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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, WI

Vol. 88, No. 23,       November 26, 2012,       Biweekly, next deadline December 3

Monday, December 3 --- Don't throw it away, it can be useful. Andrew Wilson, Executive Director of St. Vincent De Paul will be our speaker. Note they have a Christmas store now open in Northland Mall.

Monday, December 10 --- Schools are in the news: West High School is one of the best in the nation. Will the state budget cut education again? How has the change in collective bargaining worked out? Our speaker is Lee Allinger, Superintendent of the Appleton School District.

And you all know what happens December 17 and you can bring guests. Bring a prize for the raffle. The committee preparing Egg Nog under co-Chairmen Dobbie Robertson and Ken Pawlak is Ken Lang, Elmer Tilque, Dick Novitske and Mike Tassoul.

No meetings December 24 or 31. January Program Chairmen are Ken Pawlak and Mary Beth Nienhaus.. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead. Greeters are Dobbie Robertson and Mike Weyenberg.


December Birthdays coming up for Ron Dunlap, Sharron Huss, Dale Robinson. Many happy returns!

The 27-B1 Convention was held at Mishicot. Our club was represented by Gerry Edinger, Tom O'Hearn, Del Schuh and Daphne Kennett. We gave a total of $2,150.00 to the Parade of Checks: $300.00 to Wisconsin Lions Foundation, $500.00 to Lions Pride, $750.00 to Lions Camp for the Handicapped, $200.00 to Juvenile Diabetes Research, $400.00 to Leader Dogs. Dave Cooper and Ed Schmidt were remembered at the Necrology Service.


Many of our members have already signed up for a shift or more. Shifts are two hours, starting at 8:00am and running until 8:00pm Mondays through Saturdays. To sign up call 955-1225 or email There are indoor or outdoor locations.

Your officers and Board wish all of you the happiest of holidays!

Vol 88. No 22,       November 12, 2012,       next deadline November 26

Monday, November 19 --- You wouldn't think it was time to throw out the first pitch --- well, it's not. We do have Matt Erickson from the Timberrattlers as our speaker. There is a lot of remodeling and other changes at the stadium and remember our team won the championship this year!

Monday, November 26 --- Our speaker will be Amy Leat bringing us up to date on health insurance. Her topic, "Translating Medicare into English".

Coming up for December are Program Chairmen Dobbie Robertson and Rik Madisen . Greeters are Bob Simon and Del Schuh. Program chairmen, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.


The computer did it. We want every member to take a two hour shift (or several shifts) bell ringing for the Salvation Army. Our club has supported this fund raiser over the years. If you called the phone number in the last Snort, you got Hamburg, Germany --- sorry. The correct number to reserve a slot, indoor or outdoor, is 955-1225 or you can go on line to Sign up now. Our club will donate money raised from the Senior Living EXPO on a match day to double its effectiveness.

Wing-Kun Tam, President of Lions International sent President Gerry a thank you letter for meeting the membership recruiting goals of the Year Round Membershio Growth Program. He enclosed a patch for our banner noting this achievement.

Every member should consider friends, people you work with, church members, those in government, having the same hobbies, just take a hard look around to find prospects. Club buys lunch the first time a prospect visits. Ask the Membership Committee for help, flyers about the club, etc. : Sandy Buettner, Janet Gray, Jim Pleuss.

The dictionaries from our club to third graders made a hit this year as in other years. Many thank you letters were passed around at the meeting.

It you have not marked Monday, December 17 down as our Egg Nog Party, do it now. You can bring guests.

Vol. 88, No. 21,       November 5, 2012,       next deadline November 5

Monday, October 29 --- Melissa Erdmann, Director of Sports for Special Olympics is our speaker. She will let us know what is happening with Special Olympics.

Monday, November 5 --- Right out of the headlines, a look "Behind the Scenes at Lambeau Field". Our speaker will be Susan Guckenberg.

Monday, November 12 --- Something different, "Flight Attendants - Then and Now". Dar Rohm was a stewardess in the 1950's and 1960's. Dar's daughter Suzy Loveland is a Flight Attendant today.

We need more members to continue our service projects. Program Chairmen should routinely ask speakers if they would be interested in joining us. Do bring a prospective member to a meeting and the club will buy lunch for the first visit --- just ask for a guest ticket. Tell your prospect about what we do such as providing a free dictionary to every third grader, etc. Submit the prospect's name to the Board and after approval, invite your friend to join.

A big "Thank you" to Bob Randa and those who put club stickers on the dictionaries and delivered them to schools.

While the deadline for registration has passed for the 27-B1 Convention at Fox Hills in Mishicot, you can probably still be a walk-in. Dates are Friday November 9 and Saturday, November 10. Travel and lodging are on your own. You can get details from your let state Lions paper.


Celebrating this month are Del Schuh, Mary Jo Mohr, Tom Loveall, Penny Schaber and Jerry Breen. Many happy returns!

It was great to see Ken Lang at a meeting. He is wheel chair bound. His son from Detroit was visiting and brought him.

Now is the time to put in a shift or more ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Shifts are two hours and there are inside and outside locations available. Our club has always supported this project. To sign up for a shift call 920-055-1225 or on line,

Remember our gala Egg Nog Party will be Monday, December 17. Invite guests if you wish.

Vol. 88, No. 20,       October 22, 2012,       next deadline October 29

Monday, October 22 --- Our speaker will be Chris Washok. He is Client Services Coordinator for the homeless shelter. Find out how the homeless are helped to get back on track.

Monday, October 29: Watch for an announcement at the meeting on the program.


Program Chairmen are Del Schuh and Pat Cox. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Otto Cox. As always, please get programs to Editor Rik for the Snort three weeks ahead.

After those notes on dues due, Treasurer Blaine is pleased to report all members are paid. Speaking of dues, new members get a somewhat pro-rated amount to pay for dues if they come in after July 1. This is an added incentive when you talk to a prospect about joining. In addition, our club pays for the first lunch when you invite a prospect to a meeting.

We have some flyers and information to help your sales pitch. Membership Committee can help: Sandy Buettner, Chairperson, Janet Gray and Jim Pleuss, members.

27-B1 Convention will be held at Fox Hills, Mishicot, November 9 and 10. You can attend just for Saturday if you wish. Club pays registration and for luncheon and banquet if you go. Check the state newspaper for details and check with Secretary Tom if you plan to attend. October 22 is your deadline to sign up.

A heads up: our Egg Nog Party will be Monday, December 17. You can bring guests.

A reminder that you can sign up ahead to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Call 920-055-1225 or on line Our club has always been a leader in doing this service to the area.

Vol. 88, No. 19,       October 8, 20012,       next deadline October 10

Monday, October 8 ---Our program will be on the Land Trust - Keep It Natural. Speaker will be introduced at the meeting.

Monday, October 15 --- Everyone wants to be in good health and good shape. Our speaker will be John Davis who is a personal trainer.


Our club makes sure that every third grader in the Appleton School District boundary gets a free dictionary. These have been ordered and will arrive soon. A sticker saying our club donated the dictionary needs to be put into each one. Help on delivering them to schools is also needed.

Contact Bob Randa if you can help with this.

Ever wonder how many used eyeglasses our club picks up? Chairman Ralph Acker has gone over the 70,000 mark for used eyeglasses taken to Lions Camp at Rosholt. There they are sorted, cleaned and put into containers which Lions and doctors can take to countries where the need is great and fitted to a person with bad vision. Not like your glasses here, but still a great improvement. People can go to work, carry on a normal life, all thanks to what was done through our club.


You have probably seen something on TV that bell ringing time is fast approaching. Our club has always been one of the first to sign up members for a two hour shift. Now is the time to think about putting in one or more shifts which will start next month. There are indoor and outdoor locations from morning into evening.

You can sign up at or call 920-955-1225. Pick your slot now.

Vol. 88, No. 18,       September 24, 2012,       Next deadline October 1


Daphne Kennett is a transfer from the Manitowoc Club. Be sure to meet her. She got right to work at the EXPO.

Monday, September 24 --- Our speaker will be James Strong. He is with the Fox Valley Veterans Council, Inc. which assists veterans in our area.

Sorry, no program to publish for October 1, but listen for info at the meeting.

11:00am at the Grand Meridian before our regular meeting. Get up to date on club business and finances.

After a "non profit" birthday raffle due to only two birthdays last month, October raises the odds. Members growing a bit older include Elmer Tilque, Sid Kroeger, Mark Keller and Dave Lee. Many happy returns to all of you Lions!


Even the rain held off. Thanks to Bob Randa and Bob Simon, co-chairs and EVERYONE who turned out at the crack of dawn to work hard at Player's Choice. We heard a lot of good comments thanking the club for putting this on. As you can understand, there are a lot of loose ends to pick up before a final report, but we had over 624 visitors and an estimate of around $13,000.00 net. This will again go to charitable organizations in need.

For those of you who eat lunch on Monday noons, starting October 1, you will pay $10.00. Secretary Tom checked with what other clubs are paying and this is pretty much in line.

We had a vital and important announcement to put here, but had to cancel in order to make sure that those few members who haven't paid your $80.00 dues which were due July 1, should PLEASE pay up now.

Vol 88, No. 17,       September 10, 2012,       next deadline September 17

Monday, September 10 --- Everyone should attend this meeting. It is the briefing on what each member is to do at the 15th Senior Living EXPO. We need every member helping. Various chairmen will be there to answer questions.

Thursday, September 13 is the date for the Senior Living EXPO. It will be held again this year at Player's Choice which is east of Appleton North High School on County JJ. Time is from 8:00am to 12:15pm. This is our major fund raiser which has enabled us to give thousands of dollars to area non-profits.

Get posters at the meeting and put them up. Free tickets are available from exhibitors, Post Crescent ads and from the hundreds of postcards mailed to previous attendees. Ask your friends to attend.


All members are welcome to attend the Board Meeting prior to our regular meeting at the Grand Meridian. See how business is conducted, look at financial reports.

Monday, September 17 ---From the headlines to our club, recently appointed Appleton Police Pete Helein will describe "A Day in the Life of the Police Chief". He will discuss the citizen's role in safety in the community and his goals for the department in the future.

Program Chairmen for October are Mark Keller and John Robinson. Greeters are Karl Blahnik and Blaine Priebusch. Please get program info to Editor Rik three weeks ahead to go into the Snort.

Now is the time to bring a prospective member to a meeting. Club pays for first lunch, just ask for a guest ticket. Talk about the SERVICE we do, as well as the state (things like Lions Camp), and Lions International. Chairman of the Membership Committee is Sandy Buettner and members are Linda Gray and Jim Pleuss. Ask them for help, membership materials, etc. Submit the application to the Board for approval. If approved, your prospect is now a member of the Appleton Noon Lions Club.

Do bring used eyeglasses to the meetings. They will eventually be recycled at Lions Camp and dispensed to those in need in a third world country.

If you still need to pay your 2012-2013 $80.00 dues, please do so immediately.

Vol. 88, No. 16,       August 20, 2012,       next deadline August 27

NAG, NAG, NAG 9 members still have not paid their $80.00 dues. The club is out
both state and International dues on their behalf, which the club has paid.

Monday, August 20 ---- No meeting, Annual Family Picnic at Plamann Park Pavilion. Fellowship at 5:00pm, brats, roasted corn, burgers, etc. at 6:00pm rain or shine. You are welcome to bring guests. We know it will be a success and so a big thank you to Cochairpersons Mike Tassoul and Tom Piskor, Otto Cox and Del Schuh. Cost is $3.00 for one person, $5.00 for a family.

Monday, August 27 --- Our speaker is Dorry Wilmer, Oshkosh Police Department Community Program Coordinator presenting "Operation Life Saver". She is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and has been with the department over six years.

THANKS to Pat Cox for organizing a wonderful Timberrattlers outing for the club. And to Dobbie Robertson for setting up the annual club golf outing. (No none of them is going on to the PGA). Thanks to Mary Beth Nienhaus for her hospitality at Winagamie Golf Course.

Sick call: we understand that Tailtwister Sid is recovering from an operation. Archie Mauk is at Rennes.

Sharron Huss announced that her committee which checks into those in need of visual help had arranged for a free eye exam and glasses for a person staying at COTS shelter.

Do you remember that the Ed Schmidt family donated the cost of five mountain bikes for Lions Camp as a memorial to Ed? The Camp had requested them, they are in use and each has a plaque in memory of Ed.


Dude Hahn and Tom Piskor turn another year older (and better?).

Please don't come to a meeting Monday, September 3 -- there ain't none.

Pick up Senior Living EXPO posters at the club and put them up where you think they will get the most notice.


Vol. 88, No. 15,       August 6, 2012,       next deadline August 20


Pres. Gerry Edinger, Gerald Post,
DG Meg Post and Asst Sec Del Schuh.

Monday, August 13 --- Our speaker will be Kathleen Albert. She is the Outreach Specialist for the Alzheimers Association. She will talk about and show on the screen signs of early detection of the disease.

Monday, August 20 --- Annual Family Picnic, no meeting that day. There will be a raffle and you are asked to bring a prize to donate for it. Single persons $3.00, families, $5.00. Guests are welcome. We will be at the pavilion in Plamann Park as in past years. Come at 5.00pm for fellowship, soft drinks, beer available. We will eat at 6:00pm. Menu will include corn on the cob roasted, brats and burgers. If you have any questions please ask chairman Mike Tassoul.

2012-13 Officers and Directors

September Program Chairmen are Jerry Breen and Mary Jo Mohr. Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead if possible.

11:00am at the Grand Meridian. All members welcome. See how your club is run, look at the financial statements, offer suggestions and comments.

Sick call: As of this writing Tailtwister Sid is recovering from kidney stones (unfortunately Karl Blahnik filled in for Sid). Dan Wissmann is recovering from surgery and he and his wife find it necessary to drop club membership.


Please sign up to work a shift or two at the club or at our web site. If you can contact a business for prizes, please do. Gift certificates would be a good choice. To work contact George Schmit if you have questions. Briefing on the EXPO will be Monday, September 10.

We need members. If you have a prospect, bring him/her to a meeting, lunch for the first visit is on the club, just ask for a guest ticket. If you need information or help contact the Membershipi Committee: Sandy Buettner, chairperson, Janet Gray or Jim Pleuss. They can assist in bringing in your prospect.

August 6, Club Golf Outing at Winagamie, contact Dobbie Robertson. August 8, club night at the Timberrattlers, reservations closed.

Vol. 88, No. 14,       July 23, 2012,       next deadline August 6

Monday, July 30 --- Our speaker will be Larry Burkhardt, Executive Vice President for Economic Development for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. He will cover economic development in general and specifically the Chamber program, "Ignite the Fox Cities".

Monday, August 6 --- From Natural Expressions Rosalie Misco will tell us about subjects such as classes for weight loss, diabetes diets, whole grain products, etc.

Thanks To Pat Cox and all who worked to set up the Timberrattlers outing coming August 8. Let's have a winning game! If you aren't paid up, get money to Pat at our next meeting.

From Dobbie Robertson: The annual club golf outing will be Monday, August 6 at Winnegamie Golf Course, 82 miles west on BB. Sign up at the club. 2:30pm start for the 9 hole scramble. Entertainment and refreshments for players.

DUES ARE PAST DUE FOR 17 OF YOU AT THIS WRITING. Make your check for $80.00 payable to Appleton Noon Lions club and give to Secretary Tom NOW.

Senior Living EXPO committee meeting at 11:00am before the August 23 meeting.

Advance notice: Annual Family Picnic is August 20 (no meeting that day) at Plamann Park pavilion. Come at 5:00pm, serving at 6:00pm, everything provided. This happens rain or shine. NEEDED are prizes for the famed raffle. Let Mike Tassoul know if you can donate one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lions celebrating in August: Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, George Schmit, Bob Randa and Gerry Edinger.


Bob Simon received a Past Presidents plaque and pin for a year well led. Attendance awards were presented, with special pins on five year anniversaries of membership to: Ralph Acker, Karl Blahnik (35), Carolyn Cox, Otto Cox, Pat Cox, James Cronmiller, Gerry Edinger, Joe Ferris (25), Charlie Garnier, Dude Hahn (30), Howie Hardesty, Sharron Huss, Sid Kroeger, Dave Lee, Rik Madisen, Archie Mauk (25), Mary Jo Mohr, Ron Mohr, Dick Novitske, Ed Ogurek, Tom O'Hearn (35), Ken Pawlak, Dottie Piskor, Tom Piskor, Howie Pleuss, Jim Pleuss, Blaine Priebusch, Bob Randa, Dobbie Robertson, George Schmit, Del Schuh, Bob Simon, Joe Spitz, Mike Tassoul, Elmer Tilque, Mike Weyenberg and Jim Wieser.

We received a thank you from our Badger Girls State delegate. This is part of our youth program every year.

Vol. 88, No. 13,       July 9, 2012,       next deadline July 23

Monday, July 16 --- Our speaker will be Bob Peterson, CEO of Goodwill Industries of northeast Wisconsin. He will tell us about current operations and how you may benefit by patronizing Goodwill stores.

Monday, July 23 --- Our new District 27-B1 Governor Meg Post will make her official visit to the club. She will tell us about the International Convention in Korea and her plans for B1. Dale Robinson will be initiated (sponsored by Mark Keller). Our newly elected officers and board will be inducted ( of course, the Tailtwister's authority ran out July 1 and he will not get it back until July 23).

Now that you all have met as committees July 9, let the work proceed. A written report on actions will be welcomed as a guideline for the following year.

Coming up in August are Program Chairmen Ed Ogurek and Dick and Kay Van De Weghe. Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske. Please get programs to editor Rik three weeks ahead to make the Snort.

Reminder to those who signed up for our annual Timberrattlers outing that it will by Wednesday, August 8 with the game starting at 7:05pm. Pat Cox has arranged premier seating, great ballpark food and drink for the price and exciting baseball.

We keep looking ahead: Plamann Park pavillion will again be the site of the Annual Family Picnic, (guests welcome). It will happen Monday, August 20 with gathering at 5:00pm, serving at 6:00pm, everything provided -- it's on rain or shine. Urgently needed are prizes for the raffle, says Chairman Mike Tassoul.

Ed Ogurek's new name tags have the added feature of being able to hold your meal ticket. Stay tuned for any other features which might turn up.

Vol. 89, No. 12,       June 25, 2012,       next deadline July 9

Monday, June 25 -- AT HAPPY JOE'S, Appleton City Clerk Charlene Peterson is our speaker.

Monday, July 2 -- No meeting while we celebrate July 4.

Monday, July 9 --- The new officers take over, You will have received your list of committees. Each chairperson will hold a meeting of his committee to discuss what will be done in the next year. Chairpersons should be prepared to report plans to the Board a couple months ahead of events.


Please get checks made out to Appleton Noon Lions Club in by July 9. We have box seats along the 3rd base line, hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, potato salad, large cookie, 2 beverages - beer, soda, water - for $20.50 adults, $16.50 kids. Pat Cox has done a great job organizing this event and if you need more information, contact him.

Coming up July 23 is a visit from Peg Post, District Governor who will install officers and initiate new member Dale Robinson, sponsored by Mark Heller. She will tell us about the International Convention in South Korea.

Coming up in August, Family Picnic at Plamann Park on the 20th and Golf Outing at Winnegamie Golf Course on the 27th.

$80.00 DUES ARE DUE NOW. Same cost as last year. Make checks payable to Appleton Noon Lions CLub and hand to Secretary Tom.

Wanted: Assistant Song Leader. Must have own piano, organ acceptable.

The well dressed Noon Lion should take advantage of O'Hearn's sale: Vests $20. Polo shirts, navy/gold $20. Sweatshirts/wiindbreakers $20. Baseball/golf caps $10. Rollup hats (yellow) $10.

Vol. 89, No. 11,       June 11, 2012,       next deadline June 18

Monday, June 18 --- Get moving! Our speaker will be David Immel, MS (Masters of Science - Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) and owner of Life Line Fitness. He will talk about the F.I.T.T. Principle: Frequency; how often a week; Intensity: level of exertion; Time: time commitment necessary; Type: Appropriate type of exercise.

Monday, June 25 --- Appleton has a new City clerk. Come meet her - Charlene Peterson - at our meeting.


Our dues will remain at $80.00 (U.S.) andy we urge you to pay before June 30. At that date, we have to pay our state and international dues based on our number of members. If you will not be a member next year, let us know. Otherwise we will assume you will continue and send in your state and international dues.

Make out your $80.00 check to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Secretary Tom BEFORE JUNE 30.

As you know, part of our youth work is to sponsor delegates to Badger Boys and Badger Girls State. This year in addition we are helping out a blind boy by joining with another club in paying our half of his Badger Boys State cost.


Thanks to Ed Ogurek who is supplying new name badges which have the information on both sides. Now, half the members have badges which have turned around and don't show a name at meetings.

Our Board has passed a club budget and you had a chance to look at a copy earlier. Our finances are open to any member at all times.

As of July 1, our new officers and Board are running the show. Pat Cox resigned as 2nd VP, but remains active in many club activities. Recapping: Gerry Edinger, President; Carolyn Cox, 1VP; Dave Lee, 3VP; Tom O'Hearn, Secretary; Del Schuh, Asst. Sec.; Blaine Priebusch, Treasurer; Howard Hardesty, Lion Tamer; Dude Hahn, Asst. Tamer; Sid Kroeger, Tailtwister, 1 year Directors ‰alpha Acker and Ken Pawlak; 2 years Jim Wieser and Dale Shaber; 3 years, Rik Madisen and Dick Novitske. Membership Committee: Sandy Buettner, Chairman, Linda Gray and Jim Pleuss members.

Vol. 89, No. 10,       May 21, 2012,       next deadline June 4

No meeting Monday May 28, Memorial Day.

Monday, June 4-- Daniel Liedtke, Museum Operations Curator of Collections National Railroad Museum
(NOTE: We will vote on the 2012-2013 Budget at this meeting.)

Monday, June 11 — What you should know about the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway will be presented by Terry Kohlman and Candice Mortara. This project spotlights history and environment for our enjoyment.
(NOTE: The Board will meet at 11:00 just prior to regular meeting.)

What a great 90th Anniversary party! Thanks to Sharron Huss, James Cronmiller, Del Schuh, Karl Blahnik and everyone else who worked on the party.

We had recognition from President Obama, Governor Walker and Senator Kohl in framed documents which were on display.


There has been a change from May to July and February. Del Schuh has the list and if you want to sign up to transport eyes for the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank check with Del.

June Program Cochairmen are Dave Lee and George Schmidt. Welcomer is Mary Jo Mohr.


It is imperative that those on club committees meet and operate by deadlines set. Committees for next year are being set up and YOU can let incoming President Gerry Edinger know if you have a preference on where you will serve.


Celebrating in June are Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Jim Wieser, Kay Van Dr Wege, Mike Weyenberg, Dick Novitske, Ed Ogurek and Camille Wissmann. Many happy returns!

Vol. 89, No. 9,       May 7, 2012,       next deadline May 14

Remember May 7 and 14 meetings will be at Happy Joe's

Saturday, May 12 is the date of our club's 90th Anniversary. The celebration will be at the Grand Meridian.
Cost is $20.00 per person. Guests are welcome at the same rate.
4:30pm --- Cash bar and social
5:30pm --- Dinner and Music -- The HappyWanderers
6:15pm --- Guest speaker Andrea Yenter, Lions Camp Operations Manager


One year older (and wiser) are Ralph Acker, Joe Neton, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Ron Mohr and Mary Beth Nienhaus.


All members are welcome to come to the Grand Meridian at 11:00am and sit in on the Board meeting. See how the club conducts its business, look at our financial statements. Your comments are appreciated in making our club run better.


Those who have signed up to transport eyes should plan to do so when called. Club will reimburse cost of gas if you submit a bill. Questions, check with Del Schuh.

Rose Sale profit is right around $3,000.00 thanks to all who sold roses. Thanks to salesmen and those who delivered. .

Vol. 89, No. 8, April 23, 2012 Biweekly, next deadline April 30

Monday, April 23 — The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley has new leadership and new ideas and directions for the coming years. Dean Rudd will discuss this at our meenng.

Monday, April 30 — We donate annually to the Fox Cities Emergency Shelter with profits from the Senior Living EXPO. New Director of the Shelter, Jerome Martin wil bring us up to date on how it benefits the community.


April 23 and May 7 and 14 meetings will be at Happy Joe's, where we have met in the past. Our Board meeting for May will be May 21, back at the Grand Meridian.

May will be our club's month to again transport eyes to the Lions Eyebank locations If you are not on the list and want to sign up, check with Del Schuh.

You can have confidence in our newly elected officers. Attending a training session in Fond du Lac are Gerry Edinger, Carolyn Cox, Pat Cox and Dave Lee. When they get to work, if you don't like it, there is always the recall possibility.

A student at Highlands School blossomed when he had a school I pad to work with and his teacher felt it would help him to have one of his own. Our club, Grand Chute and the Evening Club chipped in and bought one at a great discount thanks to Bob Randa. We received thanks yous from family and teachers. This is what We Serve means when you have an opportunity.


is the date of our gala 90th anniversary celebration which will be held at the Grand Meridian. Plan now to attend. Lions and their guests and the general public are invited to attend. Lions Camp Director Andrea Yenter will be our featured speaker and the Happy Wanderers band will entertain.

Vol. 89, No. 7,       April 16, 2012,       next deadline April 23

Monday, April 9 --- Our speaker will be Tom Nelson. He is the Outagamie County Executive. A number of new supervisors were elected, so the county government will have a new look. Get an update on new projects, etc.

Monday, April 16 --- More on Outagamie County. Outagamie County Board Chairperson Helen Nagler will be our speaker. NOTE: Meeting will be held at Happy Joe's, 3401 E. Evergreen Dr., 954-6000

Saturday, May 12 --- Appleton Noon Lions 90th Anniversary Celebration
Click Here for more information (and Sign-Up Form)


Congratulations to rose salesmen! The total sales hit 375 dozen. This is 25 dozen more than we sold last year.

Area clubs get together to trade orders so that all to be delivered in one area are consolidated from all sales. Those working with James Cronmiller and Karl Blahnik to sort these were Elmer Tilque, Otto and Carolyn Cox, Tom O'Hearn and Sharron Huss.

THANKS to all who sold and delivered for this project.

The club sends its sympathy to the Charlie Garnier family on the death of son Joel recently.

After the vote April 9 on our proposed slate of officers, we can make it official. Even the Tailtwister won the race. New officers and Board take over July 1 for a year.

If you have a preference for which committee to serve on 2012-2013, let incoming President Gerry Edinger know.

May Program Co-Chairmen are Jim Wieser and James Cronmiller. Greeters are Mike Tassoul and Howard Pleuss.

Keep in mind possible new members who may be friends, business people you work with, those you see at church, the gym, doctor's office, etc. Bring them to a meeting, ask for a guest ticket (club pays for lunch) and tell them about the service projects we do: dictionaries, Lions Camp, donations to area non-profits, etc. Ask them to join, then get Board approval (ask any officer to bring the name up) and welcome them officially as a member.

Vol. 89, No. 6,       April 2, 2012,       next deadline April 9

Monday, April 2 --- Our speaker is Paul Kowald, a young man our club has assisted a number of times in the past. He is a graduate of Appleton East High School and is continuing work at the School for the Blind at Janesville. He will talk about Lions connectons and the technology he uses.

Monday, April 9 --- Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson will tell us about the "State of the County" , projects, budget, etc.


As of March 26, we sold 275 dozen roses. A sign up sheet has been passed for members who can deliver. Pick up roses at the American Legion at 9:00am on Friday, April 13 and 8:30am Saturday at the Budweiser Distributing Center in the Northeast Industrial Park off County 00.

Tired of Bob Simon? Let's make him Past President. While we are at it how about Gerry Edinger, President, Carolyn Cox, 1st Vice President; Pat Cox, 2nd Vice President and Dave Lee, 3rd Vice President.
    Let's keep Secretary Tom O¹Hearn, Assistant Secretary Del Schuh, Treasurer, Blaine Priebusch; Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty and Assistant Dude Hahn. Only one running for Tailtwister (and he does a great job), Sid Kroeger.
    1 year Directors, Ralph Acker and Ken Pawlak;, 2 years,Jim Weiser and Dale Schaber; 3 years, Rik Madisen and Dick Novitske. Membership Committee: Sandy Buettner, 1 year; Linda Gray, 2 years and Jim Pleuss, 3 years.
    That is your slate of nominees for 2012-2013. Vote April 9.

We plan to establish an endowment, with the Evening Club, for Lions Park to maintain or replace equipment there. Each club will put in $5000.00 over five years. The Community Foundation will administer the funds.

We are sorry to lose Jennifer Hasart who resigned for personal reasons.

Send a card to Ron Dunlap who is at home.

We received a thank you from Badger Boys State for sponsoring a high school boy again this year.

Vol. 89, No. 5,       March 19, 2012,       next deadline March 19

Monday, March 19 --- Our speaker will be Michelle Litzjen who is the state Assembly person from Vineland, near Oshkosh. She will talk about the state budget, Act 10 and current legislation.

Monday, March 26 --- Details on the Fox Valley Technical College referendum coming up in the next election. Jane Franz will detail where the sixty plus million dollars will go.
(ALSO: Report from the Nominations Committee.)

(CORRECTION of DATE) Monday, April 9th --- Election of Officers for 2012-13


Get your orders and money in as soon as possible. As of the March 12 meeting we had approximatelyy 147 dozen sold, which nets the club over $1,200.00. Hand out orders wherever you think there might be a possible sale. Talk to friends, relatives, or anyone with a special someone who might appreciate some beautiful roses. A big selling point is that they are delivered to the recipient --- and at a very good price.

Delivery will be April 13 and 14, after Easter. We will need every person possible to make for an easy delivery. The more who sign up, the fewer dozens of roses each will need to deliver.

Nominations for 2012-2013 officers and Board are due March 26. If you are interested in one of these rewarding jobs, let Bob Randa know. We will vote in April.

Special Olympics to be held in Oshkosh April 14 needs volunteers to help make it go. If you want to help, check with Secretary O¹Hearn.

Our 90th Anniversary will be celebrated May 12 at the Grand Meridian. Plan to attend!


Celebrating in April are Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, James Cronmiller, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Rik Madisen, Howard Hardesty and Janet Gray.

Program Chairmen for April are Howard Hardesty and Sharron Huss. Greeters are Rob Randa and Karl Blahnik

Vol. 89, No. 4,       March 5, 2012,       next deadline March 12


Be sure to pick up additional order forms and posters at meetings if you need them (or Click Here for Order Blanks from the website). Turn in orders and money to James Cronmiller or Karl Blahnik. Remember, when you sell a dozen roses for $15.00, the club nets about $8.60. This goes to our charitable work. The rose sale is our second largest fundraiser and is dependent on each member to be a success.

If you can't get out to sell, use the telephone. Howie Pleuss has a list he mails orders to and encloses a return envelope with a stamp to get replies. Dave Lee plans to have a table at Ace Hardware on Northland Avenue on Saturday mornings to sell roses. Sign up to be there to help. You can probably think of other ways to sell roses. Delivery dates are April 13 and 14 when we need all of you to make light work of delivering roses.

This information approved and paid for by Lions International Intercoastal.

Monday, March 5 ---Julie Abboud of the Greenville Foot and Ankle Clunic will be our speaker. If you have problems with your feet, make this a "must" meeting.

Monday, March 12 ---One of the groups we support (with $800.00 from our Senior Living EXPO) is the Red Cross of East Central Wisconsin. Bringing us up to date on what our contribution is doing will be Steve Hanson and Rebecca Bergin.


All members are welcome to attend the March Board meeting. It will be at 11:00am Monday, March 12 at the Grand Meridian. This is where club business is conducted. Your comments are appreciated. You can also look at club finances with Treasurer Blaine's monthly report. (Note Tailtwister has met over 86% of his annual budgeted fines with four months to go.)

If you are interested in filling our second or third vice president slots for next year or any of the other spots listed on the inside cover of your committee booklet, let Bob Randa or Secretary Tom know.

Vol. 89, No. 3,       February 20, 2012,       next deadline Feb. 27

Monday, February 20 --- Getting to know you: Co-Chairman Charlie Garnier has lined up some of our newer members for brief biographies.

Monday, February 27 ---Our own member Penny Bernard-Schaber who is our State Assembly Representative will give us a look at what happened so far in the current session. Bring a guest and a potential new club member to hear her.

Speaking of new members, our Board has approved Dale Robinson sponsored by Mark Heller. Also approved are Dick VanDeWeghe and Kay VanDeWeghe and Jerry Breen --- all sponsored by Pat Cox. WELCOME!

Pat has sponsored five new members. Now it is YOUR turn to recruit someone you think would be an asset to the club. We now have eight members toward our goal of ten by July 1. Remember your prospect's first visit to a meeting includes a free lunch courtesy of the club -- just ask for a guest ticket. Talk about our club and its service, Lions Camp, State Eye Bank, etc. Bring the name to any Board member or officer for BOARD approval, get a form for this from Secretary Tom.


Wildly celebrating in March are: Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn, Dale Schaber and Pat Cox. Many happy returns to all of you.

Ed Ogurek is taking pictures of each member which are then put on our website. Get to them by clicking on the Dot at the top of the site, which opens the door to more confidential club information.

Our club donated $50.00 for each deceased member to Wisconsin Lions Foundation in honor of Ed Schmidt and Dave Cooper. Dave Cooper¹s family also donated.

March Program Chairmen are Ralph Acker and Jim Pleuss. Greeters are Bob Randa and Karl Blahnik. (Please get programs to Editor Rik at least two weeks ahead so they can get into the Snort.)

Vol. 89, No 2,       January 30, 2012,       next deadline February 6

Monday, February 6 --- Program Co-Chair Dale Schaber wants to spotlight College Avenue businesses and the first is Coventry Glassworks and Gallery. Owner Linda Muldoon will be our speaker.

Monday, February 13 ---Genelle Van Heuklon and Germaine Millard will be our speakers from Globally Sound Fair Trade Imports and USA Made. This is concerned with fair wages, fair working conditions and environmental sustainability.


Cronmiller and Blahnik are at it again. Rose Sale order blanks were passed out and posters are available at meetings. Cost is $15.00 per dozen, same as last year. Delivery dates will be the weekend after Easter. This is a major fundraiser and even if you can't deliver, you can sell -- over the phone if necessary. Questions (about anything, but answers only about the sale), ask James or Karl.

Ed Schmidt's wife, Stevie, at our January 23 meeting, has given $1,000.00 from funeral donations to the club for Lions Camp. Our Board has specified purchase of five mountain bikes requested by the Camp. Each will be inscribed: "In memory of Ed Schmidt, Appleton Noon Lions".


Celebrating are: Bob Simon, Dottie Piskor, Sandy Buettner and Jim Pleuss. We wish them many happy returns.

The District 27-B1 Bowling Tournament continues Sunday, February 5 at Madell's Lanes in Poy Sippi. 4 member team registration is $80.00. Contact Chuck Teskke at 920-987-5824 to register.

Pat Cox and Mark Keller each brought prospective members to our meeting. We hope both join us and help bring our club up to strength after the loss of Dave Cooper and Ed Schmidt. We note that former member Don Goodman also died recently.

Vol. 89, No 1,       January 16, 2012,       next deadline January 23

Monday, January 16 --- Our speaker will be Tim Riley, Executive Director of the Trout Museum. He will talk about the museum collections and future plans.

Monday, January 23 --- Margie Weiss will be our speaker. She is CEO and community health advocate.

Monday, January 30 ---Shannon Full is the new President of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. She will tell us about the new directions the Chamber is taking.


Over the holidays our club lost David Cooper and Ed Schmidt. Dave had been a member since 1963. Ed had joined us in 1995. The club has sent a $50.00 donation in memory of each to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.

From money collected at our Christmas Party, we have sent a check for $175.00 to the Veterans Home at King. The money will be used to buy things for veterans in need.


Note that member Howard Pleuss turned 90 this month. Congratulations!!!

Each year Lions International provides awards to Lions on the fifth anniversary of of their joining Lions. Receiving awards are:
10 years, Charlie Garnier, Sharron Huss, Tom Piskor and Mike Weyenberg.
15 years, James Cronmiller and Wayne Tauber
25 years, Blaine Priebusch
35 years Karl Blahnik and Tom O¹Hearn
40 years, Howard Pleuss

February Program Chairmen are Dale Schaber and Charlie Garnier. Greeters are Tom O'Hearn and Dick Novitske. Please get programs to Editor Rik for the Snort three weeks ahead.

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