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Published by the Appleton Noon Lions Club, P.O. Box 762, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912
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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, WI

Vol. 90, No. 24,     December 22, 2014,     ext deadline January 12

Absolutely no meeting Monday, December 29.

Monday, January 5 --- Kelly Nutty is Director of Resource Management at Riverview Gardens. She will bring us up to date on the many things happening there.

Monday, January 12 ---Former founder and Executive Director of Loaves and Fishes, Carol Burns, will be our speaker.

A big thank you to the Christmas Egg Nog Party Committee: Mike Tassoul, Ken Pawlak, Elmer Tilque, Dick Novitske and Sid Kroeger. This traditional event is one of the highlights of the holiday season.

BOARD MEETS MONDAY, JANUARY 12 AT 11:00am --- All members welcome to attend, soak up the wisdom of the Board, see how our money is handled.

Thanks to everyone who brought donations for veterans at King. In addition to the items donated, a collection will be taken up and a check will be presented at King for other needed items. Mike Tassoul and Ralph Acker will see that everything gets to King.

Eye screening among the younger set continues with 962 done this fall. 7.2% were found to need followup by an eye doctor.

Gerry Edinger reported on the activities of his Membership Committee. Recently retired persons were suggested as prospects for club membership. All members should be on the lookout for possible new members. If you need help recruiting, contact Gerry.

Vol. 90, No. 23,     December 8, 2014,     Next deadline December 22


Monday, December 15 ---Our speaker will be John Meisner. His topic is, "Options for Independent Living". He works out of the Thompson Center.

Monday, December 22---Annual Family Christmas Party with Egg Nog. This will start at 11:30am with snacks. Dinner at 12:00 noon. Highlight will be donation of $900.00 each to ten non-profits. This is from the profits from the 17th Senior Living EXPO. We also will present some awards to members. Guests are welcome. Cost is $14.00 per person payable at the door.

Don't forget gifts for veterans and wives at King: playing cards, toiletries, paper back books, clothing in good shape, etc. A money collection will also be taken up at the meeting.

Board meets December 8 at 11:00am, all members welcome to sit in on club business and see how our money is handled.

Dave Lee and cohorts have been doing eye screening and find 7% have some problem which needs an eye doctor check.

Biggest birthday raffle of January goes to Howie Pleuss, the one and only. Many Happy Returns, Howie.

January greeters are Rik Madisen and Mike Weyenberg. Program Chairmen are Ken Pawlak and Mary Beth Nienhaus. As usual, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead if possible.

Vol. 90, No. 22,     November 24, 2014,     Next deadline December 8

THERE ARE WOMEN AT KING. Wives of veterans, women who are veterans. Therefore, when gathering up items for our donations to King, you might want to include some things like makeup, lotion, etc. Playing cards, toiletries, paperback books, , etc. are wanted. These will be taken up by Mike Tassoul, Ralph Acker, and other Lions. We will also pass a basket at our Christmas party for cash to be used to buy items needed.

Monday, December 1 --- Professor Andrew Mast will be our speaker and perhaps we might have some students perform. He is the Director of the Lawrence University Symphony, among other musical related projects. LU has a lot to offer music lovers, most of it free.

Monday, December 8 -- Abe Weber, Outagamie County Airport Manager will bring us up to date on recent projects. Our airport is a real gateway to the world and improvements make it even better for travel.

And thanks to Pat Cox for an interesting look at --- Pat Cox November 24. Now we know why he is so interested in the Timberrattlers.

Annual Egg Nog Party!
Party time, Monday December 22 when Egg Nog flows. Latest price, $14.00. (Will it keep going down like gas prices?) Bring guests, club donates $9,000.00, plus other attractions to be announced.

Our club should do much better in numbers ringing bells for the Salvation Army. We had a much higher number ringing in previous years. To get a two hour slot where you want it, indoors, or outdoors, call 955-1225 or go on the web to:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Vol. 90, No. 21,     November 10, 2014,     Next deadline November 24

Monday, November 17 --- Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna will will talk about the 2015 budget, the city's direction next year and how nice the three replacement railroad crossings are (let's have more next year).

Monday, November 24 --- Len and Dan Hemenlen will talk abut ENERGY, oil and gas pipelines, insight into how we get the energy we need.

Another of our reading machines to help those with macular degeneration, is now available. Let Secretary Tom know if you know someone who can use this.

We presented checks to the Lions Foundation, Lions Camp and Leader Dogs at the state Lions Convention November 15 at Oshkosh.

As of this writing, Del Schuh notes that four trips to deliver eyes to the State Eyebank have been made by our members.

Bob Randa has arranged for delivery of 960 dictionaries to third graders in the Appleton School District. Thanks to those who helped on this project.

PLEASE BRING to meetings in December toiletries, books, clothes in good condition, playing cards, etc for the veterans at King. We do this each year and will also take a cash collection up at our Egg Nog Party for other things needed.

And the Egg Nog Party will be held December 22 at the Grand Meridian. Details later. Probably it will cost $15.00 per person. You can bring guests and there will be a sign up sheet for total people you will bring.

Sign up for the date you want, inside or outside, location you want to ring bells for a two hour shift. Call the Salvation Army at 955-1225 or

Celebrating birthdays in December are Lions Ron Dunlap and Sharron Huss. Many happy returns!

December Welcomers are Bob Simon and Del Schuh. Program Chairpersons are Rik Madisen and Daphne Kennett.

Vol. 90. No. 20,     October 27, 2014,     next deadline November 10

Monday, October 27 --- Officer Jeremy Haney, Canine Officer of the Appleton Police Dept. will tell us of the function of his Canine unit.

Monday, November 3 --- No, we don't know any more than this: Speaker Mary Jo Plamann, on the history of Schipperke's with a demonstration as part of her presentation.

Monday, November 10 --- George and Kathy Schmit recently toured Iceland. They will share slides and knowledge from the trip with us.

Lions International honored Joe for bringing in two new members. (Go thou and do likewise you Appleton Nooners).

How your hard earned money is spent from the Senior Living EXPO. The unbiased committee will donate $900.00 each at the Christmas Party to: Boys and Girls Club COTS Community Clothes Closet Emergency Shelter Fox Valley Warming Shelter LEAVEN Harbor House Salvation Army (on a match day) Fox Cities Community Health Center

You can help with Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army starting November 7. Pick a location and time by calling 955-1225 or going on line to Our club has always done an outstanding job on this.

Our club transports eyes for the Lions State Eyebank in November. Contact Del Schuh to get on this vital list or to make any changes like phone Number, etc. if already on the list.

Celebrating are Del Schuh, Chad Vanderbusch, Mary Jo Mohr, Penny Schaber, Jerry Breen and Stevie Schmidt.

White Cane Day was October 15 and Daphne Kennett lead Appleton Noon Lions and blind and visually impaired friends on a celebration walk from Thompson Community Center to the Performing Arts Center and back celebrating the 50th anniversary of White Cane Safety Day in the United States. White Cane Safety Day celebrates blind and visually impaired people's achievements in the United States on October 15 every year. It also reminds people that the white cane is an important tool in helping the blind and the visually impaired live with greater independence. White canes are recognized for providing the blind and visually impaired with greater mobility, allowing them to participate more within their communities. Blind and visually impaired people have used canes as mobility tools for centuries but it was not until after World War I that the white cane was properly introduced. In modern times there are different varieties of this tool, each serving slightly varied needs. The United States Congress, by joint resolution approved on October 6, 1964, designated October 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day. By 1978 the number of visually impaired people who achieved a lot of independence through the white cane had greatly increased. Promotions on the benefits of the white cane proved to be successful and they are still continuing.

Vol. 90, No. 19,     October 13, 2014,     next deadline October 27

You were all wondering about the Senior Living EXPO income (there may still be some income out). Latest report is that you all worked hard and we netted $9089.49. Dale sold some water for .49 or there was a generous attendee who contributed a few cents.

Our club donated $50.00 toward a Birch-Sturm award for our outgoing district governor Post.


Del Schuh is in charge. If you are already on the list of transporters, let Del know if there is any change for you such as phone number, etc. If you want to sign up, see Del. Eyes are collected usually at hospitals.

District 27-B1 has its annual convention November 15 at Oshkosh. If you want to go, let Secretary Tom know by October 31.

Coming up in November are Greeters Carolyn and Otto Cox. Program Chairmen are Del Schuh and Pat Cox. Please let Editor Rik know programs three weeks ahead as usual (which Del did).

Vol. 90, No. 18,     September 30, 2014,     Next deadline October 13

Monday, October 6 --- Who gets your stuff? Attorney Chris Mares specializes in estate planning. He will give you some good suggestions for that billion dollar hoard.

Our zone meeting will be Wednesday, October 15 at the Grand Meridian at 5:30pm. All club members are invited to attend and reserve a place with Secretary Tom, or Otto Cox Zone Chairman. You may donate a prize for the raffle, give it to Dick Novitske. Our host committee is Dick, Del Schuh and Charlie Garnier. New District Governor Gary Silah will be the speaker.

We had an excellent Senior Living EXPO by and large, with a few glitches brought up at the evaluation September 29 meeting. Bob Simon is looking for a person to handle preparing the Post Crescent ads and the EXPO booklet next year.

The District B1 convention will be held in Oshkosh, November 14 and 15. We can send six voting delegates. Let Secretary Tom know if you are interested.

Bob Randa announced that dictionaries are on the way. When they arrive, help is needed to get them ready for distribution. Check with Bob if you can help on this club project.

Vol. 90, No. 17,     September 15, 2014,     Next deadline September 29


Our 17th Senior Living EXPO was a great success. Despite rain there were 65 booths and a larger attendance than last year. How many attendees, how much income, etc. will have to wait for a future Snort -- still being tabulated. With good leadership from Bob Simon and Bob Randa and ALL of you members things went very well. Special thanks to those who worked outside in the rain.

Board meets Monday, September 15, 11:00am at the Grand Meridian. All members welcome to sit in, give opinions, see how the club is run, look at our finances.

Monday, September 22 --- A lot has happened at the History Museum. To bring us up to date is our speaker, Chief Curator Nicholas Hoffman. (Did you see the History Channel program on Houdini?)

Monday, September 29 --- Christine Miller, Recycling Coordinator for the Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste will be our speaker. We are saving money and landfill space with this program.

Sorry, the Golf Outing results were read at the meeting and didn't get to the Snort.

We have several reading machines loaned out and one came back in and went right back out to the next person on the list. You probably forgot this was another service our club does for the visually handicapped. The family turning this in also donated $100.00 to our club.

Let's note the dedication of our Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty and assistant Dude Hahn in making things run smoothly at meetings AND feared, but not ignored is our faithful Tailtwister Sid Kroeger.

For October: Lions Karl Blahnik and Blaine Priebusch are greeters with Mark Keller and Scott Nickel as Program Chairmen. As always, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

Celebrating birthdays in October are Elmer Tilque, Sid Kroeger, Mark Keller, Dave Lee, Scott Nickel, Mike Crowe and Charlie Garnier. Many Happy returns, Lions.

Vol. 90, No. 16,     August 25, 2014,     Next deadline September 15

Lots to recap beginning with NO meeting September 1, Labor Day.

Monday, September 8 --- Board meets at 11:00am before the meeting. All members welcome. Come see how the club does business, check our finances,

The regular meeting will be about the Senior Living EXPO. Most of our members have assignments (see EXPO work schedule) and if you don't, see Bob Simon to help out where needed. This is our largest fund raiser of the year as well as our chance to introduce over 600 persons to our club. Posters available at the meetings.

When you visit a business, ask for a prize, gift card, piece of merchandise, etc. for the EXPO.

Not in memory has the fearless Mike Tassoul and his committee faced RAIN for the picnic, but it came down hard. Thanks to some adjustments, the raffle, food, and good fellowship prevailed. A big thank you to all who worked.

Would you believe Ralph Acker has delivered 90,000 pairs of eyeglasses to Lions Camp for recycling (total from Del Newton brings this up to 138,000).

Our sympathy to the family of Joe Spitz on his recent passing at age 88. A $50.00 donation in his name was made to Lions Camp.

Monday, September 15 --- Our speaker will be Joe LiDonne, Outagamie County Veterans Service Officer. He will bring us up to date on current veterans affairs.

Nobody's perfect, but a lot of your attendance is. Perfect attendance pins were awarded (some with 5 year anniversaries) to: Acker, Blahnik, Breen, C. Cox, O Cox, P. Cox, Edinger, Ferris, Hahn, Hardesty, Huss, Keller, Kennett, Lee, Madisen, M. J. Mohr - 10, R. Mohr - 5, Nickel, Novitske, Ogurek, O'Hearn, Pawlak, H. Pleuss, Priebusch - 25, Randa, D. Schaber, Schmit, Schuh, Simon, Tassoul, Tilque, and Weyenberg.

Plan ahead, our club is up in November to transport eyes for the Wisconsin Eye Bank. Check with Del Schuh if you can join this group of drivers.

Vol. 90, No. 15,     August 11, 2014,     Next deadline August 25

WHEN YOU ARE at a business, ask if they will give you a prize for the Senior Living EXPO -- which will be Wednesday, September 10. If they donate a prize by the end of August they will be listed in the EXPO program.

No meeting Monday, August 18, BUT THIS IS OUR ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC at Plamann Park pavilion, starting at 5:00pm with conversation, beer, soft drinks and a full show by the Metropolitan Opera Company. Around 6:00pm food will be served: brats, hamburgers, hot dogs ( all with buns), sweet corn, all the trimmings. $5.00 per family, $3.00 per single.

DID WE ASK IF YOU COULD SOLICIT A PRIZE ABOVE? Well, now that you have that experience, bring a prize for the picnic raffle, nothing over $500.00.

Monday, August 28 --- Our speaker is Jeff Last, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service at Green Bay. He manages forecast and warning operations. He has a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and has worked in a number of agency offices since 1987.

Plan ahead, no meeting on Labor Day September 1, EXPO briefing Monday, September 8 as our regular meeting at the Grand Meridian. EXPO is our MAXIMUM annual effort and largest fund raiser. We need every member to make it a success. Over 45 booths have been sold already.

Golfing at Winagamie August 25. Sign up at the meetings.

Bring a new member prospect -- he/she gets a free lunch first time, just ask for a guest ticket. Perhaps the prospect would be more inclined to join if a friend came in also. You can ask. Refer the prospect to our Board for approval.Then invite them to join.

Happy Birthday for September Lions: Dude Hahn and Tom Piskor.

September greeters are Gerry Edinger and Mike Tassoul. Program Chairmen are Jerry Breen and Jim Pleuss. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

Vol. 90, No. 14,    July 28, 2014,    Next deadline August 11

Monday, August 4 --- The Packers are not the only team preparing. Our speaker is Paul Engen, former athletic director at Appleton West and Appleton North. He is now assisting his son Brent at West. He will talk about the current state of athletics in the area.

Monday, August 11 --- Julie Van Lieschout and Mary Fischer will speak on behalf of Beaming, Inc. This is a non-profit horse therapy program that benefits special needs students of all ages in the Fox Cities area.

Tuesday, August 12 is Lions Night at the Timberrattlers. 32 of you were signed up for the picnic and game. Pat Cox hit a home run with this event, thanks, Pat.

Monday, August 18, no meeting, instead, Lions Family Picnic at Plamann Park, rain or shine. Come out for fun and food about 5:00pm, dinner served about 6.:00pm. Brats, burgers, hot dogs, sweet corn with all the trimmings, plus beer and soda. Bring friends for the low, low cost of $5.00 per family, $3.00 single.

BRING PRIZES for the raffle. The picnic was started in 1898 as a thank you for all the work Lions did. Note our club paid for and helped build the disc golf course at Plamann Park, come early and play it.

Our club has paid Lions International and Wisconsin state lions assessments for all of our members including the 13 who still have not paid this year's dues. Please pay dues now to get us out of the hole of unpaid dues. $85.00, check to Secretary Tom

We welcomed back Bob Randa at the July 28 meeting.

Club golfing August 25 at Winagamie. Sign up at the meeting.

Lions Camp raffle tickets are available for $10.00, with big prizes if you win.

Vol. 90, No. 13,    July 14, 2014,    deadline July 28

Monday, July 21 --- Bring a prospective member to hear Loel Kruger who is Health Director for the YMCA. Get some tips to keep yourself healthy.

Monday, July 28 --- Bring a spouse AND a prospective member to hear Lawrence University President Mark Burstein tell us about the successful present and the great future of one of Appleton's assets, LU.

Sick Call: Joe Spitz is at Brewster Village.

Results of our survey reported to the Board by Otto Cox indicate that most members like the Grand Meridian, like the food and like what our club offers. You can look on our website to find out more.


A few members still owe the $85.00 Annual dues for the 2014-15 year. Make out your check to Appleton Noon Lions club and hand in to Secretary Tom. We certainly were happy to see Tom fully recovered and at our last meeting.

Lions at Timberrattlers Tuesday, August 12. Deadline for signing up is July 29. For $21.00 adults or $17.00 kids you get a game ticket with seats in section 111, lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers or brats, baked beans, potato salad, potato chips, dessert and two beverages: beer, soda, water. If you missed the All Star game, this is next best. Questions? Check with Pat Cox at 920-202-3230. Picnic starts at 5.35pm.

Plan now to attend our annual picnic Monday, August 18. Details to come.


Lions Karl Blahnik, George Schmit, Bob Randa and Gerry Edinger. Many happy returns!

August Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske. Program Chairmen are Mike Weyenberg and Ed Ogurek. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

Vol. 90, No. 12,       June 30, 2014,       Next deadline July 7

Monday, July 7 --- Meeting will probably be about committees organizing. Committee booklets should be picked up at the meeting of June 30 so check your assignments.

Monday, July 14 --- A change of pace: Kayaking of the Upper Fox River. Attorney Richard Schoenbohm will take us on this unusual and relaxing trip.

Meeting scheduled at 11:00am and all members are welcome. See how club business is conducted and look at our finances.

Speaking of finances, your $85.00 annual dues are due July 1. Make check payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club and hand to Secretary Tom.

Thanks to Mike Crowe and Chad Vandenbusch for biographies June 16. Get to know our newer members by sitting with them at meetings. And please keep in mind possible new members: friends, people you do business with, see at church, etc. Ask them to a meeting --- club picks up the lunch cost for the first visit, just ask for a guest ticket. Tell them about the service we do like the 2,068 four and five year old students whose eyes were screened with 131 found who needed checks by an eye doctor, or the $10,000.00 raised by the Senior Living EXPO which was donated to ten non-profits. Get the name approved by our Board, then ask them to join.

Start now asking businesses to donate prizes for the EXPO.

Remember: Lions at the Timber Rattlers game Tuesday August 12. Deadline for signing up with Pat Cox is July 29. Picnic starts at 5:35pm. Cost for adults is $21.00 and $17.00 for kids in box seats in section 111. Event is on rain or shine with hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, baked beans, potato salad, potato chips, dessert and two beverages: beer, soda, water.

Vol. 90, No. 11,       June 9, 2014,       Next deadline June 23

Monday, June 16 --- Catching up on newer member biographies. Get to know them better at this meeting.

Monday, June 23 ---Our speaker will be Sgt. John Wallschlaeger, a Crisis Intervention Team Officer. He will speak about the training officers are receiving to respond to mental health crises in the community.

Monday, June 30 --- Eric Lom, P:E. City Traffic Engineer for Appleton will speak on the benefits of round abouts. Also Public Works Director Paula Vande Hey will talk about the pot hole situation.

$85.00 for members, $42.50 for spouses payable by July 1. Make check to Appleton Noon Lions Club and hand it to Secretary Tom.

Please return your surveys to the box at meetings.

Picnic start time is 5.35pm. Menu is Hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, baked beans, potato chips, potato salad, dessert and 2 beverages (beer, soda, water). Enjoy the game after the picnic. Cost is $21.00 for adults and $17.00 for kids. Deadline for signup is July 29 with Pat Cox. Seating for the game is in Box seats section 111. Event is on rain or shine. For more information see Pat or email him at or call 920-202-3230.

Now is definitely the time to invite a friend to join our club and help us do all we do for the community.

Happy Birthday July Lions!

Celebrating are Mike Tassoul, Carolyn Cox, two of our best.

July Program Chairman is George Schmit.

Vol. 90, No. 10,       May 19, 2014,       Next deadline June 2

Monday, June 2 --- Kelly Nutty, Director of Resource Management and Hava Blair, Gardens Manager and Market Coordinator will speak on the status of he Riverview Gardens Project.

Monday, June 9 --- Travis Andersen, President of St. Elizabeth Hospital, will speak on the Economic Impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

June 16 will be devoted to thumbnail presentations of our newer members.

Otto Cox is now Zone Chairman for our zone.

Bob Simon has taken over as General Chairman of the Senior Living EXPO. Bob Randa is on the recovery list and we hope he will be back with us soon. Joe Ferris will work with Bob on the computer end.

A lot of man and woman power went into our rose sales and our net is now $2367.00. More of the same went into the candy sales and the net there is $756.00. A big THANK YOU to all who helped. This money goes into our Charity Fund.

During April our members transported 8 eye tissues from Appleton to the next station on the journey to the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank where they gave someone sight.

Dave Lee reports that over 2,000 4 and 5 year olds have had their eyes screened. Over 90 were referred to eye doctors for followup.

Coming up July 1 are your $80.00 dues for 2014-15. Also, democratically elected officers and Board will take over then.

BOARD MEETS MONDAY, JUNE 9, 11:00am at the Grand Meridian. All members welcome. See how the club spends its money among other things.

Vol. 90, No. 9,       May 1, 2014,       Next deadline May 12

Note: Our first two meetings in May will be at the Holiday Inn, just past US 41 on the south side of College Avenue.

Monday, May 12 --- our speaker will be Jeff Last from the National Weather Service. And no, he just predicts, and does not produce the bad weather.

BOARD MEETS MONDAY, MAY 12 AT 11:00am AT THE HOLIDAY INN. All members are welcome to attend. Find out what is going on, check club finances, etc.

Back at the Grand Meridian for the meeting Monday, May 19.

Monday, May 19 --- Joan Voigt, from the Department of Natural Resources Fish Hatchery at Wild Rose will be our speaker. Can't promise any tips on how to catch the fish after they are released into the wild.

Ralph Acker reports that with his last shipment of used eyeglasses to the recycling facility at Lions Camp at Rosholt the club grand total is over 85,000 pairs turned in. Ralph and his helpers have done a fantastic job!

No. We won't meet May 28 which is Memorial Day.

For June: Greeters are Bob Simon and Gerry Edinger. Program Chairpersons are Otto Cox and Mary Jo Mohr. Please get programs to Editor Rik at least three weeks ahead for the Snort.

Vol. 90, No. 8,       April 20, 2014,       Next deadline May 5


Our member Mary Beth Nienhaus donated Winnegamie Golf Course to an educational foundation, an estimated $2,500,000 gift. And yes, you can still golf there.


Chairman Mark Keller reports that our members delivered 413 dozen roses from the rose sale. Members delivering were: Acker, Blahnik, Breem, P. Cox, Edinger, Hahn, Keller, Kennett, Lee, Novitske, O'Hearn, Ogurek, Schuh, Tilque, Weyenberg. Sorry if any members were missed.

Monday, April 28 ---Christine Schmutzer will present, "My Father's Career in the Military". She is a retired military person herself.

Monday, May 5 ---Our speaker will be Joe Mauthe, Executive Director of the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities, on what the Partnership does.

Otto Cox is the new Zone Chairman for our Zone in District 27-B1.

The State Lions Convention will be held May 16 and 17 at Wisconsin Dells. Details are in your state newspaper. Now is the time to sign up.


Gerry Edinger has scheduled a candy sale April 25 and 26 at Festival Foods on Northland. Sign up at meetings if you can help.

There will be a survey of members on a number of subjects in May. (How do you feel about the Tailtwister reaching over 80% of his quota with three months left?)

Celebrating birthdays in May are Ralph Acker, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Ron Mohr and Mary Beth Nienhaus.

May Greeters are Mike Tassoul and Mary Jo Mohr. Program Chairman is Karl Blahnik.

Vol. 90. , No. 7,       April 3, 2014,       Next deadlline April 14

Monday, April 14 ---Irene Strohbeen from the League of Women Voters will be our speaker. The League is non-partisan and takes a balanced perspective on various issues. She will speak about redistricting in the state.

Monday, April 21 --- President of SCORE, Marylou Vandehey will speak about SCORE which counsels people wanting to go into business or needing business advice and direction.

Mark Keller announces 296 dozen roses sold. Please sign up to help deliver them on Friday April 11 or Saturday April 12. Signup sheets at the meeting.

Appleton Evening Lions 50th Anniversary will be celebrated Sunday, April 13 at the Grand Meridian starting at 4.30 with a social hour, dinner at 5:30. Cost is $20.00 per person. Reserve and pay to Tom O'Hearn.

First two meetings in May will be at the Holiday Inn.

Plan to vote on your 2014-2015 officers after the April 7 Board meeting (11:00am at the Grand Meridian). This will be the first order of business after our lunch.
President David Lee, Past President Carolyn Cox.
1st VP Mark Keller, 2nd VP Daphne Kennett, 3rd VP Tom Barnes
Secretary Tom O'Hearn, Assistant Secretary Del Schuh
Treasurer Blaine Priebusch
Directors: l year Rik Madisen, Dick Novitske. 2 years Ralph Acker, Bob Randa. 3 years Mike Weyenberg, Dale Schaber.
Tailtwister Sid Kroeger
Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty. Assistant Lion Tamer Dude Hahn
Membership Committee: 1 year Jim Pleuss, 2 years Pat Cox, 3 years Chairman Gerry Edinger.

Our club will deliver eyes in Apr the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank. If you can help, contact Del Schuh

There will be a candy sale coming up. Check with Gerry Edinger at the meeting if you can help

Vol. 90, No. 6,       March 21, 2014,       Next deadline March 31

Monday, March 31--- Our speaker, Nancy Krueger is Health and Wellness coordinator at the Adult and Disability Resource Center. She will discuss the services available through the ADRC which serves Outagamie, Calumet and Waupaca Counties.

Monday, April 7 --- A lot is going on with the Appleton Public Library, including possible building or renovation. Director of the Library Colleen Rortvedt will be our speaker.


Good job Lions! Thanks to Mark Keller, Chairman, and now the second phase begins and we have to deliver roses. Sign up for Friday April 11 or Saturday April 12 at meetings. This is our second biggest fund raiser and it took our whole membership to make it a success.

Look ahead --- Board meets Monday, April 14 at 11:00am at the Grand Meridian. All members are welcome to sit in on the session.

We will be voting on the officers and Board members for the 2014-2015 Lions year in April. The slate will be presented by Gerry Edinger, Nominations Chairman.

Del Schuh reminds us that April is the month our club delivers eyes from our area to the Wisconsin Eyebank. If you are not signed up to do this and would like to help, contact Del.


Chad is our newest member sponsored by Otto Cox. Plan to sit with him and get acquainted at a meeting.

Vision screening note: another 92 four year olds were screened by Dave Lee and crew at St. Paul Lutheran.

May greeters are Mike Tassoul and Mary Jo Mohr. Program Chairmen are Karl Blahnik and James Cronmiller. Please let Editor Rik know your programs three weeks ahead.

Celebrating birthdays in April are Archie Mauk, Rod Wolf, James Cronmiller, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Rik Madisen, Howard Hardesty, Janet Gray and Daphne Kennett. Many happy returns!

Vol. 90, No. 5,       March 5, 2014,       Next deadline March 17


Did YOU have some of those sales? March 20 is the deadline and Mark Keller has done a great job getting posters and orders out to members. If you can't get to all your prospects, send an order blank and postpaid reply envelope with a note to those who might buy. Get to businesses which might buy for all their female employees. Get to those you do business with, gas, shoes, ice cream, cars -- you think of the rest.

Sign up sheets for delivery on April 11, 12 will be passed around at the meeting. Honest, Spring will be here for deliveries.

Board meets March 10, 11:00am, Grand Meridian. All members welcome, see how our money is spent, how border issues are settled, how disputes about our airspace are handled, etc.

Monday, March 17 --- Right up our alley, Jean Kenevan, Office of the Blind and Visually Impaired will be our speaker. She works out of the Thompson Center helping the visually impaired of three counties.

Monday, March 24 --- The husband of Program Chairperson Daphne Kennett, Malcolm, will talk about nuclear power generation. He will answer any concerns members may have.

Dave Lee arranged for rose sales at Ace Hardware (Northland Avenue) the first three Saturdays in March. In addition to the sales, our club got a lot of good publicity out of the contacts. Candy bars were also sold. Gerry Edinger reports that $450.00 worth of candy bars have been sold.

Thank you letters were received for our $1,000.00 donations to Community Clothes Closet and St. Joe"s Food Pantry. Also two thank yous from the Veterans Home at King for the cash donation and for the clothes, other items delivered in December.

Vision Testing was completed on four year olds who were absent when their class was tested.

Vol. 90. No. 4,       February 24, 2014,       Next deadline March 3

Monday, March 3 --- Circuit Court Judge Mark McGuiness will be our speaker. He previously spoke about a Truancy Court and will now let us know how well this has worked in keeping students in school.

Monday, March 10 --- Our own member Penny Bernard-Schaber will present the program. She will give us insight into the political world of Madison and bring us up to date on legislation.


We are aiming at our mark of about 270 dozen last year and need to pass it by the March 20 sale end date. We make about half the $15.00 per dozen price and this is our second largest project in income. Contact friends, businesses (for female employees), anyone who wants to impress a dear wife, girl friend, or acquaintance. Help will be needed on deliveries April 12 so sign up. Get orders and money to Mark Keller. We will sell roses at Ace Hardware the first three Saturdays in March. Sign up for this also.

Gerry Edinger notes that the slate of nominations is full now. When it comes up for a vote, you may nominate from the floor.

If any member has some complaints on our food, he/she is asked to bring this to the Board which is our contact with the Grand Meridian.


Celebrating are Tom O'Hearn, Dale Schaber and Pat Cox. Many happy returns! Welcome back Tom after your long recovery

March greeters are Bob Randa and Howie Pleuss. Program Chairmen are Daphne Kennett and Rik Madisen.

State Lions Bowling Tournament every weekend in March Broadway Bowl, 1501 N. Broadway, Menomonie, WI $17.00 per person, 4 person team, contact Mary Bygd, 715-556-1015.

Vol. 90, No. 3,       February 3, 2014,       Next deadline February 17

Monday, February 17 --- Find out where Appleton is going. Karen Harkness, Director of Community Development will speak to us abut Appleton's plans.

Monday, February 24 --- Our own member Stevie Schmidt will take us behind the scenes for a background on local politics. She has been on the City Council five terms and served as its president.


Got a prospect? Now is the time to give out that order blank, get that $15.00 and turn in both to Mark Keller. Try to find a business that would use roses as a PR prize for its customers or employees to make that BIG sale. April 12 is the delivery date. Mark has promised NO snow that day.

Gerry Edinger has a candy sale at Festival Foods set for February 21 and 22. Sign up February 17 if you can work a shift.

Daphne Kennett reports that the GPS our club bought for a blind woman, with the help of the Grand Chute club, has started to pay off. The woman is getting acquainted with how it can help her.

Welcome back Bob Randa to the club meetings and Tom O'Hearn is recovering nicely from surgery.

Both the Appleton Area School District and David Lee are pleased and excited, as are the 19 members who helped screen eyes of 605 four year olds in the District. The results were on time and turned up 37 children who needed followup from an eye doctor. This is 6.51%. Catching eye problems at that age makes all he difference. And Dave did not break the camera!

Have you invited a prospective member to a meeting? Club pays for first lunch of a prospect. We need more members to continue our work in the community. Tell your prospect what our club does to serve, about Lions Camp, Lions Eyebank and all the other good stuff Lions do.

Vol. 90, No. 2,       January 20, 2014,       next deadline February 3

Vision screening is going well. As of this writing, 263 four year olds were screened with 17 needing followup by an eye doctor. Be sure to check assignments to see when you are working and BE THERE!

Monday, February 3 --- High Cliff State Park history, information and recreational opportunities will be presented by Cindy Mueller, DNR Naturalist. This is the only state owned area on Lake Winnebago, our largest lake.

Monday, February 10 --- Tim Ewing, Director and Naturalist will share opportunities available are Navarino Nature Center, a non-profit organization established in 1986. It is located 10 miles south of Shawano and NCC celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011.

Sick call: Tom O'Hearn is recovering at home. Bob Randa was scheduled for surgery this week.

If you are interested in serving as a Board member or officer, let Gerry Edinger know.

All members have been given an envelope with rose sale order blanks. Now is the time to sell. Posters are available at the meeting. Turn in money to Mark Keller.

Daphne Kennett has arranged for a special GPS unit for a blind woman. She will use it when she walks to let her know where to go. The club put up the $700.00 and we hope some other clubs will kick in on this.

The following members received Monarch Awards for years in membership: 10 years, Ron Mohr, George Schmit; 15 years, Elmer Tilque; 30 years, Archie Mauk; 35 years, Joe Spitz; 40 years Mike Tassoul and 45 years, Del Schuh. Congratulations!

WELCOME TO TOM BARNES, our newest member sponsored by Pat Cox.

Happy Birthday to members celebrating in February: Bob Simon, Sandy Buettner, Jim Pleuss.

FEBRUARY GREETERS: Tom O'Hearn and Dick Novitske, PROGRAM CHAIRPERSONS: Stevie Schmidt and Dale Schaber.

Vol. 90, No. 1,       January 7, 2014,       next deadline January 20


Each of the following non-profits received $1,000.00 thanks to YOUR work as a member:

Boys and Girls Club
Community Clothes Closet
Emergency Shelter
Fox Valley Warming Center
Fox Cities Community Health Center
Harbor House
St. Joseph Food Pantry
Salvation Army (given on a match day to make $2,000.00).

Also at our Christmas Party outstanding efforts by our members were recognized. Knight of Sight donations of $1,000.00 to the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank were given, and plaques presented to David Lee and Otto Cox for their work preparing the vision screening program. Lion of the Year Awards were presented to Blaine Priebusch for keeping our club financially sound for all these years (send him to Washington?) and Bob Simon for his work on the Senior Living EXPO.

We also collected $219.00 at the Party for King and Mike Tassoul and his crew took that and donated items to King.

Monday, January 13 --- Our speaker will be Superintendent Lee Allinger. His topic will be: The Appleton School District Referendum

Monday, January 20 --- Our speaker will be Tom Jadin from the Fox Valley Warming Shelter. This has been a vital help to the homeless during our cold spell.

Monday, January 27 --- Our speaker will probably be John Solberg from Rawhide.

Don't forget the Board Meeting Monday, January 13, 11:00am at the Grand Meridian. All members welcome, see how the club's business is conducted and check our finances for the month.

Heads up for February: Greeters are Tom O'Hearn and Dick Novitske. Program Chairmen are Stevie Schmidt and Dale Schaber. Please get programs to Editor Rik two to three weeks ahead for the Snort.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our members born in February: Bob Simon, Sandy Buettner and Jim Pleuss.

Did you bring a guest to the party? Perhaps the guest would be interested in joining us. We NEED new members in order to do the vision screening, raise money for our donations to those who need our help, and just to spread the work of Lions WE SERVE.

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