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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, WI

Vol. 86, No. 24,    December 7, 2009,    next deadline December 14

Reminder, live music on the program Monday, December 7. Bring a spouse or friend as a guest.

Monday, December 14 --- Our speaker will be Danel Burchby, Program Coordinator of Circles of Support Program of Goodwill Industries. She will bring a guest whom she has helped through this program.

This very Snort in your hand will be revised shortly. Check your name, phone, etc. and give any changes to Secretary Tom.

Monday, December 21 --- Annual Egg Nog Party, cost $11.00 per person. There will be delicious snacks before an even more delicious dinner. Be prepared to donate for the Egg Nog.

Bring your gifts for the men and women at the Veterans home at king: toiletries, books, playing cards (Howie Pleuss has hit the casinos for contributions), clothes, etc. to be delivered December 22.


Many happy returns to Ron Dunlap, Dave Bayer and Sharron Huss.

Board will meet at 10:30am, Monday, December 14. All members welcome to attend at the Grand Meridian.

Thanks to those who have signed up to sell candy at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. A couple two hour shifts are open. Check with President Mike if you can work.

Secretary Tom says the Lions Closet has the following items available for sale, (Christmas gifts?).
Navy shirts, 3XXL, 2XL, 1 L.
Gold shirts, 1 XL, 3 M. Each $10.00
Windshirts 1 M, 2 XL $20.00
Sweatshirt,, 1 XL $20.00.
Lions Vests $10.00
Lions Caps $5.00.
Get yourself an early Christmas present.

From your officers and directors, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

(No meeting December 28).

Vol. 86, No. 23,    November 23, 2009,    next deadline November 30

Monday, November 30 --- Former member Sandy Phillips with Edward Jones will discuss the present situation regarding investments. Take a look at where you are and determine where you need to go.

Monday, December 7 --- Learn about the wonderful musical offerings of our own Lawrence University (most of them free). Our speaker is Professor David Becker, director of the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra.

January Program Chairmen are Bill Sund and Mary Beth Nienhaus, Greeters are Rik Madisen and Dobbie Robertson.

Please bring donations for the Veterans Home at King to meetings, the delivery will be made December 22. Needed are toiletries, books, clothes for men and women, playing cards, etc.

Take a two hour shift to ring bells for the Salvation Army. To get a date and time and a location you want, call 955-1225. Most locations are inside.

Bob Randa reports that final Senior Living EXPO income and bills are in and our net profit is $11, 902.60. Most of this money will go to local non-profits.

REMEMBER our annual Egg Nog Party will be Monday, December 21. We will have canapes with the Egg Nog which will be a donation and the dinner will cost $11.00 per person. (The great news is that the Tailtwister will be elsewhere enjoying his Christmas.)

Ron Dunlap, who screens requests for glasses and eye care reported to the Board that we have provided 11 pairs of eyeglasses. We have a deal with Lens Crafters to provide an eye exam and glasses for $50.00 for those in need.

At a coming meeting you will be informed of our candy sales project. We need volunteers to take a shift to sell candy bars at some locations (indoors) in December. According to members who have sold these in the past, it is very easy to do, especially around the Christmas season.

Do bring a prospective member to a meeting. First lunch is on the club, just ask for a guest ticket. Talk about our club, Lionism, and sign them up.

Vol. 86, No. 22,    November 9, 2009,    next deadline November 16

Monday, November 16 --- Stevie Schmidt, wife of member Ed, will tell us about travels in Egypt.

Monday, November 23 --- BIG wind power, a presentation by Robin Dekker, Executive Director of the project who will tell us about the Little Chute Windmill Project.

You will be glad to know that our 2009-10 budget was passed by the membership. Anticipated stimulus finds did not appear, so what comes in is what we earn through dues and projects.

Be alert for information on a candy selling project which will take place in December. You will be advised at meetings as plans progress. We will be selling candy bars and the club will make 50 cents from each dollar of sales.

Bob Randa has a few dictionaries left from our project to provide a free one to each third grader. Cost to you is $1.25, please, no credit cards. A perfect gift for a grand son or daughter not in our school district, or any member not familiar with words of more than one syllable.

Salvation Army bell ringing started November 6. If you can take a two hour shift, call 955-1225. Right now you probably can get a time and location of your choice.

Remember that we recycle eyeglasses and hearing aids at Lions Camp. Ralph Acker is in charge of this. Tom Piskor is looking for old cell phones, ink cartridges, laptop computers, MP3 players, digital cameras. Bring all of the above to meetings for collection.

As the holidays approach, you should be thinking about inviting a prospective member to a meeting. Lunch the first visit is on the club. We have had some great programs and dues are prorated from July 1, so they are a bargain right now. Bring in a new member before the Egg Nog Party.

This will be Monday, December 21 at a cost of $11.00.

BOARD WILL MEET MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 AT 10:30AM. All members are welcome to sit in and voice your opinions.

Vol. 86, No. 21,    October 26 2009,    next deadline November 2

Monday, November 2 --- Dave Debbink will tell us about the Valley New School. This is a charter school and you can find out how they work.

Monday, November 9 --- Our speaker will be Tim Mahoney who will speak on, "Teaching Done in a Prison Setting".

Yes, there are some members celebrating birthdays in November. Letıs congratulate members Del Schuh, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall and Penny Schaber.


Plan to meet and eat with Janet Gray sponsored by Sandy Buettner and Howard Hardesty sponsored by Howie Pleuss.

From our charity account we have donated $300.00 toward a computer (along with the Sherwood Lions) for a 14 year old at East High School.

Thanks to the crew who prepared and delivered free dictionaries to third graders. This is part of a project to give EVERY third grader in Appleton a dictionary. Our club bought over 460.

District 27-B1 Convention will be November 13-14 in Oshkosh. We can send six delegates. If you can go contact Secretary Tom NOW.

Plan to sign up to ring bells for the Salvation Army Novermber 6-December 24. Call 955-1225 to get your favorite location.

Coming event: Egg Nog Party will be December 21.

Tom Piskor reminds you to turn in cell phones, inkjet cartridges, laptop computers, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc, working or non-working. If working, include batteries. We have received $174.30 the first year, $128.29 the second year and so far this year $119.10 and $75.90. Rapid Refill at Fox River Mall has provided over 1,600 inkjet cartridges to us. If you do buy from them, tell them you are a Lion and thank them for their donation.

Vol. 86, No. 20,    October 12, 2009,    next deadline October 19

Monday, October 19 --- Our speaker will be Arthur Taggart. He is the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Foundation Southern Wisconsin based in Madison. Get up to date on epilepsy.

Monday, October 26 --- Jill Gretzinger of the Easter Seals Helpline will be our speaker.

November Program chairmen are Del Schuh and Ken Lang. Greeters are Dave Cooper and Otto Cox.


It couldn't be much closer to us. It will be at the City Center Hotel and Convention Center in downtown Oshkosh.

Our club rates six delegates and the club usually pays for registration and lunch on Saturday. See Secretary Tom if you can attend. Seminars will be on Lions Camp with campers presenting, new technologies for the blind, Wisconsin Lions Foundation, and our past international director. There will be a lot of other things going on. See your Wisconsin Lion for more details.

Plan on dropping in for Saturday to learn more about Lionism.


How did you become a member of our club? A member had to ask you. Only you can invite a good prospect to join. Our club pays for the prospectıs meal the first time the person visits.

Get a membership form from Membership Chairman Otto Cox or Secretary Tom. Talk to your prospect about the club, state programs, Lions international. Tell about our service projects;.

Take the filled in form to someone on the Board and the Board will act on it. When approved, invite your prospect to join and bring a check for prorated dues $80 July 1, 1/12 less for each month after that. And you have a new member!

Vol. 86, No. 19,    September 28, 2009,    next deadline October 5

Monday, October 5 --- We will be a part of   "Celebrating Abilities in the Fox Valley" with our speaker Eric Edwards. His topic will be, "The Best We can Be ... Is Totally Awesome".

Monday, October 12 --- Our speaker will be Lisa Robbins of the Miracle League.


The Board has approved the transfer back of Mike Thornton and new members Gerry Edinger and Sandy Buettner. Be sure to circulate to their tables to get to know them.


Elmer Tilque, Chez Hoeft, Charlie Garnier, Jim Kinder and Sid Kroeger. Many happy returns!

And wedding anniversaries: Joe and Elaine Ferris, 55; Joe and Delores Spitz, 60. Weıre glad to include these in the Snort if you let Rik know.

Now see what you members did! Everyone who worked on the 12th Senior Living EXPO helped to bring in a net around $11,000.00 depending on bills to be paid, etc. Exhibitor surveys show they were well satisfied.

Which brings us to bills to be paid by four who have yet to give Secretary Tom their check of $80.00 dues, due July 1. Please clean this up as we have to pay for your International and State dues whether the club has been paid dues or not.

Believe it or not Salvation Army Bell Ringing is coming soon. Our club has always supported this. You can call 920-955-1225 to sign up for a slot, November 6 through December 24.

District 27-B1 convention will be in Oshkosh, November 13 and 14. Our club pays for delegate registration and lunch. See Secretary Tom if you can go.

Vol. 86, No. 18,    September 14, 2009,    next deadline September 21

Monday, September 21 ---Either Chris or Don Holso and their dog Abby will speak (arf). They own Postal Express and More.

Monday, September 28 --- The club will meet at the Appleton Retirement Community, 200 W. Packard St. Lunch will be served, same cost as the Grand Meridian and we will have a tour of the facility.

Board will meet at 10:30am Monday, September 21 at the Grand Meridian. This is your chance to see how the club works, look at our financial statement and voice your opinion. All members welcome.


Thanks to the sterling leadership and planning of Bob Randa and Bob Simon, work organizer George Schmit, and everyone who worked on the EXPO, we had over 600 visitors. Tom Gasman provided fudge to be given out at our club booth where we hope we recruited some new members.

As soon as all bills are in and all income tabulated, we will provide a financial report at the meeting and in the Snort.

Now really is the time to pay past due dues of $80.00 to Secretary Tom.

October Program Chairmen are Jim Wieser and Dude Hahn. Greeters are Karl Blahnik and Blaine Priebusch.

Time for some joy in October as we celebrate birthdays of members: Elmer Tilque, Chez Hoeft, Charlie Garnier, Jim Kinder and Sid Kroeger. Many happy returns to all of you.

Now is when you need to think about a friend, person you do business with, someone who provides a service to you, etc. as a club member. Our membership is down and we need ten good persons --women or men--to get back to where we were.

Our Membership Committee has material to hand out to prospects and can provide help in recruiting. Contact Otto Cox, Dave Cooper or Tom Piskor.

Vol. 86, No. 17,    August 31, 2009,    next deadline September 7

No meeting Labor Day, September 7, but....

SENIOR LIVING EXPO Wednesday, September 9, at Player's Choice (same place as last year, east of Appleton North High School on JJ). You all will have a briefing August 31 on what you are to do and when you are to be there. This is our largest fund raiser and the profit goes to many worthy charitable organizations. WE SERVE!!!
(Click Here for Lion's Work Schedule)

CHAIRMAN DOBBIE ROBERTSON REPORTS ON CLUB GOLFING: Team 1: Ed Schmidt, Dobbie Robertson, Mary Jo Mohr and Team 2: Mike Weyenberg, Ron Mohr , Carolyn Cox tied for first place. Team 3: Charlie Garnier, Otto Cox, Elmer Tilque and Team 4: Tom O'Hearn, Tom Piskor, Ed Ogurek tied for third place. A fun time was had by all at Winnegamie Golf Course and prizes were awarded. Refresements and Snacks followed.

Monday, September 14 --- J. C. Paustian will be our speaker. He and his wife Dianne own Just Act Natural on East College Ave.

LIONS BOARD WILL MEET MONDAY, September 21 at 10:30am before our meeting. All members are welcome to see how the club operates and to look over club finances.

Pay your dues now if you haven't, $80.00 for the year or T. O'Hearn might call in BIG AL to collect, and you don't want to meet him in a dark alley.

One huge "Thank You" to Chairman Mike Tassoul and all who made the Annual Family Picnic a great success, and to Louise Ebert for again providing cookies.

You all received an EXPO poster August 10, and a request for a prize from one or your favorite vendors, restaurant, grocery store, etc. Please do some good with these flyers.. We need the prizes and time is getting short.

Alert: Meeting September 28 will be at Appleton Retirement Community.

Today is absolutely the best time to ask someone to join our club;

Vol. 86, No. 16,    August 10, 2009,    next deadline August 10

Monday, August 17 --- Lions Family Picnic, get there around 5pm, dinner around 6pm. Everything furnished, including delicious roasted corn. Cost is $5.00 for families, $3.00 for singles. Picnic is in the pavillion at Plamann Park, same place it has been for many years. Picnic is on rain or shine.The picnic is a "thank you" for your work done the previous year.

Please bring a gift for the raffle. To break even, we need to sell lots of raffle tickets. You can't beat the food price and a good time will be had by all.

Monday, August 24 --- No program as of deadline.

Monday, August 31 --- Senior Living EXPO briefing. Very Important. You will find out in detail what your assignment is and what you are to do. We will not meet Labor Day, the Monday before the EXPO. It will be held Wednesday, September 9, opening at 9:00am to the public. It will be at Player's Choice, same place as last year

The funeral of Lee Logan will be at 10:00am, August 14 at First Methodist Church on Drew St. Again our sympathy to his family.

Long time member Del Newton died at age 100 at Rennes Nursing Home. Details of the funeral not in by deadline. Our sympathy to Del's family.
LATE INFO: Del Newton's funeral will be held at 11:00 am Thursday, August 6 at Appleton Alliance Church, 2693 W. Grand Chute Blvd. Appleton. Visitation will be from 9:30 am until the service.

Sorry we missed getting August birthdays in ahead for: Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, George Schmit and Bob Randa. September celebrants are: Dan Cloud, Dude Hahn, Tom Piskor and Tim Young. Many Happy Returns.


The club president's Excellence Award was presented to Charlie Garnier.

100 Percent Attendance Awards were presented ( with members receiving anniversary awards in multiples of 5):Acker, Bayer, Blahnik, Cloud, Cooper,C. Cox, O. Cox, Ferris, Garnier, T. Gasman, Hahn, Huss, Kinder, Lang, Madisen, Mauk, M.J. Mohr (10), R.. Mohr (5), Neton (10), Novitske, OıHearn, Ogurek, Pawlak, D. Piskor, T. Piskor, Pleuss, Priebusch (20), Randa, Robertson, Schmidt, Schmit, Schuh, Simon, Spitz, Sund, Tassoul, Tilque, Weyenberg and Wieser. Congratulations!

Vol. 86, No. 15,    July 27, 2009,    next deadline August 3

Monday, August 3 --- Our speaker will be Dr. Toni Jo Neal, DPM, MHA of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Center. Her topic is, "Age Related Changes and Need for Foot Care".

Monday, August 10 --- Back by popular demand: Tim Gierke, District Manager of the Appleton Social Security office. He will disclose, "Top Ten Social Security Secrets".

Coming up Monday, August 17 is the Family Picnic, guests welcome. Details in the next Snort.

Pay attention! The Snort form has been reprinted on both sides. Please check your information on the reverse side. If it is not correct, tell Secretary Tom O'Hearn.

Do you owe $80.00? There are slways a few who forget that dues were due July 1. If you are one of those, please make a check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Secretary Tom for credit. Let's get 100% paid by the next meeting.

We sponsored a delegate to Badger Boys and Girls State. Both have sent nice thank you notes to the club.

Our bus trip to Lions Camp was a great success. We were able to eat adjacent to the main dining room when campers ate. The food was very good and quite healthy. Most of the campers were blind or visually handicapped that week. There were also some epileptic campers. All were having fun and seemed to be able to enjoy all the activities. All of us felt good about using some of our project money to support the camp. It costs about $600.00 for a camper to stay a week.

Golfers should contact Dobbie Robertson about the club event. He will announce details at our meetings.

Our most important fund raising event is the Senior Living EXPO. It is coming up September 9 at Playerıs Choice, same place as last year. Our last August meeting will detail what you can do when you work at the EXPO.

Vol. 86, No. 14,    July 13, 2009,    next deadline July 20

Monday, July 13 --- Speaker Jean Long Manteufel will talk about senior transitions, making major changes in life and how to cope with them.


Monday, July 20, there will be no meeting at the Grand Meridian.

Instead, you will have a chance to see Lionism, "We Serve", and all the rest in action, up close and personal. Our club has planned a trip to Lions Camp at Rosholt --- hopefully most members and spouses will be able to make the trip.

A 38 passenger bus is chartered at present, and a larger one will be reserved if needed. It will leave from the Grand Meridian parking lot at 10:30am, travel to Lions Camp, and return abut 3:30pm. There will be a lunch at the camp included.

Cost is $15.00 per person, make checks out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Ken Pawlak at the meeting July 13. Questions --- call Ken (749-2706) or President Mike.

Monday, July 27 --- An important date for our club. District Governor of 27-B1 Len Quinn will be our guest of honor. He will install our new officers and board. You realize that up to then our Tailtwister has had no official standing and has been taking money under false pretenses.


If you have not paid your dues, you are now two weeks late. Please get them in to Secretary Tom or Assistant Secretary Del. Dues are still only $80.00 and for this you get new officers at no additional cost. Make the check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club, NOW.

Plan ahead: Family Picnic will be August 17 at Plamann Park.

Vol. 86, No. 13,    July 6,, 2009,    next deadline July 6

Monday, July 6 ---Our speaker will be Dick Gamble of Fiduciary Partners. His topic will be, "Estate Planning and Its Importance".

Monday, July 13 --- Speaker Jean Long Manteufel will talk about senior transitions, making major changes in life and how to cope with them.


Suppose you werenıt at our meeting July 1? You have only one chance to redeem yourself and that is today. If you presented Secretary Tom with an $80.00 check made out to Appleton Noon Lions Club, you will not be fined by the Tailtwister. If not, we can only imagine the dire consequences.

Rumor has it that 27-B1 District Governor Len Quinn will be here July 27 to install our new officers and directors. Be there to cheer on our new crew. Official announcement will be made at a meeting.

Be sure to pick up the 2009-2010 Committee Assignment booklet. You may be on a committee which functions now or in the next few weeks.

July Program Chairmen are Mike Tassoul and Bill Sund. Greeters are Del Schuh and Ed Schmidt.

August Program Chairmen are Tom Piskor and Ron Dunlap. Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske.

Program Chairmen please let Snort Editor Rik know your programs at least Three Weeks Ahead so they can be put in the Snort.

Del Schuh notes that our club has the first part of August to transport eyes for the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank. Sharron Huss covers the last part of August. If you are on the list to transport eyes, prepare to be called if there is a need.

Now is an excellent time to contact a prospective member. Bring the prospect to a meeting. The club pays for the prospectıs first meal, just ask for a guest ticket. Get more information from Membership Committee members Otto Cox, Tom Piskor or Dave Cooper.

NOTE From Pres Mike: I have scheduled our trip to Lions Camp in Rosholt for July 20. We will be picked up at Grand Meridian at 10:30 am. We will eat lunch at the camp and will have time to check out what is going on at the camp. We will be picked up at 2:30 and return to Appleton. Aprox arrival time will be 3:45 pm. The cost is $15 per person that includes the motor coach and the lunch at the camp.

Vol. 86, No. 12,    June 22, 2009,    next deadline June 29

Monday, June 29, we will not have a meeting. We will meet Monday, July 6 at the Grand Meridian. July Program Chairmen are Bill Sund and Mike Tassoul.

YOUR DUES ARE DUE JULY 1 AND ARE $80.00. Make check payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Secretary Tom. Read this again so you don't forget to pay your dues!

The clubıs sympathy to Herb Kreuger's family on Herbıs recent death. Herb continued to retain his membership these last few years although he was not able to attend meetings.

The Grand Chute Golf Outing is July 16. See Ralph Acker to sign up. Cost is $55.00 $68.00. He needs check by Monday, June 22!

We Serve: Weyenberg and Novitske helped Lions Camp campers to and from the Camp recently. You can volunteer to help at the Badger State Games June 26-28. Call Carol Newell at 608-226-4780 ext. 233 for details.

We received a thank you from the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for our donation at the state convention. Among other things WLF runs Lions Camp and the Wisconsin State Eyebank. We also contributed the last $2000.00 of our Lions Pride pledge which is the campıs endowment fund.

Retired member Del Newton is 100 years old. He is at Rennes and would like visitors.

Happy Birthday to July members celebrating: Mike Tassoul and Carolyn Cox.

New officers and Board will be installed in July: President Mike Weyenberg, Past President Dick Novitske. Vice Presidents: 1st, Bob Randa, 2nd, Bob Simon, 3rd, Jim Wieser. Secretary, Tom OıHearn, Asst. Secretary Del Schuh. Treasurer Blaine Priebusch. Lion Tamer Bill Sund. Tailtwister, Charlie Garnier. Membership Committee: 1yr, Otto Cox, 2yrs, Tom Piskor, 3 yrs,, Dave Cooper. Directors: 1yr, Ralph Acker, Ken Pawlak; 2yrs, Sharron Huss, Rik Madisen; 3yrs, Sid Kroeger, Dottie Piskor.

Vol. 86, No. 11,    June 8, 2009,    next deadline June 18

Monday, June 15 --- Karen Zapkee from St. Joseph's Food Pantry is our speaker. Our club has supported the pantry.

Monday, June 22 ---We have long donated to the Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley. To tell us about its future will be speaker Randy Alt.

We will not be able to meet at the Grand Meridian June 29, due to a previous booking. You will be informed at a meeting whether we will meet at all and if so, where.


Your Board missed out on stimulus money, but still held the line at the same $80.00 annual dues as in past years. Make checks out to the Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Secretary Tom O'Hearn.

The Lioness Spring Banquet will be held June 14 at High Cliff Supper Club. Check with Secretary Tom on the announcement details, cost $18.50 per person.

We are fortunate that Louise Ebert has agreed to continue printing the Snort for those who are not on line to get the newsletter.

Membership Committee Chairman Otto Cox asks each member to try to bring a prospect to the club. The club pays for the first lunch for a prospect. Take the time to tell about our club activities and service to the community. Talk about the State Lions Eyebank, Lions Camp and Lions International.Give the prospect a copy of The Lion and Wisconsin Lion. Ask one of the Membership Committee for help if you need it.

A list of committees has been passed around at the last two meetings so that you could sign up if you want to be on a particular committee. Incoming president Mike Weyenberg will see that everyone is on a committee or two for the Lions year starting July 1.

There are some golfing opportunities coming up and you can check with Ralph Acker on dates and places.

Coming up: Brat and Burgers at Festival Foods, Family Picnic. 12th Senior Living EXPO 9/9/09.

Vol. 86, No. 10,    May 25,2009,    next deadline June 1

Monday, June 1 --- Christina Mullen, Director of Emergency Management for Outagamie County will be our speaker. Her topic is, "Role of Emergency Management and Citizens Role in an Emergency".

Monday, June 8 --- Wash your hands, cover your cough because our speaker will talk about the H1N1 virus situation in our area. Our speaker is Director of the Appleton Health Department Kurt Eggebrecht.

Candy Sale results to date: Income, $5105 with $2769 expense for a net of $2355. Many thanks to Tom Gasman for organizing this project.

Sad news to report: Our sympathy to the Ebert family on the death of Ebie. He was part of a Lions family winning the Melvin Jones, Birch-Sturm and Knight of Sight awards while wife Louise was a leader in Lioness.

Our sympathy to The Gasman family on the death of Lion Tom's daughter.

Our sympathy to the family of Lee Logan, past president who died at age 91.

We have a tent and trailer which past president Dr. Paul Shoberg has been storing in a barn about to be razed. Can you store these? See President Dick.

Don Goodman is at Rennes Health Center. Drop him a card or visit.

A $250 donation has been made in memory of John Jooss to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. This in connection with the Kimberly Clark Foundation.

Your work on projects has made it possible for the club to contribute to sending someone to Badger Boys State and Badger Girls State. We have received thank youıs from both.

Yes, there members celebrating in June, in fact, enough for good odds on the Birthday Raffle. Celebrating are: Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Don Goodman, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Mike Weyenberg, Dick Novitske, Ed Ogurek and Jim Wieser. Many happy returns to all !!!

Vol. 86, No. 9,    May 4, 2009,    next deadline May 11

Monday, May 4---Alan Prahl, education director of FISC which provides counseling for persons with financial problems, will be our speaker.

Monday, May 11 --- Our speaker will be Val Wylie on the Gardens of the Fox Cities. Bring a prospective member to this program.

Monday, May 18 --- Always interesting, our speaker is Debra Cronmiller who is Treasurer of Project Promise Poverty Coalition (and wife of member James).

Which reminds us that our rose sale brought in $5,204.00, cost us $2, 987.50 and netted us $2,216.50. Again, thanks to all members who sold and delivered roses.

Happy Birthday to May celebrants: Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Ron Mohr and Mary Beth Nienhaus. Many happy returns!

Assemblyperson Penny Bernard-Schaber and Dale Schaber. Sponsored by Mike Weyenberg.

Starting May 18, we will be meeting for sit down lunches @ $9.00 at the Grand Meridian. Board will meet there at 10:30. All members welcome to see how the club runs, check our finances, bring suggestions to the Board.

Club pays registration and meals for delegates to the State Lions Convention May 15 and 16 at Wisconsin Dells. Details in Wisconsin Lion. See Secretary Tom NOW if you want to be a delegate.

President, Mike Weyenberg
Past President, Dick Novitske
1st VP, Bob Randa 2nd VP, Bob Simon 3rd VP, Jim Wieser
Secretary, Tom O'Hearn Assistant Secretary, Del Schuh
Treasurer, Blaine Priebusch
Lion Tamer, Bill Sund
Tailtwister, Charlie Garnier
Membership Committee, 1yr, Otto Cox, 2yrs, Tom Piskor, 3 yrs, Dave Cooper.
Directors 1 yr, Ralph Acker, Ken Pawlak, 2yrs Sharron Huss, Rik Madisen, 3 yrs Sid Kroeger, Dottie Piskor.

Vol. 86, No. 8,    April 20, 2009,    next deadline April 27

Monday, April 27 --- Bring a prospective member to hear Dr. John Bax, hand and extremity surgeon. His talk will be on big game hunting and safari in Africa.


Want to get up in the world? How about becoming a club officer? If you are interested, let Charlie Garnier know. He is one of the Nominating Committee members looking for 2008-09 talent.


O'Hearn's Spring Sale includes some club discounts in addition to Tom's. Vests were $10, now $9.99. Shirts, gold or blue were $10, now $9.99. Windshirts were $20, now $19.99. Sweatshirts were $20, now $19.99. Baseball caps were $5, now $4.99. Rollups were $5.00, now $4.99. To take advantage of these tremendous bargains, see Secretary Tom,. Sizes not in stock can be special ordered. Look your Lions best for projects, etc.

We hope you saw the report on our donations at the Egg Nog Party, which finally made it into the April Wisconsin Lion.


With a lot of sales help from you, the Festival Foods weekend netted about $1,721. Around $1,000 candy bars are on hand. Tom Gasman would like to sell these out at Festival Foods Saturday, April 25. Sign up with Tom at the meeting.

Wisconsin Lions State Convention is coming up May 15 and 16 at Wisconsin Dells. See the Wisconsin Lion for details. If you want to be a delegate, see Secretary Tom.

At the Board Meeting at 10:30am Monday, April 20,our meeting place will be discussed. The information you put on the evaluation sheets will be critical in making the choice.

It's up to you to ask someone to be a new member of our club.

Vol. 86, No. 7,    April 6, 2009,    next deadline April 13

Monday, April 6 --- The group that went to Nicaragua will again present a program, led by Mary Wiegand.

Monday, April 13 --- Discussion of where to meet in the future. Be sure you have turned in your surveys of Mark's East Side, Beefeater's, Grand Meridian, VFW and Pullman's to Secretary Tom for the Food Committee.
Click here for a copy of the "Survey Form"

Monday, April 20 --- Our speaker will be Bill Welch, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

May Program Chairmen are James Cronmiller and Sharron Huss. Please get programs to Rik Madisen at least three weeks ahead. Greeters are Howie Pleuss and Mike Tassoul.


All of you under the leadership of James Cronmiller and Karl Blahnik did a great job of selling 397 dozen roses and delivering them March 27 and 28. Delivery persons were: Karl Blahnik, Carolyn Cox, Maudie Gasman, George Schmit, Dick Novitske and Sue, Bob Randa, Jim Wieser, Bob Simon, Ralph Acker, Dude Hahn, Del Schuh, Tom O'Hearn,Mike Weyenberg, Elmer Tilque, Tim Young (and daughter Chloe), Dave Cooper, Sid Kroeger, Dave Bayer, Rik Madisen.

Chez Hoeft is recovering from pneumonia at Appleton Wellness Center and would welcome short visits. Herb Kreuger is now at Touchmark.

We are participating in a Lions Peace Poster Contest for middle school students with the Grand Chute Club.

We donated $50.00 to the Paper Discovery Center, which will be matched by another donor.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who worked on the Candy Sale April 3 and 4: Bob Randa, Tom Gasman, Joe Ferris, Dan Piper, Del Schuh, Tom O'Hearn, Mike Weyenberg, Maudie Gasman, Dick Novitske, Ron Dunlap, Jim Wieser, Elmer Tilque, Tom Piskor, George Schmit, Bob Simon, Sid Kroeger, Dick Novitske and Tim Young. Please let Rik Madisen know if your name was omitted and we will put it in the next Snort.

Vol. 86, No. 6,    March 23, 2009,    next deadline March 30


March 23, Beefeater's, 2321 E. Evergreen Drive, North of U.S. 41, cost $9.00
March 30, Pullman's, 619 S. Olde Oneida St., cost $9.50
Check at meetings as there may be one more coming in April.


To make this a success, we need every member to help deliver roses, either on Friday, March 27 with pickup at 9:00am at the American Legion Club or Saturday, March 28 with pickup at 8:00am at the Tri-County Distributors (Budweiser) at the Northeast Industrial Park off OO

Thanks to all of you, we sold 397 dozen roses. This is our second largest fundraiser. This helps us serve the less fortunate..

Monday, March 30 --- Our speaker will be Dick Nikolai who is District Wildlife Manager of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Sorry, no April programs as of this writing.


Lions celebrating are Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, Dave Cooper, James Cronmiller, Dan Piper, Herb Kreuger, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris and Rik Madisen. Many happy returns!

Nominations for 2009-2010 officers and directors are coming up. If you are interested in serving check with the committee of Charlie Garnier, Otto Cox, Chez Hoeft and Tom O'Hearn.

Zone Meeting at Butte des Morts, April 1 at 6:00pm. If you want to attend check with Secretary Tom.

Help is needed with a candy sale April 3 and 4 at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. A signup sheet on line is available. Tom Gasman is heading this up.

Vol. 86, No. 5,    March 9, 2009,    next deadline March 16


March 9, Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., cost $9.00
March 16, VFW, including Board Meeting, at 10:30, cost ?
March 23, Beefeater's, 2321 E. Evergreen Drive North of us 41, cost $9.00
March 30, Pullman's, 619 S. Olde Oneida St., $9.50

Monday, March 9 --- David Lee, Executive Director of the Paper Discovery Center will be our speaker. His topic is, "Celebrate All Things Paper -- the Wonder and the Legacy".

Monday, March 16 --- Associate Director of Habitat for Humanity Amy Ristow will bring us up to date on what Habitat is doing in our area.

Monday, March 23 --- It was a very different vacation. Our own George Schmit will tell us about his trip down the Amazon River.

Interesting places to eat, excellent programs make for a great atmosphere for inviting prospective members. Check with the Membership Committee for procedures and get busy. Only YOU can invite someone to join our club.


Maudie Gasman, sponsored by Tom Gasman; Sid Kroeger, sponsored by Tom O'Hearn and Tim Young, sponsored by Blaine Priebusch are our newest cubs. Make sure you meet them and make them welcome.

We have two funds, the Hertzfeldt Account restricted to be used for the benefit of visually handicapped in the Appleton area and the Becker Account to be used at the Clubıs discretion. VP Weyenberg reappointed Chairman Ferris, O'Hearn, Priebusch, Tassoul, Piper and Muck to monitor these funds.


Thanks to all who sold roses. Totals, etc. will be announced at our meeting and in the next Snort. Brace yourselves for the 70 degree weather for delivery March 27, 28.

April Program Co-chairmen: Dude Hahn, Bill Sund. Greeters Dave Cooper and Joe Spitz.

Vol. 86, No.4,    February 16, 2009,    next deadline Feb. 23

Monday, February 23 --- Our speaker will be Lisa Rexses, RN, BSN, Community Relations for Grand Horizons Assisted Living. They specialize in the elderly and memory care. Thanks to Sharron Huss for taking over February programs at the last minute.

Monday, March 2 --- Find out more about New North, Inc. an 18 county regional economic development organization in northeastern Wisconsin. Our speaker will be Margie Shurgot.


Members celebrating in March are: Ebie Ebert, Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn and Linda Brousard-Norcross. Many happy returns, and you DO look a day older.


According to Co-chair Jim Cronmiller, we are off to a good start, ahead of this time last year toward our goal of 600 dozen. Order blanks, posters at the meetings. Turn in money to Jim or Karl Blahnik. This is one of our major fund raisers and enables us to serve the less fortunate.

Lee Logan is 91 and would like a card at: 2144 17th St. N, Rochester, MN 55906. Del Newton is at Rennes Health Center and will turn 100 in July. He welcomes visitors.

The Membership Committee is looking for members. If you are interested in being a club officer or director, contact Charlie Garnier.

Former member Dooley Balliet died recently. The family of our deceased member, John Jooss has contributed $250.00 to the club to support educational endeavors.


Meeting is before our regular Monday meeting. All members welcome to see how our business is conducted and review our financial reports. Your input is welcome.

It is a great time to recruit a new member, which only you can do. Get details from the Membership Committee.

Vol. 86, No.3,    February 2, 2009,    next deadline Feb. 9

Monday, February 2 --- Our speaker will be JoEllen Wollangk of the Better Business Bureau. Bring a prospective member to hear this.

Monday, February 9 --- Confused about Medicare Part C? Our speaker Ron Wolf will give us the facts.

Monday, February 16 --- Director of Community Relations for Good Will Mary Bloomer is our speaker. Learn more about what Good Will does to provide training and jobs.

Lions International has presented chevrons for years of membership to: M.J. Mohr and Joe Neton, 10 years; Ralph Acker, Rod Wolf, 15 years; Chez Hoeft, Herb Kreuger, Bob Muck, 20 years; Fred Biesecker, 30 years; Dave Cooper, 45 years; Dobbie Robertson and Ebie Ebert, 50 years. Congratulations.

The following club members received certificates and pins from the Wisconsin Eye Bank. Co-chairmen Ebie Ebert and Tom OıHearn. Despatchers Del Schuh, Carolyn Cox, Sharron Huss. Transporters Otto Cox, Ebie Ebert, Joe Ferris, Charlie Garnier, Sharron Huss, Joe Neton, `Dick Novitske, Howie Pleuss, Bob Randa, George Schmit, Bob Simon, Elmer Tilque, Mike Weyenberg, Tom O'Hearn. Ron Dunlap, Dave Bayer and Ken Langenhahn.

About money: Around 90 people attended the Egg Nog Party and $122.00 was collected for the Veterans Home at King.

It looks like around $700.00 was collected from the Candy Sale. It was suggested that this money be used to buy dictionarys for third graders next Fall.

Chez Hoeft resigned from the Membership Committee due to health concerns and Dave Cooper will take his place. Don Goodman resigned as an Eye Bank Dispatcher and Carolyn Cox took his place.

Sick Call: Herb Kreuger, Chez Hoeft, Don Goodman and Dobbie Robertson are at home. Fred Biesecker had two knee replacements and is with relatives in Illinois.

Vol. 86, No. 2,    January 19, 2009 ,    next deadline Jan. 26

Sorry, no program for the 19th as of this writing, but Monday, January 26 we will have Greg Bell,, Vice President and General Manager of Woodward Communications as our speaker. Among other firms, Woodword owns radio station WHBY.

Sick Call: Chez Hoeft is back at home after being hospitalized for pneumonia. Herb Krueger is at home after hospitalizatiion.


Celebrating are Bob Simon, Ken Langenhahn, Tom Gasman and Dottie Piskor. Many happy returns to all of you.

Thanks to Tom Gasman for setting up the candy sale at Festival Foods and to all who were able to help sell When the final figures are in, you will be the first to know.

For your information: 1,662 dictionarys were distributed to third graders. Appleton Area School District sent a thank you in addition to the many from recipients.

We no longer sell Lions Mints, and leftover inventory was given to the veterans home at King.

Would you believe the Roses for Spring Sale is coming? The sale will end March 5 and delivery will be March 27 and 28.. This year the cost of a dozen roses will be $14.00. Get details as they become available at meetings.

February Program Chairperson is Dottie Piskor who was to be on with John Jooss. Her co-chair will have to be appointed by President Dick. Greeters are Tom OıHearn and Mary Beth Nienhaus.

Do bring discarded cell phones, ink cartridgess, and DVDıs with no scratches, in the original case to the club. These can be recycled by the club for money.

BIDRX offers savings on prescription drugs to members. Check our websitte for details.

Vol. 86, No.1,    January 5, 2009,    next deadline Jan. 5

Sorry, no programs to your editor by deadline. Please note your editor will be out of the country January 9-23, If we get any programs Jan. 5, we will try to get a Snort out for your information in the meantime.


The Birch-Sturm Fellowship Award is the highest Wisconsin State Lions honor and Bob received it at the Egg Nog Party. Aside from nefarious duties as Tailtwister there is a lot of good in Bob. He put together the Dictionary Project last year and ran it again this year. He and Bob Simon Co-chaired the llth Annual Senior Living EXPO which was a great public relations and financial success. Congratulations, Bob!

A Lion of the Year Award went to Ron Dunlap. Ron has for many years handled screening of the vouchers for eye exams and glasses, not only for students, but adults in need. Ron has supported many other projects here, despite being a Bears and Bulls fan.

A Lion of the Year Award went to Charlie Garnier for his enthusiastic work as president, chairing committees, as song leader and teller of "bad" jokes.

Congratulations to both of these hard wokers who know what "We Serve" means.

Our club is saddened by the death of John Jooss. He fought cancer for several years, even being able to attend a few meetings during treatment. John was a hard working member when he ws well and we will miss him. Our sympathy to the Jooss family.

The back of the Snort is being updated. If you have a change there, get it to Secretary Tom NOW!

A big thank you to the Egg Nog Party committee.

Chairman Tom Gasman has set our candy sale at Festival Foods on Northland Avenue for January 16, 17, 18. A sign up list for workers will be passed around at the meeting.

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