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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, WI

Vol. 89, No. 24,       December 16, 2013,       next deadline January 6

Recap, Monday, December 16 --- Annual Christmas Party. We gave $10,000.00 away. (We donated $1,000.00 to the Salvation Army already on a day when it was matched.)

Mondays, December 23 & 30 --- NO MEETINGS

Monday, January 6 --- Our speaker will be Susan Van Den Heuval. She is Director of Octoberfest for the Chamber of Commerce. Everything you wanted to know about it and more!

Monday, January 13 --- Something different scheduled, a biography of Ken Pawlak.

OUR BOARD WILL MEET at 11:00am on January 13 before our regular meeting. All members are welcome to sit in and hear business discussed and see where or money goes.

Update on the Vision Screening project. It will start January 7. If you need a background check form or didn't get yours in yet, please take care of it now.

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBER MIKE CROWE sponsored by Dave Lee. Only YOU can ask a person to join. We need more members to continue our service to the community. Bring your prospect to a meeting, introduce him/her, talk about the service our club does, Lions Camp, Lions Eyebank, etc. Club buys first lunch for your prospect. Bring the name to the Board for approval, get an application from Secretary Tom, and YOU have helped your club.

Mike Tassoul and Ralph Acker and a couple of others will head to the veterans home at King shortly after our party. They will bring books, playing cards, toiletries, clothing. Bring items to our party Monday.

Happy Birthday to Howie Pleuss, our only January celebrant. Many Happy Returns1

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you from your officers and Board. Thanks to the work of our Tailtwister Sid Kroeger and Lion Tamer Howie Hardesty every Monday.

No meetings December 23 and 30. Roast some chestnuts by your fire.

Vol. 89, No. 23,       November 25, 2013,       next deadline November 29

Monday, December 2 --- Prevent Blindness Executive Director Barbara Armstrong will talk about this organization. Following the program there will be a workshop for our members who signed up lasting two hours.

Monday, December 9 --- Earl Porter takes over as Program Chairman for this one on Thilmany Paper Company. Russ Wanke, Vice President will present the program on one of our most important local businesses.

Our Christmas party will be Monday, December 16. We hope to have more details later, but Ralph Acker does ask that you bring items for veterans at King. These can include toiletries, books, clothes in good condition. These will be taken to King after the party date. A collection will probably be taken at the party. Guests are welcome at the party. We will present grants to local non-profits.

Board will meet at 11:00am Monday, December 9 at the Grand Meridian. All members welcome to see how your club runs and check out the finances.

Our sympathy to the Cloud family on the death of long time member Dan. The club donated $50 in his name to Wisconsin Lions Foundation.

We are joining clubs in the area to buy a GPS for blind person. Daphne Kennett is chairing this project.

THANKS PAT COX for all the work in personally building the beautiful addition to the Timberrattler Stadium, preparing lunch, and letting us tour the place. Play ball!

At the District 27-B1 Convention, our club donated $300 to WLF, $750 to Lions Camp and $300 to Leader Dogs. The Necrology Service recognized our members who passed away during the year: Tom Loveall and Ken Lang.

Congrats to Scott Nickel on his appointment to the Appleton Health Board.

Vol. 89, No. 22,       November 11, 2013,       next deadline November 25

Monday, November 18 --- Right up our (Lions) alley. Rick Daluge will be our speaker. He is Community Relations Director of the Lions Eyebank of Wisconsin and will talk about the history and activity of the Eyebank and the importance of the eye transporters.

Monday, November 25 --- It's coming soon! Greg Otis is Chairman of the Appleton Christmas Parade scheduled for Tuesday, November 26. Learn about the planning and execution of this complicated event.

Our sympathy to Archie Mauk and his family on the death of his wife. We all signed a card for Archie.

Bob Randa again headed this project and with the help of many members they were distributed to students in Appleton schools.

Vision Testing will begin December 9 and be completed January 31 for K4 kindergarten pupils. Sessions are 8:30-11:00am and 12:30-3:00pm. Dave Lee passed out sign up sheets and we need as many of you as possible to participate. Not hard or complicated, even YOU can do it.

Bell ringers wanted by the Salvation Army. Our club has always participated in this annual event. To get a time and place either call 920-955-1225 or go on the web site

December Program Chairmen are Mike Weyenberg and Dobbie Robertson. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead. Greeters are Bob Simon and Del Schuh.

Members celebrating birthdays in December are: Del Schuh, Mary Jo Mohr, Penny Schaber, Jerry Breen and Stevie Schmidt.

Vol. 89, No. 21,       October 28, 2013,       Next deadline November 4

Monday, November 4 --- Back to school? Our speaker is Tom Wiegand, from Fox Valley Technical College. He will tell us about computer classes for seniors. He will present an overview of what the classes offer from basic to advanced computer skills.

Monday, November 11 --- The Grand Tour of the new Timberrattlers Stadium. It starts with you providing a count of who is going, spouses, friends, etc. at the November 4 meeting.

Our Board will meet there at 11:00am for its regular meeting. All members are welcome to sit in and see how the club's business is done, including a look at our financial picture. The meeting will be upstairs. Lunch for the club will also be upstairs, and there is a bar available. Click Here for more Information.

Jenny Smith will speak to us and President and General Manager Rob Zerjav will say a few words. A tour of the stadium will follow. Sorry, no game scheduled that day.

Sick Call: Our beloved and esteemed Tailtwister Sid, at this writing is recovering from a stroke. We signed a card for him. Keep him in your thoughts.


November 8 and 9 are the dates for the District 27-B1 convention at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc. Deadline has passed, but you can probably register there if you go. See the state paper for details.

In the distant future: Our Christmas Party will be December 16. No meetings for the next two weeks.

Our club needs new members. Only you can ask someone to join. Bring them to a meeting (club pays for first lunch, just ask for a guest ticket). Tell the prospect abut Lions, our club, the projects we do. Introduce your prospect to other members. Get an application from Secretary Tom. The Board must approve your prospect, so please don't bring a convicted felon in. Program Chairmen, please give a membership pitch to your speakers.

Vol. 89, No. 20,       October 21, 2013,       next deadline October 28

Monday, October 21 --- Our speaker will be Mary Greiner, Director of Volunteer Services for the Appleton Area School District. She will bring us up to date on the "United for Reading Success Program".

Monday, October 28 --- What do you know about Appleton's Citizen's Law Enforcement Academy? Sgt. David Lund of the Appleton Police Department will talk about this and you might want to participate.

November Program Chairmen are Del Schuh and Pat Cox. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead. Greeters are Otto Cox and Rik Madisen.

Reminder, we rate five delegates to the 27-B1 Convention which will be held November 8 and 9 at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc. Club usually pays registration and luncheon. Let Secretary Tom know NOW if you want to go. More details were in your state Lion newspaper.

Congratulations again to Bob Randa and Bob Simon on a successful Senior Living EXPO. Net profit is $14,393.40.Expenses were up over $2,300.00 and income up over $5,000.00.

The money will go to local non-profits. the Grant Committee will meet at 11:00am Monday October 28. Members of the committee are listed in your Program Booklet. If you have suggestions for them, let them know.

HEY! Our club is the proud owner of a Vision Screening Machine (or will be when it gets here). Dave Lee and Otto Cox have worked hard to get the grant money and our next step will be to train members to use the machine. The Appleton Area School District will set up a schedule. About one of five kids might need a more detailed check by an eye doctor. There are 56 classes in the first round to test.

A blind woman living near the Grand Meridian needs a GPS device to get around. This speaks aloud to let her know where she is and where she can proceed. Our club has designated $300.00 toward this and we are asking other area clubs to participate.

Congratulations to Del Schuh, Mary Jo Mohr, Penny Schaber, Jerry Breen and Stevie Schmidt.

Vol. 89, No. 19,       October 7, 2013,       Biweekly, next deadline October 14

Monday, October 7 --- Appleton Police Chief Peter Helein will be our speaker. He will take a look at the department's current status and where it is headed.

Monday, October 14 --- Our speaker will be Christine Romatoske from Harbor House. This is one of the non-profit organizations which we support. Find out more about it and how it survived a recent fire.

The Bobs (Simon and Randa) want all who are interested to come to a Senior Living EXPO critique Monday, October 7 at 11:00am before our regular meeting. Your ideas and suggestions will help shape a better EXPO next year.

How does your club run, where does the money it takes in go? These vital questions can be unraveled by any member who is welcome to attend THE BOARD MEETING, MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 AT 11:00AM, prior to our regular meeting.

Del Schuh and club eye transporters had a busy September. Thanks to all who helped.

We received a thank you from Leader Dogs for our contribution (that will keep 'em in dog food for a while).

Bob Randa notes that 800 dictionaries have been ordered to be given to third graders in the area. Our cost will be around $300.00 for those our club distributes. A number of other groups participate as well as Mary Beth Nienhausen from our club for special distribution.

The 27-B1 District Convention is coming November 8 and 9 at the Holiday Inn at Manitowoc. We rate about six delegates. Usually the club pays registration and a meal. Check with Secretary Tom. More information was in your Wisconsin Lion paper for October.

Vol. 89, No. 18,       September 23, 2013,       next deadline October 7

Monday, September 23, Keven Vonck who is on staff at town of Grand Chute will be our speaker. Keven holds a PHD in public policy, and is the Special Projects Coordinator for the town of Grand Chute. His projects include urban forestry, park and trail development, grant writing, and developing relationships with our commercial and business partners. In October greeters are Karl Blahnik and Blaine Priebusch. As always, check your committee assignment booklet for these and other assignments.

The 16th Senior Living EXPO was a great success. Thanks go to Cochairmen Bob Randa and Bob Simon. And without a maximum effort from almost all of the club members, it could not have happened.

When all the loose ends are tied up, you will get a full report in the Snort. There were 75 exhibit booths and attendance was way over 500.

Belated thanks to Mike Tassoul and his committee for a great family picnic at Plamann Park.

Do you remember Lions Reading Machines? These are computer based and enable persons with very bad eyesight to have material enlarged enough for them to read. We have three machines and all are loaned out. One user recently died and the machine was turned over to the next person on the waiting list. Secretary Tom handles this for the club.

$405.00 was raised in the Shop for a Cause at Macy's for our club. Bob Randa spearheaded the project. The Spot Screening project is now completely funded and is moving ahead. Dave Lee and Otto Cox are involved with this .

Ralph Acker reports on the club golf outing: First place team included Randa, Weyenberg and O'Gurek. Second place team included P. Cox, Pawlak, C. Cox, M. J. Mohr. Third place team included Acker, O'Hearn, Piskor, Schuh. Low putts: Teams 1 and 3 tied at 12. Long drive on #8, Pat Cox. Long putt on #9, Del Schuh. Thanks to member Mary Beth Nienhaus for her fine hospitality at Winagamie Golf Course and two sleeves of golf balls as prizes.


Vol. 89, No. 17,       September 9, 2013,       next deadline September 23

BOB RANDA WANTS YOU ------ BOB SIMON WANTS YOU!!!!! They are EXPO Cochairmen.

This week we hold the Senior Living EXPO at Player's Choice. You need to be there, ready to go at 7:45am. Joe Ferris has posted a list of what each person will be doing. This is our major and largest fundraiser. It lets our Lions Club support a number of projects in line with our motto "WE SERVE". It takes every member to make it work. It runs from 8:00am to 12:15pm.

The EXPO cochairmen have done a lot of work, held a lot of meetings with you, and now on Thursday, September 12 it will pay off.

Monday, September 9 --- The meeting will be devoted to explaining what each EXPO operation does so you will know exactly what to do and how to do it from parking to registration to coffee, etc.

Sorry no programs in by deadline for the rest of September.

According to our committee schedule the Board will meet at 11:00am, September 9 at the Grand Meridian. All members are welcome to sit in, look at our financial record, hear what is going on with club business.

Our club will be transporting corneas in September. Del Schuh is in charge. We do thank those who do the transporting.

The Spot Vision Screening Program is moving ahead under Dave Lee. Funds are being solicited for the machine.

Chalk it up to bad memory ---some of you still owe $85.00 for 2013-2014 dues. Please get a check made out to Appleton Noon Lions Club to Secretary Tom as soon as possible. Thanks!

Vol. 89, No. 16,       August 19, 2013,       next deadline August 26

Don't cost our club money. We have to pay Lions International and Wisconsin dues for each member and do so in anticipation that you will have paid your club dues of $85.00 (due by July 1). If you still owe the club, please make out your check for $85.00 NOW and give to Secretary Tom.

Monday, August 19 --- The social event of the season! Club family picnic, 5:00pm at Plamann Park pavilion, rain or shine. You can bring relatives or friends. $5.00 per family, $3.00 singles. Feast at 6.00pm on brats, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, roast corn, pop, beer, dessert.

Bring an item for the raffle (this pays for the event) and next month please bring an item for the raffle at the Senior Living EXPO which will be held September 12 at Player's Choice. Check your email for work assignments. The EXPO needs all hands on board because this is our major fundraiser and enables us to meet our Lions motto of WE SERVE.

Monday, August 26 --- Our speaker will be from Countryside Auto Transport, Inc. They provide many helpful services by moving your car from here to where you might vacation, and back. The door to door service on an auto transport truck makes it convenient in avoiding a long trip by car. It is fully insured.

We hope you saw the photos on email by Daphne Kennett of the club trip to Lions Camp, which she set up. The camp is supported by Wisconsin Lions including our club.

Update on the Spot Vision Screening program. Dave Lee reported that we have an endorsement from the Appleton School District for the project. It would screen around 900 four year olds when it starts.


September Program Chairmen are Jerry Breen and Jim Pleuss. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead. The Greeters are Bob Randa and Mike Tassoul.

LET'S NOT MEET Monday, September 2. Instead, celebrate Labor Day.

Vol. 89, No. 15,       July 29, 2013,       next deadline August 5

Monday, August 5 ---Meet and eat at the Grand Meridian and then car pool to the Outagamie County recycling operation. Go east on OO under the 441 overpass, 2nd road which is Holland Rd., turn left (north), go to 3rd driveway door #12. This processes all recyclables from the try-county area, creating jobs, protecting the environment and conserving resources.

Monday, August 12 --- Our speaker will be Tim Gierke, District Manager for the Social Security Administration. His talk is titled, "What Online Social Security Means to You--Whether You Use It Or Not".

Earl is retired from the paper industry and was sponsored by Bob Randa.

District 27-B1 Governor Dawn Christensen inducted Earl and installed our new officers and board members July 22. Past President Gerry Edinger and been presented with a plaque for his service. Thanks to all of our past officers and board for their work last year.


A reminder that there is no meeting Monday, July 29. Instead, a bus will go up to Lions Camp where members and spouses can see what WE SERVE can do for handicapped kids. Thanks to Daphne Kennet for setting this up.

Ralph Acker is setting up the club golf outing for August 26. Sign up with him if you want to play.

We received a thank you from the boy we sponsored to Badger Boys State.

Bring prizes for the Family Picnic raffle August 19. Bring prizes for the Senior EXPO in September --- for instance when you eat out, get some coupons, discounts from a grocery store or retailer, etc.

Our Board will meet at 11:00am before the regular meeting August 12 at the Grand Meridian. All members are welcome to attend and see how the club operates and look over our financial statements.

Celebrating in August are: Dobbie Robertson, Karl Blahnik, George Schmit, Bob Randa and Gerry Edinger. Many happy returns.

Vol. 89, No. 14,       July 15, 2013,       next deadline July 29

Monday, July 15 --- Program not in by deadline, but plan to be there.

Monday, July 22 ---Dawn Christensen is our new District 27-B1 Governor. At this writing, she is at the Lions International Convention. She will report on that and induct new members and install our new officers and board. Sponsors and new members and all officers and board members please be there.

Monday, July 29 --- No meeting because a free bus to Lions Camp (arranged by Bob Randa during the EXPO) will take 28 members and spouses to the camp. Others may drive up. Meet at 10:45 at the Grand Meridian for the trip, getting back around 4:00. Sign up at the meeting for the trip. Cost per person is $10.00 for lunch at the Camp. Newer members, especially, should try to make it to see first hand what our SERVICE is about. Questions, see Daphne Kennett.

Program Chairmen for August are Ed Ogurek and Tom Piskor (please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead). Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske. And thanks Tom for the interesting presentation on the Becker Fund July 8.

July 18, Grand Chute Golf Outing --- see Ralph Acker for details.

July 24, Timberrattlers Game and picnic --- see Pat Cox, sign up deadline was July 10. Thanks, Pat, for setting this up for the club.


Dave Lee notes the vision screening of younger students in the Appleton School District has support from the district and local opthomologists. This could be a great project for our club.

Wow! Did we set a record for members with perfect attendance in 2012-2013? A number also received special recognition for being Lions for 10 years. Here's the list: Acker (10), Blahnik, C. Cox, O. Cox, P. Cox, Edinger, Ferris, Hahn, Hardesty, Huss(10), Kroeger, Lee, Madisen, M.J. Mohr, R. Mohr, Novitske, Ogurek, O'Hearn, Pawlak, H. Pleuss, Priebusch, Randa, Robertson, Schuh, Simon, Tassoul, Tilque, Weyenberg(10), Piskor (10). Congratulations.

Our club is transporting eyes for the state eye bank in July under the direction of Del Schuh. Thanks to all who do this.

Vol. 89, No. 13,       June 24, 2013,       Next deadline July 8

Monday, July 1 --- Starting our new year with a bang, check your Lions Committee Booklet which shows what committees you have been assigned to for the year. Probably you are on more than one committee. All of the committees will meet to organize and discuss what they will do and when. Only the Snort Committee won't meet, but every program chairman is asked to get information about his two (or more) programs to Editor Rik at least three weeks ahead of the meeting date.

Monday, July 8 --- You saw the Becker Account on your copy of our annual budget. Who was this mysterious benefactor of our club? Through scads of detailed research an answer has been found. Constitution Guru Thomas Piskor will reveal the Becker story.

Make the check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and hand over to Secretary Tom O'Hearn. Last to pay gets the Tailtwister after he/she/it.

Our newly elected officers and board start work July 1, and you can sit in with the Board which usually meets the second Monday of the Month at 11:00am before the meeting, and learn abut Board actions and our finances. Our leaders are:

Membership Committee; Janet Gray, Jim Pleuss, Pat Cox Directors: Jim Wieser, Dale Schaber, Rik Madisen, Dick Novitske, Ralph Acker, Bob Randa.

From Board Minutes, looking ahead:
July 24- Rattlers Game/Picnic. You must sign up by July 10. $21 for game and picnic for adults, $17 for children. Pat Cox in charge.
July 18- Grand Chute Golf Outing - Ralph Acker Chairman with more information. August 26- Our club golf outing with Ralph Acker and Del Schuh Co-chairmen

Probably (not schedule in hand) our Board will meet at 11:00am Monday, July 8 at the Grand Meridian before our regular meeting . Check for details at our meetings. All members welcome.

Vol. 89, No. 12,       June 17, 2013,       next deadline June 24

Monday, June 17 ---Our speakers will be Shirley Strange and Sara Campanik who will talk about the League of Women Voters. This is the group that holds the forums we need to find out what the candidates advocate.

Monday, June 24 --- Award winning speaker Wendy Naarup lives in the Fox Cities. She is an author, consultant and athlete. She bills herself as an adversity expert and work in progress. Come hear this high energy woman.


Scott was sponsored by Joe Ferris and is a funeral director at Bretschneider Funeral Home.

July Program Chairmen are Bill Sund and Mike Tassoul. The July 1 meeting will be club committees getting organized for the coming year. Committee Chairmen for this year are expected to prepare a written report for the Board.

At last word the club family picnic was scheduled for August 19. Golf outing planned for August 12.

The proposed budget for the club was approved by the Board. Unlike with the Feds, our budget is balanced. The club will vote on the budget on June 17.

Members celebrating in July are: Mike Tassoul and Carolyn Cox. Many happy returns.

Hows $85.00 sound to you? That's how much you owe the club for dues for 2013-2014. Pay Secretary Tom by July 1, when our new Lions Year starts. We'll even throw in a whole new slate of officers so you get your money's worth.

As you know, our motto is: We Serve. We made donations of $600 to the Lions Foundation, $1,500 to Lions Camp, $800 to Leader Dogs, $490 to Badger Boys/Girls State, $400 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and $500 to the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank last year.

We are saddened by the recent death of Tom Loveall and send our sympathy to his family.

Get the latest information at meetings on the Timberrattlers outing planned for August 14. Game and picnic cost $21 for adults, $17 for children.

If you want a Lions vest, shirt, wind jacket, cap, etc. check with Secretary Tom who has some of these in stock.

Vol. 89, No.11,       May 20, 2013,       next deadline June 10

Monday. June 3 Right up the Lions alley is Spot Vision Screening which WJH be presented by Mice Martin of the Marinette Lions Club. This uses a device to screen young children for a number of vision problems. Should our dub be doing this? Tune in June 3.

Monday, June 10 Its interesting, come and find out about 11 by 15 as presented by John and Judy Curtis.

The Newtown, Connecticut Uons Club is asking other dub members to contribute to a fund for the shooting victims there. You can send a check to Newtown Lkxis Club Foundation/SHEF. P.O. Box 218, Newtown, CT 06470. For additional information contact club President Ray Keegan by phone at 203-426-3670.

The last" word on profits, $1480 on the Candy Sale to May 6 and $2086 on the Rose Sale. Thanks and good work Lions!

Lions International has raised its part of our dues for the second year in a row. Our Board and our Club voted to raise our annual dues to $85.00 to compensate for this increase. As you might expect from this source, here is a reminder that dues are due July 1 for the next Uons year. Please make checks out to Appleton Noon Uons Club and give to Secretary Tom.

Congratulations to Pat Cox who received a pin from Uons International for bringing in two new members. Pat is going toward a record and more power to him. Remember, only you can ask someone to join our dub. Bring them to a meeting and the dub pays for the first luncheon. Tell them about our dub, state activities like the Eyebank and Uons Camp and the great things Uons International does (see your Uon Magazine). Get the person approved by the Board after submitting the application you got from Secretary Tom. More members, more service!

Call Dave Lee if you can put up our second Little Free Library. It needs to be between your house and the sidewalk. See Dave for any questions.

We had a request to pick up a Uons Camp camper, a young lady who fives on Capitol Drive and bring her back from Lions Camp. President Gerry is doing this in June.


Big bucks in the Birthday Raffle: Bill Sund, Wayne Tauber, Bob Muck, Joe Spitz, Jim Wieser, Mike Weyenberg, Dk* Novrtske. Ed Ogurek, Kay VandeWeghe.

Vol 89, No. 10,       May 13, 2013,       next deadline May 20

Monday, May 13 --- Our speaker will be Lisa Schneider. She will talk about the work of the Housing Partnership in the Fox Cities.

Monday, May 20 --- Our own member Anne Gruett will talk about Ridgeview Highlands. It is a community of over 550 persons over the age of 50 living in a variety of apartments and town houses.

Let's not meet Monday, May 27 which is officially Memorial Day.

CONGRATULATIONS to George Schmit. He was awarded the Lion of the Year Award for his work organizing help for the Senior Living EXPO for a number of years. He has also been named Volunteer of the Year at Restore.

At this writing our total net profit from selling candy bars is $1168.00. Thanks to all who worked a shift at Festival to sell these. Thanks to Tom Gasman for setting this project up.

There is an Appleton student who will attend Lions Camp this summer who needs a ride there and back. If you can help, contact Secretary Tom.

Our June Program Chairmen are Dave Lee and George Schmit. Greeters are Mary Jo Mohr and Bob Simon. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

Our Nominating Committee proposes the following slate of officers and directors for our 2013-2014 Lions year:
President Carolyn Cox
First Vice President David Lee
Second Vice President Mark Keller
Third Vice President Daphne Kennett
Past President Gerry Edinger
Secretary Tom O'Hearn
Treasurer Blaine Priebusch
Tail Twister Sid Kroeger
Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty
Membership Committee (three years) Pat Cox
Directors (three years) Ralph Acker and Bob Randa

Vol. 89, No. 9,       April 29, 2013,       next deadline May 6

Monday, April 29 --- It's butterfly time at the club and gardens of Wisconsin will include a butterfly house, maze and plants at a facility north of Appleton. Jack Voight will present this topic which will result in a tourist attraction and be open to school class trips.


Monday, May 6 --- Debra Cronmiller will represent the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. She will discuss efforts to increase employment in northeast Wisconsin.

Our club will sell candy Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 at Festival Foods on Northland Avenue. A signup sheet was passed around at the last two meetings. If you have questions check with Tom Gasman.

All members are welcome. Find out what is going on with club business and finances. Opinions are welcome.

Members celebrating in May are: Ralph Acker, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Ron Mohr and Mary Beth Nienhaus. Many Happy Returns to all!

Are you interested in becoming an officer or director of the club? The Nominating Committee is at work on the slate. Contact: Bob Simon, Dick Novitske, Otto Cox, Sid Kroeger, Ralph Acker or Mike Weyenberg and let them know.

Bob Muck was presented with a 25 year membership pin and certificate. Congratulations!

Ron Dunlap reported that in the last one and one-half years we have provided free eye exams and glasses to eight persons. LensCrafters works with the club on this project.

Check the state newspaper for information on the State Lions Convention May 17-18 which will be held in Middleton. We can send six delegates and the club pays for registration and some meals. If you want to be a delegate contact Secretary Tom.

Vol. 89, No. 8,       April 15, 2013,       next deadline April 22


Friday, April 12 rose pickups, 9am at the American Legion Hall, College and Bluemound (3220 W. College Ave.) 79 dozen.

Saturday, April 13 rose pickups, 8am Budweiser Distributors (3010 Zuehlke Dr., Appleton), Northeast Industrial Park near 441. 223 dozen.

Thanks to all who will deliver roses and to the members who participated in the exchange of cards: Elmer Tilque, Tom O'Hearn, Dick Novitske, Gerry Edinger, James Cronmiller, Sharron Huss and Mark Keller. As of this writing it looks like a net income of $1786.80.

Net income from candy sales may be $568.96. Next candy sale at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. will be April 26 and 27. Sign up at the club.

Monday, April 15 --- Plan to be there for our meeting and program at the Grand Meridian.

Monday, April 22 ---From BAKA Enterprises, Katherine Tegen, President of a Senior Living Management Company, plus her associate Barbara. They are Alzheimer's educators and present a skit dealing with, "Living in Alzheimer's World". Accept the person as they are. You will want to bring guests to hear this message.


We must meet at Happy Joe's the first two Mondays in May, the 6 and 13. Program chairmen for May are Karl Blahnik and James Cronmiller. Greeters are Mike Tassoul and Howard Pleuss. (Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.)

WELCOME to new member Ashley Diederichs. She is Community Relations Coordinator at Carolina Manor. Dave Lee sponsored her. Now it is YOUR job to sponsor a new member. Ask a friend to visit a meeting (club pays for the lunch on the first visit). Talk about our service projects such as the State Eyebank and Lions Camp, etc.

Any members who are Korean Veterans are invited to ride on the Grand Chute Lions float in the Flag Day Parade June 6. Contact Secretary Tom if you want to participate. Tom is looking for someone to work as assistant secretary for a time to learn the job. This is a key person in the club.

Our club has donated $100.00 toward helping a student to participate in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.

There will be Officer Training Sessions May 4 and May 7 at Fond du Lac. Contact President Gerry for more information.

Do you know of a possible camper for Lions Camp. There are also 50 jobs for college age persons as counselors at the camp.

The State Lions Convention will be May 17 and 18 at Middleton -- see your state Lions paper. We can send 6 delegates. Club pays registration and meals at convention.

Vol. 89, No. 7,       April 1, 2013,       next deadline April 1

Monday, April 1 --- You probably read the Buzz in the Post Crescent. Columnist Maureen Wallenfang writes it and will be our speaker.

Monday, April 8 ---Mark Breseman, Associate Vice President of Alumni and Constituency Engagement will be speaking about Bjorklunden, Lawrence University's northern campus in Door County. Many summer seminars are held there, open to the public.

Yes it does, and thanks to all of you who sold roses. Our total is about 225 dozen. Now for the deliverance. Be a part of it Friday April 12 or Saturday, April 13. A sign up sheet is available at the meeting. Details of the delivery system will be given to those who can do this, at the meeting.

Officers and Board will meet at 11:00am before our meeting. This is where the club does its business and provides a financial report. All members are welcome to sit in, take a look at finances, etc. Secretary Tom O'Hearn is looking for a replacement due to his medical problems. He will work with his replacement to make the transition an easy one.

Senior Living EXPO committee will meet to organize for the 2013 version of the EXPO at 11:00am, Monday April 29. If you want to be a part of the event, please plan to attend. There are many different activities where you can help.

Bob Simon is Chair with Dick Novitske, Otto Cox, Sid Kroeger, Ralph Acker and Mike Weyenberg as members. If you would like to be part of our club leadership, please let one of these people know. You must be a card carrying member (any card will do).

Sick Call: Dale Schaber had a fall, hurt his hip. He is recovering at home.

Can you locate a Little Free Library unit in your yard? It must be on the house side of your sidewalk. Check with Dave Lee on specifics. The club furnishes the Little Free Library unit.

The state Lions organization has a new award: The Ray Hemple Award, which can be presented to a club member when the club donates $1,000.00 to the Lions Pride campaign which supports Lions Camp.

Vol. 89, No. 6,       March 18, 2013,       next deadline March 25

The speaker for 3/18/13 will be Larry Burchart with the Fox Cities Chamber and he will give an update on "Iqnite Fox Cities"

The speaker for 3/25/13 is tentitively set. State Senator Mike Ellis will discuss budget, and field questions.

Program Chairpersons for April are Sharron Huss and Howard Hardesty. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Mike Weyenberg.

March 21 is the last day to sell roses, $15.00 per dozen delivered. Saturday sales at Ace Hardware continue to help the cause. Turn in order blanks and money to James Cronmiller, Mark Keller or Karl Blahnik at meetings.

Speaking of Karl, he built a lovely book house for this project and has enough supplies for another. The Library Committee will meet Monday, March 18 at 11.00am before our regular meeting to talk about books, locations, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to attend. Books will be needed for this, so check whether you have some favorites you could donate.

Del Schuh reports that eight eye tissue transports were done by our club in February. This is an important part of our work to help those in need of cornea transplants.

Speaking of Lions work with the visually (and other) handicaps, Lions Camp is looking for college students to act as counselors at summer sessions.

O'Hearn's March Sale:
Vests, small, large $33.65, XL-XXL $40.95, XXXL $49/75. Sale price $20.00. Polo shirts: Small-XL $18.;00, XXL $22.00. Sale price $20.00. Sweatshirts, all sizes $23.50. Sale price $20.00. Windshirts, all sizes $25.00. Sale price $20.00. Baseball caps $9.00. Sale price $10.00. Yellow roll up hats $14.00. Sale price $10.00.

Celebrating are: Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, James Cronmiller, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Rik Madisen, Howard Hardesty, Janet Gray and Daphnie Kennett.

27-B1 District Governor Meg slipped on ice and broke her ankle. She should recovering and able to continue her duties soon.

Vol. 89. No. 5,       March 4, 2013,       next deadline March 11

Monday, March 4 --- Every Christmas season we have sent books, toiletries, money to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King. Our once a year donations have done some good. Agency Liaison Amber Michel will tell us about the Home now and how it is to live there.

Monday, March 11 --- You have read what he has written and agreed or not. Our speaker will be Mike Woods, Post Crescent Sports Writer, he will talk about football among other topics.

Officers and Board will be meeting at 11:00am before the meeting. All members are welcome to attend. You can see how our money is spent and provide an opinion on topics coming up.

Have you read this before? Mr. Used Glasses has abut 20 locations to pick up every month. He could use some help on a few, which are probably near you or on your way to our meeting. He has had a volunteer or two and could use some more. Consult with Ralph Acker if you can help.

You read about the Lions Support Library Program in our state paper. Dave Lee is hoping to have our club put up some of the "take a book, leave a book" boxes. We had one at a meeting February 18. Construction, locations, books have to come together. There are number of these boxes around town now. The committee consists of Dave Lee, Chairman, Karl Blahnik, Dale Schaber, Sharron Huss and Mike Weyenberg. Let Dave know if you would like to be on this committee.

With so many members South, the rest of have had to work hard to make sales. The $15.00 per dozen, delivered is a real bargain (remember the $60.00 per dozen for Valentine's Day?). Sale ends March 21 with delivery April 12 or 13. Dave Lee arranged for our members to sell roses on Saturday mornings at Ace Hardware on Northland Ave. Our first Saturday was February 23 and we did around 24 dozen. If you signed up to sell, remember to be there for your shift --- not to let individual sales efforts off the hook. Let's push right up to March 21.

2013 is underway and YOU and only YOU can invite a prospective member to join our club. Bring the prospect to a meeting, ask for a guest meal ticket and treat the person to a free lunch while you talk about the SERVICE our club does in the community. Membership committee can provide applications, yellow flyers about our club, etc. Committee Members listed on left side of Snort.

Vol. 89, No. 4,       February 18, 2013,       next deadline February 25

Monday, February 18 --- Our speaker will be Randy Tuma, Executive Director of the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve. He will tell us about the Preserve and its mission and showcase the property and its assets. There are many activities taking place on an annual basis and a capital campaign is underway to finance operations.

Monday, February 25 --- Lion Jim McGee, Leader Dog Chairman for District 27-B1 will be here to tell us about the program. Blind persons get dogs free and learn how to handle dogs at the Rochester Hills, Michigan campus. Our club donates to Leader Dogs annually.

Dave Lee has a comprehensive report on sources for new members. Each of you should invite a friend to join us in our service. We need six more members by July 1, 2013. We have a new supply of our yellow flyers which tell about the good that our club does and about our fund raising projects. Remember that each new prospect gets a free lunch the first time he/she visits a meeting. Get an application from Secretary Tom. Fill it in and then have any Board member bring the name up for approval. Dues are pro-rated from July 1 (also check with Tom on the amount). You had to be invited by a member to join--- now do the same for a good prospect.


Turn in orders and money to James Cronmiller, Karl Blahnik, Mark Keller or Dick Novitske --- the committee. Real deal at $15.00 a dozen, delivered. You have about a month to get orders in. This is our second biggest fund raiser. Sorry, but without the bucks, much of the SERVICE our club does won't happen. Ace Hardware is letting us sell roses the last Saturday in February and first three in March. Sign up with Dave Lee if you want to take an hour and a half shift.

Karl Blahnik is building a "free library" station to go in someone's front yard. Take a book, leave a book. You read about this in the PC and you may have seen some of the stations around Appleton. Check with Dave Lee if you want to participate.

Can you help Ralph Acker pick up used eyeglasses from some of the boxes? Let him know if you can pick up a couple times a month from some near you.

Thanks to all who delivered eyes for the Lions Eyebank in February.


Ken Lang, Tom O'Hearn, Dale Schaber, Pat Cox and Ann Gruett are celebrating. Many Happy Returns!

March Program Chairmen are Ralph Acker and Jim Pleuss (please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead). Greeters are Bob Randa and Karl Blahnik.

Vol. 89, No. 3,       February 4, 2013,       next deadline February 11

Monday, February 4 --- "Observations and Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Transylvania, Romania" is the title of the presentation by Richard Schoenbohm, Attorney and older PeaceCorps Volunteer. He will share his observations from a land of diversity and contrasts. It's not all Dracula and Dacias!

Monday, February 11 ---Diane M. Angeletti is the Volunteer Services Manager of the Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity and the Habitat ReStore. She will present the history of Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore. There are volunteer opportunities for the affiliate and ReStore. She will discuss what they are trying to do for the environment also.

Ralph Acker is still looking for some help in picking up used eyeglasses from our containers. Three or four of the 20 are probably on your commute to the club. Let Ralph know if you can help.

Thanks to all who sold candy bars for the club. Our gross sales were $470.54. Included in the total are a number of donations.

Lions International recognizes members on the five year anniversary of their becoming a Lion. 10 year members are Dick Novitske and Mary Beth Nienhaus. 15 year member is Mary Jo Mohr. 20 year awards went to Ralph Acker and Rod Wolf. 25 year award for Bob Muck and 55 year award to Dobbie Robertson. Congratulations to all!

The club received thank you letters for our donations from the King Veterans Home and Leader Dogs.


Please pick up a pack of rose orders and posters if you need them. A dozen roses delivered is $15.00, same as last year. Our club keeps something over half of this. It is our second biggest fund raiser and enables us to do more to serve our community. It only works if each member participates. Contact friends, business people, and anyone who has someone who would love to get roses. Bring money and orders to the meeting.

Membership committee will meet at 11:00am February 4. Planning, ideas, suggestions are welcome from everyone. We need new members and only present members can ask someone to join. Our projects can only work if we have enough persons to do the job. When you bring a prospect to look over the club, the club pays for that person's lunch. Just ask for a guest ticket. Get an application from Secretary Tom. Ask any officer to submit the name to the Board for approval -- and YOU have brought in a new member!

Vol. 89, No. 2,       January 14, 2013,       next deadline January 28

Monday, January 21 --- Back again to bring us up to date on Nicaragua happenings are Judy Miller and Linda Weber.

Monday, January 28 --- Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson will relate the latest on one of Wisconsin's better run counties.


Our second biggest fund raiser starts NOW. We join other clubs in the area to sell a dozen roses DELIVERED for $15.00. This is a very good deal compared to buying a dozen other places. Each person at the meeting the 14th received 10 order blanks. You can start selling and posters are also available. Our club keeps around half the cost, which goes into our service projects.

Sales end March 21. Delivery dates are Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13. How about making a business contact to provide each female employee with a dozen roses? Lots of happy workers.



Ralph Acker can use some help on the used eyeglass collections. There are around 20 collection boxes in the area which need to be emptied periodically. Some are near you. Can someone make regular pickups from three or four boxes? Contact Ralph for details. Glasses are brought to meetings and Ralph takes them to Lions Camp for recycling for use in third world countries.

Our club will transport eyes for the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank in February. If you can help in addition to members signed up already, let Del Schuh know.


Members celebrating another year in February are: Bob Simon, Dottie Piskor, Sandy Buettner, Jim Pleuss, Dick VanDeWeghe and Tom Gasman. Many Happy Returns!

Remember, those who signed up to sell candy Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19 at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. need to be on deck for their shift.

The Membership Committee will meet at 11:00am Monday, January 21 before our regular meeting. You are welcome to sit in if you wish.

Vol. 89, No. 1,       January 7, 2013,       next deadline January 7

Monday, January 7 --- Our speaker will be Joy Kapheim from the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. She will speak about, "Leadership of the Fox Cities".

Monday, January 14 --- Ever wonder what laws govern nursing homes? Reg Wydeven, Attorney with McCarty Law Firm will bring us up to date.

February Program Chairman is Dale Schaber (with Maudie Gasman's replacement). Greeters are Tom O'Hearn and Dick Novitske.

THANKS to Bob Simon and the Christmas Party Committee for a wonderful event. YOU helped raise the $9,000.00 we gave ($1,000.00 each) to: Harbor House, Emergency Shelter, Warming Shelter, Salvation Army (given on match day), St. Joseph's Food Pantry, Boys and Girls Club, LEAVEN, Community Clothes Closet and Fox Cities Community Health Center. We also donated $600.00 to Hurricane Sandy relief through the Red Cross.

One of the best parts of the party was the chance to recognize members for outstanding service. Lion of the Year awards went to Mike Tassoul for organizing the Family Picnic for many years and working with others to take gifts to veterans at King (we also donated $267.00 this year), George Schmit for organizing the workers at the Senior Living EXPO for many years, Pat Cox who took over our annual trip to the Timberrattlers and brought in five new members.

Lions International recognized members with chevrons: 10 years, Piskor, Huss, Novitske and Weyenberg; 20 years, Acker, 25 years Muck, 35 years Blahnik.

Ralph Acker has now collected and delivered a total of 75,000 used eyeglasses to be refurbished at Lions Camp.

Sick call: Dude Hahn is on the Packers injured reserve list due to a knee replacement. Drop him a card.

We will sell candy at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. January 18 and 19. Sign up at the meeting if you can help (or Click Here for Sign-Up Sheet.)

According to who signed up, members who rang bells for the Salvation Army were: Pat and Samm Cox, Howard Hardesty, Tom O'Hearn, Gerry Edinger and Rik Madisen.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIONS ---Celebrating in January is Howie Pleuss.

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