 17 --- Police Chief David J. Walsh will be our speaker. Listen to his overview of the department and his plans for the future.

Monday, September 24 --- Brian Robb, Director of the Scoutreach Program of Northeast Wisconsin is our speaker. This program of the Scouts is designed to meet the needs of minorities and at risk youth.

October Program Chairmen are Mike Thornton and Dave Cooper, Greeters are Karl Blahnik and Blaine Priebusch.

This week: Donıt forget to work at the Senior Living EXPO, Liberty Hall, 9am to 1pm, Wednesday, September 12. Lions Camp Open House, Saturday, September 15. Too late to sign up for the chicken dinner, but you can still tour the camp.

John Jooss would like visitors, but please call ahead of your visit.

Please give any Senior EXPO poster information to Tom Piskor, not Jim Jacobs at this time.

Tom would also like to get any used ink cartridges, DVDıs and cell phones you have. These can be turned into money for our club.

Again thanks to the Annual Family Picnic Committee and all who worked on it.The preliminary figures on income were $673 and expenses, $697.50, which includes the permit for the park.

Lions District 27-B1 Convention November 10 and 11 at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton.

FREE admission for Appleton Noon Members to
the Senior Living EXPO,
September 12, 2007, Liberty Hall, Kimberly, WI
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

(Members and spouses not eligible for prize drawings.)

Print this coupon and use for two free admissions.

Two Admissions for the price of one to the
Senior Living EXPO, September 12, 2007
Liberty Hall, Kimberly, WI, 9:00am - 1:00pm
(Two for $5.00)

NAME: _________________________________________________

Print this coupon and give it to a friend.

Vol. 84, No.17,     August 20, 2007,     next deadline August 27

$80.00 dues are due now, make check to Appleton Noon Lions and give it to the Secretary.

Monday, August 27 -- Appleton Area School District Superintendent Lee Allinger will be our speaker. We are fortunate to have him on the program so soon after he has taken over.

Bob Randa probably will fine those not attending Labor Day, Monday, September 3. See if Bob is in the parking lot trying to get in.

Monday, September 10 --- Our annual preview and briefing on the Senior Living EXPO. This is our biggest fundraiser for local charities and it is important that it be a success. All chairmen will discuss what their committees are doing. Detailed instructions for you as you work at the EXPO will be provided and you can ask any questions you wish. Your chairman will let you know when you are to work.

The exhibitors set up at 7:30am, visitors come from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Wednesday, September 12. Workers will get at free lunch ticket. Wear your Lions vest or cap. Park as far from Liberty Hall (College Avenue and Eisenhower, Kimberly) as you can to let our visitors and handicapped persons park close by.


Everyone did a great job and members, family and guests had a wonderful time.

Give Tom Piskor your used dvd's, ink cartridges, cell phones to turn into cash for the club. Any questions, check with Tom.

Heads up: Lions Camp Open House September 15. You will have to pay for your barbeque lunch, details in the Wisconsin Lion. This is one major state project. (Mike Thornton spoke about the other major project, the State Eyebank very eloquently to the club)

September birthdays will be celebrated by Lions: Dan Cloud, George Hahn, Tom Piskor and Diane Resch. Many Happy Returns!

Dude Hahn is September Greeter, Program Chairmen are Bob Simon and Jim Wieser.

Vol. 84, No.16 ,     August 6, 2007,     next deadline August 13

$80.00 dues are due now, make check to Appleton Noon Lions and give it to the Secretary.

Monday, August 13 --- No meeting because the Annual Family Picnic starts at 5:00pm at the pavillion at Plamann Park. Guests are welcome. Everything is furnished and we picnic rain or shine, featuring brats, hamburgers, roasted corn, etc. Water, soft drinks, beer available. Get the per person and family cost at the August 6 meeting. For the raffle, each Lion is asked to bring a gift (car, boat, diamond jewelry, etc.)

Sorry, no word on the August 20 speaker.


Perfect attendance awards were given out. Special awards are given on five year anniversaries. Members receiving awards are: Acker, Bayer 5, Burr, Blahnik 30, Cloud, Cooper, Cox, Cronmiller, Ebert 35, J. Ferris 20, Garnier, Goodman 5, Hahn 25, Hoeft, Huss, Jacobs, Jooss, Lang 10, Langan, Loveall, Madisen, Mauk 20, M. Mohr, R. Mohr, Muck, Neton, Novitske, O'Hearn 30, Pawlak, Piper, Piskor, Pleuss, Priebusch, Robertson, Sawyers, Schmit, Schmidt, Schuh, Simon, Spitz, Sund, Tassoul, Tilque, Weyenberg, Dunlap, Randa.

Otto Cox received a special pin from Lions International for bringing in two new members. How about YOU bringing in one new member. They don't come in unless you ask them to join.

Haberdasher O'Hearn has shirts for $10 (club pays half the cost), caps $10, Hats, windshirts $20, swearshirts $20. See him while the sale is on.

2008 Senior Living EXPO co-chairmen will be Bob Randa and Bob Simon. For the September 12 10th EXPO, Registration Chairman George Schmit will be passing out a preliminary sign up sheet. Poster Chairman Jim Jacobs and Prize Committee Chairman Dick Novitske will be asking for your help ahead of the EXPO. We will need most of you to help Wednesday, September 12 also.

September 15 is the open house at Lions Camp. Watch for details in the Wisconsin Lion Magazine.

Vol. 84, No.15 ,     July 23, 2007,     next deadline July 30

$80.00 dues are due now, make check to Appleton Noon Lions and give it to the Secretary.

Monday, July 30 ---Our own Mike Thornton will be our speaker. Mike will tell us more about the Wisconsin Lions State Eyebank. Bring a prospectiive member to the meeting.

Monday, August 6 --- Our speaker will be Nicole Lemke on Intercultural Relations for the city,,,, tentatively as she is expecting the 7th of August.

Family Picnic August 13, get details at the meeting. Guests welcome. Bring a gift to raffle.

If you have not picked up your personal (name is on it) Committee Booklet, do so immediately at the meeting. You may have to get to work on a project ASAP. Speaking of committees, turns out that we need volunteers for two co-chairmen positions for the Senior Living EXPO for 2008. See Rik Madisen or Tom Piskor. 2007 EXPO coming September 12.

Congratulations to Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, George Schmit and Bob Randa, Del Newton turned 98 at Rennes Nursing Home July 19. He would like visitors.

Dobbie Robertson notes that August 20, at 2:30pm there will be a 9 hole scramble golf tournament at Winagamie Golf Course. Meet after the play at Pierce Park at 5:30pm for prizes and refreshments. Check with Dobbie on details.

We donated $100.00 to Volunteer Braillists. We have thank you's from Jason Ulman who attended Badger Boys State and from World Affairs Seminar for sending three delegates.

The Wisconsin Lions Foundation financial report is available at the front desk.

Tom Piskor still wants used ink cartridges, cell phones, DVD's which can be recycled for club profits.

Vol. 84, No.14 ,     July 16, 2007,     next deadline July 23

$80.00 dues are due now, make check to Appleton Noon Lions and give it to the Secretary. And a big thanks to past officers and directors, plus our beloved former tailtwister and our valient song leader who took what he had to work with and turned it into a great chorus.

Try to behave Monday, July 16 when our District Governor Vern Pautz installs officers and initiates recent members Wieser and Thornton. Please be present and newer members sponsors are also asked to be there.

Monday, July 23 --- Shawn Metzner with the Wisconsin Technical Rescue Operating Team (formerly K-9 Emergency) will speak on search and rescue.

This issue of the Snort has the printed part updated. Please check it is accurate and give any changes to Secretary Tom.

Board meets Wednesday July 18, Columbus Club, 11:00am. All welcome.

Seems like yesterday (or a hundred years ago) for the members married over 60 years like Sawyers and Cloud, 61 for Pleuss, 62 for Hoeft and 63 for Lang. Congratulations to all and I hope none were missed.

Family Picnic will be August 13 at Plamann Park. All members are asked to bring some item for the raffle. Guests are welcome.

PICK UP THE COMMITTEE BOOKLET (or check it on-line). You may need to get to work on your committee right now. Books are at the head table at meetings. is our web site done first class by Joe Ferris. You need to access it to avoid a Tailtwister fine. You can also access our newly approved budget and our constitution.

Check with Dobbie Robertson on details for our club golf outing.

September 10 will be the briefing for all who will work at the 10th Senior Living EXPO, our largest fundraiser. Program Chairmen Simon and Wieser please note. As of this writing, only three exhibit booths remain unsold. For information on seminars, etc. see our website.

Sund and Dunlap are August Program Chairmen with Ferris and Jacobs as greeters.

Vol. 84, No.13,     June 25, 2007,     next deadline July 2

Don't forget, we are trying this new source of income: Bring discarded cell phones, used ink jet cartridges and used DVD's to Tom Piskor at meetings. They can be sold. DVD's not scratched in original case. Phones with undamaged screen. Cartridges must not be broken (cartridge case, ciruitry, or print head. Refilled cartridges are considered damaged. Let's all give this a try to see if we can build some income for our Administrative Fund which can use the money.

Monday, July 2 --- New President Charlie plans a club business and budget meeting. We want to congratulate Past President Mary Jo and officers and directors for a good year (including Tailtwister Mike) !!!

Monday, July 9 --- Dan Kofsoski who is a financial advisor will talk about estate planning, living trusts, etc.

Congratulations to Mike THornton and his wife and the birth of Ainsley Kathleen.

$80.00 dues are due, make check payable to Appleton Noon Lions and give to Tom O'Hearn. $39 to International, $10.50 state, $5 district, $25.50 to us.

Our Flag Day float won the Grand Marshall's Award. Again thanks to all who worked on it. We have two club signs for use where we need them left from the float.

We donated $375.00 with the Evening Club for a special hearing aid for a 5 year old girl. We received thanks for the $137.00 we donated from the King collection at the Egg Nog Party. Also thanks for the $1000.00 to Wisconsin Lions Foundation and $125.00 to the Diabetes Foundation.

Board meets at 11:00am Wednesday July 11 at the Columbus Club for dutch treat lunch. All members welcome to sit in as the club conducts business.


Even though we only have John Jooss and Mike Tassoul listed, we know itıs some high quality members.

Vol. 84, No.12 ,     June 11, 2007,     next deadline June 18

Monday, June 18 --- Our own member Jim Wieser will be our speaker on , "Special Needs Scouting". Jim is District Director of the Bay Lakes Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Monday, June 25 --- Lions, Lion King, and what about the wild lions as part of an African Safari?. Come to hear Bob Safford on safari.

2007-08 dues are due July 1. Same price as last year at $80.00. Where can you get a year's live entertainment for that price.

THANKS to the Flag Day float workers with co-chairmen Ken Langenhahn and Sharron Huss heading the project.

We have a new budget for 2007-8. It is available for you to look over at the head table at meetings. Come to the Board meetings to check our monthly financial report.

At this writing the Senior Living EXPO, September 12 at Liberty Hall has sold over half the exhibit booths. We would like to have someone with PR experience help with news releases and participate in interviews on radio and TV (would mean some traveling). See Rik Madisen or Tom Piskor on this.

Tom O'Hearn is having a sale (in addition to collecting dues): Baseball caps, roll up caps, vests, navy or gold shirts for $10.00 each and sweatshirts for $20.00.

The Board approved ordering 120 Entertainment Books for us to sell this fall.

Golfers--- The Grand Chute Lions are sponsoring an outing at Chaska Golf Course for $65.00 which includes much. To find out how much, contact Ralph Acker, resident golfer.

Bring discarded cell phones, used ink jet cartridges and used DVD's to Tom Piskor at meetings. They can be sold. DVD's not scratched in original case. Phones with undamaged screen. Cartridges must not be broken (cartridge case, ciruitry, or print head. Refilled cartridges are considered damaged.

Vol. 84, No.11,   May 21, 2007,   next deadline June 4

Monday, June 4 ---Eighth District Congressman Steve Kagen will be our speaker. Bring a guest or prospective member to hear him.

Monday, June 11 --- Karen Tetzlaff, Clinical Care Coordinator for Theda Care/Heritage/Heritage Woods/Peabody Manor will speak on, "Senior Living Options".

Monday, May 28 is retreat and regroup day, but you can attend tthe Memorial Day Parade at 9:00am.

Stand by for more information from Ken and Sharron about preparing our Lions float for the parade, being in the parade, and disassembling it after at City Park. This will be a neat bit of publicity for our club which is older than most other organizations in the city. All members who were present at the club founding may ride the float if they do not wish to march along.

We have a thank you from the American Legion for sponsoring eight girls to Badger Girls State. This is an important part of our youth work. Money for this comes from your efforts on our fundraising projects.


Celebrating members in June are Jim Wieser, Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Don Goodman, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Sandy Phillips,, MIKE WEYENBERG, Dick Novitske and Ed Ogurek. Many happy returns!.

Remember to bring discarded cell phones, used ink jet cartridges, and used DVDıs to Tom Piskor at meetings. These can be sold to a company which buys them and pays the transport cost.Working cell phones must include battery and undamaged LCD screen. Ink jet cartridges must not be broken: cartridge case, circuitry, or print head. Refilled cartridges are considered damaged. Working DVDs must not have scratches, and original case.

The Senior Living EXPO will be held at Liberty Hall, Wednesday, September 12. About 20% or the 50 exhibit booths have been sold as of this date. If you are asked by various chairmen to help, please say YES. This is our biggest fundraiser.

Board will meet Wednesday, June 13, 11am at the Columbus Club. All members invited. Dutch treat lunch.

Vol. 84, No.10,   May 7, 2007,   next deadline May 14

Monday, May 21 --- Dr. Toni Jo Neal, DPM, MHA, podiatric physician and surgeon will be our speaker. Her topic is, "General Foot Care and Prevention".

No meeting May 28 for Memorial Day.

Flag Day Parade Float Update

Ken Langenhahn reported that Sharron Huss has lined up the truck and trailer for the float. Ken passed a sign up sheet around so if you can work before the parade, June 6 and June 9 for the parade, contact him.

Thanks Ed Ogurek for a very interesting biography.


Most of you have met Mike Thornton who works for the Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank out of our region. He is now a club member, per the Board.

Board meets the fourth Wednesday at 11:00am at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome May 23, dutch treat lunch.

As part of our youth program, we are sending three students to the World Affairs Seminar: 2 from Appleton East and one from Xavier. We hope to get a report from them after the event.

You can still go to the State Lions Convention at Oconomowoc as a delegate, but will have to make your own arrangements to stay, etc. says Secretary Tom. See WI Lion for details, dates are May 18, 19.

Our newest project is the collection of discarded cell phones, used ink jet cartridges and used DVDs. Bring them to Tom Piskor at our meetings. Working cell phones are phones that power up and must include the battery and have an undamaged LCD screen. Ink jet cartridges must not be broken. Those that have been refilled are considered damaged. DVDs must not be scratched and need the original case.

June program chairmen: Tom Piskor and Archie Mauk; greeters Otto Cox and Howie Pleuss.

Vol. 84, No. 9,   April 23, 2007,   next deadline April 30

Monday, April 30 --- Welcome to former member Dick Swanson, now the Assistant Director of the Thompson Community Center. He will tell us about the recent merger of the Center and Lutheran Social Services.

Monday, May 7 --- Our speaker will be Dr. David Buettner, President of the Fox Valley Technical College. Learn what is happening with technical training.

Program Chairmen for May are Charlie Garnier and Bill Sund. Greeters are Jim Jacobs and Joe Ferris.


Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Dan Kocher, Ron Mohr and Mary Beth Nienhaus. Incidently, Mary Beth who owns Wiinnegamie Golf Course provided some discount coupons for play which Bob Randa passed out. Check with him if you want one and the supply is still available.

Rose Sale update, 561 dozen were sold, net income $3345.00.

Ken Langenhahn reported that our club has a Flag Day Parade float in the works. He has a truck from Les Stumpf Ford, a trailer and a lion in a cage lined up (would that be Tailtwister Weyenberg?). Ken needs some bales of hay -- can you help?

We are happy to report that we are sponsoring Jason Ullman from Appleton West High School to Badger Boys State as part of our youth work.

Lazy Ralph Acker made our Lions Camp speaker Andrea haul back 2,500 pairs of used eyeglasses he collected for recycling. (She was glad to do it). She gave us a good look at how important Lions Camp is to the handicapped.

Read the latest Wisconsin Lion magazine to get details of the State Lions Convention. It will be held in Oconomowoc May 18 and 19. We can send six delegates and the club pays registration and one lunch. You can still attend. See Secretary Tom to sign up.

Vol. 84, No. 8 ,   April 9, 2007,   next deadline April 16

Monday, April 16 --- The Director of Lions Camp, Andrea Yenter, will be here to tell us about eyeglass recycling and building projects at the camp including the new health facility.

Monday, April 23 --- With five Mondays in a month, one program must be a group of member biographies lasting up to five minutes each. Find out who that famous person next to you really is.

Our club has donated $300.00 for a scholarship program in Nicaguara. Member Mary Beth had a program on this and your Board feels we can make a big difference by doing this.

Our sympathy to Ron Mohr on the recent death of his mother.


Thanks to co-chairmen Karl Blahnik and James Cronmiller for organizing the sale and delivery. Karl had a number of compliments on how he sets up the delivery routes so you can deliver in sequence. (We need more door hangers though).

In addition to those two, other members delivering were: Ralph Acker, George Schmidt, Dave Cooper, Mike Weyenberg, Bob Sawyers, Ken Langenhahn, Dude Hahn, Dick Novitske, Rik Madisen, Dave Bayer, Tom Loveall, Charlie Garnier, Tom O'Hearn, Del Schuh, Sharron Huss, Rick Langan, Ed Ogurek, Otto Cox, Elmer Tilque, Ebie Ebert and Melvin Jones. We delivered around 600 dozen. We all appreciated the turnout to help keep the number of deliveries we each had as low as possible.

Board meets Wednesday April 18 at 11:00am at the Columbus Club. All members are welcome for a dutch treat lunch. See how the club runs, check the finances, bring your suggestions for improving the club.

Bring a prospective member to a meeting. Ask for a guest lunch ticket -- the club pays for the first visit. Hand out our yellow flyer, a copy of the Lion and Wisconsin Lion. Talk about what we do, where we spend our project money to help the less fortunate. Get a membership form from Secretary Tom. Let the Board approve your candidate.

Vol. 84, No.7,   March 26, 2007,   next deadline April 2

Monday, April 2 --- Outagamie County Judge John Desjardin will be our speaker. He is on the Packer Chain Gang. He hears comments from both the Packer side and the oponent side during the game. Interesting!

Monday, April 9 --Terry Bergel, Director of the Outagamie County Historical Society will be our speaker on the topic of "Old Appleton". Appleton will be 150 years old this year and many interesting things happened since the founding fathers settled here.


As reported at the last meeting, we are ordering 600 dozen roses based on YOUR SALES EFFORT. You have done a great job on sales. Now we need to deliver the goods. Friday March 30, pick up roses at the American Legion Club after 9am. Saturday, March 31, pick up roses at the Budweiser distributerıs in the Northeast industrial park after 8:30am. More information will be forthcoming at our March 26 meeting from Co-chairmen James Cronmiller and Karl Blahnik.

For those who want to follow up on Jo Egelhoffıs program the website is

While John Jooss still has some health problems, others went away after treatment and we look forward to seeing him at meetings.


A distinguished group or members celebrates: Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, Dave Cooper, James Cronmiller, Dan Ferris, Bob Sawyers, Dan Piper, Herb Krueger, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Rik Madisen and Tim Mutterer. Many happy returns to all of you.

The Lions State Convention will be in Oconomowoc May 18 and 19. We can send six delegates and they usually have registration and one meal paid by the club. The WISCONSIN LION has complete information and housing locations listed. If you go for the day only, make it Saturday. See Secretary Tom for information on attending for our club.

Vol. 84, No.6,   March 12, 2007,   next deadline Mar. 19

Monday, March 19 --- Mayor Tim Hanna will be our speaker. His topic is, "What's Happening at City Hall?".

Monday, March 26 --- County Executive Toby Paltzer will discuss what's going on with county government.

April Greeter is Del Schuh and Program Chairmen are Ralph Acker and George Schmidt.


Dutch treat lunch at the Columbus Club. Your chance to see how the Board runs the club. All complaints will be heard and ignored.


Our need is for members, relatives, friends to deliver roses on the south side of Appleton on Friday and Saturday, March 30 and 31. Questions, sign ups, etc. James Cronmiller. Get all information at the meetings. At last report around 250 dozen roses were sold.

Due to fantastic campaign contributions (many of which were illegal) the following members will lead us in the 2007-2008 Lions year:

President: Charlie Garnier
Past President: Mary Jo Mohr
First VP: Rick Langan
Second VP: Dick Novitske
Third VP: Mike Weyenberg
Secretary: Tom O'Hearn
Assistant Secretary: Del Schuh
Treasurer: Dan Piper
Lion Tamer: Bill Sund
Tailtwister: Bob Randa
One year: Howie Pleuss and George Schmit
Two years: Ralph Acker and Bob Simon
Three years: Ken Langenhahn and Ken Pawlak
Membership Committee:
One year: Tom Piskor, Chairman
Two years: Otto Cox
Three years: Chez Hoeft

And we need more new members which YOU need to ask!

Vol. 84, No.5,   February 26, 2007,   next deadline Mar. 5

Monday, March 5 ---Judy Miller and Linda Weber were recently in Nicaragua. They will give us an update on the Appleton/Chinendago Partners of America trip.

Monday, March 12 --- Former Alderwoman Jo Engerhoff who has a website of will be our speaker.

Our sympathy to Del Schuh and his family on the death of his wife Joan.


At last report only 70 dozen had been sold and money turned in. Deadline for sales is coming up --- March 20 according to James Cronmiller. Lots of posters, order blanks, etc. available at meetings. Every member should sell on this project. Chez mails an order blank and brief note and a self addressed envelope with postage on it to his prospect list. You can all follow his example if you canıt get out to sell.


Jim is with the Bay Lakes Council of Boy Scouts. He was sponsored by President Mary Jo.

Stern warning from 1st VP Charlie: If you are on the Board, make it a point to be at Meetings, the third Wednesday of the month. Charlie appointed Chez Hoeft to fill out Woody Weber's term on the Membership Committee.

Speaker Emil Stubenvoll who brought his guide dog, is looking for a job. He has computer training from the Tech. Contact him at: with any leads.

Secretary Tom has a deal for you: a Lions sweatshirt with collar and zipper front for $20.00. Let him know if you want to order one.

We have an opening with exceptional benefits for someone to chair the mint sales. See Karl Blahnik for details.

Ralph Acker delivered another 3,400 pairs of eyeglasses to be recycled at Lions Camp at Rosholt.

Vol. 84, No.4,   February 12, 2007   next deadline Feb. 19

Sorry, no programs in by deadline.

March Program Chairmen: Mary Beth Nienhaus and Joe Neton -- please have the first two weeks in by February 19. Greeter is Howie Pleuss.

ROSE SALE IN FULL SWING (Click Here for Details)
Every member was given 10 order forms at the January 29 meeting. More, plus posters are available at meetings. Sell until March 8 according to James Cronmiller. Delivery will be March 31, Saturday. You can deliver Friday, March 30 to our area in south Appleton. Now is the time to sell. This brings in our secon d largest charitable income which goes to things like Lions Camp through Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Leader Dogs, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, etc.

Our sympathy to the Bob Muck family on the death of Bob's wife Sally.

If you delivered eyes for the Lions State Eyebank, you received a patch for your vest at the January 29 meeting, plus a card to show if you should happen to be held up by road trouble so you can be on your way. Be sure to turn in eye delivery slips to Secretary Tom.

Bob Randa gave a very interesting biography filling in for Woody Weber's last program January 29.

TIME MARCHES ON --- Members celebrating birthdays in March are Mike Ferris, Ebie Ebert, Ken Lang, Lee Logan and Tom O'Hearn. Many happy returns to all of you!

Board to meet at 11:00am Wednesday February 14 at the Columbus Club for a dutch treat lunch. All members welcome to learn how the club does business.

Revised club flyers were handed out. Use these as a help in recruiting new members.

Vol. 84, No.3,   January 29, 2007,   next deadline Jan.29

Monday, February 5 --- Our speaker will be Doug Cooper who is with MaxAir. He is a licensed pilot and instructor. He has been flying for over seven years and does a lot of charter work.

Monday, February 12 --- Pam Seidl is with the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau. Her topic is Fox Cities signage and way-finding update to help visitors get where they want to go..


Karl Blahnik announced that the sale is on as soon as the price per dozen is set. It will run through March 12 with delivery March 31. If anyone would be able to deliver in Oshkosh (Woody Weber did this in the past), let Karl know


It is that time of the year again when we are looking for a few good members to run our club. Otto Cox is chairman with Chez Hoeft and Tom O'Hearn on the committee. If you want to be nominated for any office except Past Presiident, let one of them know.

First notice of the Wisconsin Lions State Convention was announced by President Mary Jo. Dates are May17, 18, 19. Check the WISCONSIN LION for more details as they become available. We can send six delegates and they usually have registration and a luncheon paid by the club.

We collected $143.00 in cash for King at our Egg Nog Party.. This goes to a fund which buys sundries for veterans without money. Thanks for the contributions of money and goods which were greatly apppreciated by the veterans.

February birthdays going for a favored few: Ken Langenhahn and Bob Simon. Many happy returns!

Make it a point to b ring a prospective member to a meeting. Just ask for a guest luncheon as the first visit is on the club. Tell about the club and Lionism. Talk about what good we do as a club. Your Membership Committee can help with information.

Vol. 84, No. 2,   January 15 2007,   next deadline Jan.22

Monday, January 22 --- Our speaker will be Cathy Barker who trains guide dogs. Please donıt feed the dog she plans to bring to the meeting.

Woody Weber was Program Chairman for the last two weeks. He was to call Rik with the last program when he returned from his trip. The club sends its sympathy to the Weber family on the tragic deaths of Woody and his wife Dale. Our club will send a donation to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation in their name, as is our practice.

Thanks to all who worked to make the Egg Nog Party a success. We had a great meal, lots of fun, Marge and Bob Sawyers provided music, and many guests learned about our club. A Birch Sturm Fellowship as presented to Rik Madisen. Lion of the Year awards were presented to Karl Blahnik and Ralph Acker.

The reverse side of this Snort has been revised. Please check your information and let Secretary Tom know of any changes.

Taking over as Program Chairmen for February are Dave Cooper and Sharron Huss. Blaine Priebusch is the February Greeter.

The Roses for Spring Sale is starting. We have no information for the Snort, but you can get details at the meetings.

Lions International recognizes membership on the five year anniversaries of a member joining the club. Pins and certificates were presented at the January 8 meeting to the following:

10 years - Wayne Tauber, James Cronmiller (Woody would have received a 10 year pin).
20 years - Blaine Priebusch
30 years - Karl Blahnik, Tom O'Hearn
35 years - Howie Pleuss
65 years - Del Newton (at Rennes, drop in to visit him)

Sadly, we have lost three members over the last few months.. Only you members can ask men and women to join our club. Get details from the membership committee. Club pays for lunch for their first visit. Bring a proxpect next week.

Vol. 84, No. 1,   January 8 2007,   next deadline Jan. 8

Monday, January 8 --- Our program will be about A Better Chance. ABC gives academically tallented students from other areas a chance to live and learn in Appleton. We expect two students to talk about the program.

Monday, January 15 --- Bob Simon is on the committee which is promoting the proposed Appleton West update on athletic facilities. Get the straight info from Bob.

Our sympathy to the Searl family and Sue and Dan Piper on the recent death of Dave Searl.

Celebrating birthdays in January are Lions Howie Pleuss, Ed Schmidt, Rick Langan and Ed Ogurek. Many happy returns!

Otto Cox announced that the net income from sale of Entertainment Books is $810.00. All books are sold. Thanks to all who helped sell books.

Wednesday, January 10 at ll:00am our Board will meet at the Columbus Club. Dutch treat lunch. All members invited to see how we operate, check our finances. AT 7:00pm THERE, an EyeBank meeting will be held to discuss transporting eyes. Check with Ebie Ebert if you can help or for more information.

John Jooss is scheduled for an operation in January and we wish him well.

Your work resulted in the Senior Living EXPO profit. We are giving $800.00 each to: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Bay Lakes Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, COTS, Emergency Shelter, Harbor House, Leaven, St. Joeıs Food Pantry, Thompson Community Center at the Egg Nog Party.

Thanks to all who donated for the veterans at King. The committee delivered the goods and our cash donation December 19: Mike Tassoul, Ebie Ebert, Ralph Acker, Sharron Huss represented us on the trip.

Check your phone number, etc. on the back of the SNORT and get any corrections to Secretary Tom NOW (right now that is).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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