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Vol. 93 No. 17 October 26, 2017

Not only is the Senior Expo completed but it is also reviewed and commented on. We have noted the things that went well and those that did not--like the flooring which will be fixed for next year. Our attendance seemed a little down but over all we had about 650 attending and the vendors were pleased with the turn out for it gave them time to engage the attendees. Next year we are going to revamp the survey to include how people heard about the Expo which will assist us in advertising. We also are interested in why the people came--was it for the freebies, speakers, health check, or door prizes? Will Lion appearances on local radio shows enhance attendance? Should we try that next year? Would rearranging the floor help with circulation past vendors? Do we need more chairs at booths for attendees to sit? Should we have more speakers that speak for shorter time periods? These are all questions to ponder though the year before we plan next years event. Lions ponder well.

And pondering is what will happen at the Lion's Zone meeting to be held at the Meridian, November 8, at 6:30 pm. This is in preparation for the District Convention to be held in Manitowoc on November 11, 2017. Let Tom O'Hearn know if you are attending and remember this will be a big event for our own Dave Lee. Your support is appreciated.

Wilson Middle School contacted us to see if we could help with replacing their worn out wheel chair. This is significant in that the school system looks at the Lions club as a helping agent--or is it because because we have so many educators and school administrators as members--what ever it is, its a help to our community. So, a used but working wheel chair was at the Winchester/Larson's equipment bank and we facilitated it arrival at Wilson Middle School. The school staff and especially the nurses office appreciated it and sent a lovely thank you letter to us.

Thanks to Bob Randa and Lion helpers, we also received thank you letters from the third graders receiving dictionaries. The group labeled 900 dictionaries for disbursement in under 2 hours. Way to go--and from the thank you letters, we can see that the dictionaries will be well used.

Ralph Acker announced that we should start stock piling toilet articles, puzzles, and men and women's clothing items for our annual trip to King Veteran's Home which is scheduled for December 20th. It was also noted that our Egg Nog Party is scheduled for December 18th and we should consider which community group will receive stipends garnered from the Senior Expo. Lots to do in November.

And congratulations to Ralph Acker on celebrating his 65th wedding anniversary--and a thank you to him for paying our fines. Does your wife know you did that?

We welcomed Bonnie Planner to our meeting and were so pleased that she could share her years of knowledge with us regarding the ADRC which she administrates. What a wonderful resource that assists us as we age or are in need of services. This is a one stop shop when looking for services for mental and physical problems for adults of all ages but especially for those 60 years and older. They will guide through the maze and at no cost to you. This is a good example of our tax dollars at work.

And finally, we were so pleased to see Carol Jansen at the last meeting. Keep getting better and stronger. We need your ROAR.

Vol. 93 No. 16 September 28, 2017

The Senior Living Expo is completed!! Thanks to Bob Simon and Bob Randa, as well as all of the Appleton Noon Lions who helped, to a successful Expo and a job well done. Way to Roar Lions! ( lots of pictures of the fun can be seen with this link) The Expo was noticed in my church bulletin and all the comments I received were positive. Many felt that this offered a niche being filled that has been needed and evidently the WPS Health Insurance Company in Green Bay feels the same. I noticed in the Post Crescent that a Senior Expo is being held at the Resch Center in Green Bay on October 4 sponsored by WPS and Humana. Are we trend setters or what?

Talk about trend setting and services needed, Our speaker, Suzie Sokulski, introduced us to the Regional Cancer Center located in the Encircle of Care area off of Ballard Road in Appleton. This upbeat, beautiful center supports the philosophy that cancer can be beaten and survivors in our own club can attest to that. The comfort and confidence in the treatments assists with successful treatment of this devastating disease.

Speakers such as Suzie are important to our club because we need to keep aware of our community changes and offerings. In saying that, due to diligent leadership of Mary Beth Nienhaus our 1st Vice President, our next months speakers will offer a variety of interesting topics. Mary Beth informed me that the 1st Vice is in charge of programing and that the program members for a specific month are to report to her and that Joe Ferris will announce the speakers on the web page. This is a good plan, if everyone know about it, which, of course I did not and am one of the program members for October. Add to this the fact that Mary Beth is scheduled for missionary trips and I am doing some "bucket list" excursions too good to pass up, and you see the need for additional help which arrived in volunteers from Sara Strelow and Judy Knaus. Thanks to all and enjoy the speaker offerings for October which will be announced on the web page.

Now, talking about "Bucket Lists", only in the Appleton Noon Lions Club can we find a couple celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary and 70th birthdays by completing a half and full marathon! What an inspiration--Congratulations Sue and David Lee--you keep us all young at heart if only in our dreams. Glad you shared that with us.

Another accomplishment as great but not as strenuous as the Lee's, at least for Howard, is the arrival of Howard Pluess's 26th great-grandchild! Congrats and can we expect an uptick in Lion membership as these young one mature?

The Lees, Pluesses, Dunlaps, and all of us at some time have shared our children's and grand children's successes with the club. The lessons the young people are learning, such as winning, losing, leading, competing, and participating, form the very fiber of our community and totally deserve our attention. The Lions Int. and each local club supports these activities with the hope of that symbiotic relationship will result in more support for community service organizations like the Lions. Pay back and Pay forward.

And finally, we will keep your secret Sid from all the other Tail Twisters, but we knew all along that just like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, you had the courage to show your heart. Thanks for paying our fines last week--unless you paid them with the funny money floating around the club, thanks to Treasurer Blaine Priesbusch.

Vol. 93 No.15 September 13, 2017

We have had a busy month already and it's just a week away from the Senior Expo. I know it will be a well attended event and thanks to all, especially to Bob and Bob, for the great planning. This event is so very important to our seniors--am I talking to the choir?-- and to our club for all the charity giving it allows us to do. And the free coffee and donuts are always a hit.

Talking about free breakfast, our first speaker of the month was from Family First Ministries Church of God in Christ located at 300 N. Appleton St. This church offers the "Out of the Box Breakfast" twice a week to those in need. This is a HOT breakfast and a hot idea. Rev. Alvin Dupree is the minister of this church and on the Appleton District School Board and his leadership has been noted and welcomed.

At our second meeting after a lively board meeting, we heard about "Evidenced Based Decision Making" in our County Courts. Judge Des Jardins explained this process and how each defendant and victim enters in the decision of sentencing. This program has not only saved court and county funds but puts the responsibility on the offender and has proved to reduce recidivism. Should be noted that not only has Judge Des Jardins been a judge for 23 years but he is part of the Green Bay Packers "chain gang" and has attended every home game since 1961. Now that is a football fan--maybe that's where he learned fair play.

So, let's get geared for the Expo, but let's not forget our other missions. Candy sales will soon be scheduled as will vision screening--let's get that new camera.. and I believe the ADA picnic pad has been decided for Lions Park as our Centennial Project. Stacy Mohr is our new Lions Eye Bank Outreach Specialist. She takes over for retiring Rick Daluge who we thank for his years of service. Just a reminder that October is our month for tissue transport. And let's not forget the eye glass recycling. We saw up at Lions Camp the impact that program makes on the world. Way to Roar Lions.

We are a good group of Lions with lots of activities both in the club and outside. Sharron Huss recently spoke to the Shawano Lions Club about the Lions Eye Bank and our Senior Living Expo. Sharron is also very involved in SCORE which is a volunteer group helping people with a great idea for a new business but have little business knowledge. Their awards dinner, this week, announces some of their successes. Fact is, even while we all are involved in other volunteer activities, we carry our Lion heritage with us. Now, about that Lion who appeared on the front page of the Post Crescent last week--digging a hole?

Vol. 93 No. 14 August 28, 2017

While the Appleton Noon Lions is a serious, conscientious, community focused group, we really know how to have a good time. And that we did with our annual family picnic. The chefs offered their best in brats, hamburgers, corn, salads, and desserts and we had prizes for just about everyone. A grand day with a gentle wind and good conversations made us again feel happy to be a Lion.

But before the well planned picnic, we had serious business. The meeting before the picnic we were treated to a preview of one of the presentations for our Senior Living Expo. Susan McFadden talked to us about the Memory Cafe program and making our community more dementia friendly. With all of us aging with dignity, this program made us more aware of how our community looks at us and that we have the ability to make it as we wish to be treated. Our Senior Living Expo is just one of the valuable tools offering a better life for our seniors. By the way, we will be having our final planning meeting August 28, 2017 at 11:00 am before our regular meeting. Come and help us put on this major fund raiser that has a great value to our friends in this area.

We will take a break for Labor Day and then begin our September schedule. Let's take some time to remember all the good times of our summer and prepare for a great fall. Get the rakes and sweaters out ready for use.

September greeters are Ron Mohr and Mary Jo Mohr.

Programs for the month are the responsibility of Ed Ogurek and Tom O'Hearn.

And we have four birthdays in September: George Hahn, Sherri McNamara, Erik Adams, Gaye Tassoul.

Thanks to Ed Ogurek for the pictures of the picnic. There are many more that can be viewed on the web page if I can get them to Joe Ferris. Thanks to both.

Vol. 93 No. 13 August 8, 2017

We ended July with a promising report on the planning of the Senior Expo, Sept. 20, 2017. Our booths are filling up and we are ready for advertising of the event. Tell your friends and neighbors about the great speakers and an entire center full of interesting information--also prizes!! and coffee and donuts. We will still have opportunities to help and will find out our exact duties at the next planning committee meeting, August 28, 2017. Remember, we need your help to complete this event that is our biggest fund raiser. Thanks to the Bob and Bob show for their leadership.....

We are sad and happy to report that Katie Bradfield will be moving to Florida this week. Sad because we will miss her and happy because she will find another Lions Club in the warmth of sunny Florida. We will think of her in January.

And our programs continue to be educational. Danel Burchby, MSW and Volunteer Coordinator for Circle of Support presented at our last meeting in July. This program helps people transition from incarceration to the community and has successfully attacked recidivism. This, of course, not only saves us tax dollars but also assists those returning to our community from prison to become good citizens and neighbors. The program is funded through Goodwill Industries and a former Outagamie County Supervisor, Anne Strauch is the Regional Director. This program is part of our community's continuum of care which is what makes this area of the state a great place to live.

And from there the Appleton Noon Lions visited the Lions Camp and what a great day we had. The weather was perfect, the limo fantastic and the camp, beautiful. We also learned about the eyeglass recycling done right there on the grounds--one of seven in the United States. The Lions eye glass recycling program not only gets the glasses ready for distribution to third world countries, but also employs prisoners at our state prisons that have the equipment necessary to determine the prescription of the lenses. On top of that, the eyeglasses that cannot be recycled offer precious metals that are cashed in. A fantastic use of space, skill, and resources that would go unused without the Lions involvement. Way to Roar Lions!!

On top of that, the Lions camp offers learning and recreational opportunities for children of varying degrees of disabilities that would not be able to participate at other camps. We also saw the table that the Tassoul charity donated along with the Tassoul family--how wonderful.

And it is a beautiful place to have a picnic and tour. Another big ROAR for Lions !!

Vol. 93 No. 12 July 27,2017

What an interesting July we have had. Not only did President Mark Keller chair his first Board and Regular Meeting, but, the week after that, we also got a preview of President-to-come Mary Beth Nienhaus. Good job done by both, but that wasn't enough---we were joined by our District Governor Fred Gebhart to install new officers and new members. plus to present the Melvin Jones Award to our own David Lee. Congratulations Dave!!

The last two very important weeks centered on our own club and our own members. We got to know much more about some of our new members, Gaye Tassoul, Joan Bartman, and Sue Lee. All of these Lions were born and raised in Appleton, WI but the similarity ends there. Their trip to becoming Lions is fascinatingly different for each, but each was involved is the Appleton community through volunteer opportunities while they raised their families. Strong women make great Lions--I am honored to serve with you all. As we proceed through the year, take time to get to know these interesting members.

And we have more new members. A big welcome to Rod Maccoux, Bonnie Geosser, and Ann Carr and a welcome back to Tom Gasman. All our new members including Joan Bartman, Louise Ebert and Gaye Tassoul were installed. We are pleased that you have joined us.

Other activities: August 7th, we will visit the Lion's Camp. Meet at 11:00 am at Meridian, a box lunch will be available for regular meeting cost of $10.00. FYI, Gaye Tassoul presented District Govenor Fred Gebhart a plaque for installation on picnic tables at the Lion's Camp, funds for the tables coming from the Mike Tassoul Charity Fund. Our District Governor has personally made 36 picnic tables for the camp, so the gift from the Tassoul fund was well placed and received at this meeting.

July 31, at 11:00am the Senior Expo Committee will meet. Be there to assist in this major fund raiser. And as we move into August, our greeters will be Ed Ogurek and Sherri McNamara, our program planners are Bob Randa and Bob Simon, and we celebrate five birthdays:
Karl Blahnik, Bob Randa, Gerry Edinger, Kathyrn Bradfield, & Anne Adams.

Plus--remember, our assignments are now part of the web page!!

Vol. 93 No. 11 July 13, 2017

Can you believe it is July already, and a new year for the Appleton Noon Lions. Our first meeting of the "new" year (and board meeting) was presided over by our new leader, Mark Keller. Good job, Mark, but we were missing the jokes of Tom Barnes--or maybe not...

As we begin, lets review our new assignments:
Greeters for July are Del Schuh and Sid Kroeger
Program responsibilities are on Joan Bartman and Sharron Huss's shoulders
Annual Family Picnic is under the direction of Sara Strelow and is scheduled for August 21, 2017 at Plamann Park
Tailwagger fines have been increased by the board--don't blame our Tailwagger Sid--to $.50 up to $1.00
And our $90 club dues are due!

Part of the festivities of the "new year" included awarding of pins and patches for jobs well done over the last term including attendance pins and patches for positions. We also welcomed Bonnie Goesser as a new member to our club that now has a membership of 51.

Installation of the new officiers and members is scheduled for July 24, 2017 and our District Governor will be in attendance.

The Centennial Committee and Tassoul Charity Committee will meet regarding the use of funds for an ADA picnic table and area commemorating the Lions International 100th year Anniversary and the Mike Tassoul Charity gift for the Appleton Lions Park. A report on this will come back to the board next month.

Senior Expo committee is busy at work and reports that the speakers are scheduled and include Tim Gierke from Social Security, Susan Bach from the Better Business Bureau, and the McFaddens who are well known for their work on elderly issues in the area. Let your friends and neighbors know about this great line up as well as all the other vendors that give valuable information to us at the Senior Expo September 20, 2017 from 8:00 am to Noon at Player Choice on County JJ.

And we continue with excellent programming for our club's weekly meetings. We have heard from the DNR regarding the goby invasion and from Outagamie County Sheriff Brad Gehring about the heroin invasion. Need I say more other than let's protect our waters, lands, and citizens...

If you haven't attended lately, come and hear these informative programs, meet with old friends, make new ones, and help the Lions help our community.

Vol. 93 No. 10 June 7, 2017

We are now in the beautiful month of June and summer activities are on the schedule. A Flag Day Parade, well, THE Flag Day Parade, is this Saturday and Lions from all over the area will represent the Lions International 100th Anniversary. We even have proclamations from our Mayor Tim Hanna and County Executive Thomas Nelson proclaiming this Lions International Week!

Looks like it will be a fine day for a parade and we will enjoy seeing our representation honoring the centennial. Thanks to all the Lions who spent hours planning the parade event and all of the clubs that participated.

But the Appleton Noon Lions never quit planning. We have several big events in our future. First our annual picnic is scheduled for August 21 at Plamaan Park with gathering at 5:00 pm and dinner at 6:00. Members, please invite family members and bring a desert to pass.

Next large event is the Senior Expo. Thanks to Bob Simon and Bob Randa for work on planning this which, as you know, is our main fundraiser for the sponsorship of the many community agencies that need our support. So, we have had our first meeting and will continue to meet the last Monday of each month at 11:00 am prior to our regular meeting. Please attend and keep up to date and assist in the planning of this program. It not only is a fund raiser but it also helps our elderly get information regarding area services that they may need. By the way, we are going to use our "hearing loop" at the Expo to assist those with hearing problems. Get the word out to your friends and neighbors that the Expo will be September 20, 2017 in the morning. More information will be coming as plans firm up.

At our regular meeting last Monday, we heard about Appleton School System Nurses. The school nurses are an integral part of the education our children receive and assist in keeping the student health during the year. Learning good habits and healthy living allows a student to learn more easily.

June greeters are Ken Pawlak and Mary Beth Nienhaus
Program planners are Otto Cox and Sue Lee.

Looking forward to July--we start our new year with new assignments and a new board of officers. Attend the board meeting June 12, 2017 at 11:00 am to see how we are doing the transfer of power.

Vol. 93 No. 9 May 17, 2017

Dear Snort Readers:

Below is a picture of my dog Bucky, that I dearly love.

It seems that Bucky likes my notes too but has made them unusable and so this Snort is from memory which at times is also unusable.

Please bare with me...
May programmers have offered enrichment and knowledge about services in our area.

The Ice Arena presentation by Scott Jansen made me want to strap on a pair of skates and glide across the ice to music like I did 60 years ago. And he told us it is possible! But he also informed us that ice time is precious and the use is increasing. How wonderful for our area--I will let little girls enjoy making the great memories I have of gliding for now.

The Dr.s Neilitz and Meyer made us realize what a valuable service we provide to the community. Thank you Lions for your roar and service. One of our new members, Joan Bartman, told me that that presentation hooked her into becoming a Lion. We are glad of that and proud of what we can do as a group.

And Sean Kuether of the Appleton Police Dept. told us of the work of Law Enforcement Addiction Assistance Program. His program is becoming the intake for treatment in the Fox Valley and we are so glad he is here helping. As we know, addiction is a disease, with treatments that work to assist our citizens back to healthy lives. So glad programs such as LEAAP exist in our community.

Now on May 22, 2017, Sharron Huss has arranged, through her persuasive talent, a private tour of the Little Chute Windmill and a private lunch at Jacks or Better across the street. Please see the attached menu which Bucky did not eat but mangled a little.

The tour price is $6.00 and lunch is whatever you order. I can't wait to see this after the presentation we had earlier in the year.

Other news--the parade planning continues and the proclamations of the Lion 100 Year Anniversary continue.

*Gerry (the candyman) Edinger is asking to have his role reassigned--we know he can't be replaced, but a reassignment is allowed. Thank you Gerry for all your hard work and planning.
*Welcome to two new members, Louise Ebert and Joan Bartman. Looking forward to getting to know you as you get to know the club and its inner workings.
*We have six birthday celebrants in June--Bill Sund, Bob Muck, Tom Barnes, Ed Ogurek, Mike Weyenberg, and Dick Novitske. *Greeters for June are Karl Blahnik and Penny Benard Schaber.

May brought us flowers and members--June brings us parades and cookouts. Enjoy Memorial Day.

Vol. 93 No. 8 April 27, 2017

April has been a very active month and May is looking like it will be the same. The program on Wisconsin Public Radio and Television was most informative and I for one was glad to hear about the funding. The programming of the network has benefited me in many entertaining ways. If you are not a frequent viewer, try some of the programs like "Cooks Country" or Rick Steves travelouge.

Sharron Huss and Carol Jansen have very interesting programs set up for May.
May 1, 2017, Scott Jensen the Director of the Appleton Ice Arena will be with us to talk about the programming of the facility.
May 8, 2017 we will hear from Dr. Joseph Neilitz and Dr. Wesley Meyer on "Closing the Loop: Diagnosis through Treatment".
May 15, 2017 we will hear from Sean Kuether, a law enforcement specialist working ewith LEAAP Law Enforcement Addiction Assistance Program.

Greeters for May are Karl Blahnik and Penny Bernard Schaber

The Appleton Noon Lions will celebrate with seven members Birthdays in May. Happy Birthday to:
Ralph Acker
Otto Cox
Ken Pawlak
Ron Mohr
Mary Beth Nienhaus
Sue Lee
Judy Knaus

Let's welcome warmer weather and Spring flowers in May.

Vol. 93 No.7 April 10, 2017

April means Spring and warming of weather and the Appleton Noon Lions have welcomed this with a multitude of activities, milestones, and planning. Where to start...

First, club members haven't paid any fines to the Tail Twister so far this month because of two milestones. Daphne Kennett celebrated her birthday and her 52nd anniversary by paying the fines at the first meeting in April and Sue Lee celebrated hitting the 20,000 eye screening mark at the second meeting in April. Congratulations to you both and thank you for your celebrations on our behalf.

Next, the Rose Sale Deliveries went off without a hitch! Thank you Mark Keller for all your work and a thanks to all that sold and delivered the 288 dozen roses. The March 13 Eye Tissue Deliveries were also successfully completed-thanks to all who contributed and bring eye glasses and check the donation bins for the April 28, 2017 Lion State Trailer stop in Appleton. Finally, our next candy bar sale is scheduled for April 28 & 29 at Festival Foods on Northland Ave. To assist selling contact Gerry Edinger.

Our slate of officers have been approved by the club. Congratulations to Tom Barnes on becoming the "Past President" and be sure to gift your joke book to incoming President Mark Keller. We know you are a hard act to follow but I have watched Mark, Mary Beth, Ron, and Jerry take notes and I await some of the jokes being recycled!! Carol Jansen takes on the task of being Secretary with the able help of Tom O'Hearn who has had the position for some time and knows the extent of the duties, Thanks to both of you as you start in July. And thanks to Blaine Priebusch who will continue to serve as Treasurer--another big job, We hope that Gerry Edinger and Dick Novitske are not over worked as Lion Tamer and the same goes to Sid Kroeger and assistant Judy Knaus as Tail Twister. The rest of us, the Directors and Membership Committee will serve with distinction in anonymity.

Planning, planning, planning--we are busy planning. The Flag Day Parade entry, or entries as it turns out, will surely announce to all in attendance that it is the Lion's International 100th celebration. Working with most of the clubs in the region has been rewarding and hopefully will continue as we discuss and work on a Lion's Centennial Project. We anticipate news coverage and proclamations from the County Executive and Mayor designating June 7-14 as Lions Clubs International Week noting all the work we have done in the field of eye sight and more recently world health. We are a very important cog in the wheel of sight improvement and health world wide and we have fun doing it. That's the way to roar Lions.

In the mean time, and by no means with less importance, we have learned at our regular meeting in April much about the Appleton Public School system and administration. Unfortunately both Sharon Fenlon, Chair of the AASD School Board and Lee Allinger, superintendent of AASD are retiring. Their years of working together have given this community a working, relevant, morphing school system that enhances all the students in attendance. Our thanks and good wishes go with them as they leave an intact system to those that will follow.

Our next speakers are as exciting--next week we hear from Gene Percell about Wisconsin Public Radio and the following week, we will hear from our own Lion Mike Weyenberg about the sticky mess of making maple syrup.

And, of course, we have more planning-- April 12, 2017. at 7:00 p.m. at Coldwell Bankers on Lynndale, Parade Float Planning...

Vol. 93, No. 6, March 27, 2017

What a busy couple of weeks--basketball and congrats to Joe Ferris having two grandsons on championship teams. Most exciting for us all watching Xavier and the Wisconsin Badgers.

And the Noon Appleton Lions have many projects that they worked on during this period. The second meeting with other clubs on the Flag Day Parade will take place on Wednesday, March 29 at 7:00 pm, at Coldwell Bankers Office, 1050 N. Lynndale. Please attend for we need help with the planning and executing this project.

Eye Tissue Transport committee has transported 12 tissues this month. Thank You for this important service.

The Rose Sale is done but now we must deliver those 321 dozen ordered. Delivery takes place April 7 & 8. Mark Keller stated that he has enough drivers for Friday, April 7 but needs extra drivers for April 8 and will send the sign up sheet around again at the April 3 regular meeting. Call Mark (920)428-5323 to sign up or with questions.

Here are the instructions for rose pick-up and delivery:
April 7--Pick up flowers at Monarch Garden on Spencer Street, Appleton, at 9:00 am.
April 8--Pick up flowers at Budweiser Plant, 3010 Zuelke Dr, in the Appleton Northeast Industrial Park, on the South side of the building at 8:00 am.

The Lion Vision Screening Director Michael Martin sent a congratulatory note to Sue and David Lee for the entire club as we approach 20,000 screenings. What a milestone--thanks to all that helped over the last three years!

A few other dates to remember:
April 19 Zone Meeting at Stone Toad --sign up sheet will be passed at next meeting.
April 24 the Appleton Noon Lions regular meeting will be at Liberty Hall due to a schedule conflict with Meridian
April 28 an eye glass truck will be in Appleton for the donated eye glasses collected

And at our regular meetings we have had very interesting topics. Jay Schumer reported to us on the progress of the Exhibition Center which will be managed by the Paper Valley Hotel. Some larger events have already been booked such as Pierce Manufacturing Annual Meeting and the Governor's Conference on Tourism neither of which could be in the Fox Cities without this venue. The Center has four revenue sources--rental, audio visual rentals, 10% catering tax and the room tax. These revenues handle maintenance, grounds, and utilities and we all expect this to be a success and an enhancement to our area.

Our second set of speakers were from the Harbor House and Christine Ann House in Oshkosh with a new and exciting program called Jump Start. Survivors of domestic abuse have many hurdles to jump over, not the least of which is keeping a car in repair and working order. Many require a vehicle to keep employment or get to school, medical appointments, church etc. This program is a collaboration with Fox Valley Technical College and a J.J. Keller grant to teach survivors the car repair trade, repair survivors cars and serve the public with the funds from such repairs to go back to the domestic violence programs. Not only a fantastic idea but viable. To get repair service including oil changes, tire rotations,and many other services call (920)572-4327. At the present time, repairs are completed Fridays and Saturdays at the J.J. Keller Transportation enter at FVTC. Call for an appointment and pass the word to your friends--this is very innovative and supportive of a needed service and population in this area.

April is just around the corner, can you believe that we made it through another Wisconsin winter?
April Greeters are Jerry Breen and Otto Cox
April Programs are the responsibility of Mike Weyenberg and Ron Dunlap (Please remember to let your Snort writer what you have planned. In writing preferred.)

Let's welcome Spring with a loud Lions ROAR....

Vol. 93 No. 5, March 16, 2017

The Appleton Noon Lions are in the midst of March Madness starting with a snow storm on March 1, 2016 (Ash Wednesday) and the first day of eye tissue transport. We are happy to report that Gerry Edinger did make the transport safely but it was not a good trip to Fond du Lac. Thank you for your service, Gerry, and to all the transporters--we have had 6 transports so far this month.

More of our snow birds have returned after their mid-winter respite and we are glad to see them for we are busy with planning a Flag Day Parade entry and a Lion Centennial project. Lets roll-up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps and get busy. These projects are in addition to our regular work such as eye sight screening, eye tissue transports, and glasses recycling. It is already a busy Spring.

The rose sale deadline is approaching-please bring your order cards and funds to Lion Mark Keller at the next meeting. He will have information on the sorting and delivery which will take place in April. Help is appreciated.

Candy bar sales will take place on St. Patrick's Day at Pick 'n Save on the corner of Northland and Ballard in Appleton. Thanks to all of the sellers.

The Flag Day Float planning had a successful first meeting March 15th. Lions from Appleton Evening, Grand Chute, Neenah, Kaukauna, Appleton Noon, and Larson/Windchester met to discuss the possibility of sharing cost and planning of an entry that will celebrate the 100 years of Lion community services. Each attendee will take information back to their clubs for input and will meet again March 29, 2017 at Coldwell Bankers building on Lyndale St., Appleton at 7:00 PM. Thank you Lions Kennett and Huss for securing locations for these meetings.

In the meantime, during our regular meeting, we have reviewed the slate of new officers, looked at various centennial projects and costs, and enjoyed two very interesting presentation. The first came from the Appleton Historical Society's Laura Leimer who discussed the historical Vulcan plant on South Oneida St. At one time it was suggested that the Lions move the plant to Peace Park for our centennial project, but because of several different things going on with trails and planning of Peace Park, it does not look like this could be done.

Our second presentation revolved around the planning of and construction of the Little Chute Windmill. Talk about a major project--that is it and a good example of what can be done if a community and its leaders get together on such a vision. Most interesting and a place that we may want to visit.

Even though March came in like a Lion, and may leave us like a lamb, I know that the Appleton Noon Lions will continue with March Madness of planning--we do have lots going on. Way to Roar Lions!

Vol. 93 No. 4, February 28, 2017

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is March 1 bringing with it the promise of Spring. I can feel it in the air and see my tulips returning after their winter rest. Also returning are our snow bird and traveling Lions. It is so good to welcome them back and hear all about their adventures. Meanwhile, the Appleton Noon Lions have been busy learning, planning, and healing--right President Tom? We are very pleased that Tom Gasman and his daughter Maudie have joined us. Tom has returned because of the hearing loop that allows him to enjoy the programing. Good to know that this investment has had such an impact to our club.

Our February programs have included Big Brothers and Sisters, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and and the Fox Cities Visitors and Conventions Bureau. The first two organizations benefit our youth in our communities and the Visitors and Convention bureau enhances our visitor's experience in the Fox Cities as well as investing in our community resources. Just about every group we have heard from have a positive impact on our quality of life in this area of the State and it is proper that we as a club return a little to community. This is our job and we do it with Lion enthusiasm. In March we have the honor to transport eye tissue. Be prepared for the call and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us delivering this tissue in a timely manner. Lion Garnier is preparing his run to Rothchild with a load of donated glasses. Please bring in and gather the donations for his next trip. Lion Sue Lee alerted us of the eye screening scheduled for Wilson Jr. High and Janet Berry schools. These events are our core missions--help where you can.

March 15, 2017, at the West Side Diner on West Wisconsin Ave., the area Lion Clubs (about 10-12 clubs) will meet at 7:00 p.m. to plan our 100th Lion Anniversary Celebration float for the Appleton Flag Parade. Please attend and see what is going on and how you can help...

At the same time, we are planning a centennial commemorative project to celebrate with the community. Ideas are still floating but we will have make a decision soon about the scope of the project and if we invite other clubs to join us. The float planning might give us an idea if this is feasible or not.

Programs for March will be the responsibility of Lions Priebusch and Nickel. Lion Keller reminds us that the Rose Sale is still going on but he needs to get the orders collected. As of now, we are down from last year.

March Greeters are Lions O'Hearn and Edinger (who will also have the candy bars available for purchase).

March Birthdays include Lions Tom O'Hearn, Dale Schaber, and Carol Jansen. May you all have many more.

Vol. 93 N0. 3, February 15, 2017

It's time for a little club news and "pats on the back" because we have been busy and it has been noticed.

David and Sue Lee attended the Convention and Visitors Bureau breakfast and received an award for the work done for the Lions State Convention held this last year at the Paper Valley. Sue displayed the beautiful plaque and noted that all of the club members worked very hard at the convention and all are applauded.

Sharron Huss was awarded a centennial membership pin for bringing new members into our club. Way to go Sharron.

Several club members attended the District 27-B1 Cabinet meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2017 which went from 12:30 pm to about 4:30. Those that attended reported that this is a very indepth report on the workings of the clubs in the district, the different missions, and the budget. Now, this is just the 27-B1 district and meeting like this take place across the state and even more across the nation. What a level of activity and what a huge list of missions, all from the Lions. We are part of a viable, working, problem solving organization that quietly does what it believes is helpful to our citizens, both locally and nationally. That is something to be proud of!

Our hearing loop is working to satisfaction and we are pleased that our meetings are more accessible to all our members. Thank you Daphne and committee for the acquisition of the loop for $1400 with funds coming from the administration line item in the budget. The loop will remain the property of the Appleton Noon Lions and will continue to benefit us.

Our eye screening will achieve the 20,000 children screened in three and a half years by the end of this school year. What an achievement and the teachers are reporting that most of the children found needing glasses are getting them. This is such a benefit to their ability to learn and definitely in line with our mission. Way to go David and Sue Lee and team of screeners.

March 1, 2017 begins our turn at the Eye Tissue Transport system. This is a very important mission for Lions and the Appleton Noon Lions is honored to be a part of this service. At the same time, we continue to collect used eyeglasses and Charlie Garnier will get them to the Lions Camp for retrofit and distribution.

On February 20, 2017, the nominating committee will meet at 11:00 am before our regular meeting to establish a slate of officers for our next fiscal year. Attend if you are interested in serving your club in any of these rewarding capacities. We look forward to the use of your talents to the benefit of club and know you want to serve!

The Appleton Noon Lions Club is still looking at ideas for the centennial project either in concert with other clubs or on our own. A committee will be formed to formulate and organize the ideas to present to the full body for consideration. If interested in helping with this endeavor, contact Daphne Kennett. Suggestions have included transporting the replica of the original power plant to either the Peace Park or the Vulcan Park both along the river and commemorative plaque adorned steel benches for the newly remodeled Erb Park. There are many other ideas all of which must be vetted, so please assist in this activity.

Not only is all of this going on, but we have had wonderful speakers. Marta Weldon form the Girls and Boys Club explained that they serve 12,000 area kids per year 69% of which are from low income homes. The agency serves both after school and during the summer months and make 230,907 meals a year. They assist families of 6 to 18 year olds with care,food, activities and studies. The Appleton Noon Lions contributes financially and has the opportunity to mentor a child by volunteering time to the Girls and Boys Club.

We also heard from "Mr. Parade" Greg Otis who told us about all the planning necessary for the Appleton parade schedule and the history of the Otis family which has been involved in the parades since inception. The discussion regarding the Appleton Flag Day Parade stimulated discussion about a Lions 100th anniversary float for this years parade. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, but not without your help! Chime in.

Vol. 93 No. 2, January 26, 2017

From butterflies to bees we are well pollinated with information regarding our environment as we look forward to Spring. Very informative meetings with more to come. The poor snow birds are missing this and, of course, we are missing them. Spring can't come soon enough!

Appleton Noon Lions have been recognized for years of membership:

10 Years Sharron Huss and Mike Weyenberg
30 Years Blaine Priebusch
40 Years Karl Blahnik and Tom O'Hearn
45 Years Howard Pluess
What a huge amount of history and knowledge we have in our club. So valuable to us newer members who want to understand and follow the traditions. Thank you all for your service.

The Lions Centennial Issue hold lots of information about Lions and the mission(s) we align with. For example, we started to work on vision issues which morphed into hunger abatement, vaccines,and disaster recovery. For the next century we will expand to include diabetes, environmental protections, and pediatric cancer. Appleton Noon Lions offer something for everyone to get involved in. Get the message out and new members may be the result.

This issue of Lion Magazine also holds the guidelines for the Centennial Legacy Project that we might keep in mind as we develop our project. First, the project should raise Lions' visibility in the community, secondly, the project is a gift to the community, and third, the effort should make an impact in the community. Let's get going on this and make Lion worthy.

The Lions 100th Annual International Convention is in Chicago on June 30-July 4th. Is any one interested in going to this historical event?

February Birthdays are: Bob Simon and Jim Pleuss
Greeters for February are: Dick Novitske and George Schmit
Program planners for February are: Jim Pleuss and Mary Jo Mohr

Roses and Candy Bars are on Sale--just a reminder...

Vol. 93 No. 1,      January 16, 2017

Happy New Year and the Appleton Noon Lions Club is off and running. Dave and Sue Lee reported that along with volunteers from the club, 953 school children have gone through eye screening in the last two weeks and they will be screening another 600 in the next two weeks! Now that is how to accomplish a mission statement! Way to go Lions.

The Appleton Noon Lions Club is also proactive for its members. After a hearing survey conducted of the membership and careful shopping, we have purchased a portable five earphone loop system for use at the club events. This equipment will greatly enhance the meeting attendance experience.

The Club gratefully accepted two gifts from Mike Tassoul--first, a memorial donation to the club of $20,000, and secondly, Gaye Tassoul's membership. Both are well received and appreciated. The board will discuss the use of the funds and the club members welcome Gaye and look forward to working with her.

Sharron Huss reported that twelve members and five vehicles of items went to King in December. Because of the flu, they were unable to visit with residents but did tour the facility and talk with management.

Jack Voight, the Outagamie County Treasurer, former Wisconsin State Treasurer, and owner and operator of Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin shared his vision and experience of the start-up of the Butterfly Gardens. These insects' life span and pollination offer an interesting and thought provoking story that hopefully will be repeated often for understanding of the fragile environment in which we live. Everything is connected in one way or another and all together survives.

We also heard from Terry Schmeckpeper who is employed by Lutheran Social Services as senior advocate. He explained the work Lss did with the Thompson Center and the search for another facility that will offer continued services to the aging population. LSS has been a part of our Senior Expo and Terry suggested that this population, while going in numbers, continues to be vulnerable and in need of information and additional services. There is an Ad Hoc group lead by John McFadden looking into needs, location, and funding opportunities of a senior center. Let us follow this closely and help if we can as a club.

This week, at the Zone Meeting, discussion of the Centennial Project will take place to see if we can cooperate with other area clubs or if we progress on our own. More news to come.


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