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Meetings: Mondays 12:15 p.m. - The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, WI

Vol. 91, No. 25,    December 21, 2015,    Next Deadline January 4


Monday, January 4 — A close look at Lions Camp through the eyes of Richard Kline and his daughter Chrissie. We proudly support the Camp with our donations each year.

Monday January 11 — A very active group, Habitat for Humanity, does a lot for housing the low income residents. Habitat Executive Director John Weyenberg will tell us more about their work.

A big thank you to the Egg Nog Party crew: Mike Tassoul, Ken Pawlak, Elmer Tilque, Dick Novitske and Sid Kroeger. Music through Sharon Huss’ connections.

Board meets Monday, January 11 at 11:00am, all members welcome to sit in.

You members worked hard at the Senior Living EXPO to raise a profit of over $12,000. We donated $1,000 each to Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley, Community Clothes Closet, COTS, Homeless Connections, Fox Valley Community Health Center, Harbor House, LEAVEN, Salvation Army, St. Joseph’s Food Program and Warming Shelter of the Fox Valley.

In addition, $500 each was donated to Fox Valley Veterans Council, Mothers and Unborn Baby Care, National Alliance for Mental Illness, Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

WELCOME NEW MEMBER CAROL JANSEN sponsored by Carolyn and Otto Cox.

Del Schuh notes our club will be delivering eyes to the Lions Eyebank in January.

Happy birthday to Lions Bob Simon and Jim Pleuss born in February.

Vol. 91, No. 24,    December 7, 2015,    Next deadline December 15

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR from your officers and Board.

Monday, December 14 — A real insight from a person who was there! Clyde Stephenson, our speaker was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. Hear about the details, bring a guest (or a prospective member).

Monday, December 21 — Our Annual Egg Nog Party. It begins at 11:30am with hors d’oeuvres followed by the meal at noon. Needless to say, there will be egg nog “with” or “without”. Cost per person is $15.00 and tickets are on sale at the club. Bring a guest or prospective member. Highlight will be handing our 14 checks to non-profits, the result of YOUR hard work at the Senior Living EXPO — a $12,000 total donation.

Musical entertainment will be by the Fox Valley Flute Choir led by UW Fox Valley Concert Band Director Dr. Marc Sackman. Note that one of the 16 flutists is Sharon Huss’s daughter Amy Jo Christianson.

We remember our veterans, male and female, at the King Veterans Home each year by donating books, toiletries, male and female clothing and shoes in good condition. Bring items to the meetings and after our party, Mike Tassoul and crew will take them to King.

Eye screening now totals 1,100 students this Fall. Dave Lee could use more help, so check with him if you can spend a few hours.

Thanks to club members who have rung bells for the Salvation Army. More help is needed. Remember you can get a location inside or outside, a one hour or two hour shift (and bells are furnished). Call 955-1225 to set up your time.

Program Chairpersons for January are Mary Beth Nienhaus and Ken Pawlak. Greeters are Mike Weyenberg and Rik Madisen. Let Editor Rik Know your programs three weeks ahead.

Vol. 91, No. 23, November 23, 2015 Next deadline November 30

MIKE TASSOUL, you may know him as our “picnic leader”, but he is also our leader when it comes to helping veterans at King. Every year you members bring donations such as books, toiletries, some wearables, etc. and Mike and his team take them to King around the time of our Egg Nog Party. NOW IS THE TIME to start bringing items to the club.

Monday, November 30 — Our speaker will be Stephanie Sweetala who will talk about Biolife Plasma Services.

Monday, December 7 — If you watch the morning news on channel 5, this is your chance to see Morning Anchor Brittany Falkers in person. She will talk about where they get news leads, how interviews are set up and how news gets put into a program.

Program Chairmen for December are Dave Lee and Rik Madisen, Greeters are Bob Simon and Del Schuh.

Your Lions Board has authorized donations of $12,000. This money is the result of YOUR efforts at making the Senior Living EXPO a success. It will be given at our Egg Nog Party, December 21.

Recipients which are all non-profit organizations are:                            
Boys and Girls Club Homeless Connection
Fox Valley Warming CenterSt. Joseph Food Pantry
Harbor HouseFox Valley Community Health Center
Community Clothes ClosetLEAVEN
COTS National Alliance for Mental Illness
Salvation ArmyBig Brothers and Sisters
Fox Valley Veterans CouncilMother and Unborn Baby Care

December Member’s birthdays: Ron Dunlap and Sharron Huss. Many happy returns!!!

Sign up NOW to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Just call 955-1225.

Vol. 91, No. 22,    November 9, 2015,    Next deadline November 16

Monday, November 16 — Our speaker will be Cisey Plamann. The program on “4H Today” will bring us up to date on this organization.

Monday, November 23 — The Athletic Director at Kimberly High School, Ryan McGinnis will be our speaker.

Pretty sweet! Gerry Edinger reports that the last candy sale brought in $688. Candy bars can be bought at the meeting.


Our club has been involved in the bell ringing for many years. One and two hour shifts at many different locations, many inside, are available. Call 955-1225 to get lined up NOW.

Lions International has sent chevrons for Lions pins for Ken Pawlak, 15 years membership, RonDunlap, 25, Rik Madisen, 60.

Lions State Convention will be May 20 and 21 at the Paper Valley Hotel. Help from our club will be needed. Check with Mike Weyenberg if you want to be part of this event.

Long time former member Bob Sawyers died at age 90. Our sympathy to his family.

Dave Lee needs volunteers to help with eye screening in Appleton schools. This fall 810 have already been checked by Dave’s team.

Plan now to bring some guests (and possible member prospects) to the Annual Egg Nog Party December 21. We will donate $12,500 to non-profits, from money earned by the Senior Living EXPO.

Bob Randa and his crew have distributed free dictionaries to around 1,000 six graders. They were delighted to get them and we have had many thank you letters from them.

Vol. 91, No. 21,    October 26, 2015,    Next deadline November 2

Monday, November 2 —Our speaker will be Kurt Eggebrecht, in change or the Appleton Department of Health. He will announce his topic at the meeting.

Monday, November 9 — Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna will bring us up to date on the Exposition Center and other city topics.

Around 1,000 free dictionaries have been labeled, and presented to sixth graders in the Appleton School District. . Thanks to Bob Randa and everyone who labeled and distributed the dictionaries.


Board will meet at 11:00am before our November 9 meeting at the Grand Meridian. All members are welcome to sit in as our mighty Board discusses weighty topics.

We Serve: Dave Lee and helpers have now screened a total of over 6,800 students since the start of the program. About 7% need followup care with an eye doctor.

Call this number: 955-1225 at the Salvation Army to sign up for a bell ringing shift. Either two hours or one hour, at many locations. Our club has been helping with this for many years and the need is great.

Did you realize who might be our next Apppleton Noon Lions President, even though”he” has not campaigned. Now is the time to prepare for change. District 27-B1 will held its annual convention November 13 and 14 at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. If you go our club pays registration and half the luncheon cost. Our club may also be asked to help with some functions.

Vol. 91, No. 20,    October 19, 2015,    Next deadline October 26

Monday, October 19 — Lets try this again. Curt Esser runs a computer consulting company. He has important information for every member who owns a computer. His message will deal with protecting your information and avoiding viruses and other problems.

Monday, October 26 — Our speaker will be Jerome Martin, Executive Director at Homeless Connections. This is one of the non-profits Senior EXPO money has gone to in the past.

Bob Randa says we will distribute 918 FREE dictionaries to third graders this Fall. Let Bob know if you can help with this. Bob will keep us informed at meetings.

(Most important, over 400 cups of coffee were poured for our guests). Now to the details, 68 exhibitors, 718 People attended. Net profit still to be nailed down looks to be over $14,000.00. Thanks again to all involved.

District 27-B1 will hold its annual convention November 13 and 14 at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. Club will pay registration and half the cost of the luncheon.

We all send our sympathy to Jerry Breen and family on the recent death of his daughter.

Eye screening will be every Tuesday and Thursday in November. If you can help, let Dave Lee know. Most recent eye screening of kindergartners totaled 120.

Members celebrating birthdays in November are: Del Schuh, Mary Jo Mohr, Penny Schaber, Jerry Breen, Stevie Schmidt and Tim Bauer. Many happy returns!!!

November Greeters are Carolyn and Otto Cox. Program Chairmen are Del Schuh, Pat Cox and Ed Ogurek — at least all three are participating. Thanks for getting details to Editor Rik already.

Salvation Army bell ringing signups, call 955-1225.

Vol. 91, No. 19,   October 5, 2015,   Next deadline October 12

Monday, October 5 — Our speaker will be Jay Breyer, Director of Mission Home. This organization helps to find missing children.

Monday, October 12 — Curt Esser runs a computer consulting company. He has important information for every member who owns a computer. His message will deal with protecting your information and avoiding viruses and other problems.

The Senior Living EXPO meeting to evaluate the 2015 EXPO will meet at 11:00am, Monday October 5 and our Board meeting will be Monday, October 12 at 11:00am — both before our regular meetings at the Grand Meridian.

Vision screening is under way again this year in Dave Lee’s capable hands. Total screened to date is over 6,700 since the program started. Winnecone just completed, with 270 screened. The school there heard about the great things our camera can do and requested this service.

Zone meeting will be October 21 here at the Grand Meridian and all of our members are welcome. Cost of the meal is $13.00. If you can donate a prize for a raffle, bring it to the club meeting.

Recent eyeglass Czar Charlie Garnier has delivered 1,440 pairs of used eyeglasses to the Rosholt recycling facility.

Believe it or not, Salvation Army Bell Ringing is almost here. You can register now for times and locations, two hour shifts. The phone number of the Bell Office is 920-955-1225. The start is November 6 and bells will ring to December 24. Our club has always supported this fund raiser.

Vol. 91, No. 18,    September 21, 2015,    Next deadline October 5


Lots more information to come, but it was a fine day and total people attending was 719. Better Business Seminar had 95 attend, Social Security had 98. Thanks to everyone who worked and to our exhibitors, and co-chairmen Bob Simon and Bob Randa.

Monday, September 28 — Our speaker will be Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive.

OCTOBER Program Chairmen are Mark Keller and Scott Nickel. Please get speaker information to Editor Rik before October 5. Greeters are Karl Blanik and Blaine Priebusch.

The club is richer by $685 from Bob Randa’s Macy’s coupon promotion. Thanks all who participated.

Dave Lee reports that over 6,400 eye screenings have been done and screeners are starting again this fall with new students.

Ralph Acker has collected and delivered over 100,000 used eyeglasses. Articles in the Lion Paper and the Post Crescent let the public know this service our club does. Congrats, Ralph.

Welcome Tim Bauer, our newest Member. He was sponsored by Dave Lee. Be sure to meet him at meetings.

Plan now to attend the 27-B1 District Convention, November 13 and 14 at the Raddison Paper Valley Hotel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCTOBER LIONS: Elmer Tilque, Sid Kroeger, Mark Keller, Dave Lee, Scott Nickel and Charlie Garnier. We wish you many more!

Under threatening skies 11 dauntless members of the Appleton Noon Lions Club took to the links August 24 after the meeting. It was a best ball scramble and thanks to a healthy donation from Pat Cox, there was some prize money to be awarded. After golfing, golfers met in the Nienhaus room for refreshments and prizes. First place team was: Randa, Weyenberg, Pawlak and Ogurek who shot a 32 for the 9 holes and won the low putts award. Second place was: Garnier, O’Hearn and Schuh who shot a 34 for the nine holes. Third place team: O. Cox, C. Cox, Mary Jo Mohr and R. Mohr who shot a 37 for nine holes. Longest drive was by Carolyn Cox and longest putt was won by Schuh. Thanks to Highlands Course for assistance and special thanks to Pat Cox.

Vol. 91, No. 17,     September 3, 2015,     Next deadline September 14

Thanks to Mike Weyenberg for a very interesting look at our Criminal Justice operation of the vocational school August 31.

Daphne has decreed that there will be NO meeting Labor Day, Monday September 7.

Monday, September 14 will be organizing every detail of who does what and when for the 18th SENIOR LIVING EXPO. This is the time to get all your questions answered before you get to the Players Choice to work. All hands on deck for this fundraiser, we need all the help we can get. This is an important meeting and we will be back at the Grand Meridian for it .

Sorry, no additional programs have been submitted. It is important that these get to Editor Rik far enough ahead for a number of reasons. For one, knowing about the program gives members an incentive to attend. For another, hopefully members planning to invite a prospective member to join want to pick a program they think the prospect would be interested in — our best foot forward on membership.

If you don”t want to be a program chairperson, just let General Chairman Tom Barnes know and we’ll try to get a substitute.

And now to Del Schuh, first a thank you for organizing the golf outing and second, contrary to popular belief, he DID get a Perfect Attendance award last month. Del will be one of those not attending a meeting September 7.

Vol. 91, No. 16,     August 18, 2015,     Next deadline August 31

Monday, August 24 — Our speaker will be Jerry Ohm, long time teacher and high school sports official in he Fox Valley.

Monday, August 31 — Meeting at Fox Valley Tech in the new $32 million Criminal Justice Center. Cost of the meal will be $13.00 per person. Guests are invited for this gourmet meal. You must sign up with Mike Weyenberg or Joe Ferris by August 25. Ed Krueger, long time head of the Criminal Justice Department will be our speaker. He currently has his own investigative business. He has been security head of the Paper Valley Hotel. He will let us tour the new Criminal Justice building.

PAT ON THE BACK FOR PAT COX who did a great job organizing the Timberrattlers baseball outing. We wish Pat well on his back surgery also.

Then there was the Family Picnic which went off between showers. Mike Tssoul did a heck of a job again on putting it together with lots of help from cooks and servers. This was the best food value in the state.

Bob Randa and mike Weyenberg auctioned off an amazing bunch of raffle items. Thanks to all who brought items to be in the raffle.

No meeting Monday, Labor Day. October Program Chairmen please get info on programs to Editor Rik, NOW.

You probably won’t believe this, but only our absentee Dude Hahn has a birthday in September. Happy birthday Dude and many happy returns.

Ask a friend to join our club. Bring the friend to a meeting, that’s why its important to know what the program is — to impress the prospect, ask for a guest ticket because the club pays for the first lunch. Talk about our club and the SERVICE it does for the community. Lions Camp at Rosholt, used eyeglasses we collect and distribute, how about dictionaries. our eye screening program for students, support for ten non-profits and all the rest of the story. Convince your prospect to join us, get an application from Secretary Tom and have it filled out. The Board then must approve it and — we have a new member!

Vol. 91, No. 15,     August 3, 2015,     Next deadline August 10

August 11 is Lions Night at the Timberrattlers starting at 5.35pm with a picnic in the third base area. If you missed the July payment deadline, get your money in checks, payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club. Check with Pat Cox with any questions.

NO MEETING MONDAY AUGUST 17 when us Lions have a family picnic starting at 6:00pm at Plamann Park, rain or shine. Brats, burgers, roast corn, etc. beer and soft drinks. Your family eats for $5.00, singles cost $3.00. Bring a prize for the raffle. Guests are welcome.

Aw, come on — if you haven’t paid your annual dues of $85.00 with a check to Appleton Noon Lions Club, you better get it done, NOW!

We had a thank you from the delegate to Badger Boys State whom we sponsored.

The Senior Living EXPO will be Thursday, September 17. You are asked to get prizes for the raffle there.

Coming up in September, Greeters Mike Tassel and Gerry Edinger. Program Chairmen are Jerry Breen and Jim Pleuss. As always, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead for the Snort.

A stellar group[ with Perfect Attendance our last Lions year: Acker, Barnes, Blahnik, C. Cox, O. Cox, P. Cox, Dunlap, Edinger (5 years), Ferris, Garnier, Huss, Kennett, Kroeger (5 years), D. Lee, Madisen, M.J. Mohr, R. Mohr, Muck, Novitske, OGurek, O’Hearn, Pawlak, Randa, G Schmit, Simon, Tilque (25 years), Tassel (35 years), and Weyenberg. Congratulations!

Sorry, no programs have come in for the Snort for September.

Vol. 91, No. 14,     July 21, 2015,     Next deadline August 3

We are at attention and saluting Third Vice President Mary Beth Nienhaus for her continuing generosity, this time $500,000 for housing for the needy in Appleton. WELL DONE!


Monday July 27 is the deadline to being a check payable to Appleton Noon Lions for Tickets, Baseball, and All You Can Eat Picnic along the third base picnic area. Cost, Adults $23.00, kids $19.00. Picnic at 5.35pm, game at 7.05pm. Our team is guaranteed to win on the date, Tuesday, August 11, that’s 2015. Check goes to Treasurer Blaine.

Busy August! The annual family picnic will be Monday August 17 at Plamann Park, rain or shine. Chairman Gerry Edinger and Mike Tassoul ask that you bring prizes for the raffle. No meeting that Monday.

Duffers (oops we meant golfers) Outing August 24. Tee off 2:00-2:15pm for a 9 hole scramble at Winnegamie Golf Course. For more details see Del Schuh or Ralph Acker.

Speaking of Hundred Thousand Acker, the Wisconsin Lions Foundation presented him with a certificate in recognition of his accomplishments collecting all those glasses. District Governor Henke made the presentation.

DUES ARE PAST DUE! Make your $85.00 check payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club and hand to Treasurer Blaine.

Macys Shop for a Cause savings passes should be out to your shoppers and the $5.00 should come back to Bob Randa.

And Bob Randa joins Karl Blahnik, George Schmidt and Gerry Edinger celebrating birthdays in August. Many Happy Returns to all of you!

Sorry, no programs in at this time.

Vol. 91, No. 13,     July 6, 2015,     Next deadline July 20

Monday, July 20 — New District 27-B1 Governor Marvin Henke from Neshkoro will be here to make it official. He will install our officers and initiate new members. Note: everyone please be on your best behavior.

Monday, July 27 — You might want to bring a guest to hear State Senator Roger Roth talk about the new state budget.

DUES for 2015-16 are $85.00 and are now past due. Make check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and bring to Secretary Tom.

5th Annual Night with the Timberrattlers is Tuesday, August 11. All you can eat plus baseball starting at 5:35pm, game at 7:05pm. Cost: Adults $23, kids, $19. Get your check to Treasurer Blaine by Monday, July 27. Any questions, ask Pat Cox.

Del Schuh, in charge of eye deliveries to the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank notes that the 17 transfers in June were the most we have had to date. Did you see Del’s picture in the latest Wisconsin Lions newspaper?

Coming: (Correction) Our family picnic, Monday August 17.
Senior Living EXPO is Thursday, September 17.

Ralph Acker has supervised the collection of over 100,000 pairs of used eyeglasses, picking them up in our area and taking them to Lions Camp at Rosholt. After a great job, Ralph is turning this service over to Charlie Garnier who will take charge immediately.

Get those Macy’s Shop for a Cause Savings Passes to shoppers and collect $5.00 which the club keeps. So far over $600.00 has been collected.

August Greeters are Joe Ferris and Dick Novitske. Program Chairmen are Mike Weyenberg and Jim Pleuss. As usual, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

Vol. 91, No. 12,     June 25, 2015,     Next deadline July 6

NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL $5 Macy's Shop For a Cause! There is an envelope with four $5 Savings Passes for each member. Be sure you have yours and sell the four and turn in the money. $420 has already been raised. See Bob Randa for any questions.

YOUR $85 DUES ARE DUE BY JULY 1. Make check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and give to Secretary Tom.

All you can eat picnic plus baseball. Located in the third base area of the timber rattlers stadium.
Time: 5.35pm, game starts at 7:05pm. with our seats in section 111.
Cost: Adults $23, Kids $19.
Make check payable to Appleton Noon Lions Club.
Get the check to Treasurer Blaine by MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015.
Any questions, see Pat Cox. Pat also is sponsoring our upcoming golf outing— and many thanks!

Monday, July 6 —Our speakers will be many because all committees will meet to get organized. Don’t know which you are on? Light will be shed on this at the meeting Monday. This decree from newly appointed commander who shall be nameless for the present and has deposed our beloved David Lee.

Monday, July 13 — Shannon Full from the Chamber of Commerce will be our speaker and bring us up to date on what the Chamber is doing.

Chairman of the Eye Transporters Del Schuh reports that a record 13 eyes were transported and the month was not over at that time.

Joe Ferris is almost ready for the Packer’s practice with a new Hip replacement —get well soon!

A SUPER BIRTHDAY RAFFLE (just kidding) with two members celebrating in July —Mike Tassel and Carolyn Cox. Many Happy Returns!

Vol. 91, No. 11,     June 8, 2015,     Next deadline June 22

Monday, June 22 — Lt. Steve Elliott, Appleton Police Department, will discuss the issues of human trafficking and prostitution as they exist in Appleton, and policing efforts in this regard.

Monday, June 29 — Hole in the ground, or what?, The water retention question regarding Lions Park. Deputy Director of the Appleton Parks and Recreation Department Tom Flick will bring us up to date on the situation.

Latest figures on income for the Rose Sale profit is $2,279 and Candy, $1098.

Our vision screening camera software is being updated. Since the beginning of screening in January 2014 Dave Lee and his assistants have done 6,480 students, with 3,162 this year. Of those screened, 483 or 7.4% needed followup.


Line was held, dues are again $85.00, and most goes to Lions International, Wisconsin Lions, and leftovers to our club. Make check out to Appleton Noon Lions Club and hand in to Treasurer Blaine.

Zone Chairman Otto Cox turned the gavel over to Dave Lee for the next Lions year. Good Job Otto!

We received a plaque from the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank in honor of the club’s efforts and another plaque from the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for our work and donations. Both will hang in the Grand Meridian. Certificates acknowledging cooperation in collecting eyeglasses are going to all collection places.

Eyeglass Collection Chairman Ralph Acker notes that four new persons will be picking up eyeglasses at least once a month: Ed Ogurek, Mike Crowe, Dale Schaber and Tom Barnes.

Plan ahead for the Annual Timberrattlers Game August 11. Included with the box seats will be refreshments. More details will be coming.

Vol. 91, No. 10,     May 27, 2015,     Next deadline June 8

Monday, June 1 - The Senior EXPO Committee will meet at 11:00am, just prior to our regular meeting. All Committee Members and any others that are interested in the EXPO should attend this important meeting.

Our speaker at the Meeting will be Christina Stacker, Executive Director of Partnership Community Health Center

Monday, June 8 — The program will be on the changing roles of physicians in an integrated health care delivery system. The presenter will be Larry Donatelle, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs, eastern region, Ministry Health Care.

Monday, June 15 — Our speaker will be Tracy Plamann, Community Education Coordinator for Harbor House. This is one of he non-profits our club supports with profits from the Senior Living EXPO.

June is the month our club transports eyes for the Wisconsin Lions Eyebank. Del Schuh is Chairman of this effort and if any of you who signed up to transport have questions, check with Del.

If you know of a visually handicapped person who could attend Lions Camp near Rosholt, let Secretary Tom know. He can put you on the right track to get information.


It ain’t hard to bring one in! Talk to someone who is a friend, business acquaintance, fellow church member, etc. Invite the person to a meeting which is a free lunch for the prospect — just ask for a guest ticket. Tell them about things we do, for instance the dictionaries, the fabulous eye screening for small kids, the Senior EXPO, hunting and fishing in the swamp — oops, sorry. Give the person a yellow flyer about our club, perhaps a Lion Magazine, or the state paper. Invite the person to join, get an application from Secretary Tom. Then the person is picked for approval by the Board and you can ask the person to join.

Did you know Dave Lee is running for Past President? Let’s give him all the support we can because our club has had a banner year, due in large part to Dave’s leadership.

Vol. 91, No. 9,     May 12, 2015,     Next deadline May 25


Monday, May 18 — Suzette Preston will speak to us about the collaborative efforts of the Appleton School District Early Learning Center.

Take a break on May 25 and go to the Memorial Day Parade, then on:

Monday, June 1 — The role of the Partnership Community Health Center in meeting the health needs of our community. The presenter will be Christina Stacker, Executive Director, Partnership Community Health Center.

Our club will transport eyes in June. Transporters check with Del Schuh.

Speaking of eyes, 2,572 small people have been screened so far this year. Dave Lee and helpers have done a fine job being “Knights of Sight”.

Lions Golf Tournament July 16 at Winagamie Golf Course. Check with Ralph Acker if you want to play (you have to deflate your own golf ball if you want to win).

The latest candy sale brought in $646.00 Gross. Thanks Gerry Edinger and workers.

And a big thank you to Sharron Huss for food and Karl Blahnik for locations when we had to leave the Grand Meridian.


June Greeters are Carolyn Cox and Gerry Edinger. Program Chairmen are Otto Cox and Mary Jo Mohr (thanks for getting programs to Editor Rik already).

Secretary Tom has for sale:
Vests: small - large $20, XL - XXL $25, XXXL $35.00.
Windshirts: medium-XL $20, 2X- 3XXX $20.
Fleece Vests: Med- XL and 2X-3XXX, $20.
Polo shirts: small - XL and XXL $20.
Sweatshirts with zipper: small-XL $22, XX-XXX, $25.
Baseball/golf caps: $10.

Vol. 91. No. 8,     April 24, 2015,     Next deadline May 11

CHANGE PLACE! Brettschneider-Trettin-Nickel Funeral Home, north Oneida, parking in back , come in from Atlantic Street. Food catered by Liberty Hall. Our member Scott Nickel will give us a tour of the crematorium on Monday, May 4.

MORE CHANGE! May 11 --- St. Bernadette parish grounds parish hall, lunch catered by Liberty Hall. Go across College Ave. Bridge then the address is 2331 Lourdes St., parking lot in rear. Karen Iverson will give us a tour of the new NAMI Resbit Center on the parish grounds.

May 18, back to the Grand Meridian, with the May Board Meeting at 11:00am before our regular meeting. All members welcome to sit in, check out our finances, etc.

Howard Hardesty’s funeral will be Friday, May 1 at 2:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on the south side of Calumet St., 2600 Philip Lane, across from Family Video.

Can you help pick up used eyeglasses from some of the pickup points? See Ralph Acker.

Vision screening has covered 1,903 students to date with 150 needing followup by an eye doctor.

Celebrating birthdays in May are Lions: Ralph Acker, Otto Cox, Ken Pawlak, Ron Mohr, Mary Beth Nienhaus, Matt Mueller and Sue Lee. Many happy returns!

For May, greeters are Mike Tassel and Mary Jo Mohr. Program Chairman is Karl Blahnik.

Vol. 91, No. 7,     April 15, 2015,     Next deadline April 27

Monday, April 20 --- Local historian Nancy Barker will take us back in time with a look at the history around the St. Elizabeth Hospital part of Appleton.

Monday, April 27 --- Our speaker will be Carol Brauer, Bright Star Home Health Care. Get up to date on the help that is out there if you need it.


Thanks to all who helped sell. Our tentative net income is $2098 as of April 13. Pick up for delivery at the American Legion at 9:00am on Friday and at the Budweiser warehouse on Saturday at 8:00am. If you can deliver and have not signed up check with Dick Novitske.

Our Sympathy goes out to Jean Hardesty and the children of Howard on his untimely death after a stroke. Howard was a great Lion and our Lion Tamer.

Our newest member is Sue Lee, who has been helping Dave with eye screening (1903 to date this year with 150 needing followup from eye doctor).

Now is the time to bring in a new member. Talk to the prospect, invite him/her to a meeting --- just ask for a guest ticket, club pays for the first lunch. Give prospect a yellow flyer about our club and talk about all that we do to SERVE.

Plan ahead: Del Schuh says we will deliver eyes in June.

May 4 meeting will be at Brettschneider-Trettin Funeral Home on Oneida and Atlantic streets, parking lot entrance on Atlantic. We will also be away from the Grand Meridian on May 11.

April 24 and 25 are the dates, at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. Sign up at the meeting.

Vol. 91, No. 6,     March 30, 2015,     Next deadline April 12

Monday, April 6 --- Our speaker will be Ellen Jepson, Childrens Librarian at the Appleton Public Library on, "Not Your Grandpa's Library", including activities like family night, outreach for ESL, parents reading to children.

Monday, April 13 ---Paul Freiberg will speak abut Packaging.

BOARD MEETS AT 11:00am APRIL 13. All member are welcome. We elected new officers for the Lions Year starting July 1. Officially they are:
President: Daphne Kennett Past President: Dave Lee
1st VP: Tom Barnes 2nd VP: Mark Keller
3rd VP: Mary Beth Nienhaus Secretary: Tom O'Hearn
Asst. Secretary: Del Schuh Treasurer: Blaine Priebusch
Tail Twister: Sid Kroeger Lion Tamer: Howard Hardesty
Asst. Tamer: Dude Hahn  

Directors: 1 year Ralph Acker, Bob Randa; 2 years Mike Weyenbeg, Dale Schaber; 3 years Ken Pawlak, Charlie Garnier
Membership Committee: 1 year Pat Cox, 2 years Jim Pleuss, 3 years Sharron Huss.

ROSE SALE TOTAL AT THIS WRITING: 289 dozen. A big thank you to Dick Novitske and Blaine Priebusch for stepping in to lead it. Details on delivery will be announced at a meeting.

April Program Chairmen are Howard Hardesty and Sharron Huss. Greeters are Rik Madisen and Mike Weyenberg (who did such a good job in January).

Celebrating Birthdays in April are Rod Wolf, Blaine Priebusch, Joe Ferris, Rik Madisen, Howard Hardesty and Daphne Kennett.

Did you ever dream about being on a particular Lions committee? If so, let Daphne know by April 20. This does not guarantee success.

First two meetings in May will be at Liberty Hall, plan ahead.

Vol. 91, No. 5,     March 9, 2015,     Next deadline March 23

Monday, March 16 --- Our speakers will be Gene Pursell and Ellen Clark from Wisconsin Public Radio. Be sure to tune in.

Monday, March 30 --- Learn about what Goodwill is doing in our area from Dan Flannery, Community Relations.


THE LAST DAY TO SELL IS MARCH 26, DELIVERY APRIL 17 and 18. To date only 110 dozen have been sold against over 300 dozen last year. The money from this is allocated in our budget and if YOU don't sell more, we need to cut back on some of our commitments.


The second sale brought in $517 gross income. Well done Gerry and helpers.

Vision screening has done 1,865 students to date this year with 8.15% needing followup with an eye doctor.

We have some help for Ralph Acker in that an Eagle Scout has a project of collecting used eyeglasses and has put out 20 collection boxes and 500 flyers asking for used eyeglasses.

LIFE GOES ON and so do our new officers:
President Daphne Kennett Past President Dave Lee
1st VP Tom Barnes 2nd VP Mark Keller
3rd VP Mary Beth Nienhaus Secretary Tom O'Hearn
Asst. Secretary Del Schuh Treasurer Blaine Priebusch
Tail Twister Sid Kroeger Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty
Asst. Lion Tamer Dude Hahn 

1 year Ralph Acker, Bob Randa
2 years Mike Wevenberg, Dale Schaber
3 years, Ken Pawlak, Charlie Garnier
Membership Committee:
1 year Pat Cox Chairman,
2 year Jim Pleuss,
3 year (to be picked).

You will have a chance to nominate others and vote next month.

Vol. 91, No. 4,     February 23, 2015,     Next deadline March 9

Sorry no programs since our call February 9.

Sorry, no report on rose sales. There are a few rose order blanks and posters available at meetings.


We will be selling candy at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. March 6 and 7. You do need to sign up at the next meeting for one of the choice spots to sell. Call Gerry Edinger if you have questions.


So far 4,905 children have been screened. 7.6% of those needed to see an eye doctor to get further help. Dave Lee's fame has spread and he and helpers went to Winneconie to check their school.


We are in need of at least ten new members. Find a good prospect. Invite him/her to a meeting with lunch free for the prospect --- just ask for a guest ticket. Introduce the prospect, give out information, our yellow club flyer, state or Lions International publications. Give the name to any officer to bring up at a Board meeting. Get an application from Secretary Tom and when the Board approves to prospect fill it in and bring the pro-rated dues --- and we have a new member.

Secretary Tom has Lions vests,wind shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps available for you to order. See him for prices, sizes, etc.

Vol. 91, No. 3,     February 9, 2015,     Next deadline February 23

Monday, February 16 --- No felons allowed, just fellows and gals to hear our new Chief of Police, Todd Thomas.

Monday, February 23 --- Alison Hutchinson will be our speaker. She is with the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors bureau in Sales and Marketing.

Really Sweet --- the January candy sale gross was $530.00. Thanks to all who worked.


Get Rose Sale order blanks and posters at the club meeting. March 26 is the last day for selling roses --- still only $15.00 per dozen delivered. Delivery will be April 17 Friday and 18 Saturday.


Total screened this year as of February 9: 1,436 with maximum credit to Dave and Sue Lee and many other members. 8.6 % of kids screened needed followup by an eye doctor.

Gosh, no one will remember, but we won't be at Grand Meridian the first two Mondays in May. We had an offer from Lombardy's restaurant at the Packer Stadium, but Dave turned it down.

Important people are celebrating birthdays in March. Celebrating are: Tom O'Hearn, Dale Schaber and Pat Cox.

March greeters are Bob Randa and Howard Pleuss. Program Chairmen are Tom Barnes and Ron Dunlop. As always, please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead if possible..

Vol. 91, No. 2,     January 26, 2015,     Next deadline February 9

Monday, February 2 ---Vicki Vogel is Executive Director of the Fox River Environmental Alliance. She will discuss the role and mission of the Alliance in our community. The historic Monte Alverno property is one area of interest.

Monday February 9 --- Dale and Penny Bernard Schaber will present their experiences hiking and exploring Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail.

You will remember we took up a collection, total $173.00, for recovery expenses of the Lawrence coed who was a victim of hit and run. You will be happy to hear that this was part of a $11,000.00 total which more than covered her expenses.

We also donated $50.00 toward a hearing aid for a two year old.


The candy sale at Festival Foods is over. Thanks to chairman Gerry Edinger and all those who helped sell.

Just when you thought it was safe to relax, Mark Keller and Karl Blahnik remind us that the Annual Rose Sale is on now. Order blanks were passed out at the January 19 meeting and more are available at meetings along with posters. Believe it or not, a dozen roses are still only $15.00 --- beat that Costco if you can. Now is the time to get your orders filled out. Turn them and money in at meetings.

Things are looking up except for 42 of 532 kids vision screened by Dave Lee and his cohorts. Those 42 were advised to get care from an eye doctor. If you can help with screening, contact Dave (that's the Dave who is Appleton Noon Lions President, if you didn't know).

Vol. 91, No. 1,     January 12, 2015,     Next deadline January 26

We honor Del Schuh with the Knight of Sight Award for his leadership in eye transport.

Lions of the Year Awards to Lion Tamer Howard Hardesty and Assistant Lion Tamer Dude Hahn (the latter basking in the Florida Sun) for setting up our meetings.

A plant to Sue Lee or her assistance at most of the eye screening (with an estimated 1,500 to be screened in January). If you can help, see Dave Lee to be scheduled for a session.

Members recognized for years in service on 5 year anniversaries: 10 years Bobs Randa and Simon, 15 years Otto Cox, 25 years Ron Dunlap, 30 years Bill Sund, 40 years Joe Ferris and 65 years Dude Hahn (did we mention he is basking in Florida sun?).

We also gave out $900.00 to ten non-profit organizations at our Christmas Party in line with "WE SERVE", the purpose of our Lions Club.

In addition to the many donations of goods to King, we sent $424.00 from our collection at the party.

We also recognized the wait staff at Grand Meridian with a donation.

Monday, January 19 --- The autobiography of Ken Pawlak -- at last the truth comes out.

Monday, January 26 --- Our speaker will be Lisa Kogan of Chealta Health.

Celebrating birthdays in February are Bob Simon and Jim Pleuss. Many Happy Returns!

For February: Greeters are Tom O'Hearn and Dick Novitske. Program Chairmen are Stevie Schmidt and Dale Shaber. Please get programs to Editor Rik three weeks ahead.

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